Rasheed Sarpong Reverts to Islam

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

as-salaamu `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh. We’re delighted to share with you another story of reversion to Islam from the Ahmadiyya cult and it gives me great pleasure to announce that it is my friend Rasheed Sarpong who has come back to Islam. This inspiring young man is a real role model, who it has been my privilege to know. Even when he was Qadiani for many years after my reversion, I always held him and his family in respect. because of his character. I had a feeling that one day, insha’Allah, he would be guided to the right path by Allah (SWT) and alhamdulillah, it happened.


Welcome to Islam!

I’m delighted to report that a friend has reverted to Islam tonight. I will leave him to make his own comment on his situation when he is good and ready, but he joins a long list of reverts.

Ahmadiyya is crumbling, from top to bottom. The good people are leaving to rejoin Islam. And the one who has just rejoined me and a billion and half others is one of the nicest people it has ever been my pleasure to know. It makes me so unbelievably happy to know that this bright and compassionate young person has seen the light of Islam and embraced it. Islamophobia may rage on, but the truth is the truth!

Allahu Akbar!

Happy Birthday To Me

Six years ago today I reverted to Islam. Not a single day goes by when I am not grateful to my Creator for this gift.

It all started with a Fracture in Belief. Islam has since given me so much. And all it asked of me was to extricate myself from the clutches of a cult obsessed with negativity, death prophecies and money.

Alhamdulillah for this beautiful gift of the deen-ul-haqq.

I invite Ahmadis to join me. Come back to Islam. It is your birthright.

References and History

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As the Ramadan of 2010 of the Common Era nears its end, I’d like to share with you for the first time, the email I sent to Dr. Rashid towards the end of Ramadan 2004, just before I left the cult of Ahmadiyya for good. I will not share his response out of respect for him, but it was beautiful, elegant, wise and inspired. I want to share it with those of you who are also thinking of leaving Ahmadiyya to let you know that I’ve been out of the cult for close to 6 years now and a day doesn’t go by that I don’t feel blessed for having done so. alhamdulillah, it was the best decision I ever made.


(Sent on the 22nd November 2004, giving only my first name)

Dear Doctor Sahib,


My name is Shahid. (Witness, not Martyr!) I have been reading your
website, and also irshad.org. I also read the entire messageboard
against jamaat Ahmadiyya on the yahoo groups.

I was born into jamaat Ahmadiyya. I recall going to some religious
function with my father when he was still alive, perhaps some 25 years
ago when I was a boy. I was speaking to an uncle and at this point, I
had read the Holy Quran, and the English translation a number of
times. I said to him “But Hazrat Ahmad can’t be a prophet, as the Holy
Qur’an says that The Holy Prophet was the last of the prophets!”. He
took me aside and told me that my beliefs were wrong. He was quite
loving about it, but I still didn’t understand.

Now I’m a grown man of 38 and have spent the whole of Ramadan
researching. I am on the brink of leaving jamaat Ahmadiyya, but I want
to make sure that I don’t make a catastrophic error.

I’m not concerned about social network, friends, history, all of that.
I’m interested in truth.

Some of what has been written against the jamaat rings true, other
things look like gross exaggerations. However, one hears rumours of
things not quite going right in the community – and when one lie is
covered up, one wonders how many more there might be…

Anyway, I’m sure you’re a busy man. I have some questions for you as
you seem pretty vocal:

1) What is your motive behind the destruction of the jamaat?
Seriously? Why do you hate it so much? Please be open with me, I don’t
mind and am not interested in forwarding our correspondence to anyone
else – remember, that by engaging with you in the first place, I am
ignoring the decree of our “Khalifa” – the appointment of whom upset
me. I wanted to know why in this entire jamaat, only Hazrat Mirza
Ghulam Ahmad’s family are deemed worthy of appointment by some
quasi-divine-election process that mystifies me.

2) How do I know that the quotations you have used are valid? Or in
context? (I believe you when the argument is proved against the jamaat
in the context of the Finality of Prophethood and the way the original
authors on the subject are subverted, disingenuously, to the cause of
the jamaat, so I am only applying your own rigour to your own
arguments!) After all, I don’t read Urdu. I can download Roohani
whatever (which until you told me about, I had never been aware of!!!
Isn’t that odd??) – but I can’t read and translate to determine
veracity – and life is too short – I might die soon – if it be the
will of Allah – and I want to save my soul – if not my body – without
going mad studying.

3) What do I do if I leave the jamaat?

I must say again, that some of the arguments used against jamaat seem
dubious and a little cynical and perhaps even partially contrived, but
there are enough arguments against it that have brought me to the
brink of leaving.

Regardless, thank you for your site. It has, if nothing else, been an
education. And Ahmadis simply do not know enough about their own
“faith”. You are absolutely right. Most Ahmadi “believers” are rank
amateurs, which is dangerous when we are talking about the education
of the soul.

I hope you will have time for a little private email dialogue. If you
are on msn messenger, my handle is shahidisalig@hotmail.com

I would appreciate it if you would keep this correspondence confidential.



(n.b. I no longer use the above hotmail address. You can reach me at shahid at thecult dot info.)

And now I will give you a response, for you, the Ahmadi reader who knows that something is wrong, but you can’t quite put your finger on quite what it is and who doesn’t want to go mad studying a language you probably don’t understand.

Today, there are many places you can go for references. In your case, I would read the translations of the Ahmadiyya, which are available in the following locations:


I would recommend Tadhkirah as a useful book to start with. However, you should note that the Ahmadiyya has changed this several times, and in recent years it has been changed twice in response to articles or videos made by contributors to this web site. You should ask yourself about the integrity of an organisation that adapts its theology without explanation in response to its former adherents who have woken up and smelt the coffee.

Another collection worth checking is The Essence of Islam.

And finally, a collection of official Ahmadiyya booklets I found and br. AhmedC preserved for posterity are well worth looking at. More details can be found in the article “The Lost English Books of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani

I’d also recommend that you take the juicier extracts and ask someone who understands Urdu to read them for you. They’re usually spot on. I would also thoroughly recommend the following website:

Ahmadi Beliefs

There is an open challenge by the compiler to disprove or refute any of the translations. If mistakes are found, they will be corrected.

You should finally ask yourself, who benefits? Do you want to continue to be mollified by the hasbara of the Ahmadiyya? Or do you want the truth? I certainly won’t be asking you for chanda, or even thanks. On the contrary, I offer my support. I seek only the Pleasure of Allah (SWT). Anyone who has dealt with me, including Qadiani spies, know this to be true. I have been blessed enough to see former Ahmadi friends become Muslim. They all know they made the right choice.

I want you to know something. I know how you feel. I have been through this, many others have. It is not easy, but it is right.

What you find beautiful in Ahmadiyya is Islam. What you find distasteful is the dust on your cloak. Shake the dust of Mirzology off. Islam is your birthright. Reclaim it.


It’s simple, I analyzed as to who was a liar between Muhammad Ali or Mahmud Ahmad. Mahmud Ahmad was the liar.

MGAQ didn’t sanction for khilafat in “The Will”, he wrote that the anjuman was collectively the khalifa-tul-masih. Noorudin wrote the same! I can give references as needed.

I read and read and read, this was in my early 20’s. I am now 27. I left at 25, just two years ago. Mahmud Ahmad needed to secure the khilafah, he was broke, his family didn’t have too much money, they were living of off a stipend from the anjuman.

Mahmud needed MGAQ to be a prophet, if MGAQ was a prophet then a system of khilafah could be established. Muhammad Ali wrote in 1909 that khilafah was not neccessary! The wife of MGAQ and her brothers and her father stepped in, the rest is history.

Almost 100 years later, the khilafah has stayed in the family of MGAQ. The 5th khalifa isn’t qualified to give a speech at a 5th grade level, yet he was chosen as khalifa, this proves that this system of khalifah is corrupt, and it was built on a lie.

You see Mahmud Ahmad forged a lie and claimed that MGAQ was a “real prophet”, he did this just to get rich. But, MGAQ had forged a lie and claimed to be Esa ibn Maryam, like father like son. Muhammad Ali was a bystander, guilty by association.


I never accepted the LAM, Next I started reading about Islam, I realized that Islam was beautiful. Then I read the controversial writings of MGAQ, Farhan explained to me as to the beauties of Islam. I read his book, I watched Shahid’s videos. I LEFT like a bat outta hell.

I quickly realized that MGAQ was the biggest liar, Mahmud Ahmad only extended a previous lie. Get the picture?