Muslim Friends meet in UAE

Just a quick salaam from four Muslim brothers, whose bond is Islam and a passion to invite Ahmadis to the Islam of Rasulullah (saw) and his companions (ra)

Muslims aren’t scary, in general, Muslims are wonderful people. It is only the Mullahs of Mirzology who have frightened the common Ahmadi for decades into steering clear of Muslims. Ahmadis are missing out! In fact, many young Ahmadis in the UK and the USA observe first hand just how decent Muslims are.

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(And a short message for brother Akber at the end)

The Cult Hides its Shame

By the grace of Allah the Exalted, the Mirza Movement Against Islam has been forced to take swift action to conceal its filth after my latest video entitled “Masroor’s Fans” (now available on request) exposed the hypocrisy of the self-styled “Saved Sect” in devastating fashion.

In a cowardly move, typical of the closed-minded cult mentality that cannot allow open discussion, they got YouTube to remove the video “Masroor’s Fans”.

Despite my making it clear that the video was never meant to be an attack on any individual, and that I respect the right of ladies to observe or not observe hijab as is their right, the Qadianis were not ashamed to show themselves to 60 million Facebook users, but somehow felt shame when I made the point of the untenable “saved sect” hypocrisy in my YouTube video.

This removal of my video was important for them because it revealed just how abusive the Qadianis can be in the comments section. It also constitutes destruction of evidence (good thing I take screen shots in anticipation of all such eventualities) after my recent email to their head office presenting their abusive followers was ignored. Clearly, their “Love for Satan, Hatred for Muslims” mantra is at play here.

In another stunning move of covering up their shame, they also pulled the two Facebook fan pages of Mirza Masroor Ahmad, but not before it was completely recorded. On their fan page, I left various comments, all polite, but I was abused openly there too, in one particuar comment I was called a “lieing psyhco” (sic) by somebody who signed off with the ridiculous “Love for All, Hatred for None” slogan. It has become clear to me that what this slogan really means is that everybody else should love the Qadianis, whilst they should feel free to hate anyone they (dis)like.

Clearly, our campaign of exposure of the hypocrisy, abuse and hatred of the Qadianis is yielding results.

All praise is due to Allah (SWT) alone, who gave Muslims the deen of Islam.

Qadianis / Ahmadis Go Too Far

I sent this email to the Ahmadiyya UK centre today after a torrent of the most disgusting comments ever were posted on my videos by Qadianis:

Dear Sir/Madam,

You know who I am, I make the videos that you would rather were not made. I am writing to you to obtain a written apology for the language used by your members against me in some of my videos, signed by the head of your movement.

If I do not get a written apology, I will go public about your “Love for All, Hatred for None” facade and show the comments made by your members, reproduced below.

Your members have at times made physical threats too. Is this what you mean by “Love for All, Hatred for None”?

Here are some of the aforementioned comments. The language is Qadiani:

“lol he 38 old lonely shit,from hammersmitih telin us love 4all, u aint ahmdi da 1 bruv
i told u to make video wit ur mama, is she very old then make video wit ya sis, act like a 38 years old and stop postin 5 year old videos
ur people will love it
il see u around hammersmith mmmm dnt no wot u mite cum across wit ”

“coz u are fat shit hahahahahahah, thanx 4 talkin bout urself,but u hav got laanit in ur face,nowonder Allah made u a dog, bark in ya videos”

“weren’t you the fag who got kicked out the jamaat 😉 ?

you have way too much time on your hands.. you must be unemployed right?

most pathetic video clip ever!

please also note.. 95% of your viewers are ahmadis.. ”

“your a LOSER blad get a life u NEEK what a fooooooolll ”


“luk nxt tym make a video of u fukin ur mum yh,wud luv evry muslim boy will see hahahahahahhaha, ur mum gave details 2 u wen she tumped u hahahahah”

“lol if ur mama da bitch is ahmidi then dnt think da old women gave u any brains, coz ur not ahmidi so hw can she be 1,
k if ur mums old then jus make a video wit u tumpin ur faat ass wit ur sister ”

“ur from hammersmith bruv,il find ya lol ”

“i told u ur not ahmidi nether is ur dam fuked up syco family. so i told u u fat shit, make porn video of ur oldd mama or sister and post it on u tube, u frm hammersmith, see u soon”

“hahahahha 38 year old man livin and fukin his mama, ur not ahmdi at all u wer neva 1, no wonder ur a lonelyyyyyyyyyyy fat shit,wear no1 will even look at u,
how saad u actin like a 12 year old postin video, be mature and post naked video od ur mum or sista , lol mumslim boyyyyyys like u will love it hammersmith boy opps man”

“prophet, ur a fattt syco aret ya, 38 year old fat motherfukin shit, and still bein a mama boy, hav u seen ur face ur 1 hek of a fuked up shitaann

i told u 2 make video wit ur mama, or sista and ur boys wiill luv it, i kno ur mama is not ahmdi anyways, so tumped her hard and post vidio, not video wer a 10 year old can do,”

“ohhh scotland bruv u got that rong, mmmmmmm u shud b scared, lol of ALLAH 2



I have blind copied several key people. Your deviant cult has descended to depths even the foul-mouthed Mirza Ghulam Ahmad couldn’t plumb.

You have until Friday night to respond or I go public. So far my campaign has been low level. How you respond determines my next level of activism.

Finally, I am aware that you hypocritically have used violence to silence some of your critics. The people blind copied are witness that I consider myself threatened. (I have filed the threatening emails separately)

Shahid Kamal Ahmad

And their slogan is “Love for All, Hatred for None”. Their language apes their founder’s, who routinely called his opponents “bastard” and “spawn of whore” etc.

A brief note: Those who are used to my swearing should note that I have never used foul language towards these people in my correspondence.

What I have been up to

You might have noticed a drop in the frequency of these posts. Insha’Allah, I might well post here again, but in the meantime, I request that you watch my videos on YouTube. My username is shahidkamal and here are some current links:

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The ghulam-Ahmadis had my videos taken down under a DMCA notice. I defended myself and they withdrew. Alhamdulillah, my videos were reinstated under the protection of the law.