Which Ahmediyyat?

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Speaking as a non-Ahmedi Ahmedi, I was always taught that Ahmediyyat is the only united Islam, that we have a unified movement. I was told that there was only one split in Ahmediyyat. But there are more than just two kinds, there are many!

Today we are going to go through a list of various Ahmediyyat sects and groups.

The first in the lineup is the Jamaat Ahmediyyat Islah Pasand. They follow Abdul Ghaffar Janbah, who says he is Ghulam-e-Massihuzaman (Musleh Maud) and Khalifatullah. Here is a trailer of their fourth Jalsa Salana.

He frequently says that Allah has given him revelation, prophecies and other ilhams. He gained enough attention and popularity to openly debate the Ansar Raza Saab. The title of this debate is “Debate between Dr Aamir and Moulvi Ansar Raza”.

The second group is the Ahmediyyat Community, led by UK-based Mirza Masroor Ahmed. He also claims to be Khalifatullah. Here is a picture of him with the Ontarian Premier.


His website is http://www.alislam.org/

The third in our line-up is Green Ahmediyyat, founded by Mirza Rafi Ahmed, whom they call “Mahmood-e-Sani Confidant of Ayub-e-Ahmadiyyat Harzrat Sahibzada Mirza Rafi Ahmed (AS)”. He is pictured below.

Their website is http://greenahmadiyyat.org/

Fourth is Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. It is headed by Munir Ahmad Azim. In addition to the previously mentioned, he also claims to be Khalifatullah. They claim that the sect of Mirza Masroor Ahmed is persecuting him and his followers.

What I like about this group is that they not say that Mirza Masroor Ahmed is not following the true teachings of Ahmediyyat, but neither is Abdul Ghaffar Janbah. A recent blog post argues exactly that, you can read it here: http://sahih-al-islam.blogspot.com/2014/03/musleh-maoud-declaration-of-20-february.html

Their official website is: http://www.jamaat-ul-sahih-al-islam.com/.

Fifth on the list is the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al-Mouslemeen. They are headed by Zafrullah Domun, who also claims to be the Khalifatullah. He is pictured below:


They claim to be the true followers of Ahmediyyat and ague that the mainstream Ahmedis and their leaders have gone astray. He has written an open letter to the leaders of the mainstream Ahmedi sect.

His community’s website is: http://www.jaam-international.org/

Sixth on our list is Jamaat Ahmediyyat Haqiqi, led by Nasir Ahmad Sultani, pictured below. He also claims to be true Khalifatullah and a divine reformer of the Ahmediyyat.


At least he has the same pagri style as Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Sahib!

Here is a video of him giving one of his khutbahs

He also held a debate with Ansar Raza Sahib here:

This Jamaat is growing and has converted many from the followers of Mirza Masroor Ahmed. His website, http://al-ahmadiyyat.com/official/ boasts many converts from other Ahmediyya sects.

Seventh is Anwar-ul Islam Nigeria. They were formerly part of the sect of Mirza Masroor Ahmed Sahib, but broke apart to establish their own autonomy in Nigeria. The details are unclear, but the dispute arose because of a legal battle between Masroor Sahib’s sect and the Nigerian community, which eventually led to a division. Their website is here: http://www.anwarulislam.com/

Finally is the famous Lahori Sect, officially known as Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha’at-e-Islam Lahore, founded by Maulana Muhammad Ali. He argued that his interpretations of the teachings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed are the true teachings and the Qadian-based sects do not truly follow his teachings. He is pictured below, preaching in Karachi in the 1940s.


You can find more early Lahori pictures: http://ahmadiyya.org/photos/hist-ind.htm

Their official website is here: http://www.aaiil.org/

So take your pick! Which Ahmediyyat sect do you want to follow!

Hazrat Mirza Rafi Ahmed Sahibimage24231hazrat-mirza-masroor-ahmad-2011-2-18-13-21-10image5445Abdul-Ghaffar-Janbahnasirm-ali1

Will the real Ahmedi Mullah please stand up!!!

We hope and pray that Ahmedis will see the ridiculousness of this false religion and come back to the original Islam. Do not follow new religions and sects! Ameen!!!

What is a Cult?

بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على آله و سلم تسليما

The first half of the 19th century witnessed the rise of many new religious movements all over the world. One possible reason for their popularity was the global change in social, political and economic realities. This led many to find comfort in new age, often apocalyptic faiths that preached that dramatic changes were a sign of the end of times.

As an outsider looking at Ahmadiyya, I never understood why many former Ahmadis so vehemently call Ahmadiyya a Cult. I initially thought it was merely out of anger against their former community. After all, can’t all religious be seen as Cults by outsiders? But an article in the Wall Street Journal titled When Does a Religion Become a Cult gave me pause…

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Aljazeera Debate – Behind the Scenes

Now that I have had a chance to catch my breath: First of all, all praise to Allah who has ordained that falsehood shall never stand a chance when the light of truth shines on it. It may take years or decades, but it is inevitable.

Many people have asked: what was it like?

First was the interview with the producer. Some people think that one just shows up. No. The producer vets you to make sure that the participants are not an embarrassment to the programme.

Second, we made sure we had backup computers and a wireless Internet connection, proper background and lighting. Then the preparation – I had my daughter and assistant, Sarah, sitting on my left tweeting — she was to signal to me if my facial expressions got too agitated (can’t stand liars) as this was a ‘social media’ young crowd who like ‘cool’. Although I am getting old, she can relate to the younger crowd. Then, AK Shaikh was sitting far away and had to do a ‘timeout’ signal whenever he thought I was going off-track. He did not have the benefit of watching the stream as we did not want to bog down the Internet connection, and there was a time delay as well.

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Ahmadiyya and the Rise of its Extremism

(Cross-posted at Peace, Bruv)

On Wednesday 18th May, there will be a policy debate on “the rise of extremism internationally and its impact on Britain” hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group for the “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community” in conjunction with the “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK” held in the House of Commons.

In order to register your interest in attending this event, you’ll need to write to the Ahmadiyya. That’s right, Kafka couldn’t have dreamt this up. In order to register your interest in attending a debate that will in all likelihood tar British Muslims with the brush of extremism and even terrorism, you have to write to a cult whose leader, Mirza Masroor in 2007 labelled all those who reject its founder (and self-claimed prophet) as Satan-worshippers.

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Cult Weddings and the Mind Games of “Forgiveness”

After the humiliating and repugnant mass, public expulsion of Ahmadis for participating in a wedding not-to-the-liking of the leadership of the Church of Mirzology, it appears that his highness Mirza Masroor has taken it upon himself to “forgive” a sub-set of the participants.

No doubt this comes as a result of the cult being shamed on this blog. One has to ask on what authority his Highness Mirza Masroor thinks he has the power of forgiveness?

We can only put this latest episode down to mind-control. Let’s hope Ahmadis the world over give up on supporting this cult and come back to Islam, insha’Allah.

Letter from center

(With thanks to an American contact for the letter. Names have been blanked out to protect the “forgiven”)


Ahmadiyya Cries Wolf: Sensationalism and Subversion

We just intercepted this email sent to the Khuddam of Ahmadiyya. It makes for interesting reading:

Assalmaoalaikum warahmatullah brothers,

Following Sadr sahib’s instructions to Khuddam this afternoon I have some humble requests to make.

1) I have spoken with Dr. Basharat Nazeer sahib (Jamaat’s Press Secretary) regarding the feedback to C4. Dr Nazeer was suggesting that it should not necessarily be made evident that it is only Ahmadis who are writing feedback of support to C4’s website. So please choose the wording which is sort of neutral yet commending the job done by Darshana Soni (who is under serious distress as a result of an unexpected backlash by the mullahs of KN). Can I humbly request that all Khuddam up and down the country should be encouraged to respond to the call by Sadr sahib as it is our moral duty to show support to Darshna Soni for her excellent work. Our support should greatly outnumber the feedback of criticism from KN and its followers.

Please note that KN already have been asking their followers to write to C4 in opposition to the presenter/programme. Dr Nazeer has promised that he will soon send some sort of guideline regarding the type of language that could be used for the support of the programme.

2) Also Basharat Nazeer sahib with the help of his team is going to email a standard response for any potential interview by any of the radio/TV channels. I am waiting on his guidelines which I will forward to you on their receipt.

3) May I also suggest that with sadr sahib’s permission each region can contact their local radio channels and show willingness for being interviewed regarding the hate campagin. This should be done in an organised manner and the interviewee must be well briefed in light of the guidelines. i have also requested Dr Nazeer to send us clear guidelines for the interview. Dr Nazeer is of the view that if we proactively contact the local radio channels for being interviewed in this regard then chances for success are quite bright.

Time is of the essence in this regard, please act swiftly in light of Sadr sahib’s instructions. May Allah bless and protect our jamaat from all sorts of mischief.

Farooq Mahmood
In-Charge Press and Media Committee MKA UK

(Please note in particular the area I have emphasised.)

If you’ve seen the misleading and sensationalist reports, which have caused grave offence to Muslims, and smeared many by association to a leaflet that nobody seems to have seen, then you will be surprised at the content of this email.

1) Dr Nazeer, the Ahmadiyya Press Secretary is suggesting that Ahmadis lie about their identity so that it doesn’t seem that emails in support of Ahmadiyya come only from Ahmadis. Other than this technique being straight out of the Zionist Hasbara playbook, it is also deceptive and proves a coordinated attempt from the top down to subvert the feedback to the press.

2) It mentions that Darshna Soni is under “serious distress”. The only distress that Darshna might be feeling, if at all, since I doubt she is in the habit of telling the Ahmadiyya of her feelings, is that of the gnawing realisation that she’s been had by the Ahmadiyya. Darshna is otherwise a really good journalist and I would expect at some point that she will seek to create a balancing piece. When she does, we will show her just what the Ahmadiyya is really like.

3) The email implicitly criticises KN for a coordinated response. Obviously, KN is entitled to respond. It has broken no laws and there exists no evidence linking KN with any crime. Some serious allegations were made that smear Muslims and it is right that Muslims should object to these smears, instigated as you can see by the media-savvy Ahmadiyya. The interesting point is that there was no coordination as such – the first email that I’m aware of was sent by a Muslim unconnected to KNA.

4) They refer to a “hate campaign” again. The only hate campaign I know of is being conducted by the Ahmadiyya against Muslims, in smearing them by associating them with one leaflet that nobody seems to have seen.

5) Once again, Muslims are smeared as “mullahs” and there is reference to an “unexpected backlash”. We are Muslims and if you smear us, we are entitled to respond to that. We do so openly and decently. In fact, we are within our rights to complain to OfCom about being tarred with the “hate” and “terror” brush again and again and again. Ahmadiyya has now confirmed its place in the Rogues’ Gallery of Islamophobes.

Muslims are open about who they are. Channel 4 should be aware that if they receive pro-Ahmadiyya propaganda from supposedly unaligned sources, that it is likely to be manufactured by the Ahmadiyya. If I was a broadcaster, I would now begin to pay serious attention to the repeated accusations by former members of the Ahmadiyya that it is a cult. Many of us at this web-site speak for Ahmadis who do not have a voice within their community. It is simply shocking that in 21st Century Britain there should exist a community whose members simply don’t have a voice. The rank and file of Ahmadiyya, some of whom are my good friends, do not care much for their leadership, but tribal codes and cult-like antics keep them scared, and trapped.

If anyone saw the BBC piece today, they would have been struck by the simply disgraceful antics of the shirk-master Rafiq Hayat, who shamelessly raised the spectre of “suicide bombing”. This was in stark contrast to the balanced and rational answers given by Akber, who once again was a credit to KN and the Muslims. Ahmadiyya membership should know that broad Muslim support of the awareness activity of KNA is perfectly legitimate. At least we are open about it.

There is a consensus view in the Ummah that Ahmadiyya is not Islam and this was made plain by the MCB in a recent press release. For the last time: Muslims do not condone persecution of the Ahmadiyya, but we are within our rights to define the boundaries of our religion – and we are within our rights to safeguard ourselves against routine deception. The CPS looked at the evidence and decided that there was no case. We Muslims love Britain, we are peace-loving, hard-working and we resent being smeared by the Islamophobes of Ahmadiyya (with media complicity) just as much as we resent the Anjem Choudharys of this world for the damage they are allowed (with media complicity) to inflict on our good name.

The press would do well to look at how Ahmadis treat their own membership, forcing their poorest, oldest and sickest to give 10% of their benefits to an outfit whose Amir seemingly endorses shirk and sexism, whilst foaming about demons that simply don’t exist.

Raising awareness amongst Muslims of the routine deceptions of the Qadianis (note proof of deception above) is not hatred, any more than warning people not to be taken in by Scientology is.

Are we Anti-Ahmadiyya?

بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على آله و سلم

Recently, a petition by the UK Ahmadiyya community to declare the Khatme Nabuwwat Academy a “hate group” was denied. Admittedly, I do not know much about the Khatme Nabuwwat Academy. But, this got me thinking, is TheCult spreading hatred against Ahmadis? Are we Anti-Ahmadiyya? Are we a hate group? This is a claim that is often levied against this blog.

Lets discuss…

What is the purpose of TheCult? In short, we are a group of Muslims who have come together to call our misguided sisters and brothers from the Ahmadiyya religion back to Islam. In other words, we want our dear brethren back. In doing so, we draw attention to flaws in Ahmadiyya beliefs, factual inaccuracies of the faith, and the unquestionable superiority of Islam over Ahmadiyya.

But, couldn’t this blog be difficult or even painful to read for an Ahmadi? Undoubtedly so! After all, this is not about race or national origin, this is about one’s Deen! But, the Qur’an says in Surah al-Baqarah:

وَعَسَىٰ أَن تَكْرَهُوا شَيْئًا وَهُوَ خَيْرٌ لَّكُمْ
…but perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you…

While it can be difficult to hear that Ahmadiyya is not Islam, criticism of a religion, philosophy or belief-system is not automatically equated to “hate speech”. By tautological definition, hate-speech requires hatred, not factual and logical criticism.

Now lets compare this with what the Ahmadiyya leaders have done. For decades, they have written books filled with arguments against Islam and for Ahmadiyya. This is not perceived as anti-Islamic and hate-speech against Muslims. But, if a Muslim criticizes Ahmadiyya, it is hate-speech…?

Further, there is a clear concerted effort by Ahmadi leadership to stereotype those who criticize their faith as “mullahs” (including upon yours truly). This is akin to stereotyping Jews as money-grubbers. If anything, this is true “hate speech”.

We do not expect Ahmadis to change their minds over-night. It took Abu Sufiyan رضي الله عنه many years and many battles before he embraced the Truth. We ask our Ahmadi readers to let their guards down, read what we have to say, and internalize our positions. This is the epitome of open-mindedness! If you reject Islam for Ahmadiyya, that is your choice. But, if you accept Islam, we welcome you with open arms and an open heart.

May Allah continue to guide Ahmadis to Islam!

The Effective Approach

بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على آله و سلم تسليمٌ كثيرٌ

When I initially began my Da’wah efforts to the Ahmadis, I was under the impression that evidence and reasoned logic were sufficient to convince anyone of the truth. But, throughout my discussions with many ex-Ahmadis who embraced Islam, I realized that while the evidence was certainly a part of their conversion experience, the biggest factor was visiting a thriving Muslim community and seeing the reality of our general community, leadership and scholars.

Does Reason Work?
In the past, I have shown many arguments on the failures of Ahmadiyya and the superiority of Islam. Open-minded Ahmadis have told me the arguments have made them question. But, not-so-open-minded Ahmadis will posit a response no matter how ludicrous it is. For example, with the help of Brother Shahid, we demonstrated clear-cut grammatical errors in Mirza Ghulam’s alleged English revelations. When unable to find a technicality to justify his clearly grammatically incorrect English, defenders of Ahmadiyya resorted to:

Is perfect grammar a REQUIREMENT of truthfulness? 🙂 And no matter how hard you try, you can never break this argument! 🙂
-SultanulQalam Canada

This is not a response, this is an acknowledgement of error. (And it goes against this verse) Had we observed faulty English in the likes of Baha’iullah, no Ahmadi defender would have objected to rejecting him. But, because the claimant happens to be Mirza Ghulam, the close-minded will employ Sophistry and give any possible response to vindicate a clearly erroneous position.

So does reason work? Yes, many are convinced by the reason and logic that Islam offers over Ahmadiyya. This has proven to be fruitful for many. But, I also defer to what Imam al-Ghazali wrote in his Deliverance from Error:

Anyone who believes that the unveiling of truth is the fruit of well-ordered arguments belittles the immensity of divine mercy.

The Effective Approach
Ahmadis are told that the Muslims are astray, without any leadership, utterly divided into countless sects, led by “jahil mullahs” and essentially inviable.

But, when they actually visit a masjid, a different picture sinks in. As Farhan Qureshi says in the video about his conversation, he expected to see “bearded mullah terrorists”, but instead was amazed at the thriving community he witnessed. Another convert to Islam from Ahmadiyya told me when he visited the Muslims in Ramadan, the connection to Allah that he experienced was far superior to anything he saw in Ahmadiyya.

There are countless other stories on the same pattern. Ahmadis convert to Islam when they see our communities. They question, “if the Muslims are not as bad as we are taught, in fact quite the opposite, what then was the purpose of the Ahmadiyya community to begin with”?

Do reason and logic have a role? Most certainly yes! But, from my perspective it does not seem to be the dominant reason. Islam is not a religion that is conveyed from books and well-formed arguments. Even the Qur’an required the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم to explain it and guide with it. Islam is conveyed from Heart to Heart.

Thus, a better approach might be to show the Ahmadis our community. To invite them to our masjids. To send them our literature that has nothing to do with Ahmadiyya (which is pretty much all of it anyways). To genuinely befriend them, offer them help when needed, treated well, and be their personal invitation into Muslim community. And, if the only access we have to them is through an internet medium, have them listen to our Sheyookh over YouTube.

Based on my experience, this seems to be a very effective approach. As in all things, there are two main difficulties ahead:
A) Are we able to humble ourselves and be patient enough to slowly wean Ahmadis towards Islam? Or are our intentions so corrupt that we only seek to argue, insult and ridicule, thus further driving them away from the Truth? This means no more negative comments directed at them. Even those comments that expose their faults must be done so with kindness and humility.
B) Violence and persecution against them. Those who attacked their centers in Pakistan did nothing but commit one of the worst sins: murder of innocent life. And, they helped instill a siege mentality whereby ordinary Ahmadis are emotionally attached to the religion even if they recognize it as a misguidance.

In our dealings with Ahmadis, let us not follow the Sunnah of Mirza Ghulam, who resorted to cursing and insults. Let us follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم who guided the most wretched kufaar to the greatest religion.

May Allah continue to guide the Ahmadis to Islam.

و صلى الله عليه و على آله و سلم تسليمٌ

Takfīr – Declaring others Kāfir


This is one of the most touchy topics between Muslims and Ahmadis, inspiring the most enmity and ill-feelings between the two religions. But, I think that this important topic that should be discussed in a civil, respectful yet firm manor.

First, a definition. Roughly speaking, Takfīr (تكفير) means to declare someone not a Muslim. This dangerous task is only done to save the Muslims from falling into deviant or otherwise corrupted interpretations of Islam which would render them non-Muslims.

I do not call individual Ahmadis kāfir. I never have and, in sha Allah, I never will. The reason I do not is because I personally know Ahmadis who are only Ahmadi by-name, but in reality they are Muslims. They only bear the title “Ahmadi” because they were born into the faith. I do not claim to know what is in the hearts of Ahmadis. Instead, I declare the religion itself to be Kufr. Meaning, the religion Ahmadiyya is not Islam. I judge the religion, not the individual adherent of the religion. This is why we call Ahmadis from Ahmadiyya and to Islam.

Lets compare this to the writings of Mirza Bashir-ud-Deen Mahmood Ahmad, the second “khalifah” of Ahmadiyya. In his book The Truth about the Split, he wrote about the issue of Takfīr. The following are three quotes, starting from his highly questionable quote moving to his most extreme declaration.

On page 74 of the book, he wrote:

Now, as we hold that the revelation which came to the Promised Messiah are such that their acceptance is obligatory on mankind in general, to us, the man who rejects the Promised Messiah is a kafir agreeably to the teachings of the Holy Quran, although he may well be a believer in all the other truths of religion because the presence even of one of the necessary conditions of Kufr is sufficient to make a man kafir.

In this quote, Mahmood Ahmad declares Muslims who do not believe Mirza Ghulam is the Maseeh as kaafirs. Now consider the following quote. On page 162, he wrote:

Then in my own words. I summarised the purport of the quotations as follows: “Thus, according to these quotations, not only are those deemed to be kuffar, who openly style the Promised Messiah as kafir, and those who although they do not style him thus, decline still to accept his claim, but even those who, in their hearts, believe the Promised Messiahas to be true, and do not even deny him with their tongues, but hesitate to enter into his Bai‘at, have here been adjudged to be kuffar.

In this quote, Mahmood Ahmad re-declares Muslims to be kufār, but then takes the additional step to even declare those Ahmadis who have not formally given him the Bay’ah (pledge) are not Muslims. This quote is more aggressive. Lets now look at the most extreme quote. On page 70, he wrote:

These changes, according to Maulawi Muhammad Ali, relate to three matters; … (3) the belief that all those so-called Muslims who have not entered into his Bai‘at formally, wherever they may be, are kuffar and outside the pale of Islam, even though they may not have heard the name of the Promised Messiah.

In this most extreme statement, Mahmood Ahmad declares 1.2 billion Muslims to be kufār, even if they have not heard the name Mirza Ghulam. Ironically, most Ahmadis become upset that the religion itself has been declared a separate religion, distinct and unique from Islam.

(There are other statements of this nature by Mirza Ghulam himself, but I’ll save those for another post)

To my Ahmadi readers, do not accept this aggressive declaration of Kufr from those whom you invest your faith in. Instead, leave this false prophet and his misguidance and embrace the traditional path of Islam. Islam is in your blood, take back what Mirza Ghulam stole from you. I would be honored to call you my brother- not in Ahmadiyya- but in Islam.