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Re: Islamic Sources

Postby farhan00 » 21 May 2011, 06:06

With respect to all the links and sites posted, I must respectfully disagree with this approach.

I am critical of "Internet Islam" as one's primary source of knowledge. I suggest going to circles of Islamic knowledge. In North America, there are many institutions and programs that teach the Deen. I'm not sure about Sheyookh outside of where I live, but local Imams often teach classes. Reading books is also good.

The Internet often makes people intolerant or shallow in knowledge (related phenomena).

If nothing else, just attending regular nightly prayers is spiritually rewarding and fulfilling...

Check this out for a list of programs/institutions:
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Re: Islamic Sources

Postby shahid » 21 May 2011, 18:06

Br. Farhan: nobody is talking about this being a primary source of knowledge. Ahmadiyya is a very tiny (Fox-news-based) phenomenon in the US, so your advice does indeed help American Ahmadis, but this is just part of the approach. Remember, many people get their awareness of Ahmadiyya from the Internet too - had it not been for "Internet Islam", I'd never have left the Ahmadiyya. We shouldn't knock it.

Most Ahmadis will never go to a mosque out of fear. It takes time to deal with that. We're working on that too insha'Allah :-) (email to follow this evening!)
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Re: Islamic Sources

Postby rationalist » 21 May 2011, 21:42

If it wasnt for the internet...I would probably still be an Ahmadi...

However, i think Farhan is saying that a person can learn Islam much better in a setting with other Muslims, i.e. a mosque.

The internet has been the worst invention for Ahmadis..all of thier lies are easily exposed...
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Re: Islamic Sources

Postby unbiased » 23 May 2011, 10:57

Assalaam o alaikum Brother Shahid,
If you are Urdu literate you will find "HARF E MEHRMANA" (A friendly,confidential word) by Dr.Ghulam Jilaani
Barq M.A.Phd. a very useful source for Ahmidiyya awareness. The book is published by Sh.Ghulam Ali & Sons,
Lahore, Pakistan.
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