Rasheed Sarpong Reverts to Islam

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

as-salaamu `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh. We’re delighted to share with you another story of reversion to Islam from the Ahmadiyya cult and it gives me great pleasure to announce that it is my friend Rasheed Sarpong who has come back to Islam. This inspiring young man is a real role model, who it has been my privilege to know. Even when he was Qadiani for many years after my reversion, I always held him and his family in respect. because of his character. I had a feeling that one day, insha’Allah, he would be guided to the right path by Allah (SWT) and alhamdulillah, it happened.


Ahmadiyya Bans Facebook!



In one of the most amazing setbacks in the history of the Ahmadiyya, the leadership has ordered a ban on Facebook. In fact, the ban appears to extend to all social networking activities. All accounts are to be deleted immediately. Mirza Masroor, the supreme spiritual head and it appears, Führer of the Ahmadiyya, delivered his edict in Germany, of all places, just two days after we exposed one of his rising and personally-approved stars as, well, a bit of a jack-the-lad really. With egg on his face, and realising that the Internet has damaged Ahmadiyya perhaps irreperably, His Holiness in a fit of pique threw out the baby with the bathwater. Surely the irony of a supreme leader claiming to be leader of a single undivided nation, banning free speech on a social network with “book” in its name couldn’t have been lost on at least some of the Ahmadis present?
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Ahmadiyya and the Rise of its Extremism

(Cross-posted at Peace, Bruv)

On Wednesday 18th May, there will be a policy debate on “the rise of extremism internationally and its impact on Britain” hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group for the “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community” in conjunction with the “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK” held in the House of Commons.

In order to register your interest in attending this event, you’ll need to write to the Ahmadiyya. That’s right, Kafka couldn’t have dreamt this up. In order to register your interest in attending a debate that will in all likelihood tar British Muslims with the brush of extremism and even terrorism, you have to write to a cult whose leader, Mirza Masroor in 2007 labelled all those who reject its founder (and self-claimed prophet) as Satan-worshippers.

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Ahmadiyya: Propaganda, Deception and Censorship

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In another embarrassing leak we’ve obtained, it has again become clear that the Ahmadiyya leadership prevents its members from enjoying their right of freedom of speech. All public writing has to be sanctioned by the Ahmadiyya top brass. Ahmadis are forbidden from writing to the media without prior approval and censorship. This amounts to thought control and is practiced only by oppressive cults. Further, Ahmadis are required to disguise their affiliation to the Ahmadiyya cult by using the deceptive front “Muslims Writers Guild of America”.

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Ahmadiyya Examined at Croydon Masjid

A conference was held at Croydon Masjid, south London 30/4/11 on the subject of the Finality of Prophet-hood (Khatm-e-Nubuwat) صلى الله عليه وسلم. The event had many well-known speakers including Shaykh Suliman Gani (Islam Channel), Hafiz Mumtaz Ul Haq, Shaykh Abdul Majid, brother Shahid Kamal and brother Akber Choudhry. Masha’Allah there were some very inspirational speeches which you can view below.

Point to note; each and every speaker requested the Muslims at the conference to pray for the guidance of the members of the Ahmadiyya Cult.

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Twenty Questions for Nasser Khan

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Recent events in the Middle East show us, if we needed reminding, that tyranny imposed on a people cannot last when the people rise up. Most of all, we find that the peoples of Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya, cannot and will not accept hypocrisy, tyranny, injustice and oppression; and through peaceful means, they have been speaking true words in the face of despots.

We find in the Ahmadiyya cult many examples of truth being suppressed. Indeed, Ahmadiyya leadership has actively suppressed the speech of both insiders and outsiders. When truth is spoken, the speakers are smeared or have their rights curtailed, often both. Ultimately, only the hypocrites at the top are allowed to speak. This hypocrisy serves only to increase the dhulm against the cult membership and dissidents. We have written on some of these villains, including the Islamophobes Mirza Masroor, Naseem Rehmatullah, Naseem Mehdi and Rafiq Hayat.  Now we will turn our attention to Mohammed Nasser Khan.

Many Ahmadis find themselves disgusted with the hypocrisy of the Ahmadiyya leadership and with their lack of integrity. Seemingly, there is one rule for the top brass, another for the average Yusuf, or indeed, Yasmin. Evidence for extraordinary hypocrisy has been presented recently on this site. On New Year’s Eve last year, we showed how the Ahmadiyya leadership had humiliatingly expelled a large group of people from the organisation, with announcements being made public across America. And yet when a disgruntled person from the expelled group presented evidence on the forum of top families in Ahmadiyya participating in the same kind of activities that led to the inhumane and despicable expulsion of his own family members, the Ahmadiyya cult leadership was silent. No Ahmadi can now doubt that Ahmadiyya is anything more than an Islamophobic cult, reeking with the stench of brazen hypocrisy.

We recently illustrated the open contempt that Rafiq Hayat shows for tawhid in mumbojumbogate. Confronted by Fuad Al-Attar, Hayat mumbled his way through a hasty retreat where his Mumbo Jumbo World YouTube channel that pointed to ahmadiyya.org.uk was taken down, where the video on the MumboJumbo World website depicting a disgusting example of shirk was removed and where other steps were taken, which we can’t yet go into public detail on. Suffice to say, Hayat was hugely embarrassed by his comfortable cover being blown.

One should ask, is it acceptable for Mr. Hayat to continue to hold his office? We opened the door, it’s now up to Ahmadis to decide for themselves if they want to keep the same Ameer. The brainwashed will continue to think he can do no wrong, the decent ones will try, hit a brick wall, and eventually leave. Some will fall by the wayside and become atheists, but many, insha’Allah, will become Muslims. We at thecult.info invite all Ahmadis to Islam. You have nothing to fear, and everything to gain. I continue to hear of, speak to and meet new reverts from Ahmadiyya to Islam. The language is the same. Ahmadiyya is a cult. Islam is beautiful.

We have no animosity towards Rafiq Hayat. We demand accountability from all leaders, but beyond that, our only message to Mr. Hayat is to encourage him to leave the Islamophobic cult, to leave hypocrisy and to join Islam.

So who is Nasser Khan, or to give him his full title, Mohammed Nasser Khan? Is he in a leadership position? Has he been straightforward in his dealings with the nizam or with his ultimate spiritual leader, Mirza Masroor? Let’s look a little closer.

Mr. Khan is Naib Amir and Secretary Jaidad. Frm the Baitul Futuh website:

The Project Director is a partner in a company of property developers and has been involved in the development of property since the early part of the 1980’s. In terms of Jama’at responsibility, he is also Naib Amir and Secretary Jaidad UK. He has been involved in the UK Jaidad Department for 7 years. He was involved in the search for the new Mosque and has been a member of the Baitul Futuh Mosque Committee from the beginning.

According to the above, which is probably a little out of date, Khan is a partner in a company of property developers.

A much more recent examination of records at Companies House shows that Khan is actually a Director of four property development companies, namely Securities & Credits Ltd., ZA Investments Ld., Maximum Ventures Ltd. and Granville Estates. Ltd.

Our understanding is that as well as being a Director of the above companies, Khan is also Naib Ameer UK, Secretary Jaidad UK and a Trustee of AMA UK. Our source reveals (and many senior Ahmadis, including Mr. Hayat and Mr. Khan) can confirm that Khan and Hayat are close friends. Hayat it would appear, has been very supportive, some might say instrumental, in the appointment of Khan to such a senior position in the UK wing of the Ahmadiyya cult. This has happened despite full knowledge of Khan’s not entirely squeaky-clean professional past.

Khan was apparently sued by a client some years ago for fraud. The case was settled out of court. This doesn’t prove wrongdoing, but it rather begs the question: how does a trustee of a charity with access to millions of pounds of funds get appointed to a trustee position with an untested fraud case in their past? Was the Charities Commission made aware of this?

Our sources reveal that in the late 1990s, Khan had his own estate agency/property development company. A colleague in his company noticed misappropriation of a client’s funds and informed this client who then issued a claim against Khan. An out of court settlement was agreed whereby Khan agreed to pay the client substantial damages and costs, possibly in the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Further, Khan’s business dealings involve riba or interest. This is in direct conflict with Islamic teachings. Surely, someone in a leadership position in what claims to be the “saved sect” should be beyond such anti-Islamic, worldly matters?

Mr. Khan is a “moosi” – a person who partakes in the “Cash for Paradise” scam of Wassiyat. The rules of Wassiyat appear to have been breached too. In all likelihood, the Wassiyat form was signed off by Hayat, with full knowledge of Khan’s conflicting interests. Apparently there is a get-out, that if you do have properties with loans and they haven’t yet been disposed of, that you must pay at least 10% of gross rents.

Let us turn now to a breakdown for the aforementioned companies as obtained from Companies House, cross-tabulated below.

Nasser Khan Company Breakdown

Points to note:

  • Lots of bank loans, and therefore interest (riba)
  • Khan’s business partner is a female, our information is that this lady is not mahram. (We’ll come to why that’s important later)
  • Rents are received on these properties.
  • Total profit is a mere £5078 for all these companies combined.
  • The cost of properties purchased is just under £2M.
  • Bank loans amount to just under £1.7M

Interest is illegal in Islam, and is purportedly frowned upon under Ahmadiyya, though we do have on record reports of the spectacle of a very senior Ahmadi, might even have been Hayat, asking people to donate for mosque construction with their credit cards if they had no money! Never mind the ridiculous notion of building a place in paradise off the back of interest, how about the disgraceful cult-like money-grabbing mentality demonstrated by the ethics-free leadership in poncing off the poor?

You’re interested in the female business partner, right? Looking for something salacious? Then you’ve come to the wrong place. We have no issue with people having business partners of the opposite gender. Name me a workplace in this country where genders don’t mix! The reason we mention the business partner is not to point to anything underhand. The point is one of hypocrisy. An individual was removed from the Ahmadiyya cult for having a business partner of the opposite gender who was not a mahram. If this is an Ahmadiyya rule (and it’s not one we necessarily agree with – imagine the press finding out how backwards the Ahmadiyya is in this regard) then it should apply equally to Khan. That’s all. Ordinary Ahmadis are sick to the back teeth of having oppressive and stupid rules applied to them when the same rules are not applied to the top brass.

All income needs to be declared for the purposes of Wassiyat of course, and under the rules, upon his demise, Khan would have to pay at least 10% of his share of the original £2M valuation. The question is, if the income is so low from these properties, how does Khan afford a plush home, holidays and fancy car whilst spending most of his time at Ahmadiyya Cult HQ? (These questions might well have legitimate answers, but the question needs to be asked, and leaders must always be accountable to their membership, if not to us, even if we have unwittingly become the “conscience of the Ahmadiyya”)

Talking of accountability, the accounts are prepared by Bluberry Accountants, AKA Ahmedi Accountants, with name changes and company dissolution happening quite frequently. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to note that these are friends of Khan’s. The buddy-buddy network at the top seems to be an ideal breeding ground for hypocrisy and double-standards. Whether this amounts to double-dealing or not is a matter for further investigation.

So our forum member and I would like to play the old game of 20 questions with Mr. Khan and by extension, Mr. Hayat. The answers, should go a long way towards showing whether hypocrisy is an essential quality of Ahmadiyya leadership.

  1. Is Mr Khan a Moosi; lf yes, did he complete his wasiyyat application form correctly and honestly?
  2. Who witnessed Mr Khan’s wasiyyat application form?
  3. Did the Amir himself verify Mr Khan‘s wasiyyat form? lf not, then who verified it?
  4. lf Mr Khan is a Moosi, then why has he not disposed off the mortgaged properties as directed by the Khalifa?
  5. Has Mr Khan got any other mortgaged properties which he should have disposed off too as directed by the Khalifa?
  6. ls Mr Khan paying his Chanda Wasiyyat on the Gross Rents (£137,347 for 2009) without deduction of interest as required by the Wasiyyat Rules?
  7. Who checks that Mr Khan is paying his chanda wasiyyat on income correctly?
  8. Mr Khan has no income from these companies; where does he get funds to maintain his lavish living style?
  9. Where did Mr Khan get the money (£219,330) to invest in these companies?
  10. Has Mr Khan got any other private income? From where?
  11. Has Mr Khan declared all income in these companies accounts?
  12. Have these accounts been prepared properly?
  13. Who has prepared these accounts?
  14. Who are the accountants? Are they close friends or associates of Mr Hayat and/or Mr Khan?
  15. As you can see above, Mr Khan has a female business partner. Why has he been allowed to have this female as a business partner when others in the Jamaat have been expelled for similar instances?
  16. Mr Khan was sued for fraud by a client a few years ago. If there was no wrong doing, why did he settle out of court?
  17. Mr Hayat is aware of all this. Why has he not advised the Khalifa of these facts?
  18. Why is Mr Hayat covering up Mr Khan?
  19. Is it a case of you scratch my back…..?
  20. Why is Mr Khan still a Naib Amir of the UK Jamaat?

As you can see, Ahmadis are very angry. They take personal affront at being led by borderline crooks (some might say verifiable) who blur the boundaries between charity and private business in a deceptive and opaque manner. When called up on their activities, they behave like scoundrels, pretending to have got cut off in a telephone call, or to have lost email in a junk folder, hastily removing offending garbage from web sites, removing links and connections between their private business and their Ahmadiyya cult business and so forth. All the while, the top families get to conduct their weddings however they like, whilst those not in favour get expelled in a public and humiliating manner.

The Ahmadiyya is a cult. Nasser Khan appears to be following the lead set by Hayat, Mehdi, Masroor, “Basha” Nazir and the rest of the lying Islamophobes. It’s about time the members rose up peacefully and took a stand. More and more Ahmadis are leaving the sinking ship and returning to Islam. We welcome them. And we don’t demand that they subvert themselves to a gang of hypocrites in fawning displays of servitude whilst being arbitrarily humiliated and punished either. That’s not Islam. That’s a cult.

Basha and Raf, this is for you, we know you read everything here. You might think that these questions can safely be ignored, but rest assured, this post will be forwarded to a number of people in your wider circle, some of whom are waiting for the chance to ask these very questions.

We look forward to reading a response to the above questions. It’s time for the leadership to answer to its people. It’s time for the people to do an Egypt.

(Many thanks to the anonymous forum member who helped with all the research behind this post.)

Open Letter to Rafiq Hayat

An Open Letter to Rafiq Hayat

Dear Rafiq,

The administration team and some of the members at http://thecult.info would really appreciate it if you would instruct your membership to stop attempting to hack forum accounts. Not once has any Muslim attempted to compromise the security of any of your cult’s sites.

Might I remind you that what your cult is doing is illegal. I’m not writing to you to appeal to your morality, because after you were exposed attempting to clumsily cover your tracks in the mumbojumbo affair[1][2] which we are quite happy to bring to the attention of the Charity Commission given the background evidence we have compiled, we think it better that we appeal to your sense of publicity. Several key people have been copied, some are on your high-profile contacts list. It’s about time you stopped bullying people Rafiq.

We know that your colleague in the US, Nasim Rehmatullah has used the heavy-handed DMCA approach to getting any discussion around Ahmadiyya shut down, including getting the personal Facebook accounts of Muslims closed down merely for citing your founder’s out-of-copyright books, but what your members are doing in terms of hacking is actually illegal. We have it on good authority that you personally at one point ordered the hacking of our site. You are also attempting to compromise the identity of certain individuals who have exposed the hypocrisy rampant in your organisation, some of it at the highest levels.[3] These people would become quite unsafe as a result of their identity being exposed. The least of all punishments would be a public and humiliating expulsion, of the type we exposed recently.[4]

We have contacts in the police, the same ones you talk to when trying to exaggerate a purported threat to Ahmadis in the UK, when no such threat has existed in the many decades that your small community has lived in the UK. If your members are falling foul of the law, then they must be brought to account, If you do not publicly ask your members to stop, I will be forced to involve the police for the second time. The first time was when one of your members sent a credible rape threat directed against my daughters. I have faced much abuse, harassment and threats of sexual violence towards my daughters since. As an Ahmadi for 38 years, I never experienced any persecution, nor knew of anyone else who experienced it in the UK. It is only since leaving your cult that I have experienced the full force of the kind of behaviour Dr. Robert Lifton described so well.[5]

Rafiq, we have plenty of leaks we are holding back for three reasons. First, that we want you to be shaken into reforming your cult yourselves. Second, insurance, but third and most importantly because what we really want to happen in Ahmadiyya is the same thing that is happening in Egypt. For the people you financially, socially and spiritually control to rise up and demand – and receive justice. If you continue to act with impunity, we will have to release more leaks, some, like where Dr. “Basha” was trying to game Darshna Soni[7], would be hugely embarrassing, I can assure you. Please stop bullying ordinary people.

In the meantime, we also ask that you remember your obligations under your registration with the Charity Commission and not threaten to eject your poorest and most disadvantaged members for failing to pay a monstrous, obligatory cult tax. [6]

You should feel free as a charity to raise money for your PR activities. There is no law against you misrepresenting yourselves as Muslims. But there are clear regulations about obligatory contributions and there are even clearer regulations about the blurring of lines between charity and financial interests.

I have blind copied several key people.


Best regards,



Shahid Ahmad







MirzaLeaks: Pay Up or GO TO HELL!

More and more people are coming forward. We are actually finding it hard to deal with the flood of data we have received. In fact, we’re thinking of contacting Julian Assange for tips on how to deal with such a large volume of information. And the interesting thing is that this isn’t coming from foot soldiers alone, this is coming from high up. Very high up. Everywhere. Amazing.

The cult is ruthlessly exposed as a money-grabbing machine, doing nothing for its membership, tying up properties into elaborate financial constructs that are opaque to the layman. Some serious questions need to be asked of the Ahmadiyya leadership.

“Why are you taking money from us under the threat of hellfire?”

“Why have you drifted so far from Islam?”

“Why are you spreading fear about Muslims using lies and distortions and the media, when Muslims have never harmed you in the UK in a century?”

“Where did our money go?”

“Why do you continue to swindle money from the poorest members who are deserving of our help?”

“You lied to us massively about numbers to make us feel bad. Now that we know there are NO converts, isn’t Ahmadiyya finished?”

It is shocking that the Ahmadiyya are threatening its members with hell for what is meant to be a voluntary scheme.

So here, another leak, this time, from a brand new source, sent on the 9th of October this year.



My dear brothers Khuddam and Aftal, Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.
As you may already be aware the Tehrik-e-Jadid year end is fast approaching (31st October) and it is our beloved Huzur’s (atba) wish that every Khadim and Tifl steps forward to participate in this blessed scheme.

The History of Tehrik-e-Jadid

The blessed scheme of Tehrik-e-Jadid was launched by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II (ra) on 23rd November 1934 to facilitate propagation of the message of Ahmadiyyat throughout the world. The scheme has been instrumental in establishing missions and mosques in over one hundred countries. Under Divine inspiration and guidance, Hadhrat Musleh Maud (ra) initiated the Tehrik-e-Jadid, concerning which he said:

“The purpose of launching Tehrik-e-Jadid is to acquire such a fund with which Allah’s message can be delivered as far as the corners of the earth with ease and facility.” 

Initially the scheme was set-up on a temporary basis. However, by Nov 27, 1953, the scheme was made permanent by Hadhrat Musleh Maud (ra). Today, through the blessings of this scheme, the Jama’at has been established in over 178 countries. More than 13,000 mosques have been built and 740 missions have been established around the world. Moreover, at present hundreds of missionaries are working to propagate the message of true Islam. 

The importance of participation
In his Friday Sermon of 9th November 1934, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II (ra) stressed the importance of contributing to Tehrik-e-Jadid:
“Though one is free whether or not to join Tehrik-e-Jadid, but if someone has the means to join it and does not do so because Khalifatul Masih has declared it to be optional, he will be brought to account either in this world or the next…”

How much should I contribute?
Since this is not a compulsory chanda each individual has to decide for himself the amount of sacrifice he is going to make for this blessed scheme.
However it is recommended that earning members should contribute 20% of one month’s income over the year. Hazur Aqdas (atba) has also recommended the rates for unemployed & students as £50 and £25 respectively.

Therefore if you have not already done so you are urged to contact your local presidents and fulfill your promises for this blessed scheme as soon as possible. The framework of Tehrik-e-Jadid as outlined by Hadhrat Musleh Maud (ra) involved far more than simply making financial sacrifice. In fact there were also nineteen injunctions that had to be followed in order to lead a moral, spiritual and fulfilling life. For further information on this and the history of the scheme, please visit the Khuddam website.

May Allah enable you to understand the importance of this scheme and may you partake in its immense blessings.

“You cannot attain to righteousness unless you spend out of that which you love” The Holy Qur’an, Chapter 3, Verse 93
Please visit the Tehrik-e-Jadid section of the Khuddam website for more information

Tariq Hayat
Mohtamim Tehrik-e-Jadid, Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK

The Lost English Books of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I love books. I have always loved them. As a child, I would go to the children’s library alone and read for hours while other children were playing outside. For birthdays, I wanted books. I read voraciously. It’s a habit I have maintained. Although in times past my preference was for new books, when just the scent of a new book would delight me, more recently, I have developed a penchant for old books, second-hand books and rare books. It’s delightful to pick up a book on say, diabetes in hardback for one tenth of the new price, or an old novel by Kundera for less than a pound in an antique book-shop.

I recently came across a rather large collection of books in an unusual location. To my immense surprise, in that enormous pile, which I had browsed for over an hour, I found some text whose contents at first glance seemed almost familiar. The text was old, the book almost falling apart, but the sense of excitement was enormous. And that wasn’t the only book. There were more like it. I was almost giddy with excitement. This find was stunning and unexpected. I alerted my good friend AkberC and shared the news.

To cut a long story short, AkberC, who knows much more about the history of Ahmadiyya than I do, and in particular, has been in the mind of Mirza (and just about emerged sane after the harrowing experience), realised that I had hit a gold mine. We set to work on preserving the books, copying and digitising the rare old pieces.

That long effort of organising the various bits and pieces has resulted in something of a coup: The availability of some authentic, early and contemporaneous English translations of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s pamphlets to the Ahmadis and Muslims openly, for the first time perhaps in almost a century, at the Q Archives Wiki

One has to ask, why if these books were available in English so long ago, have they been ignored, indeed, suppressed by the Ahmadiyya for so long? It’s simple. The Ahmadiyya is a cult. They don’t want people to know the reality of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his true nature. Their ambition is to keep those who know about the truth of Mirza’s disgraceful character and his cult continually engaged in useless debates that will end up in wasted time. We at TheCult.info won’t fall for that. This is why we’re not bothered that Ahmadis don’t in general join in debate at the forum. The Ahmadis also know that more damage is being done to their cult through a lot of work on this blog. The exposure effort is now widespread, shared by a network of people and sites around the world, is getting organised and the cult is squirming.

The truth is simple and two-fold. The first reason these authentic books, already translated by the Ahmadiyya near the beginning of the movement have been suppressed is because the Ahmadiyya can make no progress in Muslim countries – and the movement doesn’t want to present the embarrassing face of Mirza in English to the West, for fear they won’t be taken seriously by Westerners and written off as a fringe heretical sub-strand of Islam. This is potentially their outcome in any case, their best efforts as presenting as Muslims notwithstanding.

And the second reason is that now that the “power base” of Ahmadiyya is in the West, they don’t want their own youngsters reading the laughable rubbish of Mirza, revealing him to be a spiky huckster, selling ineffectual, alcohol-based quack remedies for plague that got banned by the British Government and a paranoid, finger-pointing hypocrite with no gentlemanly qualities at all, trying to defend his reputation as an Empire ass-kisser, first class with honours. If they see that for themselves, the ones with smarts will up and leave. Many already are. I know quite a few of them.

Frankly, the Ahmadiyya knows that this myth they’ve built around their messiah, the one who conned his followers out of what little money they had and started a religion business that his son took to the next papal level, is going to get shattered if the translations of Mirza’s English books ever get out. Well here they are and let the myth-shattering begin in earnest.

First, there is the pamphlet “My Attitude Towards the British Government”. It is embarrassing to read this crawling, finger pointing, schoolboy nonsense. On the first page alone, Mirza in a tone that makes the discerning reader cringe, sets out his father’s services to the British Government during the Rising of 1857. That he describes himself as coming from a “respectable family of the Punjab” is frankly crawling. He chronicles his family’s loyalty and “submission” to an occupying regime in a manner that is obsequious at best.

He then spends the second page setting up a strawman for jihad, describing it in terms that the enemies of Islam used. Mirza was late to this party. Decades before his arrival, there were plenty of `ulama who had already successfully debated with the Christian missionaries and defended Islam against the worst of their onslaughts. Mirza did very little, despite the canards to the contrary, some of which have even been spread unwittingly by some Muslims. In fact, as we shall see later, he damaged community relations.

He goes on and on ascribing preposterous positions to Muslims, making them as bad as Christian missionaries in their attacks on Islam by page 3. It is not just maulvis who he describes as waiting for the “atrocious character” of the Mahdi, but their followers too. It is only his cult that is spared the most vulgar characteristics, oddly enough.

Read for yourself and tell us if this is the “messiah” you were expecting…

My personal favourite is “A Revealed Cure for the Bubonic Plague”. I ask any Ahmadi this. Go to a lab, ask to be infected with plague and take Mirza’s alcohol-laden quack remedy. See how far that gets you. What a shame!

This “medicine” was actually banned by the Government when they found out what was going on and removed from the shelves. Check the ingredients of the “Divine Treacle”, mostly alcohol and sold at a huckster’s price.

Is this the “messiah” you were expecting?

Another thing to bear in mind is just how short these “books” are. As brother peacelover pointed out, Mirza wasn’t as prolific as many people think. In fact, you could describe him, as brother peacelover did, as a pamphleteer.

On this site, as a result of the work of a few people, you have seen Mirza’s “forgotten” prophecy, detailed in his booklet “A Warning to a Pretender to Divinity”. The Mirzologists had hoped they’d buried this. Sadly for them, we uncovered it and exposed it. Why? Because we want Ahmadis to rejoin the faith that was stolen from them and their forefathers. We want them to come back to Islam.

And then there is the “Kashf-ul-Ghita”, addressed to the Queen and the British Government. Again, the writing is not worthy of a noble man, never mind a “messiah” or “prophet”. You will also find familiar themes, “my family was noble”, “my followers are high class”, “I love the British Government and order my followers to do the same”, “That Batalvi guy is bad, ignore him” and so on and so forth. Some of the contents of this leaflet were used by devastating effect by brother Fuad. This pamphlet is a disgrace. It portrays Mirza Ghulam as a boy being picked on in the playground. He can’t handle it, so he runs crying to the teacher.

Finally, there is “The Message” or “A Cry of Pain”. I’ll let Ahmed summarise:

A booklet ‘Mothers of the Believers’ was published, which hurt the feelings of Muslim (similar to the modern-day cartoons of the Holy Prophet). A Muslim group (Anjuman Himayat Islam) blamed Mirza Ghulam Ahmad‘s vicious polemics against the Hindus as the root cause. In this booklet, the author is at his self-praising best, claiming to posess 10 qualities that any ‘defender of Islam’ should have. A portion of the original Urdu book is in Arabic, and an appendix lists all the books in the private library of Hakeem Nooruddin which the author declares that he was ‘blessed’ to have access to.

Of course, the Anjuman Himayat Islam were right, it was indeed Mirza’s “work in the community”, namely his vicious and quite disgusting string of polemics against Christians, Hindus and indeed Muslims too that caused such profoundly hateful responses.

Why has it taken a couple of Muslims, reverts from Ahmadiyya to Islam, to bring to the attention of the English-speaking world, several pamphlets translated into English from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s originals by the Ahmadyya themselves, some in his lifetime? When you ask yourself that question, you will arrive at a simple conclusion. Ahmadiyya is a cult and its founder was a huckster, a charlatan. More of his work now stands exposed to the English-reading world, no thanks to the Ahmadiyya, whose purpose is to avoid the character of the Fraud of Qadian.

There is more to come. Remember also, AkberC’s work in translating Mirza’s supposed “Magnum Opus” the Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, a work that the Ahmadiyya has still not translated.

Yes Mr. Mirza, your message has been spread to the corners of the world, but not by you, not by Yalash, but by Muslims – and it isn’t going to help your cause one little bit.







Open Letter – Part 2 – Seismology and Epidemiology

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had never mentioned anything about earthquakes until the first week of April 1905.  Even the great Assam earthquake of 1897 (magnitude 8.1) , when the Mirza Sahib was at the peak of his polemic, did not garner much from his attention span as the tremors had not reached any of his followers or reached the Punjab.  The Assam earthquake was in June of that year, while the Mirza Sahib was busy demeaning Hussain Kami, ambassador of Sultan Abdul Hameed II, the Ottoman Khalifa, and busy with Queen Victoria’s jubilee celebrations later that month, and hinting that he, the Mirza Sahib, should be the successor to the Ottoman Caliphate.

Fast forward to 1905, three years before his death.  On the 4th of April, 1905, an earthquake struck Kangra and Dharamsala, and whose tremors were felt in Qadian as well.  However, the Mirza Sahib was oblivious to it, and it was not until TWO days later, when the news became public, that he started having revelations about this great missed opportunity for prophecy.  And prophecy he did, over and over, until he was blue in the face, about many more earthquakes in the days to come but Nature just smiled and nothing happened in his lifetime.

Much before that, he had claimed ownership to the plague in a very similar way, relating an old dream about dark-green plants to the plague, but after-the-fact as most self-declared prophets do.  And he foretold of many many other plagues, and much worse than the one that had just gone by, none of which came to pass.  Alas, his Yalash had not told him about the progress in science, hygiene and antiseptics and antibiotics, and the plague became a thing of the past. (Sometimes, I am amazed at how cruel Nature was to the Mirza:  even when there was a 50/50 chance for some prophecy of his, Nature betrayed the poor fellow.)

Thus, dear friends and family, your cult of misery was born: from the misery of others.  The way you gesticulate and are over-joyed by death and destruction is beyond human comprehension.  It is simply sick — and sickening to rational human beings.

Earthquakes happen in areas that lie on geological fault lines, and scientists can now measure the stress levels and predict relatively accurately about the probability of an event.  On the other hand, engineers have designed buildings in a way that damage to life and limb is minimal: two of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded —  the great Chilean earthquakes of 1960 and 2010 — were not as devastating to human life as the great Lisbon earthquake of 1755.  A comparison of Haiti and Chile in 2010 tell the story of good engineering and following of building codes.  The difference between Quetta and Kashmir also tell the same story.

So great are the developments in seismology that recently seismologists have downgraded the Mirza’s 1905 Kangra  earthquake.  The same Mirza Sahib prophesied that his followers will continue to excel in knowledge.  So, why can’t a bunch of Ahmadis get together and show unusual or inexplicable seismic activity at that time, or since?  Oh, wait a minute — that might prove that it was all hot air?  Is that the reason why you do not specialize in epidemiology or seismology, so that you can continue to shudder and smile at the ‘prophecy’?

Earthquakes and the plague are a sign of your cult and give you great satisfaction (I will not use the word ‘pleasure’ or its connotations).  Populations have increased and earthquakes will continue to happen in Indonesia, Japan, around the Himalayas and in Chile, among many other areas.  Do you not see how absurd and inhuman that is?  Do you want to relegate your offspring to this superstitious darkness whereas the world is becoming a better place day by day?  When will you awaken?

(More on the Ahmadiyya Quixotic forays into ‘knowledge’, literature and science . . . in part 3)