Zia ul haq death, A great prophecy for ahmadiyyat truth

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Zia ul haq death, A great prophecy for ahmadiyyat truth

Postby khalid nawaz » 20 Oct 2010, 09:47

Hazrat Muhammad (saw) made the following prophecy regarding his ummat . it is present in the book of Tirmizai .

zia1.JPG (89.54 KiB) Viewed 3453 times

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In this hadith , Prophet hazrat Muhammad (saw) told and predicted that as the Jews were freed from Pheroo in the month of the Muharam Similarly and time shall come in the umate muhamadi (saw) when a Pheroo will tease the true muslims and that pheroo shall be killed and true followers of the hazrat Muhammad (saw) shall be saved from him in the same month of the Muharam.

In the subsequent article I shall talk about this prophecy and shall show that how this incident occurred in past and how the whole nation is facing a very difficult situation due to that very reason.

No one really knew that such a prophecy does exist and when such prophecy shall show its truthfulness .
However, according to the prophecies of the hazrat Muhammad (saw) , Imam mahdi and Messiah of this ummat was sent among the muslims
They treated them badly and called them Kaffirs
And then there began a long era of troubles for those who were following the Imam Mahdi and Messiah maood (as)

And there came revelations after revelations on the promised messiah and the world had never seen such a time during the past 1400 years when such a great prophecies were made and it fulfilled and showed the world the truthfulness of the Islam and proved that there existed a GOD who is still watching the islam and helping islam with his mighty powers.

That Messiah was revealed

648 [Arabic] A time is coming for you which will be like the time of
Moses. [Publishers]

And then it was shown to That Messiah in dream .

January 19, 1903
Before ‘Isha’ Prayer the Promised Messiah[as] narrated the
following dream: I was standing on the bank of the Nile
and I was accompanied by a large number of Bani Isra’il. I
felt that I was Musa [Moses] and that we were fleeing.
When I looked back I saw that Pharaoh was pursuing us
with a large host and that they were fully equipped with
horses and carriages and chariots. He had approached close
to us and my companions, the Bani Isra’il, were much
perturbed and many of them had lost heart and cried out
aloud: Musa, we are caught. At this I cried out in a loud

Nay, my Lord is with me. He will direct me aright.
Then I woke up and I was repeating these words.

[al-Badr, vol. 2, no. 1–2, January 23–30, 1903, p. 7 and
al-Hakam, vol. 7, no. 4, January 31, 1903, p. 15]

This dream was telling that a time Is about to come when the Messiah of the time will face the same difficulties as faced by the hazrat mosaa (as) .
And like the hazrat mosa (as), he had to flee the land and pheroo will follow him But GOD will help the Messiah and shall save them

It should be kept in the mind that if a dream or a prophecy is made for a prophet , it can very well be fulfilled via the followers as well.

This was the first time that a prophecy was made that a pheroo will attack jamat ahmadiyya and as the Prophet hazrat Muhammad (saw) had claimed that True followers of the Islam will be saved from the Pheroo in the month of the Muharram .

Was the time of the fulfillment of the prophecy of hazrat Muhammad (saw) had come near.

Let’s see and find it the mighty grandeur of Prophet hazrat Muhammad’s (saw) prophecy.

Time passes on , promised messiah died and no such incident took place, then first caliph died and no such incident took place
Until came the year 1945 , my second caliph sit to write the Tafseer of the sura al fajar.

And suddenly he was told that how this surra is related to the Islam and ahmadiyyat victory and he (rz ) was told that how this surra have a greatest prophecy of all the time regarding the ahmadiyyat .

What was that tafseer,

Time is short and instead of writing the whole tafseer I shall write just that part which is relevant to current prophecy .

Leaving all the things aside I come to that part which was foretold by the Hazrat Muslieh maood (as) .
Please read the following pages.

page1.JPG (115.44 KiB) Viewed 3453 times

It was being predicted that in the next 45 years a sign for the truthfulness of the jamate ahmadiyyat is going to come .
That sign will either come
1) In eight years
2) 34 year
3) 37 years
4) 46 years
In this time period, Or near that time period.

there shall come a sing or 4 different signs in which jamate ahmadiiya will be given victory over the opponents .
Our final victory that is majority over the all other sects will come in 300 years but GOD will show a great sign of the truthfulness of the jamat ahmadiyya in those 4 years or very near to it.
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Re: Zia ul haq death, A great prophecy for ahmadiyyat truth

Postby khalid nawaz » 20 Oct 2010, 09:51

But what will be that sign?

Is the pheroo like sign is about to happen.

Please read the following pages.

page2.JPG (146.24 KiB) Viewed 3319 times

page3.JPG (131.44 KiB) Viewed 3319 times

page4.JPG (157.06 KiB) Viewed 3319 times
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Re: Zia ul haq death, A great prophecy for ahmadiyyat truth

Postby khalid nawaz » 20 Oct 2010, 09:52

Here hazrat Mulseh maood (as) , my second caliph foretold , after getting the knowledge form the GOD almighty that

*********************** Greatest Prophecy of the time ********************
1) A time is about to to come in the future when a pheroo ( a man with the power ) will commit atrocities on the promised messiah jamat . i.e. jamate ahmadiiyat .
That event is to take place with in next 8 years Or 34 Years Or 37 years Or 46 years. Or
near these dates
2) Caliph of the ahmadiiyat had to migrate because of his atrocities.
3) That pheroo will not be able to kill Caliph of the ahmadiyyat
4) God will protect the jamate ahmadiiay
5) Ahmadiyyat will be saved from that Pheroo in the month of the Muharram. That Is like the old pheroo of the hazrat Mossa (as) time , who was killed in the month of the muharam , the new pheroo ( which will show himself in next 46 years by committing atrocities against the ahmadiyyat will be killed in the muharam)


This was the prophecy and now we shall see , how it got completed.

Brief accounts of the history

In 1977 , there came a martial law and a dictator named General Zia Ul Haq , took the charge of the country, a country in which Head of jmat e ahmadiyya was living.

******************************Fulfillment of the first part **********************************

And in 1984 , he fulfilled the first part of the prophecy made in the 1945 by the hazrat khalifatul messiah the second.

He issued an ordinance which introduced such laws that baffles human mind ( those minds which are still intact and not tarnished by mullahs)

We, ahmadies, were barred calling ourselves as the Muslim and then the series of the atrocities begins

A new wave of hatred and torture started against the ahmadiyyat. Ahmadies were attacked , their houses were burnt , Kalima from their mosques was removed forcefully .
They were barred from offering the Azan
Cases were lodged against the ahmadies just because of saying Asalam u alakum and reciting kalmia and offering the prayers.


And who was the perpetrator?
It was the General Zia ul Haq.

*********** Fulfillment of the of Second part of the Prophecy of 1945 **************

That pheroo wanted to harm my second caliph. He wanted to arrest my caliph but he could not.
How my caliph escaped from the General zia ul haq is a faith increasing events and can be read from the book “A man of GOD ” by Ian adamson


With the migration of the Hazrat Mirza Tahir ahmad (rz) from the rabwa to the England had indeed fulfilled the second part of the prophecy.
It also fulfilled the prophecy that time like the pheroo shall come on the ahmadiyyat .
It also fulfilled the prophecy that ahmadies will be punished brutally by the hand of dictator.

All these things were indeed, beyond the guess work of any man. How can someone guess that within 46 years such an event shall happen?
Was this in the power of jmate ahmadiyya to put the dictator general zia ul haq in power.
Was this in the power of jmate ahmadiyya to cause him issue the ordinance against the ahmadies.

Was this an ahmadiyya conspiracy???
Was this just a coincidence? but then , why such coincidence happens with the jamat e ahmadiyya ?
Was the whole British nation was involved in the conspiracy ??? a secret plan ??

NO , not it all

It was the GOD and it was the knowledge of the supreme GOD almighty that was showing his magnificent. By telling the events of the future , GOD was giving us glad tidings that do not worry my dear ahmadies.
These people will not harm you. They will tease you but eventually you will succeed.
Final victory , whether it comes after 300 years or 1000 years after , it will be all yours.
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Re: Zia ul haq death, A great prophecy for ahmadiyyat truth

Postby khalid nawaz » 20 Oct 2010, 09:53

********************************** Unfulfilled part **************************

it was quite clear to ahmadies that is

if the prophecy written in the quran , elucidated in hadith and revealed on the Promissed Messiah (as) and finally approximate date was given in 1945 by the Mirza Basheer Ahmad (rz) , was about the General Zia Ul Haq , then his fate was to be decided ,in the month of the Muharram , according to the hadith.He was to be killed in the month of the muharram , like the old pheroo was killed .

If he was the that man , Named as Pheroo in the hadith then he should been killed in the month of the Muharram .
It was the fate, which was to be fulfilled at all cost. At all cost.

***************************Subsequent events *****************************

He continued his atrocities. ------------------

He was bent upon to exactly imitate the Pheroon ,he was to make it sure that we ahmadies get the maximum punishment ,

But he was forgetting one thing that he is committing his atrocities on that jammat who has the deep, very deep connection with the almighty GOD

And he was forgetting that ,in the same year he issued an ordinance , caliph of the jamate ahmadiyyat have warned him of horrendous action in these words

“By the grace of the GOD almighty we have a protector, we have a protector. Jmate Ahmadiyya have a guardian and GOD of heaven and earth is our guardian. But I tell you that you do not have any guardian . By GOD when our guardian shall come to our help , no one will be able to save you. When the decree of our GOD destroy you in pieces , your name and every sign will be vanished . And the world shall always remember you with despise and abhorrence.

This jammat was not and is not something can be destroyed by the people like General zia ul haq.Because there is One god behind this jammat , who is our protector ,and who is with us

With the issue of this ordinance my caliph has to migrate from Pakistan .MULLAS were happy but they were unaware that the fate has once again gone against them
The forth told prophecy in the 1945 has come true , My caliph has to migrate from the land and the new era of the great progress is going to start soon.
An era that will take the ahmadiyyat to the corner of the earth

Migration of our beloved caliph had taken place
But one thing of just incomplete –


The death of the pheroon in the month of the Muharrum
Yeah the death of the Gen Zia-ul-haq in the month of the Muharrum


now the time go on and go one ,until the year of the 1988 comes
on the end of the June My god allows the 4th caliph to challenge all the opponents of the ahmadiyyat a prayer duel (mubhila)

On the 10 of the June 1988, prayer duel (mubhila ) challenge was given to all the opponents .It was assumed that Ulema of the muslims , will come forward and shall accept the challenge , but
None came forward. Under one pretext or other, they continued to evade it.

These are the mubhila challenge sermons

1) http://www.alislam.org/urdu/library/137.html
do listen to this as well.
2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJ3HXCeIjwA

However, the General zia ul haq was a special case. Hazrat mirza Tahir ahmad (rz) , made it clear to him that even If he consider this challenge not important, but if he continues his atrocities as usual . GOD almighty will take it as the acceptance of the Mubhila challenge.

He was warned of horrendous repercussion and he was asked not to take this challenge in the greater interest of the people of the Pakistan .

But the general along with the ulemas of that time was oblivious to the fact that this challenge have not been given by some ordinary man ,Nor this challenge will not materialize into reality.

That challenge has the greater background. That foundation was based on the hadith and prophecy of the hazrat Muhammad (saw) .
And It was bound to show his wrath on them, if they do not take precaution .
Almost all were unaware (except us, the true jamat of GOD i.e ahmadies ) that there existed a prophecy about Genral zia ul haq long ago.
He could not evade his fate at all. By all means.


******************** Final prophecy in the line *************************

it was the date of the 12 august 1987 when , my caliph was told by the GOD almighty that the result of the mubahila is near and that man ,named zia ul haq will be killed soon
hear this sermon

http://real-islam.org/audio/fr880812.ram 1.97 mb

Hazrat Mirza Tahir ahmad (rz) told the world

A summary of the sermon

1) In the first part hazoor (rz) mentioned various ayyat and told that it is the history that GOD do show signs after signs for the true jamat , but opponents do not accept the signs. They become so involved in the opposition that they become deaf and dumb and do not accept the GOD’s messenger
2) Then hazoor mentioned his dream , shown to him just a day before . In which he saw some men asking hazoor of the real meaning of the hazrat Messiah Maood (as) words “History repeats itself”. In that dream hazoor mentioned , that I told them the real meaning of this sentence is that there are the laws of the GOD , that does not change at all.it is the law of the GOD to punish those who commits atrocities on the true follower of the true religion
3) Then hazoor told the jmat that this particular dream have frightened me , this dream have proved that the fate of the people whom we called for the prayer duel (muibhila ) is very near.
4) In this regard hazoor mentioned that no sign have the power to change the heart . so ahmadies should pray that the heart of the people get changed else the sign of the GOD will not have any effect on those peoples who are not pious

Here I would like to quote the words from alislam website.

“After giving Zia ul Haq Sahib some time to respond, when it became evident that there was a surge in the persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan and besides the former reasons, the distributing of mubahala notifications was taken as a reason to round up hundreds of Ahmadis, torture and convict them and crush them into jails. The Imam of the Ahmadiyya Jama'at, at last, in his Friday sermon of 12th August 1988, in very clear words, announced that because general Zia Sahib by virtue of his conduct accepted the mubahala challenge and instead of turning away from the acts of cruelty precipitated in them, he cannot, therefore, under any circumstances, escape the wrath of God Almighty and the decreed afflictions of mubahala will definitely strike him.
Just a few days after that sermon of 12th August 1988, General Zia ul Haq, together with some of his key military colleagues, the American Ambassador and the CIA representative in Pakistan perished in a horrifying air crash.
As a result of the vindication of these two incidents, one after the other, the ulema opposed to Ahmadiyyat were flabbergasted and in order to overcome their humiliation and divert the attention of the public elsewhere, they, with greater enthusiasm then ever before, vehemently engaged in publicizing the mubahala between the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Jama'at, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahibas, Qadiani, and Maulvi Sanaullah Sahib.

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Re: Zia ul haq death, A great prophecy for ahmadiyyat truth

Postby khalid nawaz » 20 Oct 2010, 09:54

And it was just 5 days after on the 17th august 1988 , yeah just five days after when an accident took place. It killed the general zia ul haq along with many peoples .

All of people , reading this article will be interested to see what was the date of the death of the general zia ul haq in Islamic calendar.
It is because , in the very start there was given the hadith , which foretold the death of the pheroo in the month of the holy Muharam.

**********The Islamic calendar date on the 17th august 1988.************

Using a gegorian to hijri calendar , every one can confirm that the date of the death of the general zia ul haq was 3rd muharamm ul haram .

Just after the 5 days Zia ul Haq place crashed and as told to

and with that ,the prophecy mentioned in the surra alfajar
and then delivered to us by the hazrat Muhammad (saw)
and then again told 100 years before by the hazrat mirza ghulam ahmad qadiyyani ,
and told 42 years before to my 2nd caliph and then
just 5 days before his death to mu 4th caliph

fulfilled with all its might , with all its power it killed that man who was commiting the atrocities on the ahmadies.

Once again we , ahmadies saw the truth of the jammat
Once agin we ahmadies saw that GOD is with us
Once again our opponents were left by their God , As He is with us not with them

this sermon was delivered after the two days of Zia's death

In which hazrat Khalifa tul messiah said

1) Even if enemies die , no one should rejoice as death is what shall come on every person
2) But we are happy , very happy not because Mr A or Mr B died. But because we have seen with our eyes a great sign of the GOD.

So we were happy , not because someone died , but because we witnessed with our own eyes a splendid and marvelous sing of the GOD

that man ,named the Gen Zia-ul-Haq died and left behind him the great testimony of our truthfulness and this will remain with us till the this world come to an end
inshallah and our upcoming generations will always be thankful to the god almighty as we are

interesting video regarding zia

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB7qixxR ... re=related

also related with zia death and prophecy , give some more detail and sermon of the hazrat Khalifatul Messiah IV
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Re: Zia ul haq death, A great prophecy for ahmadiyyat truth

Postby khalid nawaz » 20 Oct 2010, 09:59

show me sign like this if you are truthful
show me sign like this if you are all muslims

me waiting and keep waiting will be my future. . . .

this is because

Only the True jamat shows the sign of the GOD

and people like you , cannot never show the sign

their fate is to object on every sign. and this is what you all will do heartily

after all SHITAN do not have the power to show sign for you.

me waiting and waiting and waiting.
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Re: Zia ul haq death, A great prophecy for ahmadiyyat truth

Postby MrClifton » 20 Oct 2010, 10:11


I hear it was a crate of Mangos.


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Re: Zia ul haq death, A great prophecy for ahmadiyyat truth

Postby xiaahmad » 20 Oct 2010, 12:47

Khalid did Zia ul Haq accepted any Mubalah Challenge?
was there any official response?

plus ahmadies were declared non muslim in 1973 not 1977 so whom ur trying to fool?
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: "Indeed, messengership and Prophethood have terminated. So, there is no Messenger after me and no Prophet”.
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Re: Zia ul haq death, A great prophecy for ahmadiyyat truth

Postby xiaahmad » 20 Oct 2010, 12:48

Plus is Zia ul Haq some prophet of Chaliph of Ours? NO
the statements ur given are so vague that any one can assume anything out of them:)

It is funny that ur prophet prophecy were not fulfill but his sons were getting fulfilled on which you dont even try to reply

And Jews moved to promised land but where Ahmadiyya Moved? LONDON
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: "Indeed, messengership and Prophethood have terminated. So, there is no Messenger after me and no Prophet”.
(Jami' Tirmidhi, hadith 2272
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Re: Zia ul haq death, A great prophecy for ahmadiyyat truth

Postby rationalist » 20 Oct 2010, 17:37

These ahmadis are just plain crazy. Thats like my final take on everything.
"Ahmadiyyat robbed me, didnt educate me properly"
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