A.K. Shaikh interviewed

I had the great pleasure of interviewing the quite legendary A.K. Shaikh in London today. I asked some of the questions that I know his viewers would like answers on and he responded in Urdu. Sadly, my Urdu is very basic, but I was able to pick up most of what the great man was talking about. He is an inspiration and his patience and steadfastness in the face of outrageous Ahmadiyya abuse serves as an example to us “youngsters”

Part 2 will be coming tomorrow, insha’Allah

The Lost English Books of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I love books. I have always loved them. As a child, I would go to the children’s library alone and read for hours while other children were playing outside. For birthdays, I wanted books. I read voraciously. It’s a habit I have maintained. Although in times past my preference was for new books, when just the scent of a new book would delight me, more recently, I have developed a penchant for old books, second-hand books and rare books. It’s delightful to pick up a book on say, diabetes in hardback for one tenth of the new price, or an old novel by Kundera for less than a pound in an antique book-shop.

I recently came across a rather large collection of books in an unusual location. To my immense surprise, in that enormous pile, which I had browsed for over an hour, I found some text whose contents at first glance seemed almost familiar. The text was old, the book almost falling apart, but the sense of excitement was enormous. And that wasn’t the only book. There were more like it. I was almost giddy with excitement. This find was stunning and unexpected. I alerted my good friend AkberC and shared the news.

To cut a long story short, AkberC, who knows much more about the history of Ahmadiyya than I do, and in particular, has been in the mind of Mirza (and just about emerged sane after the harrowing experience), realised that I had hit a gold mine. We set to work on preserving the books, copying and digitising the rare old pieces.

That long effort of organising the various bits and pieces has resulted in something of a coup: The availability of some authentic, early and contemporaneous English translations of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s pamphlets to the Ahmadis and Muslims openly, for the first time perhaps in almost a century, at the Q Archives Wiki

One has to ask, why if these books were available in English so long ago, have they been ignored, indeed, suppressed by the Ahmadiyya for so long? It’s simple. The Ahmadiyya is a cult. They don’t want people to know the reality of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his true nature. Their ambition is to keep those who know about the truth of Mirza’s disgraceful character and his cult continually engaged in useless debates that will end up in wasted time. We at TheCult.info won’t fall for that. This is why we’re not bothered that Ahmadis don’t in general join in debate at the forum. The Ahmadis also know that more damage is being done to their cult through a lot of work on this blog. The exposure effort is now widespread, shared by a network of people and sites around the world, is getting organised and the cult is squirming.

The truth is simple and two-fold. The first reason these authentic books, already translated by the Ahmadiyya near the beginning of the movement have been suppressed is because the Ahmadiyya can make no progress in Muslim countries – and the movement doesn’t want to present the embarrassing face of Mirza in English to the West, for fear they won’t be taken seriously by Westerners and written off as a fringe heretical sub-strand of Islam. This is potentially their outcome in any case, their best efforts as presenting as Muslims notwithstanding.

And the second reason is that now that the “power base” of Ahmadiyya is in the West, they don’t want their own youngsters reading the laughable rubbish of Mirza, revealing him to be a spiky huckster, selling ineffectual, alcohol-based quack remedies for plague that got banned by the British Government and a paranoid, finger-pointing hypocrite with no gentlemanly qualities at all, trying to defend his reputation as an Empire ass-kisser, first class with honours. If they see that for themselves, the ones with smarts will up and leave. Many already are. I know quite a few of them.

Frankly, the Ahmadiyya knows that this myth they’ve built around their messiah, the one who conned his followers out of what little money they had and started a religion business that his son took to the next papal level, is going to get shattered if the translations of Mirza’s English books ever get out. Well here they are and let the myth-shattering begin in earnest.

First, there is the pamphlet “My Attitude Towards the British Government”. It is embarrassing to read this crawling, finger pointing, schoolboy nonsense. On the first page alone, Mirza in a tone that makes the discerning reader cringe, sets out his father’s services to the British Government during the Rising of 1857. That he describes himself as coming from a “respectable family of the Punjab” is frankly crawling. He chronicles his family’s loyalty and “submission” to an occupying regime in a manner that is obsequious at best.

He then spends the second page setting up a strawman for jihad, describing it in terms that the enemies of Islam used. Mirza was late to this party. Decades before his arrival, there were plenty of `ulama who had already successfully debated with the Christian missionaries and defended Islam against the worst of their onslaughts. Mirza did very little, despite the canards to the contrary, some of which have even been spread unwittingly by some Muslims. In fact, as we shall see later, he damaged community relations.

He goes on and on ascribing preposterous positions to Muslims, making them as bad as Christian missionaries in their attacks on Islam by page 3. It is not just maulvis who he describes as waiting for the “atrocious character” of the Mahdi, but their followers too. It is only his cult that is spared the most vulgar characteristics, oddly enough.

Read for yourself and tell us if this is the “messiah” you were expecting…

My personal favourite is “A Revealed Cure for the Bubonic Plague”. I ask any Ahmadi this. Go to a lab, ask to be infected with plague and take Mirza’s alcohol-laden quack remedy. See how far that gets you. What a shame!

This “medicine” was actually banned by the Government when they found out what was going on and removed from the shelves. Check the ingredients of the “Divine Treacle”, mostly alcohol and sold at a huckster’s price.

Is this the “messiah” you were expecting?

Another thing to bear in mind is just how short these “books” are. As brother peacelover pointed out, Mirza wasn’t as prolific as many people think. In fact, you could describe him, as brother peacelover did, as a pamphleteer.

On this site, as a result of the work of a few people, you have seen Mirza’s “forgotten” prophecy, detailed in his booklet “A Warning to a Pretender to Divinity”. The Mirzologists had hoped they’d buried this. Sadly for them, we uncovered it and exposed it. Why? Because we want Ahmadis to rejoin the faith that was stolen from them and their forefathers. We want them to come back to Islam.

And then there is the “Kashf-ul-Ghita”, addressed to the Queen and the British Government. Again, the writing is not worthy of a noble man, never mind a “messiah” or “prophet”. You will also find familiar themes, “my family was noble”, “my followers are high class”, “I love the British Government and order my followers to do the same”, “That Batalvi guy is bad, ignore him” and so on and so forth. Some of the contents of this leaflet were used by devastating effect by brother Fuad. This pamphlet is a disgrace. It portrays Mirza Ghulam as a boy being picked on in the playground. He can’t handle it, so he runs crying to the teacher.

Finally, there is “The Message” or “A Cry of Pain”. I’ll let Ahmed summarise:

A booklet ‘Mothers of the Believers’ was published, which hurt the feelings of Muslim (similar to the modern-day cartoons of the Holy Prophet). A Muslim group (Anjuman Himayat Islam) blamed Mirza Ghulam Ahmad‘s vicious polemics against the Hindus as the root cause. In this booklet, the author is at his self-praising best, claiming to posess 10 qualities that any ‘defender of Islam’ should have. A portion of the original Urdu book is in Arabic, and an appendix lists all the books in the private library of Hakeem Nooruddin which the author declares that he was ‘blessed’ to have access to.

Of course, the Anjuman Himayat Islam were right, it was indeed Mirza’s “work in the community”, namely his vicious and quite disgusting string of polemics against Christians, Hindus and indeed Muslims too that caused such profoundly hateful responses.

Why has it taken a couple of Muslims, reverts from Ahmadiyya to Islam, to bring to the attention of the English-speaking world, several pamphlets translated into English from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s originals by the Ahmadyya themselves, some in his lifetime? When you ask yourself that question, you will arrive at a simple conclusion. Ahmadiyya is a cult and its founder was a huckster, a charlatan. More of his work now stands exposed to the English-reading world, no thanks to the Ahmadiyya, whose purpose is to avoid the character of the Fraud of Qadian.

There is more to come. Remember also, AkberC’s work in translating Mirza’s supposed “Magnum Opus” the Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, a work that the Ahmadiyya has still not translated.

Yes Mr. Mirza, your message has been spread to the corners of the world, but not by you, not by Yalash, but by Muslims – and it isn’t going to help your cause one little bit.