Ahmadis as Silent Sufferers?

The very muted Ahmadiyya response after the terrorist atrocities in Lahore have been commented on in many fora.

While the attack on the Ahmadiyya was a terrorist atrocity, and I condemn the perpetrators, it did not exist in a vacuum, or in a state of ‘silent suffering’. Please watch what the Ahmadiyya leadership said on Fox News earlier in May. Their position was factually incorrect as well as rhetorically inflammatory to all peace-loving Muslims:


While the terrorist attacks are deplorable, I really wish that in the current atmosphere in Pakistan, where the United States Army is attacking Pakistani soil almost every day, the Ahmadiyya can do better than to take indefensible positions based on false information, and do not use that to bash the vast mainstream Muslim community on the most anti-Muslim platform in the United States.

What happened in Lahore was an atrocity, but Nasim Mahdi’s campaign in the United States earlier in May was not silent suffering — not by a long shot!