Minutes of National Amla UK Meeting: Budget Cuts!

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Minutes of National Amla UK Meeting: Budget Cuts!

Postby FindingsIII » 27 Aug 2011, 15:01

I found this too! (dont worry my comrades, findings has found out lots of interesting stuff but im saving all that.. you'll see...tomorrow ;) )

Just a boring set of minutes from an Ansar meeting that took place, but its worth having a read to give 'outsiders' a better understanding of what goes on around the big round tables! (ive typed this word for word- incase anyone accuses me of lying).

Minutes of National Majlis Amala UK meeting
Held at Sarai Ansar on Tuesday 14th September at 19:30

Meeting commenced at 7.50 PM

Recitation of Holy Quran: Sh Tariq Mahmood Sahib
Pledge: Sadr Sahib Ansarullah (edit: Ch Wasim Ahmad incase you didnt know).

Discussion on Shura Proposals recommended for discussion at the Shura of Majlis Ansarullah 2010.

General 1.1: -
“When letters are sent to different Majalis or people from different Qaideen most of the time it is difficult to visualise into the sender is only with their name at the bottom of the letter. Is it possible to have a photo of the Qaideen or the person who has sent the letter with their name at or telephone No at the top right or left hand corner of the letter. Later on when there are jalsas, Meetings or election one is in a position to recognise for example who the Qaid maal or Qaid Amoomi is if it is not possible then the photos of Alma members Qaideen and naib Qaideen with their telephone number to be published in Ansar uddin or sent to different Majalis” (Majlis Woking)

This proposal was discussed and it was stated that photographs of all Amala members are already on the website. Sadr Sahib informed all present to clearly state their name, position and phone numbers on correspondence sent out. The proposal was also considered to be an Administrative matter and was rejected:

(Page Break)

General 1.2: -
Why Ansar Ijtema not being held at Baitul Futuh instead of Islamabad
(Majlis Blackburn)

The proposal was discussed and it was agreed to be an Administrative matter and therefore, rejected.

(Page Break)

Tarbiyyat 2: -
“Members of Majlis Ansars are primarily responsible for Tarbiyyat of their immediate families and jamaat in general and in this regard there is an urgent need felt among the members for a their personal ability to read/recite Holy Quran with correct pronunciation. It is not possible to join the Taleem ul Quran class on a regional level to prepare larger number of member of jamaat and especially members of Majlis Ansarullah to benefit from these classes.” (Majlis Woking)

The proposal was discussed and it was agreed that the Taleem ul Quran classes are not under the jurisdiction of Majlis Ansarullah and therefore cannot be altered. Majlis members have already been encouraged to enrol onto the course. The proposal was rejected.

(Page Break)

Tarbiyyat 2.1: -
“Extra efforts should be made towards those members who do not attend the Friday prayers in the mosque/salat centre” (Majlis Sheffield)

It was unanimously agreed that this proposal will be put forward to be discussed at the Shura.

(Page Break)

Proposal submitted by Qaid Tabligh: -
“By the grace of Allah, the Charity walk has become a significant event of Majlis Ansarullah UK. It has become an effective source of preaching as it provides the introduction of Jamaat in the area where it is held, in particular and all over the UK in general. Majlis Shura should give recommendations to make it more effective for the good introduction of community in media and public” (Qaid Tabligh – Ansarullah)

This proposal was discussed. It was agreed that more of an effort should be made to publicise it, but it was rejected as a Shura proposal.

(Page Break)

A directive from Huzur regarding Tehrek-e-jadid and waqf-e-jadid was discussed. It was agreed to be an administrative matter and rejected as a proposal for Shura discussion.

A proposal to highlight the importance of Shura was put forward as the quality of proposals being discussed was considered poor, as well as being submitted at the last minute. It was also suggested that the Shura delegates being put forward should be office bearers or members who are aware of the importance of Shura. This was considered to be administrative and rejected.

(Page Break)


A budget report was read out by Abdul Manan Sahib. He gave an update on amounts collected to date as well the shortfall required to be collected by the end of the year, within the next four months.

A breakdown of the amounts collected was discussed and an increased budget was proposed for the next year. Some members raised concerns about the increase in the budget as previous year’s collection were not being met. It was agreed that the budget should be increased by approx £24,000 for the year 2011.
Proposal of budget for 2011 was discussed and after few amendments it was agreed that this proposal will be put forward to the shura for discussion.
Manan sahib informed that the current year’s tajneed was 3000 and target of receiving collections from 85% of members had been exceeded.

9:00 – 9:30 BREAK FOR ISHA

A ten percent increase of 300 was expected in the tajneed for 2011, bringing the total to 3300. A target of collection from 90% of members was expected (2970). The average collected per member at present is £93.00 which takes the projected collections for 2011 to £279,441.

In addition to the above figure £12 / year per Ansar is also to be collected.

The target for 2010 for Ansaruddin was £1200, where in fact £1900 was collected.

The amount of £50,000 is to be paid towards the loan for Sarai Ansar within the next four months. Manan sahib stated that percentage of collections received near the end of the year is always greater and he was optimistic in achieving a collection close to the target.

The projected collections from Gift Aid declarations were reduced from £15,000 to £5,000.

Zaheer Sahib – Qaid Amoomi suggested that the budget for the annual charity walk was quite high and should be capped to a maximum of £20,000. Any shortfall should be recovered by other means, such as gift aid declarations or taking a small percentage from the money collected from sponsors. It was agreed that these other methods of recovering costs should be discussed at the next Amala meeting.

The Tabligh secretary was asked to arrange a further 8 Tabligh forums. The Tabligh budget was reduced from £12,000 to £8,000.

Hospitality budget was reduced from £6,000 to £3,000.

Budget for refresher courses was reduced from £7,000 to £6,000.

Ansaruddin printing budget of £25,000 remained unchanged.

Mirza Rasheed Sahib obtained confirmation of attendance reports from all Zaeems present.

Report was presented by Qaid Sahib Amoomi.


Meeting concluded 10:30 PM

says it all: MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!! they just want your damn MONEY people! Wake up!!!!!!!!!!! cuts in refresher courses (for the benefit of ahmadis apparently) but they fork out thousands on pringles and nuts at Jalsa! Lovely!
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Re: Minutes of National Amla UK Meeting: Budget Cuts!

Postby rationalist » 28 Aug 2011, 00:32

And...they get 30% of all Khuddam chanda worldwide.

WHat a scam!!!
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