Findings Agrees to Interview

Recently, some of the sensational revelations on the forum (see link above) have rocked Ahmadiyya beyond any theological debate in the last hundred years. I cannot begin to tell you the impact that the forum has had, and in particular, the revelations of Sister Findings.

Nobody who has had close dealings with the Ahmadiyya is in the least bit surprised. All dissidents, that is, all those who are not brainwashed, who were once, or still are in the Ahmadiyya go through the same cycles and know the same patterns. Ahmadiyya is a cult and a business and a gossip network. Sure, it does some charity work too, and that is to be applauded, but it also presents itself as a Muslim organisation (it is not) that is for love, tolerance and peace (it is not).

Nothing hurts the Ahmadiyya religion business more than having its dark underbelly exposed. Few people as close to the top brass have caused Ahmadiyya as much embarrassment as Sister Findings. There are shockwaves going through the establishment. The house of Ahmadiyya has been shaken, if not the actual foundations. So much so, that emergency meetings are being held as we speak to determine the identity of a few people on the forum, including members like “brainwashed”.

Recent reports on the possibility that Rafiq Hayat, the “face” of UK Ahmadiyya, would look to hire professional hackers to damage this site and to reveal the identity of “Findings”, “brainwashed” and others have also embarrassed the Ahmadiyya. Given that this information has now been passed onto several important people, the cult needs to seriously re-consider its illegal approach. So, rather than dabble in the illegal, normally the preserve of cab drivers who claim benefits only to give a portion of that dirty money to the jama`at, they are reverting to type – expulsions, humiliation, boycotting, mental torture.

With the background established, it’s with great pleasure that I can tell you that we will be showing an exclusive interview with Sister Findings this weekend on this site. Ahmadiyya attempts to train their families to block this site due to the drip-drip departure of more and more of the cult members into the welcoming embrace of Islam will not succeed. This is not China where you can just turn bits of the web off. We have plans to circumvent your counter-measures, they are already in place. Every time you have tried to respond to us, we have outflanked you. Smearing, bullying and hacking hasn’t worked.

Before the interview is aired, we have this to say to you Mr. Masroor and Mr. Hayat:

1) Stop humiliating Ahmadis. Stop the cruel social boycott of families. Stop the evil jumu`ah announcements of excommunication.

2) Stop punishing Ahmadi girls for wanting to marry Muslims. Let them marry Muslims. The Qur’an allows them this right. Who are you to take it away? (I would encourage Ahmadi girls to leave Ahmadiyya and rejoin Islam.)

3) Stop demanding money from your members. Make it completely optional. Do not make your poor members write begging letters to reduce their 10% tax. There’s a recession. They’re poor enough already.

You are against human rights. We are more interested in the human rights of your members than you are. You are against law, seeking to circumvent both British law, and your own rules. We are for Islam and you are against it.

We look forward to bringing you the exclusive interview with Findings very soon. Watch this space. Ahmadis, leave the cult and join us in freedom. Islam is your birthright.

Coming Soon: Hard-hitting interview with A.K Shaikh

Sorry about the delay, but very soon, we’ll have for you a short, but hard-hitting interview with the man that the Ahmadiyya has tried and failed to silence. The man they daren’t debate live on a public forum because he knows how the machine works.

Coming very soon, 15 minutes with A.K. Shaikh on the Lahore atrocity.

Watch this space…

A.K. Shaikh interviewed

I had the great pleasure of interviewing the quite legendary A.K. Shaikh in London today. I asked some of the questions that I know his viewers would like answers on and he responded in Urdu. Sadly, my Urdu is very basic, but I was able to pick up most of what the great man was talking about. He is an inspiration and his patience and steadfastness in the face of outrageous Ahmadiyya abuse serves as an example to us “youngsters”

Part 2 will be coming tomorrow, insha’Allah

Ahmadiyya videos back on-line!

Due to a technical issue with one of the plug-ins we were using, videos had been unavailable. They are all now back on-line and if you haven’t seen them, we recommend that you watch them.

Akber Chaudhry and Anwar Mirza on Good Morning with Iqra

Shahid Kamal on Good Morning with Iqra

A Fracture in Belief – Ahmadiyya Exposed at Kingston Mosque

Shahid Kamal on Good Morning with Iqra

Without further ado, here is the first programme of its kind on Western television, where a revert to Islam from the Ahmadiyya cult was able to speak freely about his experiences. If the Ahmadiyya wants “freedom of religion”, then in the first instance, they should stop stealing Islam for themselves whilst denying it to Muslims and almost as importantly, they shouldn’t use bullying and smear tactics to shut down free speech. This is a free country. It works both ways here.

Peace unto those who follow the guidance.