Qaidyani Ambiguous Arguments

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Qaidyani Ambiguous Arguments

Postby Zohaib » 29 Aug 2013, 06:45

Qaidyani Ambiguous Arguments upon proving Christianity a false religion by Mirza

If you ever come across to debate with Any Ahmediya Group, They literally claim that Mirza has prove Christianity a False religion, But if you asked him what is the name of the book which proved Christianity a false religion as according to Mirza prospective, then their response is “Jesus is dead”… therefore it is proven that their worships are virtual… does it make sense? Have you ever seen their Khalifah refuting Christianity publicly? Have you ever seen their Khalifah or representative are debating with Christian like Ahmed Deedat, Yusuf Estes,Dr Zakir Naik ? The answer is BIG NO. Their Khalifah can not even deliver sermon properly, he need some one to write for him, then how he can be public speaker, I want to know from Ahmediya today, how many book have you written to refute Christianity, Can you named a book so which I can read it to enhance my knowledge?

Although MGAQ has written more then 83 books which are full of twaddle. He used obscene language against Jesus PBUH upon him, and later for justification of his filthy act in his book he created a virtual JESUS whom he named a FARZI YASOOH, I don’t know where this concept come from, even Christian doesn’t know who is Farzi Yasooh,

When British came to India they start debating with Muslim Ummah, then Rahmatullah Kairanvi wrote the book (IZAHR-UL-HAQ) in response to the Christian offensive against Islam during the British rule in India, and specifically to counter the subversive attack made by the Rev. C. C. P. Fonder. This book, internationally recognized as one of the most authoritative and objective studies of the Bible, influence of this books (IZHAR-UL-HAQ) produce number of well known public speaker to refute Christianity allegation against Islam and debunked their belief

Muslim scholars hold predominant position to rebut the allege made by non Muslim against Islam and Prophet Mohammad PBUH, They Challenged publicly to have debate about Islam and Life of Prophet Mohammad PBUH, in addition they are not limited to Islam they are also clearing the position of JESUS peace upon him as according to Quran and Bible, Our Brothers are running so many pro Islamic website and keep eagle eyes on Anti Islamic website controversy and responding their Gimmicks. Therefore Islam is fast growing religion in west today itself,

What Ahmediya is doing today, playing conspiracy against Islam and Pakistan in the Flag of Punjabi Maseeh. Helping their God Fathers to mockery Islam and promoting their cult business underneath of their cultivate fathers. Leading ordinary Muslim towards hell, and taking advantages of their poverty and virtuousness.

Come to the conclusion:
Any Ahmediya come forward to prove the ponder self claimed concept of refuting Christianity by Mirza…I don’t think mirza even know how to read bibles properly, Please show me MGAQ Charismatic contention which made against Christianity in his books.

May Allah guide ahmediya and come out from the mental delusion
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