An Ahmadi Elder’s Cry of Anguish

as-salaamu `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

The brothers and sisters who run this site regularly receive emails from Qadiani Ahmadis, not so many from Lahori Ahmadis. Some of these are private, and some are public. Many are from younger people, but this is from a slightly older person and it makes for devastating reading. It is a response to the MTA3 leaks published by Fuad al-Attar a few days ago, which brought shock waves to the Ahmadiyya.

I had tears in my eyes and the hairs on the back of my neck were raised at the pain this poor man is feeling. Brother “Asad”, I say to you, the Muslim community will welcome you with open arms into Islam. Remember, once you take shahada and renounce Ahmadiyya, your whole life’s slate will be wiped clean! SubhanAllah!

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Open Letter to Rafiq Hayat

An Open Letter to Rafiq Hayat

Dear Rafiq,

The administration team and some of the members at would really appreciate it if you would instruct your membership to stop attempting to hack forum accounts. Not once has any Muslim attempted to compromise the security of any of your cult’s sites.

Might I remind you that what your cult is doing is illegal. I’m not writing to you to appeal to your morality, because after you were exposed attempting to clumsily cover your tracks in the mumbojumbo affair[1][2] which we are quite happy to bring to the attention of the Charity Commission given the background evidence we have compiled, we think it better that we appeal to your sense of publicity. Several key people have been copied, some are on your high-profile contacts list. It’s about time you stopped bullying people Rafiq.

We know that your colleague in the US, Nasim Rehmatullah has used the heavy-handed DMCA approach to getting any discussion around Ahmadiyya shut down, including getting the personal Facebook accounts of Muslims closed down merely for citing your founder’s out-of-copyright books, but what your members are doing in terms of hacking is actually illegal. We have it on good authority that you personally at one point ordered the hacking of our site. You are also attempting to compromise the identity of certain individuals who have exposed the hypocrisy rampant in your organisation, some of it at the highest levels.[3] These people would become quite unsafe as a result of their identity being exposed. The least of all punishments would be a public and humiliating expulsion, of the type we exposed recently.[4]

We have contacts in the police, the same ones you talk to when trying to exaggerate a purported threat to Ahmadis in the UK, when no such threat has existed in the many decades that your small community has lived in the UK. If your members are falling foul of the law, then they must be brought to account, If you do not publicly ask your members to stop, I will be forced to involve the police for the second time. The first time was when one of your members sent a credible rape threat directed against my daughters. I have faced much abuse, harassment and threats of sexual violence towards my daughters since. As an Ahmadi for 38 years, I never experienced any persecution, nor knew of anyone else who experienced it in the UK. It is only since leaving your cult that I have experienced the full force of the kind of behaviour Dr. Robert Lifton described so well.[5]

Rafiq, we have plenty of leaks we are holding back for three reasons. First, that we want you to be shaken into reforming your cult yourselves. Second, insurance, but third and most importantly because what we really want to happen in Ahmadiyya is the same thing that is happening in Egypt. For the people you financially, socially and spiritually control to rise up and demand – and receive justice. If you continue to act with impunity, we will have to release more leaks, some, like where Dr. “Basha” was trying to game Darshna Soni[7], would be hugely embarrassing, I can assure you. Please stop bullying ordinary people.

In the meantime, we also ask that you remember your obligations under your registration with the Charity Commission and not threaten to eject your poorest and most disadvantaged members for failing to pay a monstrous, obligatory cult tax. [6]

You should feel free as a charity to raise money for your PR activities. There is no law against you misrepresenting yourselves as Muslims. But there are clear regulations about obligatory contributions and there are even clearer regulations about the blurring of lines between charity and financial interests.

I have blind copied several key people.


Best regards,



Shahid Ahmad







References and History

Screen shot 2010-09-05 at 22.18.49.png

As the Ramadan of 2010 of the Common Era nears its end, I’d like to share with you for the first time, the email I sent to Dr. Rashid towards the end of Ramadan 2004, just before I left the cult of Ahmadiyya for good. I will not share his response out of respect for him, but it was beautiful, elegant, wise and inspired. I want to share it with those of you who are also thinking of leaving Ahmadiyya to let you know that I’ve been out of the cult for close to 6 years now and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t feel blessed for having done so. alhamdulillah, it was the best decision I ever made.


(Sent on the 22nd November 2004, giving only my first name)

Dear Doctor Sahib,


My name is Shahid. (Witness, not Martyr!) I have been reading your
website, and also I also read the entire messageboard
against jamaat Ahmadiyya on the yahoo groups.

I was born into jamaat Ahmadiyya. I recall going to some religious
function with my father when he was still alive, perhaps some 25 years
ago when I was a boy. I was speaking to an uncle and at this point, I
had read the Holy Quran, and the English translation a number of
times. I said to him “But Hazrat Ahmad can’t be a prophet, as the Holy
Qur’an says that The Holy Prophet was the last of the prophets!”. He
took me aside and told me that my beliefs were wrong. He was quite
loving about it, but I still didn’t understand.

Now I’m a grown man of 38 and have spent the whole of Ramadan
researching. I am on the brink of leaving jamaat Ahmadiyya, but I want
to make sure that I don’t make a catastrophic error.

I’m not concerned about social network, friends, history, all of that.
I’m interested in truth.

Some of what has been written against the jamaat rings true, other
things look like gross exaggerations. However, one hears rumours of
things not quite going right in the community – and when one lie is
covered up, one wonders how many more there might be…

Anyway, I’m sure you’re a busy man. I have some questions for you as
you seem pretty vocal:

1) What is your motive behind the destruction of the jamaat?
Seriously? Why do you hate it so much? Please be open with me, I don’t
mind and am not interested in forwarding our correspondence to anyone
else – remember, that by engaging with you in the first place, I am
ignoring the decree of our “Khalifa” – the appointment of whom upset
me. I wanted to know why in this entire jamaat, only Hazrat Mirza
Ghulam Ahmad’s family are deemed worthy of appointment by some
quasi-divine-election process that mystifies me.

2) How do I know that the quotations you have used are valid? Or in
context? (I believe you when the argument is proved against the jamaat
in the context of the Finality of Prophethood and the way the original
authors on the subject are subverted, disingenuously, to the cause of
the jamaat, so I am only applying your own rigour to your own
arguments!) After all, I don’t read Urdu. I can download Roohani
whatever (which until you told me about, I had never been aware of!!!
Isn’t that odd??) – but I can’t read and translate to determine
veracity – and life is too short – I might die soon – if it be the
will of Allah – and I want to save my soul – if not my body – without
going mad studying.

3) What do I do if I leave the jamaat?

I must say again, that some of the arguments used against jamaat seem
dubious and a little cynical and perhaps even partially contrived, but
there are enough arguments against it that have brought me to the
brink of leaving.

Regardless, thank you for your site. It has, if nothing else, been an
education. And Ahmadis simply do not know enough about their own
“faith”. You are absolutely right. Most Ahmadi “believers” are rank
amateurs, which is dangerous when we are talking about the education
of the soul.

I hope you will have time for a little private email dialogue. If you
are on msn messenger, my handle is

I would appreciate it if you would keep this correspondence confidential.



(n.b. I no longer use the above hotmail address. You can reach me at shahid at thecult dot info.)

And now I will give you a response, for you, the Ahmadi reader who knows that something is wrong, but you can’t quite put your finger on quite what it is and who doesn’t want to go mad studying a language you probably don’t understand.

Today, there are many places you can go for references. In your case, I would read the translations of the Ahmadiyya, which are available in the following locations:

I would recommend Tadhkirah as a useful book to start with. However, you should note that the Ahmadiyya has changed this several times, and in recent years it has been changed twice in response to articles or videos made by contributors to this web site. You should ask yourself about the integrity of an organisation that adapts its theology without explanation in response to its former adherents who have woken up and smelt the coffee.

Another collection worth checking is The Essence of Islam.

And finally, a collection of official Ahmadiyya booklets I found and br. AhmedC preserved for posterity are well worth looking at. More details can be found in the article “The Lost English Books of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani

I’d also recommend that you take the juicier extracts and ask someone who understands Urdu to read them for you. They’re usually spot on. I would also thoroughly recommend the following website:

Ahmadi Beliefs

There is an open challenge by the compiler to disprove or refute any of the translations. If mistakes are found, they will be corrected.

You should finally ask yourself, who benefits? Do you want to continue to be mollified by the hasbara of the Ahmadiyya? Or do you want the truth? I certainly won’t be asking you for chanda, or even thanks. On the contrary, I offer my support. I seek only the Pleasure of Allah (SWT). Anyone who has dealt with me, including Qadiani spies, know this to be true. I have been blessed enough to see former Ahmadi friends become Muslim. They all know they made the right choice.

I want you to know something. I know how you feel. I have been through this, many others have. It is not easy, but it is right.

What you find beautiful in Ahmadiyya is Islam. What you find distasteful is the dust on your cloak. Shake the dust of Mirzology off. Islam is your birthright. Reclaim it.

Qadianis / Ahmadis Go Too Far

I sent this email to the Ahmadiyya UK centre today after a torrent of the most disgusting comments ever were posted on my videos by Qadianis:

Dear Sir/Madam,

You know who I am, I make the videos that you would rather were not made. I am writing to you to obtain a written apology for the language used by your members against me in some of my videos, signed by the head of your movement.

If I do not get a written apology, I will go public about your “Love for All, Hatred for None” facade and show the comments made by your members, reproduced below.

Your members have at times made physical threats too. Is this what you mean by “Love for All, Hatred for None”?

Here are some of the aforementioned comments. The language is Qadiani:

“lol he 38 old lonely shit,from hammersmitih telin us love 4all, u aint ahmdi da 1 bruv
i told u to make video wit ur mama, is she very old then make video wit ya sis, act like a 38 years old and stop postin 5 year old videos
ur people will love it
il see u around hammersmith mmmm dnt no wot u mite cum across wit ”

“coz u are fat shit hahahahahahah, thanx 4 talkin bout urself,but u hav got laanit in ur face,nowonder Allah made u a dog, bark in ya videos”

“weren’t you the fag who got kicked out the jamaat 😉 ?

you have way too much time on your hands.. you must be unemployed right?

most pathetic video clip ever!

please also note.. 95% of your viewers are ahmadis.. ”

“your a LOSER blad get a life u NEEK what a fooooooolll ”


“luk nxt tym make a video of u fukin ur mum yh,wud luv evry muslim boy will see hahahahahahhaha, ur mum gave details 2 u wen she tumped u hahahahah”

“lol if ur mama da bitch is ahmidi then dnt think da old women gave u any brains, coz ur not ahmidi so hw can she be 1,
k if ur mums old then jus make a video wit u tumpin ur faat ass wit ur sister ”

“ur from hammersmith bruv,il find ya lol ”

“i told u ur not ahmidi nether is ur dam fuked up syco family. so i told u u fat shit, make porn video of ur oldd mama or sister and post it on u tube, u frm hammersmith, see u soon”

“hahahahha 38 year old man livin and fukin his mama, ur not ahmdi at all u wer neva 1, no wonder ur a lonelyyyyyyyyyyy fat shit,wear no1 will even look at u,
how saad u actin like a 12 year old postin video, be mature and post naked video od ur mum or sista , lol mumslim boyyyyyys like u will love it hammersmith boy opps man”

“prophet, ur a fattt syco aret ya, 38 year old fat motherfukin shit, and still bein a mama boy, hav u seen ur face ur 1 hek of a fuked up shitaann

i told u 2 make video wit ur mama, or sista and ur boys wiill luv it, i kno ur mama is not ahmdi anyways, so tumped her hard and post vidio, not video wer a 10 year old can do,”

“ohhh scotland bruv u got that rong, mmmmmmm u shud b scared, lol of ALLAH 2



I have blind copied several key people. Your deviant cult has descended to depths even the foul-mouthed Mirza Ghulam Ahmad couldn’t plumb.

You have until Friday night to respond or I go public. So far my campaign has been low level. How you respond determines my next level of activism.

Finally, I am aware that you hypocritically have used violence to silence some of your critics. The people blind copied are witness that I consider myself threatened. (I have filed the threatening emails separately)

Shahid Kamal Ahmad

And their slogan is “Love for All, Hatred for None”. Their language apes their founder’s, who routinely called his opponents “bastard” and “spawn of whore” etc.

A brief note: Those who are used to my swearing should note that I have never used foul language towards these people in my correspondence.