Khatim vs. Khatam in the Holy Quran

This is a small research project that I conducted based on a hunch. Mirza Mahmud Ahmad claimed that the word Khatim had different meanings than Khatam based on the pronunciation of the word. I had a hunch that Mirza Mahmud Ahmad was incorrect, I just couldn’t believe that Allah would allow a small vowel to change the meaning of a verse so much. If it had a small difference than I would not have suspected anything. But, Mahmud Ahmad wrote that the difference was major. Mahmud asserted that the word Khatim meant LAST. This paper proves that mahmud Ahmad was totally incorrect and that Allah used the word Khatim in terms of a seal.

Ahmadis claim that they use the Quran over all other sources of knowledge in terms of Islam. I conducted a study that is based on the Quran. The methodology was simple, I went to and and searched the occurrences of the word seal/sealed/sealing and copied them down and began researching the context and pronunciation.

The very first instance where Allah uses the word K-T-M chronologically is in Chapter 42 and 45. It is uncertain as to which of these chapters were revealed first. Chapters 40-47 all begin with HA-MIM, they were all revealed very early on at mecca. In 42:24, Allah uses the word Khatim as he speaks to Muhammad (saw) and tells him that Allah could seal his (Muhammad’s (saw)) heart to protect it from the disbelievers. The 5-volume commentary by Malik Ghulam Fareed acknowledges that Allah used the word Khatim to describe the sealing of the heart of Muhammad (saw) to protect it and make it devoid of all mercy. This was a protective and unbreakable seal that was designed to protect the heart of Muhammad (saw). Khatim does not mean last in this case.

In Chapter 45:23, Allah uses the word Khatam to describe the sealing up of the hearts/ears/eyes of the disbelievers. Allah says: “who will guide them after Allah has condemned them?”

For the 3rd and 4th instance please refer to 83:25 and 26, in these successive verses Allah discusses the sealing of a drink that will be served in the hereafter. Allah promises to Muslims that the chosen ones will be seated on couches in a state of bliss and will be served the best drink which will be sealed to protect its taste, and it will be sealed with musk to protect its pureness. The words here are pronounced MUKHTOOM (25) and KHI-TA-MU (26). Even though these words are pronounced differently they still carry the same meanings as khatim or khatam.

Next is 36:65, wherein Allah again speaks of the Khatim that will be set on the mouths of the Kafirs on the day of judgement as they stand trial in the court of allah. This khatim will stop the disbelievers from speaking. Khatim cannot mean LAST in this case.

The 6th instance is in 6:46, this is where Allah speaks to the Kafirs yet again and warns them that he could take away their vision and hearing and Khatam their heart, then Allah says, “who could bring it back to you?”

The 7th instance is occurs after hijra, this is 2:6, where Allah again admonishes the Kafirs and says that their hearts have a khatam on them. Allah says “khatamallahu their hearts”.

The final instance of the use of the word KTM in the Quran is the famous 33:40. We have to use the same definition that was established in the previous 7 instances. Allah tells Muslims that Muhammad (saw) does not have any sons, but he is the KHATAM of the prophets. He is the sealer of the prophets.

The words seal/sealed/sealing occur in the Quran an additional 11 times. But, the letters KHA-TA-MEEM weren’t used exclusively by ALLAH when describing the sealing off of something. There is another Arabic word that translates into the english word seal/sealed/sealing. That word also has variations. It uses the root of TA-BA or T-B, with 2 variations. YUT-BA and NUT-BA are the variations. The English equivalent would be Y-T-B or N-T-B.
In conclusion, it didn’t matter how KTM is pronounced, it always has the same meanings. Even when the sound was changed, for example khatim, or MUKTUM or KHI-TA-MU, Allah nonetheless used the letters K-T-M when joined to mean the sealing off of something. It seems that Mahmud Ahmad tried to pull a fast one on his followers. Obviously, Mahmud Ahmad lied about the meanings of khatim and khatam. Hopefully, this article proves to the reader that these words are interchangeable and mean the exact same thing. I hope Ahmadis read this and realize the truth. I hope Ahmadis understand that I am not a major scholar, I only conducted a simple research project and printed my results. May Allah guide the Ahmadis to Islam.

“MGA, the only reject-able prophet” (circa 1954)

               Once upon a time in India there was a prophet who was sent by Yalesh. This prophet was sent in many capacities, Yalesh tried to explain to him that he was a prophet and the second coming of Esa {as} (circa 1884). MGA had many issues with his GOD and just could not understand the revelations that were descending upon him and misunderstood almost everything that Yalesh ever told him. The problem was that Yalesh wasn’t a good communicator and his prophet had lots of trouble understanding revelations from this newly formed GOD.

              Six years after MGA died (1914), his eldest son revealed to the world that MGA was a true prophet and not a simple muhhaddas (circa 1901). Mahmud revealed to the world that MGA had suffered 20 years of mis-communication. MGA’s eldest son knew this secret of MGA. Yalesh had cleverly disguised the true nature of the prophethood of MGA. Yalesh was afraid that the muslim backlash would hurt this infant company that he had created. Yalesh had tasked Mahmud with the endeavor of totally explaining the nature of MGA’s prophethood. After all, Mahmud was un-employed and under-educated, he needed something to occupy his time.

             From 1915 to 1922, the Mirza brothers explained that the deniers of MGA were PAKKAY (fully cooked) kafirs, they referenced the Quran when explaining this. They explained that all messengers of Allah had to be accepted by the Muslims, they also explained that the rejection of even one prophet of Allah made any person a KAFIR. They carefully didn’t explain a rogue idea of “MOMIN-ISM”.

            Mirza Bashir Ahmad wrote in 1916: “Any such person, who believes in Moses but does not believe in Jesus or in Jesus but does not believe in Muhammad or believes in Muhammad but does not believe in the Promised Messiah, is not only a kafir, but a confirmed (pakkay) kafir and out of the pale of Islam”—Kalamatul Fasl pg. 110

            In 1954, the Muslims of Pakistan decided to attack the ahmadis. Led by Maulvi Maudoodi they burned homes and rioted in the streets, they demanded that the new govt. of Pakistan declare this cult to be non-Muslim. Muslims were now running their own country (Pakistan) and they were highly offended by the Ahmadi sentiment towards them. Essentially, the Mirza brothers/company were in a tight spot, they needed to move away from their hard line ideas, they needed to move away from slandering the Muslims of the world in general and the Muslims of India/pakistan to be specific.

          The Mirza brothers decided to create the only reject-able prophet! This was the solution that would keep their business running. After all, Tahir Ahmad’s college tuition In England was going to be very high and Mahmud would be paying heavily to possibly bribe the office of enrollments (see Man of God by Ian Adamson, pg. 51). It must be borne in mind that Mahmud had over 50 other children and grand children that needed schooling and needed to learn about the family business/religion to keep it running. In 1957, Tahir Ahmad returned to Pakistan after failing in European colleges (see Man of God by Ian Adamson). Amazingly, he was made head of the newly founded waqf-e-jadid program. He was able to manage the money of this program and get the work experience of the family business.

              Back to the story, 1400 years ago Allah admonished the Jews and Christians for not accepting Muhammad (saw) as a true messenger of Allah.
Allah tells us (taken from

[4:151] Surely, those who disbelieve in Allah and His Messengers and desire to make a distinction between Allah and His Messengers, and say, ‘We believe in some and disbelieve in others,’ and desire to take a way in between,

[4:152] These indeed are veritable disbelievers, and We have prepared for the disbelievers an humiliating punishment.

               Allah has basically told us that the rejection of even one prophet of Allah is grounds for any person to be declared a KAFIR. Somehow, the Mirza company was able to create a prophet that didn’t fall into the parameters of what Allah tells us a prophet is. In the verses above allah clearly tells us that the Ahmadis fall into the category of those people who: “desire to take a way in between”, in the next verse Allah tells us that these people are Kafirs. I have to conclude that Ahmadis are Kafirs based on the info as provided by Allah.

              On the one hand Ahmadis agree that all prophets must be accepted, but then they explain that their own prophet, namely MGA, doesn’t fall into this category. The prophethood of MGA made sense the way it was explained from 1915 to 1922 in terms of the Qur’an, but the prophethood of MGA that has been explained circa 1954 just doesn’t make sense at all. Reject-able prophets don’t exist in Muslim thought process.

              In conclusion, the Mirza company back-peddled and created a reject-able prophet when the pressure was upon them, therefore discrediting the prophethood of MGA. The Mirza brothers never imagined that Muslims would come into power, they dictated their belief system in terms of British India. British India was a perfect medium for their harsh attitude towards Muslims.

             Furthermore, Muslims have never heard of a prophet that was sent by Allah that didn’t need require unconditional acceptance. As strange as this sounds, Ahmadis honestly are telling the Muslim-world that the rejectors of the prophethood of MGA are only non-momin, and that doesn’t make sense at all! Allah has never created a “reject-able” prophet, but it appears that Yalesh has! Yalesh sent this prophet to Qadian, not Allah!