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Re: Seerat Ul Mahdi - Translations

PostPosted: 04 Apr 2008, 04:50
by Pleezing One ... ahdi_1.pdf
pdf page no. 160 / 296
Narration no. 150

Its a long narration, I will translate some of it:

[size=150][color=#0000BF]" Humble one states that in his book "Hayat-e-nabi" Sh Yaqoob Ali quotes Syed Mir Hassan's writing about mgaq's time during his job at Sialkot.

Because Mirza sahab did not like (job) working for someone, he started preparing for the competition exam and started reading books of law. He did not pass that exam, why would he pass that exam? he was not created for wordly works. "[/color][/size]

[b]( Why he took the exam if he ws not for wordly things?)[/b]

pdf 161/296:

[size=150][color=#0000BF]"Those were early days when Punjab University was established. There was a vacancy for Arabic teacher and the salary was Rs. 100 per month. I requested mgaq to send (job) application. Because you have perfect command over Arabic language, you will definitely be appointed. (mgaq) Said, 'I DON'T LIKE TEACHING'....... " [/color][/size]

[size=150][color=#0000BF]" Once someone asked why the prophets do not get wet dreams /nightfall? He ( mgaq) replied, "because prophets always have clean thoughts either sleeping or awake and do not let the dirty thoughts cross their minds thats why they don't get wet dreams."[/color][/size]

pdf page 250 of 316
narration no. 843

[size=150][color=#0000BF]" Dr Ismail stated that hazrat saheb's (mgaq) servent late Khadim Ali narrated that once on a journey, mirza saheb had "ahtalam" wet dream - nightfall. When I heard this narration, I was very surprized because I though Anmbia (prophets) do not get wet dreams. Then after some thought and after evaluating this issue medically, I concluded that there were three kinds of wet dreams. One natural, second result of satanic desires (lustful) and third due to some diseasae. Prophets can have natutral nightfal or due to diesease but not the satanic one. People consider all wetdreams are satanic which is wrong."[/color][/size]

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PostPosted: 10 May 2008, 05:37
by Pleezing One ... ahdi_1.pdf
pdf page no. 162 / 296
Narration no. 150

The reality of English Ilham of Mirza Qadiani.

[size=150][color=#0000BF]“ Humble one states ( Mirza Bashir M.A.) What Molvi Mir Hassan himself wrote that Mirza sahib studied two books of English should not be taken that he ( mgaq) was a literate in English language. We can only conclude that by studying one or two books that he started identifying alphabets. Because in old days, elementary English book taught only identification of English alphabets. The second book taught combining letters to make simple English words. In today’s elementary first couple of books, similar capabilities are kept as objective. Humble one remembers that when I was probably student of grade 7, was standing near mgaq with an English style pen holder with me which had three pots for BLUE, COPYING and RED inks. Mgaq saw that in my hand, took from me and tried to read that. I remember he could read first and third word after some attention but tried to read the middle one (copying) but could not read that. So he he asked me that word and asked the meaning too. In short, it seems that he could read small and simple words with some efforts which meant that he could identify English alphabets, nothing more than that,”[/color][/size]
For more revelations, click the link below.

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PostPosted: 19 May 2008, 05:09
by Pleezing One ... ahdi_1.pdf
pdf page no. 185 / 296
Narration no. 167

In this narration, Mirza Bashir M A Talks about eating habits of his father Mirza ghulam Qadiani. Its a common perception that men of God or pious people lead a simple life and eat simple food. Lets see what Mirza Qadiani used to eat..and his interesting comments about thos who eat meat...

[color=#0000BF][size=150]"Narrated to me Mian Abdulla Sanwari that when Mirza went to big mosque, he used to drink water from well from the bucket ( that brings water up from well)< He also liked to drink in a clay pot.
Mian Sanwari narrated that he used to like well fried spicy pakoras ( chunks of deep fried gram flour) and sometimes he would ask me for them and would eat in the mosque while taking a stroll. He liked whole chicken kebab too. Therefore while on journey to Hoshyarpur, we took that with us. He liked Raddish sauce and green beans in mutton. Well fried mutton pieces were his favorite. He liked well baked flat bread that hardens after baking. He liked thin meat curry that was on the stove for long time and the meat is dissolved in it. He liked lemoade too. Late Mian Jan Muhammad used to make lemonade for him. Mian Abdullah also narrated that once mirza ghulam QWadiani said we should not eat meat excessively. ANYONE WHO EATS EXCESSIVELY MEAT FOR FORTY DAYS CONTINUOUSLY, HIS HEART BECOMES BLACK. Meat should be eaten alternatively with lentils, greens and vegetables. He did not like lamb meat. Liked sweetened rice (cooked in raw sugar) . About curry, he used to say that it should not be thick, rather well diluted so that meat that you buy with one Aana should be enough to feed eight people. ( in those days, the price of meat was one Aana per kilo) "[/size][/color]

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PostPosted: 16 Jun 2008, 03:11
by Pleezing One
Before I translate next 'gem' from Seerat Ul Mahdi, please read the followinmg translartion of verse from Holy Quran about Essa Ibn Maryam or Jesus Christ pbut:

Al Imran 49:
3:49 and [will make him] an apostle unto the children of Israel .” "I HAVE COME unto you with a message from your Sustainer. I shall create for you out of clay, as it were, the shape of [your] destiny, and then breathe into it, so that it might become [your] destiny by God's leave; and [b]I shall heal the blind and the leper, and bring the dead back to life by God's leave;[/b] and I shall let you know what you may eat and what you should store up in your houses. Behold, in all this there is indeed a message for you, if you are [truly] believers. "

Here is the Seerat Al mahdi ... ahdi_1.pdf
pdf page no. 195 / 296
Narration no. 176

[size=150][color=#0000BF]"Dr. Mir M. Ismail narrated to me when Mirza qadiani was engaged in a debate with Atham in Amritsar, Christians quietly brought in a blind, a deaf and a crippled and sat them at the place of debate. And then addressed mirza sahib that you claim to be the Massiah, we have brought in blind, deaf and crippled men, please heal them by touching them like Masih ( Essa Ibn Maryam or Jesus Christ - pbuh). Mir sahib staed that we all were astonished and wondered what will Miorza sahib reply. And when mirza sahib started dictating his reply he said "[b]I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT JESUS USED TO HEAL BLIND, DEAF AND CRIPPLED BY TOUCH OF HAND;[/b] therfore I cannot be (rejoinder) asked for this. But You believe in miracles of Jesus in this manner, and you also believe that anyone who has the slightest of faith, he can show the same what Jesus showed. Therfore, I am thankful to you that you saved me the trouble of finding blind, deaf and crippled. Now I present your gift to you. If you have a slightest of faith, heal them like Jesus. They were embarressed and remove those men from there. Mir sahib says that scene was amazing, first Christians brought in those men, and thenm they were hiding them."[/color][/size]

Do you see how Mirza's bliefs were against Quran.

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Narration no. 786

[size=150][color=#0000BF]"Mai Rasool Bibi widow of Hafiz Hamid Ali through Molvi Abdul Rahman Jatt narrated to me that there was time when wife of Babu Shah Din and myself used to stand guard at night. Mirza had given these standing instructions that if he talked while sleeping, wake him up. Once I heard him saying some words and I woke him up. The time was 12 'O clock midnight. In those days, Mai Fajjo (a lady), Mrs. Munshi M. Din and Mrs. Shah Din used to stand guard. " [/color][/size]

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by Pleezing One ... ahdi_3.pdf
pdf page no. 267 / 316
Narration no. 878

[color=#000080][size=150]" Dr Mir M. Ismail narrated to me that whenever Mirza Qadiani needed to do TAYAMMAM ( abulation with earth soil if water is not available), he would sometimes beat the pillow or quilt and do tayammum. Humble one states that dust that eminates from pillow or quilt is enough to do tyammum. But if the pillow or quilt is new and has no dust in it, then tayammum is not permissible with such pillow or quilt." [/size][/color]

How dirty !!!!