Which Ahmediyyat?

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Speaking as a non-Ahmedi Ahmedi, I was always taught that Ahmediyyat is the only united Islam, that we have a unified movement. I was told that there was only one split in Ahmediyyat. But there are more than just two kinds, there are many!

Today we are going to go through a list of various Ahmediyyat sects and groups.

The first in the lineup is the Jamaat Ahmediyyat Islah Pasand. They follow Abdul Ghaffar Janbah, who says he is Ghulam-e-Massihuzaman (Musleh Maud) and Khalifatullah. Here is a trailer of their fourth Jalsa Salana.

He frequently says that Allah has given him revelation, prophecies and other ilhams. He gained enough attention and popularity to openly debate the Ansar Raza Saab. The title of this debate is “Debate between Dr Aamir and Moulvi Ansar Raza”.

The second group is the Ahmediyyat Community, led by UK-based Mirza Masroor Ahmed. He also claims to be Khalifatullah. Here is a picture of him with the Ontarian Premier.


His website is http://www.alislam.org/

The third in our line-up is Green Ahmediyyat, founded by Mirza Rafi Ahmed, whom they call “Mahmood-e-Sani Confidant of Ayub-e-Ahmadiyyat Harzrat Sahibzada Mirza Rafi Ahmed (AS)”. He is pictured below.

Their website is http://greenahmadiyyat.org/

Fourth is Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. It is headed by Munir Ahmad Azim. In addition to the previously mentioned, he also claims to be Khalifatullah. They claim that the sect of Mirza Masroor Ahmed is persecuting him and his followers.

What I like about this group is that they not say that Mirza Masroor Ahmed is not following the true teachings of Ahmediyyat, but neither is Abdul Ghaffar Janbah. A recent blog post argues exactly that, you can read it here: http://sahih-al-islam.blogspot.com/2014/03/musleh-maoud-declaration-of-20-february.html

Their official website is: http://www.jamaat-ul-sahih-al-islam.com/.

Fifth on the list is the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al-Mouslemeen. They are headed by Zafrullah Domun, who also claims to be the Khalifatullah. He is pictured below:


They claim to be the true followers of Ahmediyyat and ague that the mainstream Ahmedis and their leaders have gone astray. He has written an open letter to the leaders of the mainstream Ahmedi sect.

His community’s website is: http://www.jaam-international.org/

Sixth on our list is Jamaat Ahmediyyat Haqiqi, led by Nasir Ahmad Sultani, pictured below. He also claims to be true Khalifatullah and a divine reformer of the Ahmediyyat.


At least he has the same pagri style as Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Sahib!

Here is a video of him giving one of his khutbahs

He also held a debate with Ansar Raza Sahib here:

This Jamaat is growing and has converted many from the followers of Mirza Masroor Ahmed. His website, http://al-ahmadiyyat.com/official/ boasts many converts from other Ahmediyya sects.

Seventh is Anwar-ul Islam Nigeria. They were formerly part of the sect of Mirza Masroor Ahmed Sahib, but broke apart to establish their own autonomy in Nigeria. The details are unclear, but the dispute arose because of a legal battle between Masroor Sahib’s sect and the Nigerian community, which eventually led to a division. Their website is here: http://www.anwarulislam.com/

Finally is the famous Lahori Sect, officially known as Ahmadiyya Anjuman Isha’at-e-Islam Lahore, founded by Maulana Muhammad Ali. He argued that his interpretations of the teachings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed are the true teachings and the Qadian-based sects do not truly follow his teachings. He is pictured below, preaching in Karachi in the 1940s.


You can find more early Lahori pictures: http://ahmadiyya.org/photos/hist-ind.htm

Their official website is here: http://www.aaiil.org/

So take your pick! Which Ahmediyyat sect do you want to follow!

Hazrat Mirza Rafi Ahmed Sahibimage24231hazrat-mirza-masroor-ahmad-2011-2-18-13-21-10image5445Abdul-Ghaffar-Janbahnasirm-ali1

Will the real Ahmedi Mullah please stand up!!!

We hope and pray that Ahmedis will see the ridiculousness of this false religion and come back to the original Islam. Do not follow new religions and sects! Ameen!!!

Qadiani Jesus

On Christmas Day, I attended the “Arise and Warn” event at the Memon Centre in South London, hosted by iERA. There I met Shaykh Suliman Gani, who invited me to give a talk at the Tooting Islamic Centre on Boxing Day. I accepted. Here is a large extract of that talk, but for the full version, properly recorded and edited, I recommend that you wait for the version filmed by MessageTV, in which you will find the proper beginning and full ending. For now, this should serve as a taster.

My apologies for the rustiness, I had not much time to prepare and this was my first public talk in quite a while.

Please note that the video source is 720p, so going full-screen should give you reasonable quality insha’Allah.

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[Update: February 25, 2012, 4:24PM] – the video is now from The Message TV, jazkallah khayran to all of the brothers there]

The Providence of W. Deen Muhammad

بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على سيجدنا محمد و على آله و سلم

In 2008, the American Muslim community wept as Wallace Deen Muhammad returned to Allah. I’ve met many famous people in my life, but amongst the most memorable was meeting W. Deen Muhammad. It was Fall 2003, and I was a beardless 19 year old sophomore in college. I took a trip to North Carolina with some older African-American Muslim gentlemen to meet and schedule him to deliver a talk for our Muslim Students Association (MSA). He had striking blue eyes and a glow of wisdom that only comes with experience written on his face. He was glad to meet a member of the MSA, even a skinny 19 year old, happy we were continuing the tradition, and briefly mentioned how they helped him when his community had expelled him.

…But who was W. Deen Muhammad and why am I writing this on a blog about Ahmadiyya?

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Comments on “Ameer UK’s Jamaat Office and the Mysterious Disappearance (ahem ahem theft) of £400,000!”

بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على آله و سلم

Recently, Sr. “Findings” released a secret internal document regarding the theft of £400,000 ($624,840) and the subsequent cover-up. Her blog post is here: Confessions of a Cult Girl.

£400,000 is a big deal, I am not denying it. But this itself does not make the Ahmadiyya faith false, nor is this unique to Ahmadiyya. Instead, this draws into question Chanda, a law invented by Mirza Ghulam mandating payments to the religious leadership.

Allow me to paint a scenario: Lets say you believe Mirza Ghulam was Imam Mahdi, metaphorically Maryam عليها السلام, the “second” Messiah عليه السلام, Krishna for the Hindus, a complete manifestation of Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم, et al in one. However, due to its mismanagement, dishonesty and its agenda, you lost trust in the people who run the Nizaam. To you, it has gone astray from the true path of Mirza.

[Some Ahmadis]

live under this false notion of “The leaders of Ahmadiyya are men of God, they do no evil”. I guarantee you the governors of ‘Umar [bin Al-Khattab] were closer to Allah and yet were more open to public scrutiny.

But there’s a lingering question. What about Chanda? Can you refuse to pay? Or are you still obligated to pay no matter what? Can you refuse to pay until certian demands are met?

You are not in a position to organize a consciousnesses objection against Chanda until the practice of, say, public humiliations are ended. Why? Because payments are mandatory specifically to the Nizaam! So can you do anything?

There are a few main charities that I contribute to. I researched them to make sure there was no wide-scale abuse, etc. If I felt that one of them was mismanaging its funds through whatever means (ie, large overhead costs), I would simply refuse to donate to it. And I have exercised this right. Allah has made the practice of giving money a highly praised act, but he did not specify one specific organization, perhaps precisely for this reason!

‘Umar bin al-Khattab رضى الله عنه wanted his governors to live extremely austere lives. He used to take an account of his governor’s savings before and after they took office. Any additional savings were confiscated and redistributed to the treasury of the Muslims. He did not automatically assume that they were all righteous men (even though they were). This is the second khalifah being hard on the Sahaba! So how can some Ahmadis live under this false notion of “The leaders of Ahmadiyya are men of God, they do no evil”. I guarantee you the governors of ‘Umar were closer to Allah and yet were more open to public scrutiny.

If the Nizaam is corrupt, yet you are still required to fund its corruption, something is wrong. Seriously wrong. And as a low-ranking Ahmadi, there seems to be no way distance yourself and your money.

My solution: Chanda is said to also be given to help humanitarian causes around the world. If I was in your shoes, I would withhold my Chanda, cut out the middle man, and give directly to a cause I felt was best. But that’s just me. Then again, I believe Chanda is a Bid’ah.

May Allah guide us all to what is true.

و صلى الله على سيدنا محمد و على آله و سلم

Confessions of a Cult Girl

بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على آله و سلم

Looks like we’ve generated a spin-off site! For those who don’t know, Sr. “Findings”, a Muslimah-revert born into an Ahmadi family, has been leaking damning insider-information about the Ahmadiyya internal behavior. Many of these are reports that even the common Ahmadi is not aware of. They speak of abuses, lies, anti-Muslim attitudes and cult-like behavior.

The website is: http://cultgirlconfessions.blogspot.com/.

Here is an except from her blog (and yes, the text was in pink):

So in short, I am a Paki Ahmadi (Qadiani/Mirzai) by birth and reverted to Islam a few years back (by the grace of the Almighty) but this isn’t your average revert story. I am not open and out there and there’s a simple reason for that: I was born into a CULT and so, my journey ain’t an ordinary one! I can’t leave the Cult just yet because quite frankly, I have nowhere to go (pull out the violin bruv..let’s all go busking!!) It would be just too painful and too awkward to live with my family as an out and proud revert, and all the while, writing out against the Jamaat too. Also if I came out now, I would lose my connection to the Cult and all my inside info would go with it! So I’m biding my time, waiting in the bushes, waiting to jump out and go SURPRISE I am a MUSLIM and have joined the Non Ahmadi Team! Lol! No No, on a serious level, I’m hoping to escape one day and in a civilised fashion (maybe marry a millionaire or run away with the circus or something..though this Cult I am in is one big freak show of a circus..lol).

A quick note on secret Muslims:

In the battle of Khandaq (The Trench), the Muslims in Madinah were under siege by Quraysh and betrayed by Banu Quraydha, one of the main Jewish tribes in Madinah that was in an alliance with the Muslims. After a month’s siege with little food and overwhelming odds, the Muslims were in a desperate state. In that moment, Nu’aym ibn Mas’ud رضى الله عنه, a man respected by both Banu Quraydha and the Quraysh, accepted Islam. The Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم knew that one additional soldier could not do much, so he ordered Nu’aym back to his people under the guise that he was not a Muslim.

Nu’aym created a plan: He went to the Quraysh and tricked them into thinking that Banu Quraydha regretted their betrayal of the Muslims and were planning on executing 10 of Quraysh’s best men as a sign of renewed loyalty. He simultaneously persuaded Banu Quraydha that the Quraysh had grown tired of this month-long siege and would go back to Makkah, thus leaving Banu Quraydha to fend for themselves. To guarantee the maintenance of the alliance, Nu’aym suggested that Banu Quraydha should demand 10 of Quraysh’s best men as hostages, to be executed should Quraysh flee from the battle.

Banu Quraysha demanded the 10 men, and Quraysh refused to hand them over.

The trick worked, and the alliance between Quraysh and Banu Quraydha dissolved. This gave the Muslims the ability to defeat the now divided army of the Ahzab. Lesson learned: One Muslim on the inside can bring great benefit to the Muslims.

Check out her site! http://cultgirlconfessions.blogspot.com/

480,000 people convert to Ahmadiyya?

 بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على آله و سلم

Mirza Masroor recently claimed that 480,000 people converted to Ahmadiyya this year alone. I’m sure that was met with excitement and joy. Lets analyze.

Here are their reported conversion statistics between 1993 and 2001.

1993 – 204,308
1994 – 421,753
1995 – 847,725
1996 – 1,602,721
1997 – 3,004,575
1998 – 5,004,591
1999 – 10,820,226
2000 – 41,308,376
2001 – 81,007,631 – Yes, they reported 81 million converts in 2001
2002 – 20,654,000
(source: http://wiki.qern.org/ahmadiyya/ahmadiyya-as-a-cult/the-200-million-figure, removed from the official website)

Notice they reported that their numbers were routinely doubling every year. In 2001 alone, they allegedly doubled their entire population. The rumored reason for the sudden drop was because a tribal chief became an Ahmadi, so it was presumed that his entire tribe followed suit.

This year, Mirza Masroor claimed 480,000 conversations, around the same number who converted in 1994. I’m not saying he’s lying, this could be accurate. But, given that they have played numbers games, it does seem highly suspect.

Just some things to think about:

  1. If a chief leader converted to Ahmadiyya, it was merely presumed that the entire tribe followed suit;
  2. Why is it that this faith reports millions upon millions of worldwide of adherents, and is growing beyond all conceivable leaps and bounds, yet is largely unheard of outside academia and the Indo-Pak community?
  3. When people leave Ahmadiyya, even if publicly or en masse, they are maintained on the Tajneed list;
  4. Between 1995 to 2005, despite boasting millions of converts, an internal leaked document revealed that in the UK they only secured 218 converts to Ahmadiyya; whereas Islam has spread quite rapidly.
  5. For a faith that claims its about quality not quantity, they sure do a good job of boasting their numbers!

About a decade ago, if someone embraced Islam at our masjid, there were jubilant shouts of takbeer, hugs, exchanges of contact information and invitations for dinner. We still have that, but now now so many people convert to Islam that its, frankly, routine. Its not uncommon at all, easily several times a week. Its not something we boast about or advertise either. Instead, we have our New Muslims Support group (which other masjids are copying now) and keep doing what we’re doing.

To our Ahmadi readers, think for yourself, use your God-given mind, and question the Murabbis. May Allah bless us all.

و صلى الله رسول الله

Ahmadiyya and the Rise of its Extremism

(Cross-posted at Peace, Bruv)

On Wednesday 18th May, there will be a policy debate on “the rise of extremism internationally and its impact on Britain” hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group for the “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community” in conjunction with the “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK” held in the House of Commons.

In order to register your interest in attending this event, you’ll need to write to the Ahmadiyya. That’s right, Kafka couldn’t have dreamt this up. In order to register your interest in attending a debate that will in all likelihood tar British Muslims with the brush of extremism and even terrorism, you have to write to a cult whose leader, Mirza Masroor in 2007 labelled all those who reject its founder (and self-claimed prophet) as Satan-worshippers.

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Ahmadiyya Examined at Croydon Masjid

A conference was held at Croydon Masjid, south London 30/4/11 on the subject of the Finality of Prophet-hood (Khatm-e-Nubuwat) صلى الله عليه وسلم. The event had many well-known speakers including Shaykh Suliman Gani (Islam Channel), Hafiz Mumtaz Ul Haq, Shaykh Abdul Majid, brother Shahid Kamal and brother Akber Choudhry. Masha’Allah there were some very inspirational speeches which you can view below.

Point to note; each and every speaker requested the Muslims at the conference to pray for the guidance of the members of the Ahmadiyya Cult.

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To Jamia Ahmadiyya Students: Independent Authority

بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على آله و سلم تسليما

The following is written specifically to the students of Jamia Ahmadiyya. Pass this to any students you know amongst them.

During the life of Imam Abu Hanifah رحمه الله, he was recognized as the eminent authority of Islamic law in ‘Iraq and throughout much of the Muslim lands. Given his sea of knowledge and profound wisdom, the Muslims of his contemporary accepted his legal opinions and considered them valid law. Sometimes the legal opinions of the Imam went against the wishes of the Ummayyad khulafa. Realizing the authority this personage held, the Khalifah of the time, ‘Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan, wanted to control the Imam. He attempted to do so by sending him “gifts”, offering him positions as a judge and to pay him a salary, all courtesy of the Khalifah.

But, the wise Imam rejected the “gifts”, positions and salary- all of it. When asked why he did so, Abu Hanifah responded that if he was given a salary by ‘Abd al-Malik he would have a vested interest in maintaining good relations with the Khalifah. This would create a conflict of interest, where Abu Hanifah’s motivations would be tainted and he might intentionally take an incorrect position just to appease the Khalifah and maintain his salary. The Imam chose instead to finance his scholarship through his own personal business endeavorers.
If you have trouble understanding the conflict of interest that Abu Hanifah avoided, consider this corollary: In western democracies, there is an established separation between the executive and judicial branches of government. The de-centralization of power is what Imam Abu Hanifah sought to preserve.

If you are a student of Jamia Ahmadiyya, when you graduate you can expect to be a missionary, qadhi or murabbi. You will likely hold a position of religious authority within your respective community. Great. But, what happens if the leadership makes a statement or decision of consequence that you find yourself at odds with? What if you genuinely believe that an order he holds is not only incorrect, that it would be sinful to obey?

Assuming the option to talk out the dispute has been exhausted with no avail, in this situation do you think you would be able to do the right thing? Would you be able to oppose the official position of the religious authorities? Most importantly, would you be free to exercise your own independent judgement for the sake of Allah and tell others that the leadership has made a mistake? If you were to do so, you face ex-communication, your seven years of Ahmadiyya education would be rendered useless, your stipend would be cut, and your family would be publicly humiliated.

I am in light communication with three former Jamia Ahmadiyya students who faced a similar dilemma and came to different conclusions. One was demoted to a cursory role within the organization with no hope of growth, another shed his Ahmadi-specific beliefs and converted to traditional Islam, and the third became an atheist. (The last one saddened me.)

What is the point of this? Why is this being discussed? Because you are the future leadership of the Ahmadiyya religion. I do not doubt your sincerity or your passion. But channel that fervor in the way of our spiritual forefather Imam Abu Hanifah. In practice, this means:

  • Intellectually: to recognize that having a position of authority does not mean one is infallible.
  • Strategically: Position yourself in such a way that you are free to make your own decisions.
  • Action: Critically analyze injunctions passed upon you and be willing to say “I do not agree”. But be ready to support your conclusions with reasons and evidence.

Its worth mentioning that Imam Abu Hanifah suffered greatly for the positions he took. He was accused of being a Mu’tazili heretic. There were numerous assassination attempts against him, and the Khalifah imprisoned, tortured and starved him. He eventually died in prison. But, his sacrifice did not go unnoticed. His legal positions are followed by ~70% of the Muslims to this day, his theological interpretations are considered authoritative, and hardly can his name be mentioned without the honorific title Imam al-‘Adham (the great Imam) or an invocation of Allah’s mercy upon him.

Look, I am not asking you to leave Jamia Ahmadiyya and rebel against the murabbis tomorrow, I’m asking you to just think about it….

May Allah honor you the way He honored Imam Abu Hanifah رحمه الله.

For anyone a bit more scholastic, here is Fiqh al-Akbar, the simple ‘aqidah of Imam Abu Hanifah. (translation and commentary by Imam Muhammad ibn Yahya al-Ninowy)