Mirza and The Sikh

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Mirza and The Sikh

Postby Fuad » 31 May 2008, 10:49

Guru Nanak (1469-1539) was a Prophet who was given Miracles


Image ((Sri Krishna claimed to be the recipient of revelation. His followers indeed exalt him to the status of God Incarnate, but there can be no doubt at all that he was a prophet of his time and an Avatar, and that he was favored by God with His word. Similarly in the latter days, the Hindu community had had Baba Nanak, the universally respected and honored saint of this country, whose followers known as Sikhs number at least two millions. Baba Nanak openly claimed to be the recipient of Divine revelation, evidence of this being in the Granths (the holy book of the Sikhs),
It is a proven fact that miracles and signs were witnessed at his hands, and there can be no doubt that he was one of those chosen and righteous servants of God whom God favors with the gift of His love.))
- English Translation of Pigham Sulah, page 5 & 6. http://www.ahmadiyya.org/bookspdf/mess-pc-frm.htm

The Land of Aqsa Mosque in Qadian belonged to Sikh
Image ((The Masjid Aqsa was built by Mirza Ghulam Murtaza. The piece of land on which it stands belonged at that time to the Sikhs, and he bought it at an auction at the then very high cost of Rs. 700)) – Life of Ahmad, page 22.

Mirza’s Father Joined The Sikh Army who was Fighting Syed Ahmad Shaheed

Image ((Then followed the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who gradually brought all the petty chiefs of the country under his sway. In about 1818 he allowed Mirza Ghulam Murtaza, the son of Mirza ‘Ata Muhammad, to return to Qadian. Mirza Ghulam Murtaza and his brothers thereupon joined the Sikh army and rendered excellent services in several places, including the frontier of Kashmir)) - Life of Ahmad, page 13 & 14.

Syed Ahmad Shaheed was a Muslim Khalifa


Image Syed Ahmad Sahid Barelvi was a Khalifa in the chain of The Muhmmadian Khilafat – Rouhani Khazain, vol 17, Tohfa Gloravea, page 194.
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