Queen Victoria – A Muslimah?

Alexandrina Victoria (1819-1901) was the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from the 20th of June 1837, and the first Empress of India of the British Raj from the 1st of May 1876, until her death. She became the Queen at the tender age of 18 and her reign lasted 63 years and 7 months making her the longest reigning British monarch. The time of her reign is known as the Victorian era, a period of industrial, political, scientific and military progress within the United Kingdom. She died from declining health on the 22nd of January 1901, succeeded by Edward VII.

Queen Victoria had many titles included in her name and after the Indian Mutiny of 1857, the Government of India was transferred from the East India Company to the Crown and in 1877 Victoria became ‘Empress of India’ under the Royal Titles Act. She was also known as ‘Defender of the Faith’ due to her position as head of the Church of England, and she was also known as the ‘Supreme Governor of the Church of England’.

However, despite her clear allegiance to Christianity and her position as head of the Church of England, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was of the following belief:

“The honourable Queen, of whom we are the members of her country, chooses Islam in her heart rather than any other religion. I even heard more than this but I don’t want to mention it. However, the conclusion is that she is generous and Allah (SWT) has put the love of Islam in her heart and she wishes that Islam would spread in her country.” (Roohani Khazain, Hamama-tul-Bushra, Volume 7, Page 229/300)

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The above statement by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad from ‘Hamama-tul-Bushra’ was made in 1894 and he unequivocally claims that Queen Victoria is a Muslimah. However, on the occasion of the ‘Diamond Jubilee’ to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s accession, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wrote a letter entitled ‘Tohfai Qaisariyya’, translated as ‘A Present to the Queen’. This letter which took the form of a book concluded with a prayer offered for the Queen. This prayer was published in Urdu, Punjabi, Persian, Arabic and English at the end of the book.

“…we earnestly ask Thee all powerful Lord to grant us one more prayer that our benefactoress the Empress, before leaving this world, may probe her way out of the darkness of man-worship…” (Rohaani Khazain, Volume 12, Tauhfa Qaisiria, Page 299)

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There is a glaring inconsistency within this letter which is dated 23rd June 1897. In this letter Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is asking for one more prayer to the effect that the Queen, prior to her demise, leaves the falsehood of Christianity. However, just three years preceding this prayer/letter Mirza Ghulam Ahmad explicitly declared that this had been achieved as the Queen “chooses Islam in her heart rather than any other religion”. If that were true then how could he accuse her of being in the “darkness of man-worship”? Quite clearly Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had forgotten about his previous statement whereby his God allegedly told him that the Queen was a Muslimah. Is this something you would expect from one who claims he is divinely guided?

To serve as a reminder, he also had the following ‘revelation’:

I shall accept all your prayers but not in the matter of your collaterals. (Tadhkirah, 2009 Edition, Page 33)

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Aside from the clear contradiction, was this prayer accepted? Did Queen Victoria become Muslim? Queen Victoria was at no point a Muslimah and Allah (SWT) knows best. She personally had the following inscribed above the mausoleum of her final resting place:

‘Farewell best beloved, here at last I shall rest with thee, with thee in Christ I shall rise again’. (The Official Website of the British Monarchy)

Direct Link: http://www.royal.gov.uk/HistoryoftheMonarchy/KingsandQueensoftheUnitedKingdom/TheHanoverians/Victoria.aspx

In addition to this, the Queen had the following desire before her demise:

Years later, when Canon (later Dean) Farrar served the Queen as chaplain, he visited her when she was sick. She had been reading a leaflet on the return of Christ and said, “Chaplain, what do you think about the return of Christ?” It is not known what the chaplain answered, but when he left he said, “Your Majesty, why have you asked me that?” “Oh,” she said, “I wish that He returns while I am still alive, because nothing would give me more joy than to pass on the crown of Great Britain and India to Him with my own hands.” In her youth, with most of her life still ahead of her, she crowned Jesus King of Kings and Lord or Lords; and then much later, in her latter years, with grey hair and with the many sorrows that she had borne, she wanted to give Him every crown that God had given her. When you grow older you might have less strength, but you have got more that makes you happy and more that you can share.

by Ernest A. Francis
Translated from the German: “Königin Viktoria”
Source: ‘The Pentecostal Testimony’, December 1980

I think we can all agree that at no point did Queen Victoria hand over the Crown to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. He of course made her well aware that he fulfilled the prophecy regarding the return of Hazrat Isa (AS) in his book ‘Tohfai Qaisariyya‘ as well as other numerous letters. One must consider, if she did not proceed to hand over the Crown to him then quite clearly she did not believe he was the second coming of Hazrat Isa (AS), thus she rejected his claim. With this in mind recall that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has stated that “God Almighty has disclosed to me that whoever has been apprised of my advent and does not accept me is not a Muslim and is accountable to God.” Therefore even his initial claim that God told him she is a Muslimah is pure deception even in terms of Ahmadiyya as she does not meet the Ahmadiyya criteria to be considered within the fold of Islam. Moreover, Allah (SWT) caused him to forget his claim that the Queen is a Muslimah and this was exposed three years after his initial claim in that he requested in a prayer that she leave “the darkness of man-worship” though according to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad she was already following Islam. This is not mockery, this is a reminder to Ahmadis to come back to Islam and leave the falsehood of Ahmadiyya.

May Allah (SWT) guide the Ahmadis back to Islam. All praise is due to Allah (SWT).