A.K. Shaikh interviewed

I had the great pleasure of interviewing the quite legendary A.K. Shaikh in London today. I asked some of the questions that I know his viewers would like answers on and he responded in Urdu. Sadly, my Urdu is very basic, but I was able to pick up most of what the great man was talking about. He is an inspiration and his patience and steadfastness in the face of outrageous Ahmadiyya abuse serves as an example to us “youngsters”

Part 2 will be coming tomorrow, insha’Allah

Muslim Friends meet in UAE

Just a quick salaam from four Muslim brothers, whose bond is Islam and a passion to invite Ahmadis to the Islam of Rasulullah (saw) and his companions (ra)

Muslims aren’t scary, in general, Muslims are wonderful people. It is only the Mullahs of Mirzology who have frightened the common Ahmadi for decades into steering clear of Muslims. Ahmadis are missing out! In fact, many young Ahmadis in the UK and the USA observe first hand just how decent Muslims are.

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(And a short message for brother Akber at the end)