Qadiani Extremism

We were given this leaflet recently. As you can see, the Qadianis are holding a Q&A at their place of worship entitled “Teachings of the Holy Quran and Muslim Extremism“. Needless to say, this is typical Qadiani propaganda. Outwardly, they profess to be a cult of “peace”, but their modus operandi is to smear Muslims at every single opportunity with the brush of extremism, intolerance and hatred. We Muslims take exception to this offensive and hateful behaviour by the Ahmadiyya cult.

It would be interesting to see how many Muslims get into this event and how many questions they get to ask.

Perhaps Muslims would like to call Mr. Rafiq Ahmad Arif and find out if they’re welcome or not? Then log the results.


Qadiani leader calls Ground Zero mosque an affront to “human decency”

Two weeks ago, the Assistant National Director of Interfaith Relations for the Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya came out in opposition to the proposed Islamic center in downtown Manhattan (“the Ground Zero mosque”). In a column in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Qasim Rashid argues that the mosque is an affront to “human decency” and offends the memory of the 9/11 victims.

Ironically, this is the same argument that has been used by right wing extremists who have threatened violence against the mosque for similar reasons. He also claims, without citing any sources, that the Saudi government is funding the mosque; again, fomenting hysteria about Saudi plots to take over America is a common tactic of neo-conservative Islamophobes.

With New York being home to over 800,000 Muslims, the fear-mongering in response to the Ground Zero mosque at times borders on absurdity. This is how Clyde Haberman of the New York Times summed up the controversy: “The center, which could rise as many as 15 stories and has the blessing of local officials from the mayor on down, makes some people uneasy. The reasons are understandable, if not entirely admirable. Some opponents, mostly political conservatives, have exploited the discomfort with statements that are inflammatory or misleading, or both.”

Naseem Mahdi, one of the foremost Qadiani clerics in the United States, recently claimed that his group represented “one of the leading movements” aimed at “bringing Muslims out of the dark ages.” Again, the resemblance to radical neo-conservative dogma is striking. For it was none other than Paul Wolfowitz, deputy defense secretary under Pres. Bush, who said “We need an Islamic reformation” and then proceeded to lead the invasion of Iraq.

More to the point, such remarks lead one to question how the Qadiani leadership reconciles their laudable doctrine of “Love for all, Hatred for None” with their apparent support of intolerance and bigotry towards Muslims in America.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was an Uncle Tom

In the history of European conquest one person stands out as having supported the Europeans more than anyone else in recorded history.  That person is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian.  In one book he even described his loyalty as second to none (see “My attitude towards the British Govt”).  This individual and his forefathers totally turned their backs on their fellow brothers in the Indian subcontinent during the fall of Islam and the rise of the European War Machine.  It is amazing that an alleged “prophet” could totally turn his back on the oppressed people of the Indian subcontinent and then support the European War Machine based on the idea being that since these Europeans were offering religious freedom, somehow this exempted them from behaving humanely towards the technologically challenged.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad indirectly and directly supported the European war machine based on one ideal.  And that is religious freedom.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad argued that since they offered religious freedom, no people should fight against them.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad indirectly argued that it was acceptable for them to tax the people of India (without representation), and steal gold and diamonds from Australia and South Africa and kill innocent indigenous people all around the world.

This story of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is an economic one and it started indirectly as the USA was created.  In the late 1700s the Brits lost the Americas to the new settlers who complained about taxation without representation.  The Brits were charging the new settlers of the Americas a tax-rate without allowing these settlers to have any members in the British congress.  A schism was created and the settlers won the war against the Brits.  Similarily, the Brits were taxing Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs in the Indian subcontinent, yet they disallowed any of these Indians to hold a seat in any British congress or presidency.  They basically confiscated all the taxable land and resources of India, then made Indians pay tax on their earnings.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his family swooped in and were able to get land grants and good jobs because of their abandoning attitude towards their own people.  Any invading force is always looking for traitors and the Mirzas stood up to help them.

The reason that the Brits looked elsewhere after their failure in the Americas can simply be described as an economic endeavor.  The Brits lost a huge stream of capital (the Americas) and were reeling from this loss.  They needed a new way to create vast amounts of capital.  They focused in on the Indian Ocean and the spice trade, they also gauged the value of South Africa and realized that this was the most important trade post in the entire world.  They also realized the geographical importance of Australia.  At this point (mid 1840s) the Brits hadn’t found gold and diamonds in Australia or South Africa.  They were killing the indigenous for the rights to trade and land.

The Brits knew that South Africa was the most important country where a port needed to be built.  South Africa was at the mouth of the Indian Ocean as it connected to the Atlantic.  Every ship had to pass and stop through South Africa before continuing on to Europe.  The British annexed the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa in 1806.  The Brits had only envisioned this as a port and an important trade stop.  In 1867 diamonds were found and in 1884 gold was found.  The Brits began a series of wars in which they almost totally killed the black man in South Africa.  Not only did they take the black man’s land, but now they were stealing the precious natural resources that were buried beneath South African Soil.

Similarily, in the 1850’s a gold rush began in Australia, which 60 years led the British govt. to pass a law in 1901 (the same year that MGAQ claimed prophet-hood) that only whites could emigrate to Australia.  Nonetheless, the whites began killing millions of Aborigines and proceeded to steal their natural resources.

In India, first the Brits succeeded in dethroning the Mughal Empire, then they placed a minority group, i.e. the Sikhs in control.  When they grew impatient with the Sikhs they removed them from power and assumed control of the entire subcontinent.  The Brits were on a roll, they controlled South Africa, India and Australia, essentially they controlled the entire Indian Ocean.  The Brits had recovered the capital stream that it lost to the new settlers in the Americas.

It was under this environment that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was raised.  Instead of educating Muslims about the true intent of the Brits, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad asked Muslims to honor these people and pay them homage for being good people and allowing religious freedom.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was not just paying lip-service, he was dead serious!

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was asking Muslims to give up on the silly ideas of Jihad and join these Brits and be their loyal subjects.  While the BOER war was going on in South Africa, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad attempted to collect money and send it to South Africa.   Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was asking Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs to support the Brits in their quest for global domination.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was asking all Indian people to stop fighting the Brits and be friendly towards them, in the meantime the Brits were killing Africans and Australians for gold and diamonds.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was asking Muslims to stop thinking about fighting for their country and religion, but, ironically he supported the Brits as they killed humans for gold and diamonds.

I was reading a newly found book of MGAQ entitled “My attitude towards the British Govt” and made the following observations:

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad alleges that all the maulvis of India claim that the spreading of Islam with the sword is part of the religion.  What a baseless claim, he forgets to mention that we MUST offer Jizya to anyone who doesn’t accept Islam and then protect and guard those people and treat them fairly.  This Jizya is compensation for not joining Islam, this Jizya was compensation for their men not joining our military.  In comparison to Christianity, Islam is an extremely peaceful religion.  Do the math!

Unlike the European barbarians who raped the Americas with the flag of Christianity waving in the backround, Muslims were kind and didn’t brutally kill those were lesser in terms of technology.   In contrast, these Europeans killed everybody, they raped every girl, they killed many children.  And the best argument that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad could give was that the maulvis were wrong?  MGA was totally kissing ASS and asking for favors and money from these people, and he got it.

Then he goes on to write that the Quran doesn’t sanction for an all out war against unbelievers.  That is totally absurd!  The Quran tells us that if the unbelievers are aggressive and bold and kill innocent Muslims (or people in general), in that case we can do an all out war.  But that premise or idea isn’t rare in terms of people and culture.  My question is, how did the USA respond when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor?  Was the USA innocent in WW2?  Did the Japanese bomb Hawaii for no reason?  No, the USA was selling arms to Britain and France and getting rich doing it, ever heard of the Industrial Revolution?  The Japanese were trying to get rid of the supply source.  In other words the USA was aiding and abetting against the Japanese and the Germans, that is an act of war for any country, in any time and in any circumstance.

The USA unleashed the two biggest military explosions in the history of the planet in response to the aggressiveness of the Japanese, ever heard of an atom bomb?  Then they hurled Japanese-Americans into concentration camps until further notice, they didn’t even ask these people who they sided with.  I think the Islamic response to similar circumstances is very relaxed in comparison.

So please don’t call Islam violent when the British Govt. and other white people made it a hobby to loot and pillage other cultures and people.  Africa is still stuck in political problems because of the white man did there! Nelson Mandela was in jail for 20+ years because he stood up to the descendants of the Brits and the Dutch.

In the same book, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad continues to snitch on the Muslims of India as he tells his MOM (the Queen) that these Muslims are awaiting a personality that will crush and kill the Christians.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad forgets to mention that the Muslims don’t like the white man based on their history of conquest and destruction.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad fails to criticize the white man for their aggressive behavior in Australia, Africa or the Americas.

He continues to write that “these Muslims” are awaiting an atrocious personality called Mahdi and Messiah who will spill Christian blood throughout the world.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad continues to describe Muslim theology as extremely dangerous in terms of British business in India.  He also continues to admonish the Civil and Military gazette for blaming him (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) as an agitator, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad says that he is clearly on the side of the white man and his been his benefactor since at least 1857 when his father helped the Brits.  He continues to assert that “these Muslims” are only paying lip service, they are not really on the side of the white man.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad asserts over and over again that he has published books in Persian, Arabic and Urdu in an attempt to stop Muslims from thinking about rebelling against the Brits.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad continues to tell the Brits that he is in fact concerned about their advancement in the world.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad writes that the Brits are a favor from Allah.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad continues to try to convince the Brits that he is their right hand man whereas these other maulvis are lying about their true intentions.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad asserts that there is no other Indian in the entire country who is more loyal to the Queen than he is, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claims that he is second to none in loyalty.

He writes further that the Qur’an is totally against raising a man to divinity and that Allah has allowed this nation (which supports shirk) to govern over all Muslims.  He continues to write that he has tried to “up-root” the ideas of JIHAD which could be a detrimental towards British business in the region.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad backpeddled on calling the Europeans DAJJAL.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad writes that he only means DAJJAL in a restricted sense.  He says that in his own estimation DAJJAL only means alloy, and that he only means this word in the sense that Christianity was corrupted, not in the sense of an evil empire.

He ends by calling the Christian preachers DAJJAL in a very restricted sense.  He also gives no indication that any other person helped him write this.  It appears that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself is a scholar of English and his written this manifesto himself.

In conclusion, based on reading of this book of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad I was inspired to write the above material.  Any conquering nation, as they began on their conquest they always look for the ‘sell-outs’, they found an entire family worth in Qadian, India.

In the 1917 the Brits double-crossed every Muslim on the planet when it issued the Balfour Declaration and began allowing Jews to enter into a Muslim country.  This double-crossing became the garden for defaming Islam.

The declaration was made in a letter from Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Rothschild (Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild), a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, an obviously Zionist organization. The letter reflected the position of the British Cabinet, as agreed upon in a meeting on 31 October 1917. It further stated that the declaration is a sign of “sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations.”

And these were the people that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had written about?  This decision by the Brits has given Islam the worst reputation of any religion ever.  And this was a situation where the Muslims of Palestine were innocent.  The Brits created a situation which has given the Muslims grief for the past 100 years.  This situation probably played a part in triggering the heinous attack of Sept. 11, 2001.

In my opinion it was the Brits who have defamed and put Islam into a corner.  And there was one of us from Qadian, India who supported them whole-heartedly.  In all of my research on Ahmadism, this one fact has left me with a bad taste in my mouth.  The reality of Ahmadism as it was created under the rule of the British is the most harmful attack on Islam since the Crusades.  I pray to Allah that he returns Islam to its pristine purity.  I pray that Allah allows Muslims to see the facts and inculcates into the hearts of men, that every Muslim should be educated.   From Morocco to Japan, from London to South Africa and from Alaska to Antarctica.

Ahmadis as Silent Sufferers?

The very muted Ahmadiyya response after the terrorist atrocities in Lahore have been commented on in many fora.

While the attack on the Ahmadiyya was a terrorist atrocity, and I condemn the perpetrators, it did not exist in a vacuum, or in a state of ‘silent suffering’. Please watch what the Ahmadiyya leadership said on Fox News earlier in May. Their position was factually incorrect as well as rhetorically inflammatory to all peace-loving Muslims:

While the terrorist attacks are deplorable, I really wish that in the current atmosphere in Pakistan, where the United States Army is attacking Pakistani soil almost every day, the Ahmadiyya can do better than to take indefensible positions based on false information, and do not use that to bash the vast mainstream Muslim community on the most anti-Muslim platform in the United States.

What happened in Lahore was an atrocity, but Nasim Mahdi’s campaign in the United States earlier in May was not silent suffering — not by a long shot!

Open Letter – Part 2 – Seismology and Epidemiology

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had never mentioned anything about earthquakes until the first week of April 1905.  Even the great Assam earthquake of 1897 (magnitude 8.1) , when the Mirza Sahib was at the peak of his polemic, did not garner much from his attention span as the tremors had not reached any of his followers or reached the Punjab.  The Assam earthquake was in June of that year, while the Mirza Sahib was busy demeaning Hussain Kami, ambassador of Sultan Abdul Hameed II, the Ottoman Khalifa, and busy with Queen Victoria’s jubilee celebrations later that month, and hinting that he, the Mirza Sahib, should be the successor to the Ottoman Caliphate.

Fast forward to 1905, three years before his death.  On the 4th of April, 1905, an earthquake struck Kangra and Dharamsala, and whose tremors were felt in Qadian as well.  However, the Mirza Sahib was oblivious to it, and it was not until TWO days later, when the news became public, that he started having revelations about this great missed opportunity for prophecy.  And prophecy he did, over and over, until he was blue in the face, about many more earthquakes in the days to come but Nature just smiled and nothing happened in his lifetime.

Much before that, he had claimed ownership to the plague in a very similar way, relating an old dream about dark-green plants to the plague, but after-the-fact as most self-declared prophets do.  And he foretold of many many other plagues, and much worse than the one that had just gone by, none of which came to pass.  Alas, his Yalash had not told him about the progress in science, hygiene and antiseptics and antibiotics, and the plague became a thing of the past. (Sometimes, I am amazed at how cruel Nature was to the Mirza:  even when there was a 50/50 chance for some prophecy of his, Nature betrayed the poor fellow.)

Thus, dear friends and family, your cult of misery was born: from the misery of others.  The way you gesticulate and are over-joyed by death and destruction is beyond human comprehension.  It is simply sick — and sickening to rational human beings.

Earthquakes happen in areas that lie on geological fault lines, and scientists can now measure the stress levels and predict relatively accurately about the probability of an event.  On the other hand, engineers have designed buildings in a way that damage to life and limb is minimal: two of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded —  the great Chilean earthquakes of 1960 and 2010 — were not as devastating to human life as the great Lisbon earthquake of 1755.  A comparison of Haiti and Chile in 2010 tell the story of good engineering and following of building codes.  The difference between Quetta and Kashmir also tell the same story.

So great are the developments in seismology that recently seismologists have downgraded the Mirza’s 1905 Kangra  earthquake.  The same Mirza Sahib prophesied that his followers will continue to excel in knowledge.  So, why can’t a bunch of Ahmadis get together and show unusual or inexplicable seismic activity at that time, or since?  Oh, wait a minute — that might prove that it was all hot air?  Is that the reason why you do not specialize in epidemiology or seismology, so that you can continue to shudder and smile at the ‘prophecy’?

Earthquakes and the plague are a sign of your cult and give you great satisfaction (I will not use the word ‘pleasure’ or its connotations).  Populations have increased and earthquakes will continue to happen in Indonesia, Japan, around the Himalayas and in Chile, among many other areas.  Do you not see how absurd and inhuman that is?  Do you want to relegate your offspring to this superstitious darkness whereas the world is becoming a better place day by day?  When will you awaken?

(More on the Ahmadiyya Quixotic forays into ‘knowledge’, literature and science . . . in part 3)

100 Red Buses

I was amused to see the Mirzologists resort to advertising to push their support for illegal, imperialist wars in the run-in to the general election. It’s probably no accident that just a week after the transparently straw-man outfit “Islam4UK” got banned for talking about wanting to demonstrate against a war of occupation, that Shahid Malik MP, a man who would sooner pronounce an oath of fealty to Gordon Brown than the shahadah, should be backing a campaign by the Ahmadiyya that would make even “Muslims for Secular Democracy” blush.

Indeed, Shahid Malik, with whom it embarrasses me to share my first name, said

“[the community]…can be proud of their commitment in championing the themes of ‘loyalty, freedom, equality, respect’ and ‘peace’ – themes which help build stronger, more cohesive communities.”

If Shahid Malik thinks that the Mirzologists want anything to do with the Muslim community, he’s utterly misguided. As a trivial example, I’ll mention that an Ahmadi recently walked unquestioned into the mosque and questioned me openly( and was treated with courtesy) at Tooting Islamic Centre, where I gave a talk recently, but that any Muslim trying to get into Baitul Futuh, their centre in Morden, will get questioned remorselessly by their security guards and evicted if he wants to have a discussion armed with any of the facts about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, their founder who was fond of calling his opponents “bastards” and “progeny of harlots”. Not the kind of thing that was ever conducive to good community relations, I think you’ll agree. In fact, a friend of mine who was Ahmadi visited the Baitul-Futuh, his own place of worship at the time, and he was questioned rudely. He walked out and walked into Islam. Alhamdulillah!

As a less trivial example, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the founder of the Ahmadiyya, cast out the whole of the Ummah from Islam, declaring them hellbound and satanic, whilst stealing the labels of Islam for himself and his cronies. Again, hardly conducive to good community relations. Malik is going to find it very hard to get support from his Muslim constituents in future. (Good luck with the handful of Ahmadi votes, Shahid. I hope it was worth it!)

And so it appears that the widely discredited Quilliam Foundation is gradually being eased out of the current administration’s affections as the “House Paki” du jour by the Ahmadiyya. Except that the Government has misjudged again. The Ahmadiyya does not represent Muslims at all. The Ahmadiyya is no more than 2M worldwide as opposed to the Muslims, who number in excess of 1.5 billion, growing faster than any other religion today. The Mirzology membership figures go up and down an order of magnitude from one week to the next without explanation. Their true membership in the UK is no more than 40,000, a figure which hasn’t changed significantly since the 1980s, casting doubt onto their claim that they are the most “dynamic” denomination, and it’s a figure that pales into insignificance next to the 1.6M+ Muslims of the UK. Mirzologists are useful to the government only as lapdogs, a pattern that the Ahmadiyya has followed since their founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who claimed to be Jesus’ second coming. Indeed, Masroor said in their bus pass message yesterday:

“A true Muslim can never raise his voice in hatred against his fellow citizens, nor for that matter against the ruling authority or government of the time…he should remain loyal and fully abide by the laws of the land of which he is a subject.”

Other than the fact that a Muslim cannot be a Muslim if (s)he believes in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a prophet, this is just waffle without meaning. Mirzologists regularly raise their voices in hatred against Muslims. Of course that won’t bother Shahid Malik and it certainly won’t bother the Labour Government, because that’s what they have been trying to achieve themselves for the last few years, starting with Jack Straw’s comments on the niqab. And speaking truth to power is Islamic. Although the Mirzologists are happy to show ample disrespect towards Pakistan, they are the perfect “House Paki” for toeing the party line on the misadventures in Iraq, Afghanistan and every other Muslim country we invade and destroy.

Any time there is a non-incident, like Islam4UK talking about a legal march that everybody knew wouldn’t happen, the Mirzologists are first to jump on the “that’s not Islam” bandwagon, but whenever Muslims are murdered around the world, the Mirzologists are silent. Silent that is except on various forums and in their houses, where they express utter delight that the Muslims are getting what was coming to them.

Meanwhile, Brits of all persuasions, Muslim or not, brown or not, are united against oppression, and voice their opinions loudly. The Mirzologists are mute. Why? Because their vision of loyalty is not loyalty to an ideal of democracy or freedom of speech, but loyalty to power.

Muslims speak truth to power by direct command of the prophet who said:

“The best jihad is to speak the truth in the face of a tyrant.”

This is what Muslims do. This is what the best of the British do. This isn’t what Mirza Ghulam Ahmad taught and so it isn’t part of the Ahmadiyya ethos. I’ve never known of Ahmadis being encouraged to engage in a peaceful protest about war, whether it be the famous march against the Iraq debacle, or the recent onslaught against the innocent civilian population of Gaza. Indeed, when I’ve asked a scholarly Ahmadi about this, he affirmed that Palestinian kids die because they didn’t accept Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as the Promised Christ. I kid you not.

Dissent against tyranny is the way Muslims roll.

It’s the way decent people in this country and in other countries roll. It’s lending your voice to the oppressed, which the prophets have done since time immemorial. The hucksters, like Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, were busy bootlicking Queen Victoria while her forces raped India and bled her dry. But never mind that, eh? Let’s get a message out on some buses about what good “house pakis” we are!

Other than the sheer cringe factor in seeing a non-Muslim entity like the Mirzologists of the Ahmadiyya tout themselves as Muslims on a double decker, there is also the preponderance of thought-stopping slogans to contend with.

“Loyalty, Freedom & Peace”

Loyalty? Of course Muslims are loyal. I wrote about that in 2006 in a widely read piece. (Warning, those were the days I used very bad language in my writing. I stopped over a year ago, but if you can tolerate filthy language, it’s still a very good piece about the loyalty of Muslims, demonstrated empirically by the University of Lancaster. And no, I doubt they spoke to the Mirzologists.)

Freedom? Not for their members.

Peace? Not towards dissidents or people who leave the oppressive, repressive cult that doesn’t allow free speech to its members.

I’m reminded of Orwell:

Treachery is Loyalty
Oppression is Freedom
Tumult is Peace

Their founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wasn’t a pleasant man. He was certainly treacherous towards Muslims. There is even some evidence that he was hypocritical in his stance about his British rulers.

He was certainly oppressive, conducting a vicious advertising campaign against a married woman, prophesying death for her family members and husband and eventual marriage to him, publishing “revelations” of seeing her naked, all of which only stopped when he got a taste of his own medicine. One wonders why his “god” stopped talking to him then.

And he certainly caused tumult, effectively destroying community relations between his cult members and Hindus and Christians, especially after a Hindu leader, Pandit Lekh Ram got mysteriously murdered after a Mirza prophecy and when Abdullah Atham, a Christian convert from Islam, went into hiding to avoid the likely outcome of another of Mirza’s death threats. Mirza was eventually given a gag order and forced to stop predicting the deaths of his opponents. His “god” had been prevented from revealing death for people. How interesting.

Our attention is then turned towards their hippy slogan of “Love for All, Hatred for None”. As has been proven over and over, their hatred shows no bounds. Their membership uses hateful language towards all Muslims. They gloated about the Pakistan earthquake, saying that no Mirzologist died, and that Pakistan and Kashmir had been punished for killing some Mirzologists a few days earlier. They said that the tsunami in Indonesia, which killed hundreds of thousands, was because that country rejected the second coming of Jesus Christ; you’ve guessed it, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is the man the Mirzologists claim is Jesus.

Yet another messiah claimant to add to the long line of fruit cakes and impostors that Jesus and Muhammad (peace and prayers be on them both) warned us about.

I don’t really have a problem with the advert or its contents, other than the fact that the Ahmadiyya doesn’t speak for Islam, as according to universal Muslim consensus, Mirzology is a cult that lies outside Islam. What I have a problem with is the Ahmadiyya hypocrisy. They should lay bare their true teachings and practices, warts and all – show the world the repressive and hateful cult that they are. Or at least change their slogan to one that is truly reflective of their values:

Love for All (imperialists)

Hatred for None (bar Muslims and many of their own members)

Masroor & His Islamophobe Buddy

If you ever wanted to see in a single picture why Ahmadiyya is not Islam, here it is.
Bishop of Rochester and Head of Ahmadiyya

To see the details of this event, yet another miserable, but ultimately fruitless attempt by the governmentof Britain and the Qadianis to sow falsehood and division in the ranks of the Ummah, something that the divide-and-rule merchants have been trying to do since the heydey of the British Empire (a tactic now brilliantly exploited by other fascists around the world), you might want to look at this PDF press release by the Qadianis.

Want to know more?