ISIS, Khalifa, Caliphate and condemnation thereof

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ISIS, Khalifa, Caliphate and condemnation thereof

Postby logic » 26 Nov 2014, 01:06


As we all know there is a group of mentalists called ISIS, the like of which we have not seen before.

They claim to have established a new Caliphate. On hearing this I, probably like many others, would see it as a direct comparison to Ahmadiyyat in regard to the claim, albeit of a totally different ilk. The buzzword being "Khalifa" - we have a Khalifa and now they are claiming to have a Khalifa in Al Baghdadi.

You may have noticed that on Friday at Baitul Futuh and Fazal mosque at namaz times the security has been beefed up even more - this probably has to do with what is felt a greater security risk now because of ISIS and 'homegrown jihadis', that is a guess on my part.

Coming onto ISIS itself, I know that Hazoor has condemned them in his sermons and has spoken to various media outlets on this. In the Guardian there is an interview which he has given titled 'Imams failing young Britons' in which he also says that none of the young Ahmadiyya community has been lost to ISIS ! That would be a given, but the journalist wouldn't know that !

Anyhow the reason I am posting this is that I saw the response that would come from the Ahmadiyya community - this was a more than inevitable event and stick with which to beat with constantly - but I wasn't really seeing anything from the non-Ahmadis about this. The senseless killing of Alan Henning did bring about some unity of sentiment but there was nothing regarding the theological argument. There was also nothing categorically condemning the actions of ISIS in its entireity.

I then saw a video on Youtube which I will post a link to. In this video the person explains that ISIS comes under the heading of the "Khawarij". It suddenly also clicked with me the word Khawarij and Akhraaj. They are obviously from the same root word. The sentence would be one Ahmadi saying to another " So n So Jamaat se Akhraaj hogaya" ie. this person has been expelled from the Jamaat.

These Khawarij are a group who are not part of Islam even though they claim to be. They are the referred to in the texts as the "Dogs of Hellfire" . I was pleased to hear this because the actions of ISIS are exactly that.

If you have a little bit of time listen to the whole video I am about to post - personally I think it is really interesting, gives a historical and theological explanation of ISIS and covers ground that you wouldn't think any non-Ahmadi person would ever address. It, I feel, is a depiction of the reality of things as they are today worts and all.

Link :

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