Cult Weddings and the Mind Games of “Forgiveness”

After the humiliating and repugnant mass, public expulsion of Ahmadis for participating in a wedding not-to-the-liking of the leadership of the Church of Mirzology, it appears that his highness Mirza Masroor has taken it upon himself to “forgive” a sub-set of the participants.

No doubt this comes as a result of the cult being shamed on this blog. One has to ask on what authority his Highness Mirza Masroor thinks he has the power of forgiveness?

We can only put this latest episode down to mind-control. Let’s hope Ahmadis the world over give up on supporting this cult and come back to Islam, insha’Allah.

Letter from center

(With thanks to an American contact for the letter. Names have been blanked out to protect the “forgiven”)


Thoughts on the Murder of Ahmadis in Indonesia

بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على آله و سلم

Indonesia: The most populous Muslim country

For those who do not know, recently three Ahmadis in Indonesia were savagely beaten and killed by an angry anti-Ahmadiyya mob. The images are disturbing, as extremists continued to bludgeon to death a lifeless body.

TheCult repeats its consistent and on-going condemnation of acts of violence against innocent Ahmadis. No one should be harmed based purely on the religion he espouses. Many of the members of TheCult team have family who are still followers of the Ahmadiyya religion and we are personally offended that potentially even their own parents or siblings could be the victims of such heinous crimes. We pray that after a thorough investigation, all those responsible for the murders are arrested, tried and punished to the maximum extent of the law. Ameen.

I know that no amount of condemnation will stop the most extreme Ahmadis from associating us with violence. In the face of such a calamity, their hatred is directed at anyone who even peacefuly criticizes their faith. To such people we respond, say what you will, we refuse to be victims of your collective judgement. We refuse to be associated with violence and extremism. You might as well stop reading this article from here. Seriously, go away, it does no good…There, now that they’re gone, only the thinking Ahmadis remain!

We all know the verses against killing innocent people or against vigilantism, they have been repeated many times before. So allow me provide you with a unique motivation for condemning acts of violence against Ahmadis, a perspective you might never have considered…

…But first, a relevant predicate…

Imam al-Ghazali رحمه الله, in his The Decisive Criteria between Islam and Hersey, opined that while reason is useful, reason alone is seldom why people hold the positions they do. Rather, reason and logic primarily serve to support a previously-held conviction. Both Muslims and Ahmadis believe they possess a monopoly on reason, while the other is completely bereft. Both sides quote the Qur’an, the prophetic traditions, believe they are true and the other is baseless. So how do we determine who is upon Haqq?

Short answer: The Heart

While Allah does talk about the intellect, the Qur’an primarily speaks in terms of the spiritual heart (قلب). We hear the terms ‘soft heart’ or ‘hearts like stone’. Surah al-Baqarah says, “Allah has placed a seal upon their hearts”, not “intellects”. In other words, the primarily vehicle of accepting the Truth is not through rational arguments, though they do have their place. It is through guidance that Allah bestows upon those he wishes good for. All we have to do is open our hearts.

When an Ahmadi is killed, what is the response from other Ahmadis? Anger! Rage! Hatred! All of which is completely understandable and justifiable! Loss of life is no small matter.

But consider the result: Emotional Ahmadis who are completely unwilling to even consider traditional Islam. The thought cannot enter their minds. They think, “How could I accept the religion of the ones who persecute us? You want me to accept the religion of these savages? No, I will remain Ahmadi!” Thus, they become psychologically entrenched. At that point, its not about reason, its about the negative emotions they have towards traditional Muslims.

A single barbaric act wipes away years of da’wah efforts by those who call Ahmadis to Islam. What’s worse, anyone who peacefully argues against Ahmadiyya with kindness and patience is painted with the same broad brush as the actual extremists. They are the victims of emotion-based rhetoric such as “This is the true face of your Anti-Ahmadiyya!”

One of the biggest enemies in our da’wah efforts to current members of the Ahmadiyya religion is the violence that is done against them, sadly in the name of Islam. Not only because it is evil and sinful, we condemn acts of violence because they undermine our efforts and push Ahmadis further into Ahmadiyya.

It goes deeper than that. Considering that they claim their population is upwards of 200 million, how many Ahmadis have been killed in the entire world since its foundation? A few thousand? Maybe a million? Try 356. That’s 0.000178% of the current population (does not include members who have lived and died since then).

Compare that to the Muslim population in Chechnya (and increasingly now in Dagestan). The wars in the 1990s exterminated 25% of the Muslim Chechen ethnic group. That’s one out of every four people, dead. In Bosnia, the Serbian soldiers were ordered to systematically rape Muslim Bosnian women. Perhaps the most persecuted Muslim group in the world based purely on their religion are the Shi’as who have experienced a May 28th once every few months through masjid bombings, stabbings, beatings and other persecution.

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni on violence in the name of God

This begs the question, if the numbers are so low compared to the Muslims, why are there websites like and Android Phone applications that seemingly advertise their persecution? Because it serves a very useful purpose: To inculcate the “siege mentality” which prevents an emotional person from ever considering traditional Islam with an open heart. The religious elders know emotionalism is an effective tool, and they exploit it.

It is sad what is being done to Ahmadis in various parts of the world. Even if we never come to any sense of agreement, we must always treat each other with kindness and respect, because just like what the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم said about Ta’if, perhaps from the children of the current Ahmadis will arise a generation of Muslims.

May Allah end all violence against all religious groups, including Ahmadis, and continue to bring them to Islam.

و صلى الله على سيدنا محمد على آله و سلم

Ahmadiyya and the Mumbo-jumbo Business

After I watched br. Shahid’s video about “Rafiq Hayat’s Mumbo Jumbo: Shirk & Sexism”   I sent the following email to Rafiq Ahmed Hayat on 9-Dec-2010 and I copied the same to Mirza Masroor himself, Hani Taher of the Arab Ahmadiyya and Mirza Mudassar Ahmed of Majlis Khuddamul Akmadiyya UK. 

Regrettably they neither responded nor took corrective action. As a result I tried to reach Rafiq Hayat at his mumbojumboworld telephone number on 17-Dec-2010. His secretary asked me to call later since he wasn’t available that time; however she confirmed that Rafiq Ahmed Hayat is a director for the company.

I realized later that the secretary was wrong since Rafiq Hayat is not a director for the group though he is a director for all the UK companies which belong to the Mumbo Jumbo group. It seems the secretary herself was confused about this mumbo-jumbo business since all the sub-companies have had the same address and telephone number of Mumbojumboworld. 

I was puzzled more and more at this mumbo-jumbo thing when I noticed that all the mumbojumboworld companies are related to the Ahmadiyya Jamaat itself and to Al-Shirkatul Islamiyyah Company where Rafiq Hayat works as accountant.


I wanted to ask Rafiq Hayat:

–       What is the nature of the business relationship between Mumbojumboworld and Ahmadiyya Jamaat?

–       Is Mumbojumboworld the place where the Jamaat invests the Chanda money? Do they use the charity arm of Mumbojumboworld to collect a sort of Chanda from non-Ahmadis?

–       What is the opinion of Rafiq Hayat about those cartoons published at the site which he had chosen as official website for the companies related to MTA and Ahmadiyya business?

–       Why does the charity business of Mumbojumboworld support organizations like Hineni Jerusalem Committee which focuses on Jewish unity? Is it the same reason why the Mumbojumboworld’s logo is the Star of David?


I could finally talk to Rafiq Hayat by phone on Monday 20-Dec-2010. However, he denied receiving my email though he was aware about the cartoons issue since he didn’t ask me about their content. When I asked him to comment on the bad cartoons published at the website of his company he sputtered in a  throttled voice:  “I am not the owner, this is a big company”.

I asked him to comment as a director of all Mumbojumboworld subsidiaries and as a national president of Ahmadiyya UK. However, before I continue with asking my remaining questions, he said that he cannot give such information through phone! and that I should send my questions to him in writing. Then all of a sudden, the line was switched off after I asked him to confirm his email address since he claimed that he didn’t receive my earlier email.

After few hours I received two emails from Mumbojumbowrld; the first one was from the Admin who apologized about the cartoons and promised that such mistakes will not recur. The second email was from Rafiq Hayat himself.

Unlike his behavior during our telephone conversation, Rafiq Hayat was polite in his email; he claimed that he didn’t read my email earlier since it went to Junk; he also apologized by claiming that our call was accidently dropped. Most likely he realized that his written response would be published.

Rafiq Hayat also clarified that he is not a director for the group. However he said that he has taken up the matter with the management who informed him that the cartoons will be removed immediately from the website.

I sent the following email response to Rafiq Hayat on 21-Dec-2010:


Unfortunately he didn’t reply till date; however, soon after I sent a reminder on 23-Dec-2010, the cartoons were removed from the website. Interestingly they also removed the email address and the name of Rafiq Hayat from the contact details. Apparently they wanted to keep Mr. Hayat in the shadow; but they forgot to remove the photo of the little Rafiq Hayat and the other photos of Mumbojumboworld great team members.


Why is Rafiq Hayat hiding? Why doesn’t he want to be connected to Mumbojumboworld though all the companies of this group are related to MTA and the Ahmadiyya Jamaat? Why didn’t he check the content of though he had accepted it as the official website for his Ahmadiyya-related companies? Why does he claim now that he doesn’t accept personifing his God in cartoons though he had already accepted the same God Yalaah to be personified in reality?


Finaly if Mumbojumboworld is in the business of properties, why was their Youtube channel only busy with supporting Rafiq Hayat’s Islamophobia?

Interestingly they have also closed the account of Mumbojumboworld at Youtube on 23-Dec-2010. Apparently they didn’t know I have taken a snapshot.

Exciting Changes

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

as-salaamu `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

I’d like to share some exciting news with you. Quite a few people have come to Islam from Ahmadiyya in the last month. The numbers are growing by the week of people openly saying what they are doing. We are being told that the work we are doing is having an effect. Alhamdulillah! We take no credit for anything other than conveying the message. If Allah wills, all Ahmadis would come to Islam.

We’re also going to change the site. The existing forum will be ditched for another system. (The old system will still live on, just for reference). The blog, front page and forum will be much more integrated. There will be an FAQ section, profiles on writers and most importantly, a brand new name. Please note, none of the existing content will be lost, insha’Allah.

We recognise that the name “” has not appealed to everyone. That we believe it is a cult and that many insiders do doesn’t mean that it needs to be pushed in the faces of those who might otherwise engage, but think the title too hostile. Whilst we have always used the title as a matter of fact and not of insult or hostility, that it is perceived as such is not helpful to dialogue.

My aim has always been to facilitate Ahmadis coming back to Islam, that view is shared by many other writers here. I feel that a more open Ahmadiyya organisation and a more friendly approach between Muslims and Ahmadis can only help. We are not there yet, but I’d like to move towards it. My Iqra interview was meant to emphasise that and the following week’s discussion was a great example of dialogue. We’d like that process to continue and we’d like to openly invite Ahmadis, as we have always done, to the new platform, where Muslims, Lahori Ahmadis and Qadiani Ahmadis can discuss important issues openly.

And peace unto those who follow the guidance.

Ahmadiyya Cries Wolf: Sensationalism and Subversion

We just intercepted this email sent to the Khuddam of Ahmadiyya. It makes for interesting reading:

Assalmaoalaikum warahmatullah brothers,

Following Sadr sahib’s instructions to Khuddam this afternoon I have some humble requests to make.

1) I have spoken with Dr. Basharat Nazeer sahib (Jamaat’s Press Secretary) regarding the feedback to C4. Dr Nazeer was suggesting that it should not necessarily be made evident that it is only Ahmadis who are writing feedback of support to C4’s website. So please choose the wording which is sort of neutral yet commending the job done by Darshana Soni (who is under serious distress as a result of an unexpected backlash by the mullahs of KN). Can I humbly request that all Khuddam up and down the country should be encouraged to respond to the call by Sadr sahib as it is our moral duty to show support to Darshna Soni for her excellent work. Our support should greatly outnumber the feedback of criticism from KN and its followers.

Please note that KN already have been asking their followers to write to C4 in opposition to the presenter/programme. Dr Nazeer has promised that he will soon send some sort of guideline regarding the type of language that could be used for the support of the programme.

2) Also Basharat Nazeer sahib with the help of his team is going to email a standard response for any potential interview by any of the radio/TV channels. I am waiting on his guidelines which I will forward to you on their receipt.

3) May I also suggest that with sadr sahib’s permission each region can contact their local radio channels and show willingness for being interviewed regarding the hate campagin. This should be done in an organised manner and the interviewee must be well briefed in light of the guidelines. i have also requested Dr Nazeer to send us clear guidelines for the interview. Dr Nazeer is of the view that if we proactively contact the local radio channels for being interviewed in this regard then chances for success are quite bright.

Time is of the essence in this regard, please act swiftly in light of Sadr sahib’s instructions. May Allah bless and protect our jamaat from all sorts of mischief.

Farooq Mahmood
In-Charge Press and Media Committee MKA UK

(Please note in particular the area I have emphasised.)

If you’ve seen the misleading and sensationalist reports, which have caused grave offence to Muslims, and smeared many by association to a leaflet that nobody seems to have seen, then you will be surprised at the content of this email.

1) Dr Nazeer, the Ahmadiyya Press Secretary is suggesting that Ahmadis lie about their identity so that it doesn’t seem that emails in support of Ahmadiyya come only from Ahmadis. Other than this technique being straight out of the Zionist Hasbara playbook, it is also deceptive and proves a coordinated attempt from the top down to subvert the feedback to the press.

2) It mentions that Darshna Soni is under “serious distress”. The only distress that Darshna might be feeling, if at all, since I doubt she is in the habit of telling the Ahmadiyya of her feelings, is that of the gnawing realisation that she’s been had by the Ahmadiyya. Darshna is otherwise a really good journalist and I would expect at some point that she will seek to create a balancing piece. When she does, we will show her just what the Ahmadiyya is really like.

3) The email implicitly criticises KN for a coordinated response. Obviously, KN is entitled to respond. It has broken no laws and there exists no evidence linking KN with any crime. Some serious allegations were made that smear Muslims and it is right that Muslims should object to these smears, instigated as you can see by the media-savvy Ahmadiyya. The interesting point is that there was no coordination as such – the first email that I’m aware of was sent by a Muslim unconnected to KNA.

4) They refer to a “hate campaign” again. The only hate campaign I know of is being conducted by the Ahmadiyya against Muslims, in smearing them by associating them with one leaflet that nobody seems to have seen.

5) Once again, Muslims are smeared as “mullahs” and there is reference to an “unexpected backlash”. We are Muslims and if you smear us, we are entitled to respond to that. We do so openly and decently. In fact, we are within our rights to complain to OfCom about being tarred with the “hate” and “terror” brush again and again and again. Ahmadiyya has now confirmed its place in the Rogues’ Gallery of Islamophobes.

Muslims are open about who they are. Channel 4 should be aware that if they receive pro-Ahmadiyya propaganda from supposedly unaligned sources, that it is likely to be manufactured by the Ahmadiyya. If I was a broadcaster, I would now begin to pay serious attention to the repeated accusations by former members of the Ahmadiyya that it is a cult. Many of us at this web-site speak for Ahmadis who do not have a voice within their community. It is simply shocking that in 21st Century Britain there should exist a community whose members simply don’t have a voice. The rank and file of Ahmadiyya, some of whom are my good friends, do not care much for their leadership, but tribal codes and cult-like antics keep them scared, and trapped.

If anyone saw the BBC piece today, they would have been struck by the simply disgraceful antics of the shirk-master Rafiq Hayat, who shamelessly raised the spectre of “suicide bombing”. This was in stark contrast to the balanced and rational answers given by Akber, who once again was a credit to KN and the Muslims. Ahmadiyya membership should know that broad Muslim support of the awareness activity of KNA is perfectly legitimate. At least we are open about it.

There is a consensus view in the Ummah that Ahmadiyya is not Islam and this was made plain by the MCB in a recent press release. For the last time: Muslims do not condone persecution of the Ahmadiyya, but we are within our rights to define the boundaries of our religion – and we are within our rights to safeguard ourselves against routine deception. The CPS looked at the evidence and decided that there was no case. We Muslims love Britain, we are peace-loving, hard-working and we resent being smeared by the Islamophobes of Ahmadiyya (with media complicity) just as much as we resent the Anjem Choudharys of this world for the damage they are allowed (with media complicity) to inflict on our good name.

The press would do well to look at how Ahmadis treat their own membership, forcing their poorest, oldest and sickest to give 10% of their benefits to an outfit whose Amir seemingly endorses shirk and sexism, whilst foaming about demons that simply don’t exist.

Raising awareness amongst Muslims of the routine deceptions of the Qadianis (note proof of deception above) is not hatred, any more than warning people not to be taken in by Scientology is.

Rafiq Hayat’s Mumbo Jumbo: Shirk & Sexism

How do Ahmadis feel about their Ameer being associated with the demeaning representation of women and with shirk?

Have a look at the team section at and see for yourself. Then look at the entry for the charity on the Charities Commission website and note that the website highlighted in the video is the correct one – and that the main signing trustee in the reports is none other than Rafiq “Raf” Hayat.

Activity Update

as-salaamu `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

Tonight at 7pm on Channel 4 there is going to be a short news piece on the vicious hate campaign conducted by the Ahmadiyya against Muslims.

The KNA (Khatm e Nubuwwat Academy, London), led by Abdul Rahman Bawa and Sohail Bawa, stood up to the vicious Qadiani Propaganda in the U.K. media.

Channel 4 News will air the Ahmadiyya Investigation tonight, in which the UK Muslims’ viewpoint is represented by the KNA, with brother Akber speaking for the KNA.

Please keep in mind that this was not a debate, but a defence to some very serious criminal allegations against the KNA under the 2006 Religious and Racial Hatred Act.  Alhamdulillah, the Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) decided not to uphold the case.

Please let us know your feedback, and also keep us informed of any anti-Muslim media activity by the Qadiani/Ahmadiyya

On another note, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Sister Findings and this interview is now being processed. It is going to take a fair bit longer than expected. It is frankly disgusting that in the UK, a British citizen cannot speak freely and is living in fear of recriminations by the cult she is trapped by. In going open, she would expose her family to social, psychological and emotional ruin. Please be patient, the interview should be up in a week or so, but we need to take every measure to protect the identity of Sister Findings.

Finally, we will be showing you a very revealing video in the meantime, thanks to another insider tip-off (from another non-Ahmadi Ahmadi source!). Look out for that this evening. It will be a surprise, but not as much a surprise as it will be to Ahmadis, and to their “Ameer”….

[Update: Looking at the TV listings, it appears that Channel 4 News is on at 7:30pm. I’d suggest tuning in at 7pm anyway, then staying tuned just in case. I’m sure it will be worth it]

Qadiani Extremism

We were given this leaflet recently. As you can see, the Qadianis are holding a Q&A at their place of worship entitled “Teachings of the Holy Quran and Muslim Extremism“. Needless to say, this is typical Qadiani propaganda. Outwardly, they profess to be a cult of “peace”, but their modus operandi is to smear Muslims at every single opportunity with the brush of extremism, intolerance and hatred. We Muslims take exception to this offensive and hateful behaviour by the Ahmadiyya cult.

It would be interesting to see how many Muslims get into this event and how many questions they get to ask.

Perhaps Muslims would like to call Mr. Rafiq Ahmad Arif and find out if they’re welcome or not? Then log the results.


Hacker Division of Ahmadiyya

Further developments – the Ahmadiyya Hacker units have tried to crack the admin password on and failed.

Whilst the professional wolves in sheep’s clothing constantly bleat on to the press and MPs about alleged “hate”, they continue to perpetrate hate and crime against those who expose their cult-like nature.

It’s no wonder that many people are leaving that cult in droves, secretly and openly. I guess those chanda exposés really hurt them…

Qadiani Desperation

What appears to have been a hacking attempt on has just failed miserably, ostensibly by a Qadiani, from Kingston.

The silly thing is, this proves how weak their cult is. After all, I have no intention of doing anything sneaky to their website, their website is the best advert for their intellectual bankruptcy out there anyway.

What losers, that they’d try to reset the password in a pathetic attempt to take over the site. This follows in the wake of their orchestrated attack on Muslims recently through the media and politicians.

Be careful oh cult of Ahmadiyya, the media and politics works both ways. They will be looking your way soon, now that you’ve roused their interest. And we have plenty of interesting facts to relay to them. And lots, lots more.