Open Letter to Friends and Family – Part 1

Dear Ahmadi Friends and Family Members,

It is almost 7 years now that I officially left the Ahmadiyya cult, and not a single month goes by that I do not feel myself more rational, clear and content, and sure of the step that I took. The first four years were spent in adjusting, and the last 3 years or so have been more of a plateau.

The world makes more sense now and I can contribute more to it. I do not believe that homeopathy can cure all illnesses, nor am I buying pre-fabricated homeopathy kits for shipment to Africa. With all the resources at its disposal, neither Mirza Tahir nor his ‘200 million’ followers could distribute dirt-cheap homeopathy kits to the suffering people of the world. You ignore this, and yet you continue to use homeopathy sugar balls in your house. And Mirza Mahmud used this homeopathy also, according to his son, Mirza Tahir. Your brain says something else but you continue in your superstitious ways.

You claim to be educated and the solution to the world’s social and economic ills. Yet, I do not see a single sociologist or economist of renown among your ranks? While being ‘300 times’ the population of world Jews! Why? Is it because mullahs conspire against you? or is it because a cultee’s mind is incapable of solving problems in a rational way, because the truth is already known? And then your Khalifa says in 2008 that the Nobel Prize is the minimum target for Ahmadi scientists. Who is kidding whom?

And this is the total sum (0) of Ahmadiyya scientists activites:

And you want me to wait? And my children to wait? And keep on waiting for when Ahmadiyya science and knowledge and technology will change the world? And wait? for what? and when? when Chanda collection cannot wait even one day!

OK, back to the Ahmadiyya scientists’ site – take a look around – do we see a single paper, a single original thought? Why not? Because original thinking was discouraged by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and made illegal by Mirza Mahmud. So, you are saying to me that one day this web site will grow into the biggest source of solutions for mankind, and overtake and falsify the thousands of research papers printed on social, economic, theological issues.

Why so? Isn’t knowledge everybody’s? Why are you separate from the world? Why do you have all the answers to the world’s problems but cannot explain them to anybody?

Are you sure you are not being duped by a lying cult? Absolutely sure?

Still not sure? Check out some Muslim scientists, politicians and thought leaders in the world today. Stop – at this point, be honest: are you actually ashamed or getting angry at Muslims or finding some far-fetched excuse? Hmmm . . . the little thought in your head is telling you that you are just being fooled by a lying cult. Listen to it.