The Plague – Episode Six

The last episode is regarding the actual prophecy of the plague by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. I will keep this short and simple, insha’Allah.

When did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad specifically announce the prophecy of the plague?

February 6, 1898
(A) Today, Sunday February 6, 1898, I saw in a dream that God’s angels were planting black trees in different parts of the Punjab. Those trees were very ugly, black in colour, terrifying and of small size. I asked some of those who were planting them: What kind of trees are these? They answered: These are trees of the plague which is about to spread in the country. It remained unclear to me whether it was said that the plague would spread during the coming winter or the winter after, but it was a terrible sight which I saw. [Announcement of Plague, February 6, 1898, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 3, p. 5, Ayyamus-Sulah, p. 121, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 4, p. 361] (Tadhkirah, 2009 Edition, Page 407/408)

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This dream culminated in his announcement of the plague on the 6th of February 1898. However some may argue that ‘revelation’ prior to this informed him of this calamity, the earliest is dated November 1897.

November 1897
al-Hakam reports that: Hudur Hujjatul-Islam [The Promised Messiahas] saw in a dream that plague had invaded Qadian. But he was given to understand that this would only mean itching. [Mentioning the dream] he said: Qadian will be safeguarded and protected against the disastrous plague, but perhaps itching might spread here (Tadhkirah, 2009 Edition, Page 403)

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We can accept either one, though the announcement in February 1898 would be the most accurate as this is when he actually claims he received the prophecy. To remove any ambiguity, refer to the U.S Magazine for children, Al-Hilal, Issue 2 for 2002.

The Promised Messiah, peace be upon him, had prophesied the spread of a plague on February 26, 1898 on the basis of one of his dreams. (Al-Hilal, Page 25, Issue 2, 2002)

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The final piece of evidence regarding this, so there is no confusion, is from ‘Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth’ by Mirza Tahir Ahmad.

In February 1898, Hazrat Ahmad received revelations about an impending plague, and he immediately published this important warning through newspapers and pamphlets to the world at large. (Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth, Page 637)

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There is no doubt that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed he received revelation from God to the effect that plague would consume the land in the year 1898. Why is it important to locate the exact date? Well as you have read from previous episodes, we are all aware that Hong Kong was inflicted with plague in 1894, so let us proceed with the assumption that he was referring to India and India only . Here is a revelation for all Ahmadis, the British Government, who as we all know occupied India at the time, issued precautionary measures regarding the plague as shown below:

No. 1345.- Notification.- In exercise of the powers conferred by the Notification of the Government of India No. 302, dated 4th February 1897, the Hon’able the Lieutenant-Governor, being satisfied that the Punjab is threatened with an outbreak of a dangerous epidemic, namely bubonic plague, and that the ordinary provisions of the law are insufficient for the purpose of preventing such outbreak, is pleased to prescribe the following Regulations for the inspection of persons traveling by railway and the segregation of persons suspected of being infected with bubonic plague, and for other matters under sub-section (1) and sub clause (l) of sub-section (2) of Section 2 of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897, in supersession of the Regulations published with Notification No, 146, dated the 12th of February 1897, as amended by Notification No. 634, dated the 8th of April 1897:- (The Punjab Record (1898), Volume 32, Page 76)

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The above information from official records of the Government verify that they knew a year prior to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad about the bubonic plague. How can one even label his announcement a ‘prophecy’? How have you fallen for this grand ‘prophecy’? How did his god Yalesh not know that the Government were issuing warnings a year before his ‘prophet’? Quite clearly Government officials were busy issuing precautions on how to prevent this epidemic from spreading. Yet Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claims he foresaw this event before it arrived? His God told him to warn people before it arrived? This man was a liar, a dishonest insincere con-man yet you raise his status higher than the Prophets of Allah (SWT)?

Ahmadis, reevaluate your belief in this man, why turn a blind eye to this? As Allah (SWT) is my witness, we are not here to brag and take pride in showing how we’re right and you’re wrong, this is not our intention. We couldn’t care less about it, all we want for you to do is to investigate the information we present with an open mind and heart. If we have made mistakes we will happily hold our hands up and admit to our mistakes. On the other hand you should have the courage to assess the information we have provided with an open mind. We don’t do this out of boredom or for bragging rights. We genuinely cannot understand, if one was to investigate Ahmadiyya, how s/he can continue to follow the creed of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his movement. Come back to the Ummah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

With this, I bring to a close the issue of the plague. I hope everyone has benefited from this six part episode and if anything I have said is correct, useful or helps anyone whether Ahmadi or not then it is from the blessing of Allah (SWT). If there are any mistakes, then they are mine and I apologise. I hope Allah (SWT) helps those Ahmadis whom have rejected Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in their heart but feel as though they are trapped, may Allah (SWT) give them strength and make it easy for them. Thank you to everyone at for bearing with these episodes as I know they are many other topics to blog about…

May Allah (SWT) guide the Ahmadis back to Islam. All praise is due to Allah (SWT).

The Plague – Episode Five

The fifth episode explores yet another deception, this time regarding protection from the plague. The plague is a deadly disease caused by bacteria usually started by other disease outbreaks in rodents. It is more often than not carried by rats and spreads to humans through fleas who contract it from rodents such as rats. In 1855 a large pandemic of plague struck China and spread to India through the ocean trade killing up to 15 million people worldwide. Two different sources seem to have resulted in the spread of this deadly disease. The first as mentioned was primarily bubonic, carried around the world through trade, transporting infected persons, rats and cargoes harbouring fleas. The second was primarily pneumonic in character with a strong person to person contagion. In 1894 the bubonic plague spread from Hong Kong to India and as the calamity spread throughout India, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad took this opportunity to announce that this was a sign of his truthfulness from God.

“In this age, God’s commandment from heaven has shaken the earth with the plague so that it should be a sign for His Messiah.” (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 1, Page 160)

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He then moved on to counsel people on how to avoid this calamity. It was the next obvious and logical step to take to further his claim and take advantage of the terrible situation. He declared that the plague shall not disappear until he is accepted as the prophet and messenger of God or as a minimum, the defamation towards him by his opponents should stop. This particular aspect was explored in episode four. In addition to this, he claimed the town in which he resided, Qadian, will be protected from the plague because of his presence.

“Allah has willed not to remove this pestilence until and unless people do away with the thoughts lurking in their hearts. In other words, until they accept the Prophet and Messenger of God, the plague shall not go away. And the All-Powerful God shall protect Qadian against the ravages of the plague, in order to show you that it was spared only because a Messenger of God was present in it.” (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 95)

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has made two prophecies in the quote presented above. The first is that until the people accept him, the plague will not go away, this was dealt with in episode four. The second is that Allah (SWT) will protect Qadian from this calamity. I will explore the latter in this episode which he reiterates below as a sign for all nations to heed.

“…as long as the plague stays in the world, even if it were to persist for seventy years, God Almighty will always protect Qadian from its ravages, because it is the seat of His Messenger. This is a sign for all nations.” (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 97)

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This alleged revelation of protection did not hold weight for long as Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself confesses.  The quote presented below is his admission that the plague was raging in Qadian in contradiction to his boast that because of his presence, Qadian would be protected by God.

“At a time when Qadian was afflicted with the plague my son Sharif Ahmad appeared to be suffering from very high fever like typhoid… plague was raging in Qadian.” (Tadhkirah, 2004 Edition, Page 592)

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How would he now counter this? He had to think of another deceptive claim in order to restore the balance of faith in his self proclaimed status as the saviour. The contradiction is clear cut yet some people fall in to his devious misgivings and counter claims. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad defies the alleged revelation that Qadian will be protected to a more elusive claim as evidenced in the subsequent quote.

“Since God Almighty knew that the plague would break out in this country on a large scale, and even Qadian would not remain completely immune from it, He had, therefore, already revealed to me twenty three years ago that anyone who would enter this mosque and this house, with sincerity and faith, would be saved from the plague. In the same context, He also said to me… I shall safeguard all those who dwell in thy house from death by the plague, with the exception of those who are arrogant and think highly of themselves. And I shall particularly safeguard thee.” (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 105)

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God Almighty knew that the plague would breakout in Qadian? Indeed Allah (SWT) is All-Knowing but what about the God of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad? How could he say God knew the plague would consume Qadian when the same God assured him that Qadian would be protected from the plague? The prior revelation is refuted by the spread of the plague in Qadian; however, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad then reinvents his claim and restricts it to his house. He obviously learnt his lesson from his earlier admission as he now adds a qualification to his claim just in case someone should die as a result of the plague. Thus he is protected should an individual die as he could merely claim that the individual was arrogant within his heart and as a result, no one could refute the alleged arrogance he would make claim to. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad even goes on to compare his house to Noah’s Ark:

“God has assured me that He would safeguard all those who dwell in my house. My house will then be like Noah’s Ark, whoever enters it will be saved.” (Tadhkirah, 2004 Edition, Page 878)

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However, if any sign of infection was displayed by anyone residing in his so called ‘Noah’s Ark’ he would resort to removing them from the alleged safe haven. What did he fear? Did he have no faith in the assurance God allegedly gave him? He claimed whoever entered his house would supposedly be saved so how do his followers explain the letter which he sent to his son-in-law in reference to this matter.

“I received your letter in today’s mail. So far, by the grace and blessings of Allah everything is fine in our house and in your house. Ghousan (an elderly woman) is afflicted by fever; she has been expelled from the house. But in my opinion, she is not afflicted by plague; she is expelled as a precaution. And Master Muhammad Din is afflicted with fever and there is growth of gland, he has also been expelled. Even on our side, there is intensity in plague but less than previously.  I wrote before that in this village, often those kids who are weak or ill are dying… Last night a lady guest who came from Delhi, caught fever… I pray day and night and sometimes I supplicate with such intensity that I feel ill and think that only a few minutes are left in my life and serious signs start to appear.” (Maktoobat, Volume 5, Page 115)

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This should leave no doubt of his falsehood and how he switched claims and acted accordingly when the heat was on. He first claimed that Qadian would be protected by Allah (SWT) what happened when it actually afflicted Qadian? He altered his initial claim to a more elusive claim in that those who reside in his house would be safe so long as they comprise no arrogance in their heart, something which couldn’t be proved. What did he do once those who inhabited his house illustrated any signs of affliction?  He chose to hurl them from his alleged safe house. If his house was safe from the plague then why is he throwing people out as a precaution? This is mockery in the name of Allah (SWT). An example of his charade is quoted for you below. Notice how upon being exposed he changes his position or reinterprets his original stance.

“This means that God protected the village of Qadian from the plague in order to manifest the true standing of this Intercessor. And you can see that it has indeed been immune to the plague for the last five, six years.” (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 102)

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“This revelation means that some people will die of the plague in Qadian also. This would not be contrary to the revelation… which has been translated as sheltering.” (Tadhkirah, 2004 Edition, Page 838)

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He jumped from protected to sheltering, what was his stance before anyone died? He claims above that Qadian has been protected as proof of the true standing of God and that it has been immune to the plague for the past five to six years which implies it would continue to be protected from the plague. However, when this was no longer the case, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad then claimed that what was actually meant was that people would be sheltered and thus some people would die, but what did he say before anyone died in addition to claiming that Qadian would be protected?

“…he was given to understand that this would only mean itching… Qadian will be safeguarded against the plague, but perhaps itching might spread…” (Tadhkirah, 2004 Edition, Page 380)

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Is this meant to be joke? From Qadian will be protected he moves his claims to a safer stance in that if Qadian is afflicted it will only be the spread of itching as opposed to death, and then when Qadian was afflicted and people died he moved to a shady standpoint in that God meant he would only shelter Qadian and that people were bound to die. To end this episode, everyone should consider the following words of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in 1907:

“I supplicated for the spread of plague. Thus that supplication was granted and plague spread in the whole country.” (Roohani Khazain, Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Volume 22, Page 235)

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As a result he boasted:

“God has also informed me that the number of my followers will be augmented through the plague and the number of other Muslims will thereby be reduced…” (Tadhkirah, 2004 Edition, Page 653)

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad considered the plague a punishment from God:

“…God Almighty says: …We never send an extraordinary punishment upon a people until We have sent a Messenger to fully convey Our message… Is it not an extraordinary calamity with which you have been afflicted for some years now? The afflictions… The plague and earthquake…” (Divine Manifestations – Page 11)

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Now I ask you sincerely, to end this episode, contrast the words of the Messenger of Allah (SWT), Muhammad (SAW) to the above by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

Sahih Bukhari
Volume 7, Book 71, Number 628:
Narrated Anas bin Malik:
Allah’s Apostle said, “(Death from) plague is martyrdom for every Muslim.”

May Allah (SWT) guide the Ahmadis back to Islam. All praise is due to Allah (SWT).

The Plague – Episode Four

The forth episode is regarding the remedy of the plague. This is not the ‘divine’ medicine that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad received from ‘Yalesh’ but the opportunity he saw to take advantage of the suffering of people.

“But, instead of showing any sign of repentance, they continued to abuse me and published announcements full of foul language against me. The result is the plague you are witnessing now…” (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 94)

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“The message that God revealed to me for removing this disease is that people should wholeheartedly accept me as the Promised Messiah.” (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 95)

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“The plague has visited the world because the Promised Messiah, who is from God, has not only been rejected, but has also been tormented. Plots have been hatched to kill him, and he has been called a disbeliever and Dajjal…” (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 96/97)

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There are many more examples where he reiterates and emphasises this point. For clarity, his claim is that the plague has occurred because people have rejected and reviled him and the only remedy to prevent and eliminate this disease is to accept him or in the least to desist from abusing and using foul language against him.

However, in accordance with the above limitations, the plague should be continuing to this day. The abuse has not stopped and did not stop even up to the day he died and a very small percentage accepted his claim. The following quotes from his own books detail that he was still being abused even after making his requests and ‘remedy’.

“…they mock at the one who has been sent by Him for the reform of mankind. This mocking and abuse have exceeded all bounds…. (…1905).” (Tadhkirah, 2004 Edition, Page 507)

The following quote has been taken from Haqiqut-ul-Wahi which was written on 15th May 1907. He continues to talk about the abuse directed towards him, bear in mind that he died a year later.

“Maulavi Ghulam Dastgir of Kasur had similarly crossed all limits in hurling abuses at me. He had procured from Mecca edicts of disbelief against me and would invoke curses upon me day in and day out. ‘The curse of Allah be upon the liars’ was his routine invocation…” (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 163/164)

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Yet more evidence from the same book evidencing further abuse:

“About me it said: ‘This man is selfish, self-conceived, depraved and a sinner; that is why he sees dirty and unholy dreams…Mirza of Qadian is an immoral fame seeker, and a glutton…A wretched, one who shirks work to earn a living, and a past master at cunning, deception and lying…We will surely expose his shenanigans, and we do hope to succeed in our plans…Mirza is an impostor and a liar. Members of the Mirza’i community are evil-doers and rogues.’ In short, every single issue of their paper has been full of filthy abuse. (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 207)

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This abuse obviously didn’t stop even after his death and as a matter of fact, the more that people learned or heard about his claim, the more he was labeled Dajjal (The Anti-Christ) and cursed. How can he then claim that in the least, if he is not to be accepted, the abuse should stop and the plague would then disappear? It is fair to say that the majority of people only knew of him after his demise especially in the age of television and the internet and along with this came more abuse. Therefore in accordance with his claim, the plague should not have stopped. The subsequent remedy he puts forth is accepting him as the Messiah sent by God, however this did not happen. Observe the exaggerated claim he has made below in the year 1904 in Sialkot.

“…some people came to their senses and, in a short time, about two hundred thousand people pledged allegiance at my hand and this process is ongoing.” (Lecture Sialkot, Page 57)

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He has made, what would seem like an unverifiable claim above. However in 1918, an author by name of H.A. Walter wrote a book entitled ‘The Religious Life of India – The Ahmadiya Movement’. In this book the author consults the census of 1911 which specifically details the amount of adherents to the movement of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. The author too states that in 1900 the members of the community were, at their own request, entered under the name ‘Ahmadiyya’ in the official census list of the Government of India, as a distinct Muhammadan sect. For this reason the figures representing the sect in the census of 1911 cannot be said to be erroneous. A scan of the book which consults the census and lists the total members is given below:

“…the Government of India Census of 1911 where, in the section on the Panjab (Vol. XIV, Part 2), the statistics of the movement are given as follows: Males, 10,116; Females, 8,579; total, 18,695… Dr. H. D. Griswold stated that in his opinion 50,000 would be a liberal estimate of the numerical strength of the Ahmadiya movement at that time. Allowing for a considerable increase in the six years that have since elapsed, it is safe to say that at the very most there are not more than 70,000 followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad at the present time.” (The Ahmadiya Movement, Page 112)

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The report written in 1918, citing the census of 1911, numbers the followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad at a meagre 18,695. Compare this to the statement he made in 1904 claiming that 200,000 people had pledged their allegiance to him. This not only proves that he lied but falsifies his claim about the plague. He stated that the single remedy for cessation of the plague would be to accept him as the Promised Messiah. Undoubtedly, this did not happen as by the year 1912 he only had 18,695 adherents. The author then generously states that an estimate for 1918 would be no more than 70,000 and this is in comparison to a figure of 500,000 given in 1908 by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as can be seen on the second line of the link above on page 112. This therefore proves he is a liar and establishes his failed remedy in that the only way the plague will withdraw is if he is accepted. Additionally, the 2001 Pakistan Government statistics have Ahmadis as 0.22% of the population.

96.28% of the Pakistani population are Muslims, 1.85% Hindus, 1.59% Christians, and 0.22% Ahmadis (Government of Pakistan, Statistics Division, No. SD. PER.E (53)/99-449, Islamabad, 16 July 2001). (Thematic Chronology of Mass Violence in Pakistan, 1947-2007 by Lionel Baixas, Tuesday 24 June 2008, Page 16)

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“…there is absolutely no remedy against it except that His Messiah be accepted wholeheartedly and in all sincerity. This is a sure remedy. But a lesser remedy is that people must refrain from rejecting him, and must hold their tongues from uttering profanities against him, and must realize his true status.” (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 100)

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If this was the only remedy then why has the plague ceased? He is being reviled more now than during his lifetime, this proves yet another phony prophecy. Many people know of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in this day and age in comparison to his own time. Many people who hear of his claim label him as a forerunner to the Anti-Christ and one of the false claimants to prophethood as foretold by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and as a result, curse him.

“…plague raced north and west through to the rural parts of the Bombay Presidency and on into the Punjab…The third plague pandemic… disappeared by the 1940s…” (Plague Ports, Page 51)

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May Allah (SWT) guide the Ahmadis back to Islam. All praise is due to Allah (SWT).

The Plague – Episode Three

For the third episode in the series, observe the following quote:

“…And just as it happened at the time of Noah that a period of calm was granted after many people had been killed, the same shall happen now…that is… calamities shall recede.” (Divine Manifestations, Page 8 )

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This is yet another false prophecy as there have been many calamities since the death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Some major incidents have been listed below:

1918 – 1920 – The Avian Flu

It is often referred to as the Spanish flu which took place in 1918, 10 years after the death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. It was an influenza pandemic that spread to nearly every part of the world. It is estimated that anywhere from 20 to 100 million people were killed worldwide, or the approximate equivalent of one third of the population of Europe, more than double the number killed in World War I.

1960 – ‘El Tor’ Cholera
El Tor is a causative agent of cholera which spread through Asia in 1963 and then into the Middle East, Africa and Europe. From North Africa it spread into Italy by 1973.

1981 – HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Virus
This deadly disease could lead to AIDS which is a condition in humans in which the immune system begins to fail, leading to life-threatening opportunistic infections. No cure has been found to eliminate this disease. The HIV infection in humans is now regarded as pandemic. As of January 2006, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the World Health Organization (WHO) estimate that AIDS has killed more than 25 million people since it was first recognised on December 1st, 1981.

1931 – Flood – China

It is generally considered the deadliest natural disaster ever recorded, and almost certainly the deadliest of the 20th century and in China. The human casualties are estimated from lows of 400,000 to highs of 3.7 million to 4 million.

1970 – Bhola Cyclone – Bangladesh
This was a devastating tropical cyclone that struck East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and India’s West Bengal on November 12th, 1970. It was the deadliest tropical cyclone ever recorded, and one of the deadliest natural disasters in modern times. Up to 500,000 people lost their lives in the storm.

1974 – Smallpox – India
This is regarded as one of the worst smallpox epidemics of 20th century.

1976 – Tangshan Earthquake – China
This disaster took place on July 28th, 1976 and is believed to be the largest earthquake of the 20th century by death toll. The number of deaths are said to be around 240,000 to 255,000. A further 164,000 people were recorded as being severely injured.

2002 – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) – China
This was a respiratory disease in humans which is caused by the SARS corona virus. There were 8,096 known infected cases and 774 deaths (a case-fatality rate of 9.6%).

2004 – Tsunami – Indonesia
It was one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history, killing more than 225,000 people.

2010 – Floods – Pakistan
We are still feeling this presently and I am sure I do not need to remind people about the devastating effect this has had on the people of Pakistan.

2001 – Cholera – Nigeria

An outbreak of cholera in northern Nigeria led to the loss of up to 400 lives.

2003 – Plague – Algeria
An outbreak of plague occurred in the region of Oran, Algeria, from June to July 2003. Algeria had not reported this disease for 50 years.

2007 – Ebola – Congo
Prior to this, the last major Ebola outbreak struck in Kikwit in 1995, killing 245 people.

South America
1985 – Volcanic Eruption – Colombia

The eruption in Nevado Del Ruizel killed up to 23,000 people.

2000 – Dengue Fever – Various
During the summer of 2000, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua underwent outbreaks of dengue fever that also included cases of DHF and deaths.

North America
1952 – Poliomyelitis – U.S.A.

In the United States, the 1952 polio epidemic became the worst outbreak in the nation’s history. Of nearly 58,000 cases reported that year 3,145 died and 21,269 were left with mild to disabling paralysis. In 1977 there were 254,000 persons living in the United States who had been paralysed by polio.

2009 – Swine Flu – Mexico
Mexican officials stated that since March 2009, there have been over 1300 reported cases and put the death toll at 83.

1908 – Earthquake – Italy

The Messina earthquake took up to 200,000 lives on December 28th, 1908 in Sicily and southern Italy.

1918 – Typhus – Russia
Typhus is any of several similar diseases caused by Rickettsiae which is an obligate parasite and cannot survive for long outside living cells. Typhus should not be confused with typhoid fever which is a completely different disease. During World War I typhus caused more than three million deaths in Russia out of 20–30 million cases.

1972 – Smallpox – Yugoslavia
The outbreak of smallpox in Yugoslavia was the last major outbreak of smallpox in Europe. The epidemic was efficiently and ruthlessly contained by enforced quarantine and mass vaccination. The 1982 film Variola Vera is based on the event.

2003 – Heat Wave – Western Europe
The 2003 European heat wave was one of the hottest summers on record in Europe, especially in France. The heat wave led to health crises in several countries and combined with drought to create a crop shortfall in Southern Europe. More than 52,000 Europeans died as a result of the heat wave.

Evidently, his claim that a period of calm would materialise after the plague and it would resemble the period of calm after the flood in the time of Hazrat Nuh (AS) was clearly false. Many calamities emerged after the plague and barely 100 years have passed since Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

May Allah (SWT) guide the Ahmadis back to Islam. All praise is due to Allah (SWT).

The Plague – Episode Two

Let us commence, inshaAllah, with the second episode of the plague with the following quote:

“Since the Punjab is closest to the residence of the Promised Messiah, and the Punjabis are the first to be addressed by him, that is why the Punjab has been the first to suffer from this epidemic.” (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 104)

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Punjab was the first to be afflicted with the plague? This is obviously not true as it broke out in Hong Kong from where it spread to India. Even in India it did not strike Punjab first and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad knows this himself:

“I have heard that when the plague broke out in Bombay…” (The Essence Of Islam, Volume 5, Page 92)

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Even history testifies to this fact as the quote below from the ‘Plague Ports’ makes it perfectly clear that Bombay had been struck by this pandemic before Punjab.

“…bubonic plague found it easy to make its way from Canton to Hong Kong in 1894… The city of Bombay… was next to be visited by bubonic plague” (Plague Ports, Page 15)

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“…plague raced north and west through to the rural parts of the Bombay Presidency and on into the Punjab…” (Plague Ports, Page 51)

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The image in the link below has been produced from the 1911 census of India for anyone disputing the location of Bombay and Punjab as one and the same. They are two distinct districts as illustrated by the map below.

“Map showing the area, density and population of the main political divisions.” (Census Reports, 1911)

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Quite clearly the plague did not strike Punjab first but broke out in Hong Kong in 1894. If Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was not referring to the whole world then even within India the plague epidemic broke out in the colonial port city of Bombay in September 1896 and spread from there to other parts of the country. Its initial impact was limited to port cities, particularly Bombay, but later also Pune, Calcutta and Karachi. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad simply deceived illiterate villagers by stating Punjab was struck with the plague first. To justify his lie he states that Punjab was first to hear his claims and reject them, thus the plague appeared in Punjab first. Based on such logic within the Punjab, Qadian should have been the first to suffer. In any case, it has been evidently proven that this is not true, the Punjab district was not the first to be hit by the plague. Ahmadis, I must ask if this is not deception then what is?

The Holy Qu’ran – 003.161 – Al-e-Imran (3) Ayah (161)
And it is not attributable to a prophet that he should act dishonestly and he who acts dishonestly shall bring that in respect of which he has acted dishonestly on the day of resurrection; then shall every soul be paid back fully what it has earned, and they shall not be dealt with unjustly.

May Allah (SWT) guide the Ahmadis back to Islam. All praise is due to Allah (SWT).

The Plague – Episode One

The issue of the plague and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is one which displays the egotistical nature of man as well the cunning psyche of a opportunist con man. I have thus decided one blog entry would be overwhelming as there are so many inconsistencies with this episode in the life of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. I will therefore make some simple observations in each episode in no particular logical order. Thus let us begin, inshaAllah, with the following quote:

“Another prophecy was that the plague would rage as an epidemic at the time to such an extent that seven out of ten people would die. Now has this sign appeared or has it not?” (Lecture Ludhiana, Page 61)

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Is he talking about seven out of ten people in the world would die or seven out of ten people in India would die? Regardless, the following is written by Myron J. Echenberg:

“Between plague’s arrival in 1896 & 1921, an estimated 12 million Indians lost their lives, compared with 3 million in the rest of the world combined.” (Plague Ports, Page 51)

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Below are the figures for the population of India and the world in 1920-21:

“Population of India:
Year – 1921
Population – 251,321,213”
(Gandhian Perspectives On Population And Development by A.K. Sharma, Page 32)

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The above table states that the population of India in 1921 was 251.3 million. According to David Lucas below, the world population was approximately 2 billion in 1920.

“The population of the world was two billion (2,000,000,000) around 1920” (World Population Growth by David Lucas, Chapter 3, Page 1)

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The World
The world population in 1920 was 2 billion, thus if his prophecy of “seven out of ten people would die as a result of the plague” was accurate and duly fulfilled then accordingly, approximately, 1.4 billion people should have died worldwide as a result of the plague. However an estimated 15 million people died by 1921 throughout the world and thus his prophecy has failed if he indeed was referring to the whole world.

The population for India in 1921 was 251,321,213, thus if his prophecy of “seven out of ten people would die as a result of the plague” was accurate and duly fulfilled then accordingly, approximately 175,924,849 people should have died in India alone. However, an estimated 12 million people died as a result of the plague and thus his prophecy has failed on both counts, i.e. if he was referring to the entire world or if he was referring only to India. At this point I would like to remind you that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said:

“Another prophecy was that the plague would rage as an epidemic at the time to such an extent that seven out of ten people would die. Now has this sign appeared or has it not?” (Lecture Ludhiana, Page 61)

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The answer to his question is, “it has not” and therefore without a shadow of doubt, the prophecy of “seven out of ten” has failed.

May Allah (SWT) guide the Ahmadis back to Islam. All praise is due to Allah (SWT).

The Tenure of My Prophetic Mission

This prophecy ties in with one of my previous blogs relating to the age of the death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad though this entry focuses directly on a fixed period he prophesied his ministry would last.  To put it bluntly, he claims in the following quote that once he announces he is the ‘Promised Imam’, he will preach for an additional forty years from that day forward. Why forty years? Because the following hadith states that once Hazrat Isa (AS) returns, he will live for forty years, thus Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had to in some way attempt to fulfill this prophecy.

Sunan Abu Dawud
Book 37, Number 4310,
Narrated Abu Hurayrah:
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “There is no prophet between me and him, that is, Jesus (peace be upon him)… He will destroy the Antichrist and will live on the earth for forty years and then he will die. The Muslims will pray over him.”

The explanation of the above hadith by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is given below:

“This means that he will live to forty years from the day he becomes the recipient of revelation and proclaims to be the Promised Imam. Now, let it be clear, that I was commanded, through a specific revelation, to call the people to Allah, in the fortieth year of my life, and I was given the glad tidings that I will live up to eighty years or thereabout. In view of this revelation, the tenure of my prophetic mission will extend to forty years out of which ten full years have already passed.” (The Heavenly Sign – Page 27-28)

Before going any further, the front cover of the original book verifies that this statement was made in 1892 as does the English rendering:

“Nishan-e-Asmani first published in 1892…” (The Heavenly Sign – Foreword)

This means at the time he wrote this, in 1892, he was fifty years old, as he says he was appointed when he was forty years of age and ten years had passed at the time of writing this book. This is clear as he says “…I was commanded, through a specific revelation, to call the people to Allah, in the fortieth year of my life.” In union with this he says “…the tenure of my prophetic mission will extend to forty years out of which ten full years have already passed”.  This therefore means from the day he invites people, commencing at  the age of forty, he would have an additional forty years to live and since ten years of the prophesied forty have passed, he would be fifty years old in the year 1892 (thus he was sixty-nine when he died this reinforces ‘the age of my demise’ blog entry).

However, if ten years of his further forty year preaching period had passed in 1892, this would mean he had thirty remaining years to preach from 1892 onwards before he died, as prophesied in his quote and attempt to fulfill the hadith in ‘Sunan Abu Dawud’. Nevertheless, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad died in the year 1908 thus consider the fact that in 1892, regardless of his age, he unambiguously states that he has an additional thirty years of preaching remaining before his demise. In spite of that, 1892 up until the year 1908 only covers sixteen years, not even close to the thirty year period he prophesied he had yet to cover. This cannot be refuted as mathematics, unlike words, cannot be twisted. Again let us be clear that he stated in 1892 that from the forty years of divinely commissioned preaching, “…ten years have passed”. The quote above verifies he said this in 1892 and the following quote is verification of the year he died.

“Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was born in February 1835 at Qadian, India and died at Lahore on May 26th 1908. (Tadhkirah, Page vii)

To reiterate, he states that once he reveals himself by virtue of inspiration, he  would have an additional forty further years of his divinely commissioned preaching tenure remaining, hence he would die at the age of eighty. He states in 1892, that he revealed himself by virtue of inspiration at the age of forty and that ten of the continuous forty preaching years had passed, thus in the year 1892 onwards, he has at least thirty years of continuous preaching remaining according to his prophecy. However he died in 1908 therefore the prophecy failed as the difference between 1908 and 1892 is sixteen years, not thirty. He therefore only preached for an additional sixteen years and had another prophesied fourteen years remaining in order for the prophecy to stand fulfilled, this never happened and ultimately the prophecy failed.The only way this prophecy would have been fulfilled is if he died in the year 1922 (1892 plus thirty years equals 1922).

May Allah continue to guide Ahmadis away from Ahmadiyya and to Islam.

John Hugh Smyth-Pigott

In September 1902 a man by the name of John Hugh Smyth-Pigott of the Agapemonites made claim to be God incarnate coinciding with his proclamation that he was the Second Coming of the Messiah on Earth. Upon hearing this claim Mirza Ghulam Ahmad informed J.H. Smyth-Pigott of his impending doom within his lifetime if he persists in his claim that he is God and does not repent i.e. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad would live to see the death of J.H. Smyth-Pigott of the Agapemonites or Pigott would repent during his lifetime.

Agapemonites, translated as “Adobe of Love” in Greek, was a Christian religious sect existing from 1846-1956 established in Somerset, England. The Agapemonites or Community of The Son of Man were founded by Henry James Prince (1811-1899), who broke away from the Church of England in claiming that the Holy Ghost had taken up residence in his body. He ironically claimed to be immortal but died in 1899 and was succeeded by John Hugh Smyth-Pigott, he too claimed immortality and after his death the cult went into decline until the last member died in 1956.

The Agapemonites beliefs centred around eccentric views on marriage, the Messiah, immortality and the role of women. On September 7th 1902, John Hugh Smyth-Pigott, born 1852, proclaimed that he was the Second Coming of the Messiah and that he was “God not man” and stated “God is no longer there” pointing upwards, “but here” pointing to himself, thus sparking riots in the streets of London as several thousand people mocked the congregation and chased him to shouts of ‘hypocrite’ as he resorted to police protection to resist the attacks. Consequently, J.H. Smyth-Pigott relocated to Somerset where he continued his movement centred around power, sex, money and womanising by demanding a chain of brides, allegedly seven a week, whom he named ‘soul brides’, later investigations showed that these ‘soul brides’ were not only spiritual but physical too, and some produced illegitimate children. He was defrocked by the Church of England under the Clergy Discipline Act on a charge of immorality as a result of his illicit affairs to which his reaction was “I am God. It does not matter what they do”. He died at the age of seventy-five from influenza and was succeeded by Douglas Hamilton who did not have the youth or the charisma to enable the movement to grow. The movement itself gradually ceased to exist due to the boast of immortality of its leaders who then passed away negating the belief of their alleged undying life.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad came to know of the claim put forward by J.H. Smyth-Pigott and in response, a disciple of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, wrote in English for Mirza Ghulam Ahmad a letter to be circulated in England directed towards J.H. Smyth-Pigott. The letter/leaflet was entitled ‘A Warning To A Pretender To Divinity’.

“J.H. Smyth Pigott, Pastor of… London, has recently announced himself as God… on the 7th and 14th of September 1902… God has, therefore, commanded me to warn him… I, therefore, warn him through this notice that if he does not repent of this irreverent claim, he shall be soon annihilated, even in my life-time… God has borne witness to my truth with heavenly signs shown in thousands… The death of Mr. Pigott within my life-time shall be another sign of my truth. If I die before Mr. Pigott, I am not the true Messiah nor am I from God… God shall bring the false Messiah to destruction within the life-time of the true one… 24th November 1902.” (A Warning To A Pretender To Divinity)

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The above letter cannot be found on the official website and even Ahmadiyya lists, compiled to detail the works of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, fail to mention this letter/leaflet presented above. It is unsurprisingly unknown, unlisted and unavailable in order to suppress the failed prophecy contained within it. Why would they hide the works of their Prophet/Mahdi/Messiah? Why would they hide the alleged words of God contained within this ‘prophecy’? This material has been hidden from followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad for obvious reasons, however thorough research will always lead one toward the truth and as much as the Ahmadiyya community have tried to suppress this subject, scatters of remnants can be found on the official website which eventually echoes the reality of this prophecy. The first indication outside of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself comes from his second successor and son, Mirza Bashir Mahmud Ahmad.

“Hazrat Mirza Sahib… issued another leaflet sometime in 1903. This leaflet was called Prophecies about Dowie and Piggott. Piggott was a pretender in England… he prayed: ‘God, ordain that the falsehood of Piggott and Dowie may soon become patent to people.’ This leaflet also was published in the West on a very large scale. Newspapers in Europe and America commented upon it. The Glasgow Herald in Britain and the New York Commercial Advertiser in America published summaries of it. Millions of persons came to know of it.” (An Invitation To Ahmadiyya – Argument 10 – Prophecies)

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The rest of the section, in his book, ‘An Invitation To Ahmadiyya’, fails to mention J.H. Smyth-Pigott again but continues focusing on Alexander Dowie. However, Mirza Bashir Mahmud Ahmad mentions that the prophecy has been published in newspapers throughout Europe and America. The monthly eGazette on the official website gives yet more details on this subject and notice how this edition which utilises a newspaper article from 1907 only concentrates on Alexander Dowie and does not mention J.H. Smyth-Pigott in the slightest.

“What Did USA Newspapers Say About Alexander Dowie? The Sunday Herald, Boston, June 23, 1907 wrote, “Great is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad the Messiah Foretold Pathetic End of Dowie.” (April 2009 eGazette)

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The April 2009 edition of the monthly eGazette magazine shows an image of an article entitled ‘Great Is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad The Messiah’ said to be contained in the Sunday Herald, Boston dated June 23rd 1907. You can’t help but notice that that image of the newspaper on the April issue of the official monthly eGazette (above) magazine is hard to read, more importantly, why have they completely ignored the prophecy concerning John Hugh Smyth-Pigott contained within it? The quote below taken from the newspaper article is in essence from the letter entitled ‘A Warning To A Pretender To Divinity’. The full image is given below and then a close up to verify the quote concerning J.H. Smyth-Pigott is given which reflects the letter entitled ‘A Warning To A Pretender To Divinity’.

“Great Is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad” (The Sunday Herald, Boston, June 23 1907)

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Below is a close up of the first column, specifically the bottom left hand paragraph:

“A sign of the evidence of God in my favor will appear on the death of Mr. Pigott, the arrogant pretender to divinity, who shall be brought to destruction within my lifetime…” (The Sunday Herald, Boston, June 23 1907)

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Let there be no doubt that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has prophesised that John Hugh Smyth-Pigott would die within his lifetime. In particular note the fact that he said “If I die before Mr. Pigott, I am not the true Messiah nor am I from God”. Below is verification of the date Mirza Ghulam Ahmad died.

“…died at Lahore on May 26th 1908” (Tadhkirah 2006 Version – Page 5)

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Below is confirmation of the death of John Hugh Smyth-Pigott:

“After Smyth-Pigott died in 1927, the community went into gradual decline…” (The Telegraph – The Chapel Of Unrest)

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Recall the words of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in relation to J.H. Smyth-Pigott, “…he shall be soon annihilated, even in my life-time… The death of Mr. Pigott within my life-time shall be another sign of my truth. If I die before Mr. Pigott, I am not the true Messiah nor am I from God…” What more evidence can one ask to establish the falsehood of this charlatan? Mirza Ghulam Ahmad died in the year 1908, 18 years, 9 months and 24 days before J.H. Smyth-Pigott, are you then surprised that this information is concealed from naive followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad? In his own words he states that should he die before the pretender J.H. Smyth-Pigott then he is not the true Messiah nor is he from God. History testifies that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad died more than 18 years before J.H. Smyth-Pigott and therefore his prophecy failed and consequently it proves that he was not from God. These were his conditions, his words and those of his God, not mine or those of any other individual.

This obviously creates a dilemma for his followers, and anyone who has come across previous failed prophecies with identical premises will already know the defence they would put up. The claim would be that J.H. Smyth-Pigott secretly repented within his heart and therefore the prophecy came true. However, this is far from the truth as a year after the death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who died in 1908, J.H. Smyth-Pigott was defrocked by the Church of England in 1909 on a charge of immorality to which his reaction was “I am God. It does not matter what they do”. Does this sound like he repented or intended to repent? In addition to this the followers of J.H. Smyth-Pigott proclaimed upon his death that their ‘Messiah’ lives for evermore as shown in the Australian newspaper, Argus and the statement from his granddaughter that his grave was left open because they expected him to rise. If this is not enough then refer to the quote below by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad that J.H. Smyth-Pigott will not repent.

“The Promised Messiah prayed about Piggott (a Priest of London who had claimed to be God) and saw in a dream some books on which was written three times: Holy, Holy, Holy; and then received a revelation (Arabic): Allah is Severe in retribution. They are not acting righteously. The Promised Messiah explained this as meaning that Piggott was in a bad way and would not repent and would not believe in God. There is also the indication that his claiming to be God is an evil thing and that he will be afflicted with God’s chastisement. It is a very daring thing to claim to be God (Badr Vol. I Nos. 5 and 6, Nov.8 and Dec. 5, 1902 p. 4).” (Tadhkirah 2006 Version – Page 531)

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Note: This link is for the 2009 version of Tadhkirah

In his own words, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has stated that J.H. Smyth-Pigott “would not repent and would not believe in God”. The smoke-screen cop out prophecy claim that he repented has no basis and no evidence supporting it. On the other hand, there exists unambiguous evidence that J.H. Smyth-Pigott did not repent and continued acting upon his absurd beliefs till the day he died. The first indication is from his followers who reacted as follows upon his death:

“March 21 (1927) The Rev T.H. Smyth-Pigott has died at the Spaxton Agapemone from influenza, and will be buried in the grounds where the founder, “Brother” Prince, was interred. The inmates refuse to admit the death as they profess to believe that their “Messiah” lives for evermore.” (The Argus – Abode Of Love – Agapemone Leader Dead)

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The following is an interview with Kate Barlow, the granddaughter of Pigott, about her book “The Abode of Love”. After After 42 minutes, Kate Barlow says:

It all went downhill once my grandfather died. It was such a shock, I know it sounds ridiculous, but they left the grave open because they thought he’d come back.

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(Thanks to Brother Fuad for the above link).

Quite clearly there is no indication of any repentance according to his followers. However, the Ahmadis have a tendency to use the secret repentance within the heart escape clause. This however is refuted by the official Ahmadiyya website itself (the irony) as Mubasher Ahmad writes the following regarding J.H. Smyth-Pigott:

“…the Church of England took stern action against him, and he was defrocked and thus utterly humiliated. But Smyth-Pigott persisted in his arrogance and announced: ‘I am God. It does not matter what they do.’” (Approaching The West – Page 16)

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Clearly his response to being defrocked was ‘I am God. It does not matter what they do’. Below is an article from the broadsheet newspaper ‘The Independent’ which verifies that J.H Smyth-Pigott was defrocked in 1909, a year after the death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

“….the Rev John Hugh Smyth-Pigott succeeded him, was defrocked in 1909, but lived on at Agapemone until 1927.” (The Independent – Online)

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And finally, further verification that in 1909 upon being defrocked, this was indeed his reaction:

“The response of the Church of England was to defrock Smyth-Pigott, but his reaction was: ‘I am God. It does not matter what they do’.” (The Abode of Love)

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Therefore it has been conclusively proven that J.H. Smyth-Pigott did not repent and continued claiming he was God after the death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. The fundamental nature of this prophecy was outliving J.H. Smyth-Pigott in order to prove his truthfulness to the world. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself stated that J.H. Smyth-Pigott would be brought to destruction within his lifetime and therefore he would outlive him. Do not forget the words of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in that should this not happen then he is not the Messiah nor is he from God. The fact remains that J.H. Smyth Pigott outlived Mirza Ghulam Ahmad by an astounding 18 years, 9 months and 24 days and at no point did he repent for his boast. For all the efforts of the Ahmadiyya movement to hide this information, truth remains and falsehood perishes for by its nature, falsehood is bound to perish.

All Praise Is Due To Allah (SWT).

I would like to thank Fuad Al-Attar, Akber Chaudry and Shahid Kamal for exposing this prophecy in the first instance. May Allah (SWT) reward them immensely and grant them Barakah for all their time and efforts in defending Islam.

Miracles or Trickery

this is part of a continuing translation of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s most ‘celebrated’ book: Braheen e Ahmadiyya, which is unique for its lack of a coherent theme and some strange claims and thoughts. We believe that this is the reason why it has not been translated by the Ahmadiyya, and is not accessible to raders. Due to its layout and footnotes, the book is extremely difficult to read, even in the original Urdu.. We pick up from Vol.4.

Fifth Preliminary

A miracle that human intellect can identify as being from God is thousands of times superior to the one that are merely quoted from stories or fables.  There are two causes of this preference:

  1. firstly, quoted miracles that occurred hundreds of years ago do not command our senses or observation and being narrated news they cannot have the status that actual observations have.
  2. second, those who actually observed these narrated miracles, that were beyond human explanation, still did not obtain complete satisfaction from them because there are many exotic tricks that masters of trickery can demonstrate.

Although such trickery is deceitful but how can one prove to a sceptical opponent such supernatural phenomena shown by the prophets: one of them showed the making of a snake and another the raising of the dead.  Although these are distinct from the sleights of hand that tricksters employ but this problem of proof is not only an issue in our age but it is possible that it existed even in the past.

Logical Doubts about Miracles of Jesus

For example, when we read Chapter 5, verses 2 – 5 of the gospel of John, we find written:

there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda, having five porches.  In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water.  For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had. And a certain man was there, which had an infirmity thirty and eight years.  When Jesus saw him lie, and knew that he had been now a long time in that case, he saith unto him, Wilt thou be made whole?  The impotent man answered him, Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool: but while I am coming, another steppeth down before me.

It is apparent that one who denies Jesus (as) as a prophet and denies his miracles, on reading this passage from John and coming to know of such a pool that existed in Jesus’ land from ancient times and which had this characteristic that one dip in it would cure any type of disease, no matter how severe, a strong thought would arise spontaneously that if the Messiah showed some miracles then doubtlessly their cause would be that the honourable person (Messiah) would use the water of that pool to show such miracles.

There have been many other similar examples in the world of the type described in this passage, and there still are, and it is quite credible that if Jesus cured the blind, the lame, etc., then certainly the Messiah would have picked up the prescription from that pool and then fools and simpletons who cannot get to the bottom of things and cannot identify the underlying truth made famous that he does such deeds with the help of a spirit.  Especially when it is proven that the Messiah used to frequent that very pool, this idea is strengthened.

In short, in the sceptic’s eyes, such miracles that the pool has been showing since ancient times creates many doubts regarding Jesus, and difficulties are created in not accepting that the Messiah was not a deceitful trickster like the Jews claimed, and that he was a righteous person who did not take any help from this pool in showing his miracles, and that he truly showed miracles.  Although believing in the Quran frees one from these doubts but as for the person who has not yet believed in the Quran and is a Jew or a Hindu or a Christian, how can he escape these doubts and how can his heart be satisfied that: despite such a strange pool in which thousands of lame (disabled) people and the congenitally blind were cured by one dip, and which with its unusual characteristics is famous among the Jews and all the residents of that country, and many people had been cured after a dip in it and were being cured every day and there was always a crowd gathered there and the Messiah also frequented that pool and was aware of its strange and unusual characteristics?

(Let us say:) “Even then the Messiah did not take any help from this pool’s soil or water in showing his own miracles which the pool was showing since ancient times and he did not create his own prescription based on it.”  Doubtlessly, such a statement is not any proof that is useful against a sceptic.  Without doubt, reflecting on the existence of this strange pool, many objections are raised against the Messiah’s position and these objections cannot be removed.  The more one thinks, the more the doubt increases, and one sees no way out for the Christians because looking at the current situation of the world, these doubts become stronger and one can find many examples of such frauds and tricks in one’s own memory and every person carries a load of such things that he himself has seen.

Why Tricksters Succeed

Such tricks that work on simpletons and ignorant people and remain unmasked – are the reason that encourages tricksters to continue.  Common people, who are like sheep, do not even think that should do a thorough investigation and reach the underlying truth.  And the duration of display of such magic is usually very small, which does not give enough time for thought and reflection, and therefore tricksters have much room for sleights of hand and there is little chance to know their hidden secrets.

In addition, the public is unaware of physical laws and philosophy, and unaware of the supernatural characteristics that the All-Wise has placed in the Universe.  Thus, they are always ready to be tricked in every age.  And why should they not be tricked?  There are things (in nature) that exhibit astonishing  characteristics and with ignorance, the astonishment is increased.

For example, the housefly and other animals have a certain characteristic: that if they die without much damage to their organs and the organs stay in their place and have not rotten yet, but are still fresh and within two to three hours of death, like flies that die in water, then if finely ground salt is poured over such a fly, and an equal amount of ashes are put over it, the fly comes back to life and flies away, and this characteristic is well-known and many young boys know of it.  But if simple people do not know about this trick and some trickster claims to be the Magi Messiah in front of the unaware person, and brings flies back to life with this trick, while reading some abracadabra to show that it is the mantra that is being used to resurrect the flies, then does that simpleton have the intellect or the time to investigate it?

Do you not see that fraudsters are destroying the world in this age?  Someone is demonstrating alchemy and claiming to create gold, and someone buries stones and brings them out as goddesses for Hindus.  Some even put a laxative in ink to write (edible) amulets for simpletons so that the amulet shows its power when the person has bowel motion.  Similarly, there are thousands of other tricks and frauds that are taking place in this very age, and some are so deep that many intelligent people fall for them.

The deep secrets of natural sciences and physics and the strange characteristics of forces that have been increasing recently due to new experiments – are the new things which false miracle-workers can use for new types of frauds and tricks.  So, it is apparent from this research that such miracles that appear similar to these tricks, though they may be true, are nevertheless hide the truth and there are great difficulties in proving them as such.

Sixth Preliminary

Just as miracles that hide the truth cannot be equal to miracles that appeal to reason, prophecies and news-of-the-unseen from past ages which are similar to the style of astrologers and fortune-tellers and rabbis and historians, cannot be equal to such prophecies and news about the unseen that are not merely news but rather a certain Divine power accompanies them.

non-Divine Prophecies that also come True

For in this world, there are many people other than prophets who tell of such things before time such as: earthquakes will happen, plagues will come, fights will occur, drought will fall, and one nation shall wage war against another – and this will happen and that will happen – and often some of their news turns out to be correct.  Therefore, to erase such doubts, only those prophecies and knowledge of the unseen will be powerful and complete with which there are such signs of Divine power in which fortune-tellers and dream-interpreters and astrologers cannot be peers and – and it is forbidden and it is impossible for them;  i.e. they do not have the passion of God’s perfect glory and great spark of His help – such help that evidentially points towards His special attention.  Also, they are composed of such news of Divine assistance about the proponent’s victory and the opponent’s defeat; one’s respect and the opponent’s disgrace; and one’s ascendancy and the opponent’s descent; all is disclosed with complete detail.

I will write at the appropriate place (in this book), and I have already said something about it (above), that such high-level prophecies are only particular to the Quran, and reading them shows a world of Divine majesty.

The Age Of My Demise


In The Name Of Allah (SWT), Most Gracious, Most Merciful

This article is actually quite ironic as the followers of Mirza Ghulam try very hard to prove that he made false statements.  A statement can only be true or false and if it is false then surely it can only be acknowledged as such. If I was to proclaim that I am 21 years old then this statement can only be true of false, correct? If the fact is that I am actually 26 then I obviously lied when I said I was 21 and made a false statement opposed to a true statement. This is the issue here and as you will see; his own followers try very hard to convince us that Mirza Ghulam was dishonest when he told us how old he was. The reason they are saying this is to avoid further repercussions concerning the statements relating to the age of Mirza Ghulam. The first statement is as follows:

From the day Imam reveals himself by virtue of Ilham (Inspiration of the heart); he will live for 40 years. Let it be clear that this humble self was appointed by special Ilham to invite to the truth in the 40th year of age and good news was given that I will get to an age of 80 or near it. So 40 years of preaching is proven by this Ilham, out of which 10 years have passed. (Roohani Khazain, Nishan Asmani – Volume 4 – Page 14)

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Before going any further, you can see for yourself (by downloading the book) that the statement above was made in 1892 as the front cover verifies this fact.

1892 (Roohani Khazain, Nishan Asmani – Volume 4 – Front Cover)

Direct Link:

This means at the time he wrote this, 1892, he was 50 years old as he had been preaching for 10 years and as he claims he started when he was 40 years old and 10 years had passed since then. This is clear as he says “…this humble self was appointed by special Ilham to invite to the truth in the 40th year of age.” In union with this he says “…from the day Imam reveals himself by virtue of Ilham, he will live for 40 years.” This therefore means from the day he invites people (starting at the age of 40) he will have another 40 years to live (aged 80). He then says “…40 years of preaching is proven by this Ilham, out of which 10 years have passed.” This therefore would make him 50 years old in the year 1892.

If 10 years of his 40 year preaching period has passed in 1892, this means he has 30 years left to preach from that year before he dies, as prophesised. This is clear as he states “…good news was given that I will get to an age of 80 or near it.” Thus, in 1892, he completed 10 years of preaching and consequently has another 30 years remaining according to alleged inspiration, as he says “…so 40 years of preaching is proven by this inspiration, out of which 10 years have passed” and from the start of the 40 years he “will live for (another) 40 years” thus, making him, as he prophesised, 80 when he dies.

It is a fact that Mirza Ghulam died in the year 1908 but let’s examine the fact that he had said in the year 1892, regardless of his age, that he had another 30 years of preaching remaining. From the year 1892 till the year 1908 only covers 16 years, not even near the 30 years he said he had yet to cover. This cannot be refuted as mathematics cannot be twisted unlike words. Again let’s be clear that he stated in 1892 that from the 40 years, “…10 years have passed.” The quote above on this page verifies he said this in 1892 and the previous quote prior to that confirms his “40 years more” preaching claim and the following quote is verification of the year he died.

The Promised Messiah Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (1835 – 1908) Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at The Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi (The Official Website of The Ahmadiyya Community – Front Page of The Promised Messiah Section)

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Next, we move on to the second part of the two fold prophecy. This being that Mirza Ghulam stated he would “…get to an age of 80 or near it.” From the previous statement we can derive that he was 50 years old in 1892. This therefore suggests he was born in the year 1842. However the official website states, as above, he was born in the year 1835. To confuse matters further, Mirza Ghulam himself has specifically stated his date of birth as quoted below:

I was born towards the last days of Sikh rule in 1839 or 1840 C.E. In 1857 I was sixteen or seventeen years old; my beard and moustaches had not yet started growing. (A Brief Sketch Of My Life – Page 10)

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This is taken from the Lahori community website for the purposes of an English translation and as an alternative to the Urdu version. However, I have included below the original Urdu statement (translated) from the official website so they should be no confusion.

I was born in 1839 or 1840, towards the end of the Sikh era. In 1857 I was in my 16th or 17th year and facial hair had not yet started growing. (Roohani Khazain, Kitab-ul-Bariyyah – Volume 13 – Page 177)

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According to Mirza Ghulam himself, he was born in 1839 or 1840. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and agree he was born in 1839 not 1840, this would therefore mean that when he died, he was 69 years old. Let me now re-quote his earlier statement, “…good news was given that I will get to an age of 80 or near it.” He is clearly nowhere near the age of 80 when he died.

The official website still maintains that he was born in 1835. This can only mean that Mirza Ghulam was dishonest when he said he was born in 1839 or 1840. If he was actually born in 1835 then he lied when he said he was born in 1839 or 1840. Moreover if we accept the official view that we was born in 1835 then this would mean that when Mirza Ghulam was 22 he still had no facial hair which is odd. Mirza Ghulam himself states above that in 1857 he had no facial hair and he explains this by saying in that year (1857) he was in his 16th or 17th year which makes sense as to why he had no facial hair at the time. Even if we accept that he was born in 1835, this still makes him 73 when he died and still nowhere near 80.

As Allah, the Exalted, knew that my opponents would wish for my early demise so that they might be able to proclaim that I had died early because I was false in my claims, therefore, He revealed to me aforetime: Eighty years or thereabouts, or a little more, and you will witness your distant progeny. Thirty-five years or so have passed since this revelation was vouchsafed. (Tadhkirah – Page 17)

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From the information commenced you can see two unmistakable failed prophecies in the writings of Mirza Ghulam. Let’s be clear that he states that once he reveals himself by virtue of Ilham (inspiration), he will live for 40 years more which means he has 40 more years of preaching left and would die at the age of 80. He states in 1892, that he revealed himself by virtue of Ilham at the age of 40 and that 10 of the continuous 40 preaching years had passed, so therefore:

1 – In 1892, Mirza Ghulam has at least 30 more years of continuous preaching left:
He dies in 1908 therefore the prophecy has failed as 1908 – 1892 = 16 years. He therefore only preached for another 16 years instead of the prophesised 30 years. The only way this prophecy would have been fulfilled is if he died in the year 1922 (1892 + 30 = 1922).

2 – He would die at an age of 80 or near it or thereabouts or a little more:
A. According to the 1892 statement, he was born in 1842 thus 1908 – 1842 = 66 yrs old
B. According to his own date of birth it should be calculated as 1908 – 1839 = 69 yrs old
C. According to the official website it should be calculated as 1908 – 1835 = 73 yrs old

From these calculations, B is the most reliable and accurate as Mirza Ghulam himself has stated that he was born in 1839 or 1840 and I have calculated it using 1839 as it is more favourable for his prophecy. Had I used 1840 he would be 68 years old. His followers try hard to say he is lying and he was actually born in 1835 to push his age closer to his prophecy. This has no premise as there are five quotes in his works where he states his date of birth around 1839-1842. Therefore suggesting he was born in 1835 has no foundation as he himself declares the year which is closest to the official figure as 1839. Either way, he made false statements about his own date of birth and even if we take anyone of them to be true, he did not live to fulfil his prophecy that God had allegedly told him he would live to be 80 years old. Does this not prove his falsehood?

The following verse is about the Holy Qu’ran, but ponder over the greatness of God and realise that what comes from Him is free of errors.

The Holy Qu’ran – 4:82 – Surah An-Nisa (4) Ayat 82:
“Had it been from other than Allah, they would surely have found therein much discrepancy.”

Article By Tahir Hussain
(Taken From Pages 155-161 of ‘The Mirza Project’)
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