Qayyoum al-Aalameen

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Qayyoum al-Aalameen

Postby Fuad » 12 Jun 2008, 18:58

Image ((To imagine this subject, we can assume that ‘Qayyoum al-Aalameen’ (the One Who sustains and protects all the words) is a mighty existence, which has uncounted hands and legs; each organ is of such abundance that it is without counts and with unlimited length and width. The Mighty Qayyoum also has rays that have engulfed all the corners of the world and act as a source of energy. These are the same organs which are called “the ‘world”. When the world of Qayyoum does any motion related to any one organ or as a whole, then due to this the motion of all other related is a logical phenomenon! It is by these organs that the Qayyoum brings his plans to life and not through anything else. It is just an example of this spiritual theme that each part of all creations is dependent on the command of Almighty God, they fulfill His hidden objectives and with the height of obedience they are complying in the way of His intentions. This obedience is not based on any sort of government or force. Instead, every creation has a magnetic affinity towards Almighty God and each particle looks so much subjugated in front of God similar to the different particles of an existence subjugating towards it. Thus, this is the Truth and this is the ONLY Truth that the entire world is like organs of this Mighty Qayyoum. This is the reason why He is called ‘Qayyum al-Aalameen’ (Qayyoum of the worlds). Because, just like how the soul is the ‘Qayyoum’ of the body, similarly He is the ‘Qayyoum’ of all the creation. If this was not the case, then the system of the whole world would be a total disaster)) – Rouhani Khazain, vol 3, Tauzeeh Maraam, page 90.
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