Ahmadiyya Converts: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

On the forum, brother Khalid has shared some quite embarrassing (for the Ahmadiyya) statistics. These figures are not widely shared. It’s shocking how low they are and shows just how un-dynamic this self-styled “dynamic reform movement” actually is, despite all the money it apparently spends on the “propagation of Islam”.


From 1995-2005:

Total Bai’at: 1084
Still with Jamaat: 218
Move to new Jamaat: 40
Left UK : 232
Unable to Contact: 594


In the 10 years of growth that Ahmadiyya reported as the most explosive, they only got 218 converts. That’s truly shocking. If I was a chanda paying Ahmadi, I’d want to know where it was going. I’d ask Rafiq Hayat some serious questions. Lots of pointed questions.


Here’s a yearly breakdown for a more recent period:

From 2000-2010:

2000-01: 122
2001-02: 48
2002-03: 58
2003-04: 95
2004-05: 38
2005-06: 45
2006-07: 75
2007-08: 67
2008-08: 25
2009-10: 61


As Khalid points out, there’s a lapse rate of over 50% (what a supportive community) and many of the “conversions” are just original Ahmadis coming back to active membership, renewing their pledges.

Here’s an ethnicity breakdown for 2009-2010:

English British: 7 
Mix British: 2
Palestine/Egyptian: 1
Kenyan: 1
Kenyan/British: 4
Mauritian: 1
Pakistani: 22
Pakistani British: 3
Polish: 1
Somalian: 1 
Indian/ German 1 
Indian British: 2
Guinea: 1
Egyptian: 5
Bangladeshi: 1
Czech Republic: 1
Dutch: 1
Ghanaian/ British: 1

Is there any surprise that the list is dominated by Pakistanis?

In the last 15 years, Ahmadiyya has converted and kept no more than 650 people in the UK and some of those were already Ahmadi.

Here it straight from their spreadsheet:

ahmadiyya converts spreadsheet

Ahmadis need to ask themselves just what on earth is going on. The Ahmadiyya leadership needs to stop spreading lies and it needs to stop fear-mongering too. Ahmadiyya is not growing. It is shrinking.

Come to Islam. Islam is growing. Islam is growing fast. Join our numbers.


It’s simple, I analyzed as to who was a liar between Muhammad Ali or Mahmud Ahmad. Mahmud Ahmad was the liar.

MGAQ didn’t sanction for khilafat in “The Will”, he wrote that the anjuman was collectively the khalifa-tul-masih. Noorudin wrote the same! I can give references as needed.

I read and read and read, this was in my early 20’s. I am now 27. I left at 25, just two years ago. Mahmud Ahmad needed to secure the khilafah, he was broke, his family didn’t have too much money, they were living of off a stipend from the anjuman.

Mahmud needed MGAQ to be a prophet, if MGAQ was a prophet then a system of khilafah could be established. Muhammad Ali wrote in 1909 that khilafah was not neccessary! The wife of MGAQ and her brothers and her father stepped in, the rest is history.

Almost 100 years later, the khilafah has stayed in the family of MGAQ. The 5th khalifa isn’t qualified to give a speech at a 5th grade level, yet he was chosen as khalifa, this proves that this system of khalifah is corrupt, and it was built on a lie.

You see Mahmud Ahmad forged a lie and claimed that MGAQ was a “real prophet”, he did this just to get rich. But, MGAQ had forged a lie and claimed to be Esa ibn Maryam, like father like son. Muhammad Ali was a bystander, guilty by association.


I never accepted the LAM, Next I started reading about Islam, I realized that Islam was beautiful. Then I read the controversial writings of MGAQ, Farhan explained to me as to the beauties of Islam. I read his book, I watched Shahid’s videos. I LEFT like a bat outta hell.

I quickly realized that MGAQ was the biggest liar, Mahmud Ahmad only extended a previous lie. Get the picture?