Ahmadiyya and the Rise of its Extremism

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On Wednesday 18th May, there will be a policy debate on “the rise of extremism internationally and its impact on Britain” hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group for the “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community” in conjunction with the “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK” held in the House of Commons.

In order to register your interest in attending this event, you’ll need to write to the Ahmadiyya. That’s right, Kafka couldn’t have dreamt this up. In order to register your interest in attending a debate that will in all likelihood tar British Muslims with the brush of extremism and even terrorism, you have to write to a cult whose leader, Mirza Masroor in 2007 labelled all those who reject its founder (and self-claimed prophet) as Satan-worshippers.

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Ahmadiyya: Propaganda, Deception and Censorship

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In another embarrassing leak we’ve obtained, it has again become clear that the Ahmadiyya leadership prevents its members from enjoying their right of freedom of speech. All public writing has to be sanctioned by the Ahmadiyya top brass. Ahmadis are forbidden from writing to the media without prior approval and censorship. This amounts to thought control and is practiced only by oppressive cults. Further, Ahmadis are required to disguise their affiliation to the Ahmadiyya cult by using the deceptive front “Muslims Writers Guild of America”.

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Qadiani Extremism

We were given this leaflet recently. As you can see, the Qadianis are holding a Q&A at their place of worship entitled “Teachings of the Holy Quran and Muslim Extremism“. Needless to say, this is typical Qadiani propaganda. Outwardly, they profess to be a cult of “peace”, but their modus operandi is to smear Muslims at every single opportunity with the brush of extremism, intolerance and hatred. We Muslims take exception to this offensive and hateful behaviour by the Ahmadiyya cult.

It would be interesting to see how many Muslims get into this event and how many questions they get to ask.

Perhaps Muslims would like to call Mr. Rafiq Ahmad Arif and find out if they’re welcome or not? Then log the results.