Ahmadiyya videos back on-line!

Due to a technical issue with one of the plug-ins we were using, videos had been unavailable. They are all now back on-line and if you haven’t seen them, we recommend that you watch them.

Akber Chaudhry and Anwar Mirza on Good Morning with Iqra

Shahid Kamal on Good Morning with Iqra

A Fracture in Belief – Ahmadiyya Exposed at Kingston Mosque

Shahid Kamal on Good Morning with Iqra

Without further ado, here is the first programme of its kind on Western television, where a revert to Islam from the Ahmadiyya cult was able to speak freely about his experiences. If the Ahmadiyya wants “freedom of religion”, then in the first instance, they should stop stealing Islam for themselves whilst denying it to Muslims and almost as importantly, they shouldn’t use bullying and smear tactics to shut down free speech. This is a free country. It works both ways here.

Peace unto those who follow the guidance.

Ahmadiyya Cult Discussed on Iqra TV

Last Wednesday was the first time that a revert from Ahmadiyya to Islam was able to present his story, unimpeded, on broadcast television. It created shockwaves in the Ahmadiyya apparatus, with followers making baseless claims about “hate speech” to OfCom and with the Head of the UK Jama’at writing to the programme “Good Morning with Iqra”. This represented a major breakthrough in community relations.

Ahmadis can see for themselves by watching that show that we Muslims as a whole are against persecution of the Ahmadiyya  and that the fears they have of Muslims are without foundation.

Today we had another first. Another revert, brother Akber Chaudry, appeared on the same show in a debate with an Ahmadi who went by the name of Anwar Mirza. Again, it was plain to see that fears of persecution are ruthlessly exploited by the Ahmadiyya leadership to keep its membership terrified and cloistered, but that the fear is out of all proportion to the reality.

Very soon insha’Allah, these programmes will be made available on-line, and you can judge for yourself. Last week I took live calls from Ahmadis. It would be interesting to see Mirza Masroor try that without rigging the lines. I invited him to a debate with any of our top alims. So seriously was this invitation taken that he asked Rafiq Hayat to respond. This engagement represents a breakthrough in communication for both sides. The opportunity for civil discourse must be grasped by both sides!

Today, you saw that an Ahmadi with knowledge of his religion, despite being given every opportunity to present his beliefs, was not able to provide a single argument in favour of his religion, not a single reason why a Muslim should accept Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a prophet.

Ahmadis, you have nothing to lose but your chains.

Peace unto those who follow the guidance.