Ramadhan Du`a

Today I received a text message from my beloved brother in Islam Fuad Al Attar, one of the most decent human beings it has ever been my privilege to meet. Truly, Allah enriched my life by bringing the hearts of Muslims such as brother Fuad closer to mine. I have been blessed by the company of people whose nobility, humility, wisdom and generosity truly eclipses mine and gives me a higher bar to aim for on my journey to the akhirah. There are so many other brothers and sisters I’d like to make this du`a for, who I regularly pray for by name. I have emailed them all this evening, so they know who they are, but there are of course many more, including you if you are reading this.

I am going to thank my brother Fuad by making this du`a, based on his own for me.

Oh Allah!

Shower your blessings on my beloved brother Fuad, and on all my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam during these blessed nights of Ramadhan.

Oh Allah!

Ease their lives, keep them on your straight path, give them the strength and the patience that they need, forgive their sins and gather them with Rasulullah (saw) in Jannah.

Oh Allah!

Help us overcome our weaknesses, our egos, our base selves and help us rise towards the noor that in your Infinite Generosity, you offer us the capability to reach in this blessed month.

Oh Allah!

Guide the Qadiani Ahmadis who feel the stirring of Islam in their hearts towards the light of Islam. Give them the hikmah and hidaayah to remove the dusty cloak of Mirzaiyyah so that their fitrah returns their spiritual compasses to point once again to the true north that is Islam.

Oh Allah!

We give thanks to you for another year and we humbly beg you not to let us be fooled by the distractions of the dunya or the whisperings of the shayateen and not to take us back to You unless we are one of the mu’mineen.

Oh Allah!

Ease the suffering of the oppressed, of the sick, of the orphans, of the elderly, of the disabled – and instil justice in the hearts of those who rule over us so that your final deen prevails eternally.


Du’a for their Guidance

بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على آله و سلما كثيرا
و سلام على أبو بكر و عمر و عثمان

I just left a wonderful Qiyam al-Layl with our beloved and local Imam Mohamed Magid حفظه الله (who is also the president of Islamic Society of North America, ISNA). In his Khatirah he reminded us of the power of Du’a, and that while we must use our energy and effort for his sake, ultimately change is in the power of Allah. There is no change and there is no power except with Allah.

Many times in our da’wah efforts to Ahmadis, we approach them using reason, logic and facts. While this has proven to be effective, sometimes we forget that this alone has no power. As al-Ghazali opined in his Faysal Tafriq bayna al-Islam wa Zandaqa, reason is not the cause of belief, reason serves only to support a position that is already held by the adherent. (This is why we see some Ahmadi arguments as logical gymnastics). As Al-Ghazali also wrote in his Deliverance from Error, “Anyone who believes that the unveiling of truth is the fruit of well-ordered arguments belittles the immensity of divine mercy.”

In short: Reason alone does not change the hearts.

In addition to our efforts, we must make sincere and constant Du’a to Allah that he guides Ahmadis away from the misguidance of the false prophet to the correct beliefs of the true Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم. Really, seriously, ask God from the bottom of your heart. Beg him. Humiliate yourself before your Lord. How many times have we shed tears of pain at the absolute misguidance they are in, yet believing themselves to be guided? How many times have we spent the night crying to Allah, mentioning Ahmadis by name, and asking Allah to guide them?

…so let us ask Allah right now, as you read this post…

Oh Allah, we ask you to send your peace, blessings and salutations upon your noble Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah, and upon his family and those who follow him.

We ask Allah to guide the Ahmadis back to Islam. O Allah, the one who Guides, you alone are the turner of hearts, so guide us on your Deen and guide them to your Deen. O You who guides, most of them are but a generation or two away from Islam, so guide them back into the fold so that we may reunite with our sisters and brothers. O Allah, they were taken away from us by a false prophet, so bring them back to us. O Allah, many are sincere in their misguidance so make them sincere in guidance. We ask you Allah and you alone, associating no partners with you, to turn the hearts of the Ahmadis to leave the false teachings of the false prophet and to come back to the Truth.

We ask You to shower his peace, blessings and security upon our noble master Muhammad ibn Abdullah and upon his family and those who follow him until the day of judgment.


I highly recommend current-Ahmadis read two books by Imam Al-Ghazali.
A) The Decisive Criteria Between Islam and Heresy: This text explains the criteria between who is considered a Muslim and who is not. The English translation was done by Dr. Abdul Hakim “Sherman” Jackson under the title On the Boundaries of Theological Tolerance.
B) Deliverance From Error: This light read chronicles Al-Ghazali’s journey through the different spiritual and sectarian movements that existed in his lifetime and explains his conclusions. The English translation is available here.