Leadership Crisis in Ahmadiyya

(This post originally contained a link to a picture. After further internal discussion and potential third party legal implications, we have decided to remove that link)

We have recently been exposed to a leaked picture of the Qaid of Hertfordshire in what appears to be a nightclub, the details of which we have decided not to discuss.

What the Qaid gets up to in his own time is his business. We’re not passing judgment on him. And yes, we know that Muslims get up to this kind of thing too. So let’s get this clear from the outset. Nobody is claiming moral superiority here. What we’re calling out is the hate speech of the Ahmadiyya when the facts show that they are morally no different to any other strand in society, which just leaves the cult aspect. Frankly, if Ahmadis aren’t saved, what do they need to pay a cult for?
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The Waqf-e-Nau Scandal

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We have received a damning inside report on the state of the Waqf-e-Nau youngsters in Greater London. It raises serious questions about the way the Ahmadiyya relates to its children and the unhealthy way in which it spies on some of them. Whilst some of the activities described are un-Islamic, the evidence is scant. What is of grave concern is how the privacy of these youngsters and their parents has been breached by the Ahmadiyya, and how the leadership is planning on making an example of them. This report goes right to the top, so “His Holiness” Mirza Masroor Ahmad is implicated.
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An Ahmadi Elder’s Cry of Anguish

as-salaamu `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

The brothers and sisters who run this site regularly receive emails from Qadiani Ahmadis, not so many from Lahori Ahmadis. Some of these are private, and some are public. Many are from younger people, but this is from a slightly older person and it makes for devastating reading. It is a response to the MTA3 leaks published by Fuad al-Attar a few days ago, which brought shock waves to the Ahmadiyya.

I had tears in my eyes and the hairs on the back of my neck were raised at the pain this poor man is feeling. Brother “Asad”, I say to you, the Muslim community will welcome you with open arms into Islam. Remember, once you take shahada and renounce Ahmadiyya, your whole life’s slate will be wiped clean! SubhanAllah!

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Ahmadiyya: Propaganda, Deception and Censorship

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In another embarrassing leak we’ve obtained, it has again become clear that the Ahmadiyya leadership prevents its members from enjoying their right of freedom of speech. All public writing has to be sanctioned by the Ahmadiyya top brass. Ahmadis are forbidden from writing to the media without prior approval and censorship. This amounts to thought control and is practiced only by oppressive cults. Further, Ahmadis are required to disguise their affiliation to the Ahmadiyya cult by using the deceptive front “Muslims Writers Guild of America”.

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Ahmadiyya Wedding Nazis – Mass Public Expulsions

Our good friend the Rationalist intercepted this quite remarkable letter revealing a huge list of expulsions and boycotts in America. This is quite disturbing and shows the cult-like mentality of the Qadiani Ahmadiyya.

One has to ask, in mixed gatherings, why is Mirza Masroor so frequently on the ladies side? One has to ask, until we at this site pointed it out, why was Mirza Masroor so fond of eyeing up girls, looking at them straight in the eyes and making them uncomfortable? We’re not talking about just little girls, we’re talking teenagers.

The Qadiani Ahmadiyya has expelled people for mixed gathering weddings for decades of course, but it’s about time their friends in the media were made aware of this less savoury side of their “Love for All, Hatred for None” cuddly character. Although we’re in no position to Islamically condone mixed gathering marriages, a public humiliation of a bunch of families is a particularly cruel way of dealing with the issue. Shame, shame, shame on the Ahmadiyya leadership.

Ahmadis, this is yet another reason for you to leave the cult that does this to keep you afraid and enslaved and for you to join us in Islam.

Respected Amir Sahib observed, “It pains me to share the happenings at a recent wedding in Virginia. On the Thanksgiving weekend this year, children of distinguished families, descendants of Sahabiyan-e Masieh Mou’oud as, were married. The marriage / Walima / Mehndi ceremonies included happenings of dancing, mixed gender gathering etc. These are aspects repeatedly emphasized as wrong for Ahmadies by Hadrat Khalifatul Masieh Al-Khamis as well as Khulafa before him.”

As a result of the above happening, disciplinary actions have been taken which should be announced at a monthly Jama’at meeting as well as at Juma.

I regret to inform that as per the instructions of Respected Amir Sahib, the following individuals are no longer considered the members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community:

1. Col. Z B, of Research Triangle Jma’at, s/o late A B sahib.

2. Mrs. T B of Research Triangle Jama’at, dlo M Y A sahib.

3. Mr. H B, (the Groom) of Research Triangle Jama’at.

4. Mrs. S M Q (the Bride) of North Virginia Jama’at.

5. Mr. S M Q, of North VA. Jama’at, s/o A M sahib.

6. Mrs. M S Q, of North Virginia Jama’at, dlo K M sahib.

The other individuals, whose list is attached, are disciplined as follows:

1. No Chanda will be accepted from them.

2. No service to the Jama’at will be accepted from them.

3. They will not be allowed to participate in Jama’at functions.

Kindly inform these individuals of the decision and take necessary administrative steps to record and implement this decision.

December 30,2010

(The emphasis is the editor’s, we’ve redacted the full names, leaving initials only)

This embarrassing leak demonstrates once again that the Ahmadiyya is a controlling cult that uses public humiliation and the practice of social boycotts to instill fear into its membership. I would invite all those expelled to turn their backs on this cruel “jamaat” and enter Islam en masse. Let us know if you need any of our American brothers and sisters to support you, we will be happy insha’Allah to welcome you back into the fold. We will recommend that you do your best to follow the sunnah, but we will not expel you from Islam or our communities for not doing so. We will just invite to good, insha’Allah.

This cult is no good for you or your families. Islam is your birthright. Come back to the fold.

ahmadiyya wedding expulsion page 1.png


ahmadiyya wedding expulsion page 3 redacted.png