Twenty Questions for Nasser Khan

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Recent events in the Middle East show us, if we needed reminding, that tyranny imposed on a people cannot last when the people rise up. Most of all, we find that the peoples of Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya, cannot and will not accept hypocrisy, tyranny, injustice and oppression; and through peaceful means, they have been speaking true words in the face of despots.

We find in the Ahmadiyya cult many examples of truth being suppressed. Indeed, Ahmadiyya leadership has actively suppressed the speech of both insiders and outsiders. When truth is spoken, the speakers are smeared or have their rights curtailed, often both. Ultimately, only the hypocrites at the top are allowed to speak. This hypocrisy serves only to increase the dhulm against the cult membership and dissidents. We have written on some of these villains, including the Islamophobes Mirza Masroor, Naseem Rehmatullah, Naseem Mehdi and Rafiq Hayat.  Now we will turn our attention to Mohammed Nasser Khan.

Many Ahmadis find themselves disgusted with the hypocrisy of the Ahmadiyya leadership and with their lack of integrity. Seemingly, there is one rule for the top brass, another for the average Yusuf, or indeed, Yasmin. Evidence for extraordinary hypocrisy has been presented recently on this site. On New Year’s Eve last year, we showed how the Ahmadiyya leadership had humiliatingly expelled a large group of people from the organisation, with announcements being made public across America. And yet when a disgruntled person from the expelled group presented evidence on the forum of top families in Ahmadiyya participating in the same kind of activities that led to the inhumane and despicable expulsion of his own family members, the Ahmadiyya cult leadership was silent. No Ahmadi can now doubt that Ahmadiyya is anything more than an Islamophobic cult, reeking with the stench of brazen hypocrisy.

We recently illustrated the open contempt that Rafiq Hayat shows for tawhid in mumbojumbogate. Confronted by Fuad Al-Attar, Hayat mumbled his way through a hasty retreat where his Mumbo Jumbo World YouTube channel that pointed to was taken down, where the video on the MumboJumbo World website depicting a disgusting example of shirk was removed and where other steps were taken, which we can’t yet go into public detail on. Suffice to say, Hayat was hugely embarrassed by his comfortable cover being blown.

One should ask, is it acceptable for Mr. Hayat to continue to hold his office? We opened the door, it’s now up to Ahmadis to decide for themselves if they want to keep the same Ameer. The brainwashed will continue to think he can do no wrong, the decent ones will try, hit a brick wall, and eventually leave. Some will fall by the wayside and become atheists, but many, insha’Allah, will become Muslims. We at invite all Ahmadis to Islam. You have nothing to fear, and everything to gain. I continue to hear of, speak to and meet new reverts from Ahmadiyya to Islam. The language is the same. Ahmadiyya is a cult. Islam is beautiful.

We have no animosity towards Rafiq Hayat. We demand accountability from all leaders, but beyond that, our only message to Mr. Hayat is to encourage him to leave the Islamophobic cult, to leave hypocrisy and to join Islam.

So who is Nasser Khan, or to give him his full title, Mohammed Nasser Khan? Is he in a leadership position? Has he been straightforward in his dealings with the nizam or with his ultimate spiritual leader, Mirza Masroor? Let’s look a little closer.

Mr. Khan is Naib Amir and Secretary Jaidad. Frm the Baitul Futuh website:

The Project Director is a partner in a company of property developers and has been involved in the development of property since the early part of the 1980’s. In terms of Jama’at responsibility, he is also Naib Amir and Secretary Jaidad UK. He has been involved in the UK Jaidad Department for 7 years. He was involved in the search for the new Mosque and has been a member of the Baitul Futuh Mosque Committee from the beginning.

According to the above, which is probably a little out of date, Khan is a partner in a company of property developers.

A much more recent examination of records at Companies House shows that Khan is actually a Director of four property development companies, namely Securities & Credits Ltd., ZA Investments Ld., Maximum Ventures Ltd. and Granville Estates. Ltd.

Our understanding is that as well as being a Director of the above companies, Khan is also Naib Ameer UK, Secretary Jaidad UK and a Trustee of AMA UK. Our source reveals (and many senior Ahmadis, including Mr. Hayat and Mr. Khan) can confirm that Khan and Hayat are close friends. Hayat it would appear, has been very supportive, some might say instrumental, in the appointment of Khan to such a senior position in the UK wing of the Ahmadiyya cult. This has happened despite full knowledge of Khan’s not entirely squeaky-clean professional past.

Khan was apparently sued by a client some years ago for fraud. The case was settled out of court. This doesn’t prove wrongdoing, but it rather begs the question: how does a trustee of a charity with access to millions of pounds of funds get appointed to a trustee position with an untested fraud case in their past? Was the Charities Commission made aware of this?

Our sources reveal that in the late 1990s, Khan had his own estate agency/property development company. A colleague in his company noticed misappropriation of a client’s funds and informed this client who then issued a claim against Khan. An out of court settlement was agreed whereby Khan agreed to pay the client substantial damages and costs, possibly in the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Further, Khan’s business dealings involve riba or interest. This is in direct conflict with Islamic teachings. Surely, someone in a leadership position in what claims to be the “saved sect” should be beyond such anti-Islamic, worldly matters?

Mr. Khan is a “moosi” – a person who partakes in the “Cash for Paradise” scam of Wassiyat. The rules of Wassiyat appear to have been breached too. In all likelihood, the Wassiyat form was signed off by Hayat, with full knowledge of Khan’s conflicting interests. Apparently there is a get-out, that if you do have properties with loans and they haven’t yet been disposed of, that you must pay at least 10% of gross rents.

Let us turn now to a breakdown for the aforementioned companies as obtained from Companies House, cross-tabulated below.

Nasser Khan Company Breakdown

Points to note:

  • Lots of bank loans, and therefore interest (riba)
  • Khan’s business partner is a female, our information is that this lady is not mahram. (We’ll come to why that’s important later)
  • Rents are received on these properties.
  • Total profit is a mere £5078 for all these companies combined.
  • The cost of properties purchased is just under £2M.
  • Bank loans amount to just under £1.7M

Interest is illegal in Islam, and is purportedly frowned upon under Ahmadiyya, though we do have on record reports of the spectacle of a very senior Ahmadi, might even have been Hayat, asking people to donate for mosque construction with their credit cards if they had no money! Never mind the ridiculous notion of building a place in paradise off the back of interest, how about the disgraceful cult-like money-grabbing mentality demonstrated by the ethics-free leadership in poncing off the poor?

You’re interested in the female business partner, right? Looking for something salacious? Then you’ve come to the wrong place. We have no issue with people having business partners of the opposite gender. Name me a workplace in this country where genders don’t mix! The reason we mention the business partner is not to point to anything underhand. The point is one of hypocrisy. An individual was removed from the Ahmadiyya cult for having a business partner of the opposite gender who was not a mahram. If this is an Ahmadiyya rule (and it’s not one we necessarily agree with – imagine the press finding out how backwards the Ahmadiyya is in this regard) then it should apply equally to Khan. That’s all. Ordinary Ahmadis are sick to the back teeth of having oppressive and stupid rules applied to them when the same rules are not applied to the top brass.

All income needs to be declared for the purposes of Wassiyat of course, and under the rules, upon his demise, Khan would have to pay at least 10% of his share of the original £2M valuation. The question is, if the income is so low from these properties, how does Khan afford a plush home, holidays and fancy car whilst spending most of his time at Ahmadiyya Cult HQ? (These questions might well have legitimate answers, but the question needs to be asked, and leaders must always be accountable to their membership, if not to us, even if we have unwittingly become the “conscience of the Ahmadiyya”)

Talking of accountability, the accounts are prepared by Bluberry Accountants, AKA Ahmedi Accountants, with name changes and company dissolution happening quite frequently. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to note that these are friends of Khan’s. The buddy-buddy network at the top seems to be an ideal breeding ground for hypocrisy and double-standards. Whether this amounts to double-dealing or not is a matter for further investigation.

So our forum member and I would like to play the old game of 20 questions with Mr. Khan and by extension, Mr. Hayat. The answers, should go a long way towards showing whether hypocrisy is an essential quality of Ahmadiyya leadership.

  1. Is Mr Khan a Moosi; lf yes, did he complete his wasiyyat application form correctly and honestly?
  2. Who witnessed Mr Khan’s wasiyyat application form?
  3. Did the Amir himself verify Mr Khan‘s wasiyyat form? lf not, then who verified it?
  4. lf Mr Khan is a Moosi, then why has he not disposed off the mortgaged properties as directed by the Khalifa?
  5. Has Mr Khan got any other mortgaged properties which he should have disposed off too as directed by the Khalifa?
  6. ls Mr Khan paying his Chanda Wasiyyat on the Gross Rents (£137,347 for 2009) without deduction of interest as required by the Wasiyyat Rules?
  7. Who checks that Mr Khan is paying his chanda wasiyyat on income correctly?
  8. Mr Khan has no income from these companies; where does he get funds to maintain his lavish living style?
  9. Where did Mr Khan get the money (£219,330) to invest in these companies?
  10. Has Mr Khan got any other private income? From where?
  11. Has Mr Khan declared all income in these companies accounts?
  12. Have these accounts been prepared properly?
  13. Who has prepared these accounts?
  14. Who are the accountants? Are they close friends or associates of Mr Hayat and/or Mr Khan?
  15. As you can see above, Mr Khan has a female business partner. Why has he been allowed to have this female as a business partner when others in the Jamaat have been expelled for similar instances?
  16. Mr Khan was sued for fraud by a client a few years ago. If there was no wrong doing, why did he settle out of court?
  17. Mr Hayat is aware of all this. Why has he not advised the Khalifa of these facts?
  18. Why is Mr Hayat covering up Mr Khan?
  19. Is it a case of you scratch my back…..?
  20. Why is Mr Khan still a Naib Amir of the UK Jamaat?

As you can see, Ahmadis are very angry. They take personal affront at being led by borderline crooks (some might say verifiable) who blur the boundaries between charity and private business in a deceptive and opaque manner. When called up on their activities, they behave like scoundrels, pretending to have got cut off in a telephone call, or to have lost email in a junk folder, hastily removing offending garbage from web sites, removing links and connections between their private business and their Ahmadiyya cult business and so forth. All the while, the top families get to conduct their weddings however they like, whilst those not in favour get expelled in a public and humiliating manner.

The Ahmadiyya is a cult. Nasser Khan appears to be following the lead set by Hayat, Mehdi, Masroor, “Basha” Nazir and the rest of the lying Islamophobes. It’s about time the members rose up peacefully and took a stand. More and more Ahmadis are leaving the sinking ship and returning to Islam. We welcome them. And we don’t demand that they subvert themselves to a gang of hypocrites in fawning displays of servitude whilst being arbitrarily humiliated and punished either. That’s not Islam. That’s a cult.

Basha and Raf, this is for you, we know you read everything here. You might think that these questions can safely be ignored, but rest assured, this post will be forwarded to a number of people in your wider circle, some of whom are waiting for the chance to ask these very questions.

We look forward to reading a response to the above questions. It’s time for the leadership to answer to its people. It’s time for the people to do an Egypt.

(Many thanks to the anonymous forum member who helped with all the research behind this post.)