Whose life was more miraculous?

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Whose life was more miraculous?

Postby MGAQ » 01 Mar 2008, 12:43

((I live with two diseases, a disease in the lower part of my body and a disease in the upper part. Therefore, my life is more extraordinary than the birth of the Messiah, and it is a miracle for those who can see)) – Rouhani Khaza’in, vol 16, Khutba Ilhamiyya, p 87

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Re: Whose life was more miraculous?

Postby Pleezing One » 03 Mar 2008, 19:32

This begs the question, what is the thinking behind this statement? Is being sick with diseases sign of elevation of one's status? This becomes even worse when it comes from someone who claims to be " a reformer" ....... He was not even thankful to Allah for good health...

If mgaq was a Muslim or at least had a basic Islamic knowldge, he would not have said these words. Please note that Allah tala has said for Essa Ibn Maryam: 19:21 [The angel] answered: "Thus it is; [but] thy Sustainer says, `This is easy for Me; [15] and [thou shalt have a son,] so that We might make him a symbol unto mankind and an act of grace from US. [16] And it was a thing decreed [by God]:

Mirza sb just wants to rob Essa Ibn Maryam's status..... Compare mirza sb's words with what Allah Tala has commanded in Quran....

Mirza claimed very strange things including changing as a women and getting pragnent and giving birth to himslef...... O followers of Mirza sb. please read his books. If you claim to be Muslims, then Ahmedi religion is Ghulam Ahmadiyyat, not Islam. And Islam is not all sects........ You don't have to belong to any sect, you just have to be a MUSLIM. Thats it..period.
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