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Postby logic » 30 Jul 2014, 23:58

Salaam to All.

I hope everyone is in the best of health and contentment. Which is more than can be said for what those poor innocents in Gujranwala went through and what their families are going through right now. Infact the words 'polar opposite' seem an understatement. May Allah Ta'Ala grant them the highest place in Paradise amongst the Shaheed, Ameen. May Allah Ta'Ala grant their surviving family Sabr in abundance and may those who are still in hospital make a speedy recovery, Ameen.

I am absolutely disgusted by this. The old adage of matters being more emotive when it comes to the weaker groups ie. 'women and children' definitely comes into play here because we seem to be programmed that way. If the victim was a teenager even then it is still very emotive. If the victim happened to be a very elderly person then perhaps it would be less so. If the victims are related to someone in any way it would be different and in that case regardless of the age of that person. Killing one soul is tantamount to killing the whole of humanity any way you look at it as per the injunction.

The fact that the innocent lady and two innocent girls and an obviously innocent unborn child died because of the actions of people hellbent on creating mayhem is reprehensible. They are murderers pure and simple and ,indeed, Allah Ta'Ala's court is the best of all.

If the incident took place regarding any alleged blasphemy that occurred then the alleged perpetrator should have been questioned and evidence sought as per the judicial process. But as we know Pakistan is not like that because that would be civilised then wouldn't it. The baying crowds wanted summary justice without investigation to take place and the police were unwilling, not unable, to do anything. They turned up and then ran away like the cowards that they are. They fire brigade or ambulances couldn't get through either, which is a black mark on the character of Pakistanis in my book.

I personally feel as though these people were blood thirsty and wouldn't rest until someone had lost their life anyway. From what I have heard, unconfirmed, was that a warning was given to the people in Rabwah beforehand that people should complete their Eid shopping by a particular date because of information they had regarding something that was about to take place.

Additionally, I hope whatever they looted from the houses before burning them will become a millstone around their necks but actually thinking now - that should be best left to Allah Ta'Ala's Most Just court too.

I also hate it when people then start to question 'Oh but what about the innocent people of Palestine being killed everyday' you don't say anything about them. What can we say about them ? Nothing - apart from duas from the bottom of our hearts, which I am sure we all do regardless of sect differences or where we are with our personal religious journey.

I don't think my heart can bear seeing anymore pictures or news reports from there either. I was watching newsnight last week and they had a report about how they, and other news agencies, report about the conflict and the showing or not showing of the dead bodies. I didn't want to watch the news report because they said in strange, contextual way that this report contains disturbing images. I watched it and saw the picture of a baby who was killed in Palestine with his face blurred out in the image. They then un-blurred the image which showed the baby's face . . . nothing else to say. I am out and about and I hear the news come on the radio, for some reason they love to give out the death toll figure in every news from both the Israeli and Palestinian side. My heart sinks and I find myself switching over. May Allah grant peace in the whole world, for the whole of humanity, Ameen. I know that seems like such a big ask but Allah Ta'Ala is Almighty and I am a nobody for asking it - everyone prays for it and if Allah Ta'Ala Wills then it will be.

We all know about the Ahmadis who have claimed political asylum over the past two decades on false pretense, that's an issue for another day. Regarding the Ahmadis left in Pakistan, well evidently things seem to be becoming genuinely worse for them and I would not begrudge them looking for a safer abode. Forget food and shelter, everyone first has the basic right to have and live a life, regardless of anything else.

Take care all, Khuda Hafiz.
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