Jalsa Salana 2014

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Jalsa Salana 2014

Postby logic » 07 Sep 2014, 22:47

Salaam to All.

I will try and keep this one brief. Jalsa Salana came and went as it always does.

The khutbah given at Baitul Futuh the following Friday the 5th September was nothing out of the usual - it was a look back on Jalsa and a round up of the views given by various people who attended. This khutbah, however, distinctly lacked one thing. This one thing was also confirmed to me as lacking by people around me, people who are very much Ahmadi. It was also circulated around the MTA workers forum instantly.

On Wednesday 3rd September an accident occurred in an notorius blackspot area in roadworks on the A3 near Frankfurt Germany. This accident involved an Ahmadi family returning home from Jalsa. There were 5 occupants in the vehicle, 3 of whom unfortunately died on the scene, Inna Lillah Wa Inna Ilehe Rajeoon. The remaining 2 occupants are in a critical condition in hospital. The scene looks that of utter devastation. Here is the link, the pictures will speak for themselves http://www.bild.de/regional/frankfurt/f ... .bild.html May Allah grant all the surviving 7 people a speedy recovery, Ameen.

The information I have is that sitting in the front of the vehicle was the mother and son, who survived, and in the rear was the children's grandmother and the mother's two young daughters - who sadly all perished.

The entire khutbah was devoted to Jalsa and the way people got emotional about various things they saw. It was about people who came to Jalsa for the first time. The invited dignitaries. The people who saw the international ba'ait for the first time and their emotions.

There was no mention of this incident which took place. Seeing as it involved people who were returning from this very event made it almost unbelievable that it was not mentioned. It is a tragedy of the highest level imaginable in life. Imagine just for a second what the rest of the family involved is going through, it is literally unimaginable for the rest of us isn't it - literally.

I don't see the correlation of having a good results khutbah for Jalsa and not having to mention this tragedy. It doesn't make any sense. There should have been a mention. Even if it was short and at the end of the khutbah making a declaration of Inna Lilla - Allah Ta'Ala's Will in any circumstance regardless of Jalsa and a message of reassurance and prayer and prayers requested for the other people involved. It seems if someone like Abdul Wahab Adam saab passes away then a whole khutbah is dedicated to them. But when it happens to be an ordinary Joe Bloggs family AND at the time of Jalsa then it can be delayed or left out so it doesn't interfere with the 'victory' khutbah.
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