Lisan al-Arab or The Wahi Database

On 4-May-2007, I wrote about the role of the Arabic lexicon, “Lisan al-Arab”, in the Arabic Ilhams of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (MGAQ). Although five years have passed, I am still puzzled at how could MGAQ claim the following text as a Wahi:









 MGAQ wrote: ((A few weeks ago I received the following:  [Arabic Wahi]: “Ghatham Ghathama: Ghathama to him, He paid to him from his money a Dofaah [partial payment])) – Tadhkirah, page 319

 As you are now aware, you can find this complete Qadiani revelation in the Lisan al-Arab dictionary:








((Ghathama: Ghathama to him, He paid to him a Dofaah [partial payment] from his money)) – Lisan al-Arab, Ghain section, page 288

 In fact, MGAQ’s Arabic Ilhami book “Seerat-ul-Abdal” itself is an example on how MGAQ had used Lisan al-Arab in his “Ilhami” writings and revelations.

 The subject of “Seerat-ul-Abdal” book is about the signs of pious persons. MGAQ had chosen this subject to make it easier for him to pick the words from Lisaan Al-Arab. He tried to pick the most uncommon and ancient words in order to impress his Punjabi followers.

Most of his sentences in this book describe the pious persons in the following way:

(They are like X and they are not like Y), where X is any strange word from Lisaan al-Arab that means something good, and Y is any strange word from Lisaan al-Arab that means something ugly or bad. Here are some examples wherein MGAQ had used the Khaa section of Lisaan al ‘Arab:


  • They do not keep themselves far from God and they do not split up (KHARTHAL)!
  • They look like a wet plant (KHADEL) and they would not be injured!
  • They walk upon the earth modestly and they do not have slack potbellies (KHANTHAL)!
  • You don’t see them like a hyena (UMM KHANTHAL) but they would be seen like a genius fat boy!





Here is another example wherein the “Saad” section was heavily used:












 As you must have noticed, many of the sentences do not give any complete information or valid idea. However MGAQ had never cared about ideas when he wrote this book; all what he had been trying to do was to impress his Punjabi followers.

Ahmadi Translation

Usually Ahmadis do not accept non-Ahmadi translations for many Quranic verses, Hadeeths and writings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (MGAQ). Well, I don’t claim that non-Ahmadi translations are always accurate, however I sincerely urge Ahmadis who do not read Urdu or Arabic to seek advice from a 3rd party about the correct translation of those texts.

I know it’s difficult to convince Ahmadis to doubt Ahmadi translations; however I still hope that the following two simple examples from MGAQ’s own writings would encourage them to check how valid the current official Ahmadi translations are.

For example, Urdu-speaking Ahamdis had been told by their leaders that the word آخر“Akhir” does mean “Last” in both Arabic and Urdu languages, however they also claim that the word ”Khatam” خاتم can never mean “Last” if it is followed by a plural.

This claim is of course baseless and wrong, however if Ahmadis are not willing to consult a 3rd party, they may refer to MGAQ’s own translation for the word “Akhir” آخر.

 MGAQ wrote: [Arabic] ((This time is the time of the آخر Akhir/Last of Khalifas)) – RK, Vol 16, Khutba Ilhamiyya,p122.




You can see from the scanned page that the translation by MGAQ and his follower for the wordآخر “Last” is “Khatam” خاتم.

Similarly Arab Ahmadis had been told by their leaders that the Anti-Ahmadiyya translations from Urdu to Arabic are misleading. For example, Arab Ahmadis accept that MGAQ did actually say غبي “Ghabi” about the great companion Abu Hurairah (ra), however these Ahmadis claim that the word غبي (Ghabi) in Urdu is totally different from the Arabic word غبي (Ghabhi) which means “Stupid”.

Now let us read the original sentence by MGAQ:

 MGAQ wrote: [Urdu] ((Abu Hurairah was غبي “Ghabi”)) – RK, Vol 19, Ijaz Ahmadi, p127.




Arab Ahmadis do not accept that the Urdu wordغبي “Ghabi” is identical to the Arabic word غبي “Ghabi” which literally means “Stupid” in Arabic. However I hope they will change their mind after reading the following Arabic page written by MGAQ:

 MGAQ wrote: [Arabic] ((In their eyes [our opponents] the knowledgeable person is an ignorant and a “Ghabi” غبي)) – RK, Vol 8, Nur ul Haq, p3.




You can see from the scanned page that MGAQ’s own Arabic-Urdu translation for the word “stupid” is “Ghabi” غبي.

The difference between Ahmadis and Bahais

I have noticed that many people in our Arabic media cannot differentiate between Ahmadis and Bahais. Well, I don’t really blame them as there are many similarities between Ahmadis and Bahais. The followings are just few things that both Ahmadis and Bahais do actually share:

1-     Their Mahdi was born in the 19th Century, and died on a Tuesday.

2-     Their Mahdi claimed that he is from Persian origins.

3-     Their Mahdi claimed that he is also a descendant of Fatimah (ra) and Ahlulbait.

4-     Their Mahdi wrote many Arabic books, one of these books was Tafseer of Surat-ul-Fatiha.

5-     Their Mahdi plagiarized parts of some verses and Maqamat in his Arabic writings.

6-     A double eclipse happened in Ramadhan during the lifetime of their Mahdi.

7-     Their Mahdi was brought to a local court for trial.

8-     Their Mahdi used Hisab Al-Jummal (numerical values of the words / Arabic alphanumeric coding) to prove that he is the true Mahdi.

9-     Their Promised One was a Mirza who claimed that the signs mentioned by all Hadeeths and holy books about the Promised Messiah have been fulfilled by him.

10-  Their Promised One, the Mirza, was born in the 13th Hijri century and died in the 14th Hijri century during the last week of May.

11-  Their Promised One, the Mirza, sent a letter to Queen Victoria asking her to accept him and to follow his teachings.

12-  Their Promised One claimed that he did not study Arabic language, however he could write dozens of Arabic and Persian books. His followers consider this as a great sign that proves his truthfulness.

13-  They consider the prophecies of their Promised One as another sign that proves his truthfulness.

14-  Their Promised One said that Jihad is not allowed anymore.

15-  Their Promised One praised Mohammad (SAAW) many time in his writings.

16-  Their Promised One was considered – by his own followers only – to be the greatest writer ever (“Sultan Al-Qalam” or “Faris Al-Maani”)

17-  Their Promised One used Hisab Al-Jummal (numerical values of the words) to prove that Islam had died for 1000 years until the 19th century.

18-  Their Promised One claimed that he himself is the manifestation/appearance of God. However the official position of his followers today is that manifestation of God does not mean that he himself is a God.

19-  Their Promised One challenged all scholars to write a book that is equivalent to his book.

20-  Their Promised One claimed that he is an Avatar, i.e. the “reincarnation of Krishna”.

21-  Their Promised One claimed that he was sent by Allah (SWT) to the people of the world.

22-  Their Mujaddid claimed that upon the death of a human being, his soul will immediately be given a special body that has had special nature.

23-  Their Promised One claimed that sometimes the divine revelations do not follow human idiom and sometime does not even follow the rules of grammar.

24-  Their Promised One claimed that he had been given the qualities of many prophets: e.g. Mohammad (SAAW), Isa (as), Musa (as), etc.

25-  Their Promised One claimed that Yawm Al-Qiyamah will come after around 1000 years.

26-  Their Mujaddid believed that the Heaven and the Hell are spiritual places and not physical places.

27-  Their Promised One claimed that he had been receiving secret revelations for 10 years confirming that he is the promised one, however he waited 10 years before revealing this secret.

28-  Their Promised One had invented new names of God.

29-  They consider Quran as a Holy Book, however they also consider the Arabic Wahi of their Promised One as holy, divine and sacred.

30-  Their holy Arabic revelation said that their Promised One does not speak out of his own desire, it is all Wahi vouchsafed to him

31-  Their holy Arabic revelation instructed them not to worship any god but Allah.

32-  Many of their Promised One’s Arabic revelations are just meaningless distortion of some Quranic verses.

33-  Their promised Reformer was also a Mirza like his father, the Promised One

34-  Their promised Reformer died in the month of November at an age of around 77 years.

35-  Their promised Reformer introduced some interpretations that are different from the original teachings of the Promised One.  

36-  One of their Mirzas introduced a new special solar calendar. The months of the new calendar have had new Arabic names.

37-  Their message to the world is that ‘Glory not in love for your country, but in love for all mankind’.

38-  It is obligatory for them to pay to their leadership a specific amount of money that had been decided by their Promised One.

39-  They believe that the antichrist is not a specific evil individual or entity.

40-  Their leader claimed that the most important role for his followers is to show the true good image of Islam and the true Islamic teachings to the western people and the whole world.

41-  Their Mujaddid believed that the promised one should not descend from heaven but he would appear in the body of another person.

42-  They interpret many of the words “Jinn” mentioned in Quran to mean “human beings who are fiery natured”.

43-  Their Mujaddid did not believe that the moon was split up literally into two parts during the lifetime of Mohammad (SAAW).

44-  They teach that everyone must be loyal to the government that rules his country, whatever that government is.

45-  They believe that divine revelations have not been stopped and will always continue to descend.

46-  Their main center in the Middle East is located near to the city of Haifa, Palestine.

47-  The followers of their Promised One in Palestine receive very special treatment from the Israeli government. However, they face a sort of persecution in some Muslim countries.

48-  They are not allowed by the Saudi government to enter Mecca or Madinah.

49-  They believe that Mohammad (SAAW) is “Khatam-un-Nabiyyean”, however they claim that it does not mean “the last prophet”.

50-  Their women are not allowed to marry Muslims who do not believe in their Promised One.

51-  They use the Quranic verses 69:45/46 ((And if he had fabricated against Us some of the sayings * We would certainly have seized him by the right hand)) to prove that their Promised One was truthful as he was not killed.

52-  They claim that some kings/presidents had accepted the teachings of their Promised One.

53-  They consider most of the miracles – which were shown by the prophets in Quran and the holy books – as sort of metaphor.

54-  They believe that the body of Isa (as) was put on the cross.

55-  They believe that Isa (as) had died.

56-  They believe that Miraaj did not happen to the body of Rasulullah (saaw) but to his soul only.

57-  They believe that Surat At-Takweer mentions the signs of their Promised One, and not the signs of Yawm Al-Qiyamah.

58-  They translated some of the books of their Mahdi to some languages; however they still did not translate many of his Arabic books to any other language. Apparently they could not understand many of his odd, irrelevant and meaningless Arabic sentences

59-  They claim that they have millions of followers in more than 200 countries. However, my own estimation about their total number worldwide is less than 2 millions.

60-  Their promised Reformer caused the movement to split into two sects. Each sect says that the other sect is not on the right path.


However I would summarize the main differences between Ahmadis and Bahais as follows:

1-     The Mujaddid according to Ahmadis was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. The Mujaddid according to Bahais was Shaykh Ahmad bin Zayn-ud-Deen al-Ahsaai.

2-     The Mahdi according to Ahmadis was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. The Mahdi according to Bahais was Ali Mohammad Shirazi.

3-     The Promised One according to Ahmadis was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. The Promised One according to Bahais was Mirza Hussain Ali Nuri.

4-     The Promised Reformer according to Ahmadis was Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood.  The Promised Reformer according to Bahais was Mirza Abbas Effendi “Abdul-Baha”.

5-     The Ahmadi solar calendar was invented by Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood. The Bahai solar calendar was invented by Ali Mohammad Shirazi.


Can you find any other difference?

Arabic MTA-3 Leaks

I was knocked for six when I read hundreds of shocking MTA3’s confidential correspondences. With that letters, emails, tapes and faxes, all the following conclusions about the Ahmadiyya Leaders are confirmed true:

  • Most of the leaders of the Ahmadiyya cult are hypocrites who do not fear Allah (SWT). e.g. the head of Ahmadiyya-Morocco does NOT pray at all, and a senior Egyptian Ahmadi leader wrote dozens of love letters to a married Ahmadi woman.
  • These leaders are certainly experts in dirty and dishonest tactics.
  • Money and UK visa are the real motives of most of the MTA3 (Arabic Ahmadiyya TV) members.
  • Hatred against every Muslim is the real message of the Ahmadiyya leaders.

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Demonstrations are Haram in Ahmadiyya

Hani Taher wrote on 25-Jan-2011 immediately after the start of the demonstrations in Egypt against the tyranny:

((A demonstration is an action that normally consists of asking people to protest against certain wrong situation. As a result a mass group of people would gather and walk in public to show their position against a wrong act that was committed by a president; this president could be a leader of a country, a minister, a general manager, etc))

((Asking people to participate in a demonstration would include backbiting of the president since you need to mention his bad deeds, although he [the president] doesn’t like mentioning of his bad deeds. This is exactly the backbiting which was forbidden by Allah and His prophet))

((Although the Quran didn’t forbid demonstrations, we believe that these demonstrations consist of committing some sins, such as backbiting, opening the door of corruption and killing. It is the duty of Muslims to close the doors of evil whenever they can. This is also applicable to the sit-ins since they also consist of backbiting and opening the doors of corruption))

((Therefore we believe that demonstrations and civil sit-ins are NOT ALLOWED in Islam))

((The reason of the bad conditions of the Arab people is that they are away from the right path and that they do not follow the teachings of Islam. The solution for these bad conditions is to believe in the promised Messiah who took the Islam back to its origins))

This Hani Taher is the same Arab Ahmadi of MTA who wrote the following suggestion on 3-Apr-2006:

((With regard to Al-Aqsa Mosque, I don’t see any problem in giving the Jews a temple below it so that they can use it for worshipping Allah! The entry of the temple can be provided at the western side))

((What is wrong in building multi-levels which gather everyone?)) – The Final Solution & Al-Aqsa Mosque, by Hani Taher,

Indeed, “Love for Tyranny, Hatred for Muslims”, that is Ahmadiyya!

Ahmadiyya and the Mumbo-jumbo Business

After I watched br. Shahid’s video about “Rafiq Hayat’s Mumbo Jumbo: Shirk & Sexism”   I sent the following email to Rafiq Ahmed Hayat on 9-Dec-2010 and I copied the same to Mirza Masroor himself, Hani Taher of the Arab Ahmadiyya and Mirza Mudassar Ahmed of Majlis Khuddamul Akmadiyya UK. 

Regrettably they neither responded nor took corrective action. As a result I tried to reach Rafiq Hayat at his mumbojumboworld telephone number on 17-Dec-2010. His secretary asked me to call later since he wasn’t available that time; however she confirmed that Rafiq Ahmed Hayat is a director for the company.

I realized later that the secretary was wrong since Rafiq Hayat is not a director for the group though he is a director for all the UK companies which belong to the Mumbo Jumbo group. It seems the secretary herself was confused about this mumbo-jumbo business since all the sub-companies have had the same address and telephone number of Mumbojumboworld. 

I was puzzled more and more at this mumbo-jumbo thing when I noticed that all the mumbojumboworld companies are related to the Ahmadiyya Jamaat itself and to Al-Shirkatul Islamiyyah Company where Rafiq Hayat works as accountant.


I wanted to ask Rafiq Hayat:

–       What is the nature of the business relationship between Mumbojumboworld and Ahmadiyya Jamaat?

–       Is Mumbojumboworld the place where the Jamaat invests the Chanda money? Do they use the charity arm of Mumbojumboworld to collect a sort of Chanda from non-Ahmadis?

–       What is the opinion of Rafiq Hayat about those cartoons published at the site which he had chosen as official website for the companies related to MTA and Ahmadiyya business?

–       Why does the charity business of Mumbojumboworld support organizations like Hineni Jerusalem Committee which focuses on Jewish unity? Is it the same reason why the Mumbojumboworld’s logo is the Star of David?


I could finally talk to Rafiq Hayat by phone on Monday 20-Dec-2010. However, he denied receiving my email though he was aware about the cartoons issue since he didn’t ask me about their content. When I asked him to comment on the bad cartoons published at the website of his company he sputtered in a  throttled voice:  “I am not the owner, this is a big company”.

I asked him to comment as a director of all Mumbojumboworld subsidiaries and as a national president of Ahmadiyya UK. However, before I continue with asking my remaining questions, he said that he cannot give such information through phone! and that I should send my questions to him in writing. Then all of a sudden, the line was switched off after I asked him to confirm his email address since he claimed that he didn’t receive my earlier email.

After few hours I received two emails from Mumbojumbowrld; the first one was from the Admin who apologized about the cartoons and promised that such mistakes will not recur. The second email was from Rafiq Hayat himself.

Unlike his behavior during our telephone conversation, Rafiq Hayat was polite in his email; he claimed that he didn’t read my email earlier since it went to Junk; he also apologized by claiming that our call was accidently dropped. Most likely he realized that his written response would be published.

Rafiq Hayat also clarified that he is not a director for the group. However he said that he has taken up the matter with the management who informed him that the cartoons will be removed immediately from the website.

I sent the following email response to Rafiq Hayat on 21-Dec-2010:


Unfortunately he didn’t reply till date; however, soon after I sent a reminder on 23-Dec-2010, the cartoons were removed from the website. Interestingly they also removed the email address and the name of Rafiq Hayat from the contact details. Apparently they wanted to keep Mr. Hayat in the shadow; but they forgot to remove the photo of the little Rafiq Hayat and the other photos of Mumbojumboworld great team members.


Why is Rafiq Hayat hiding? Why doesn’t he want to be connected to Mumbojumboworld though all the companies of this group are related to MTA and the Ahmadiyya Jamaat? Why didn’t he check the content of though he had accepted it as the official website for his Ahmadiyya-related companies? Why does he claim now that he doesn’t accept personifing his God in cartoons though he had already accepted the same God Yalaah to be personified in reality?


Finaly if Mumbojumboworld is in the business of properties, why was their Youtube channel only busy with supporting Rafiq Hayat’s Islamophobia?

Interestingly they have also closed the account of Mumbojumboworld at Youtube on 23-Dec-2010. Apparently they didn’t know I have taken a snapshot.

The Third Anti-Christ

As shown in my post “The Third Messiah”, the revelations of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (MGAQ) confirmed in year 1893 that the Anti-Christ  shall appear in this world three times: (1) during the time of The Holy Prophet (SAAW) (2) during the time of MGAQ (3) After the death of MGAQ.

((It has also been conveyed to me that it has been determined that after the passing of an age, which will be the age of reform and goodness and the victory of divine Unity, the world will revert again to corruption, paganism and wrongdoing. Some will devour others like worms; ignorance will prevail and the worship of Jesus will be resumed; and the error of defying a creature of God will spread with great force. All this corruption will proceed from Christianity in the very last part of the last age)) – English Tadhkirah, Edition 2006, page 267

So, this revelation confirms that the Dajjaal [Christianity priests according to Ahmadiyya’s theology] shall spread the Christian doctrine of the Trinity during the later days after the death of MGAQ. Well, let us read what the God of MGAQ revealed later in year 1900:

((When the Anti-Christ is destroyed there will be no Anti-Christ [Dajjaal] thereafter till the Judgment Day)) – English Tadhkirah, Edition 2006, page 456




The Third Messiah

According to the revelations of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (MGAQ), after the death of MGAQ, a Messiah will appear before the Day of Judgement. Though most of the Ahmadis are not aware about this important Ahmadi belief, they would usually accept it when they see the evidence from the Qadiani holly book, Tadhkirah.

My questions to these Ahmadis are: What are the Islamic bases of this belief? Is this Messiah the same promised one who is mentioned in the Hadeeths? If yes, then how could you accept MGAQ as the promised Messiah? If no, then how could you accept a belief which has had no single evidence from Quran or Hadeeths?

MGAQ’s Theory about the Return of Souls to Earth

In 1893, MGAQ wrote his theory about the return of the saint’s and the prophet’s souls from heaven to earth through new bodies.

In his book Aina Kamalat Islam, MGAQ provided his Tafseer for the Quranic verse 86:11 [I swear by the rain-giving heavens] as follows:

((You should notice that in this verse, God informed us about the return of the dead human being from death to life through the power of Allah Almighty. Also He returns the souls of the saints from the rain-giving heaven to the earth which is the place of birth to every human being. This is a very important point which you must remember … and this is the revealed secret about the decent [of Issa (as)] which they dispute about)) – Rouhani Khazain, Vol 5, Aina Kamalat Islam, p 446.

The Soul of Jesus Would Descend Upon the Earth Three Times

((the soul of Jesus was in travail on account of the falsehoods that had been attributed to him and demanded the descent to the earth of one spiritually his like and he supplicated God Almighty to that effect)) – English Tadhkirah, pages 266


First Time

((At that time our Holy Prophet – on whom be the peace and blessings of Allah- was raised. This was the first agitation of the spirit of Jesus)) – English Tadhkirah, Edition 2006, pages 266

Second Time

((Then in this age the soul of Jesus was agitated a second time, and the second time he desired the descent upon the earth of one like him)) – English Tadhkirah, Edition 2006, pages 267

Third Time

((It has also been conveyed to me that it has been determined that after the passing of an age, which will be the age of reform and goodness and the victory of divine Unity, the world will revert again to corruption, paganism and wrongdoing. Some will devour others like worms; ignorance will prevail and the worship of Jesus will be resumed; and the error of defying a creature of God will spread with great force. All this corruption will proceed from Christianity in the very last part of the last age. Then the soul of Jesus will again be greatly agitated and will, this time, desire a majestic descent. Then a terrifying likeness of his will be raised and the age will come to an end. That will be the end of the world. This shows that in consequence of the misdoings of the followers of Jesus the soul of Jesus would descend upon the earth three times)) – English Tadhkirah, Edition 2006,  page 267

MGAQ’s body receives the soul of Isa (as)

Now let us read what MGAQ wrote about the moment when his body received the soul of Issa (as)

((The soul of the Messiah was breathed into me in such a manner that my body became a container for his wills and commandments till it became full of them. Then I was joined in the wire of his being till the ghost of his soul appeared in my body; and my heart felt the being of him; and a lighting was appeared from him of which my soul received it completely. Then I was affixed to his existence more that what anyone could imagine as if I am he. In this duration my own construction fell down and the construction of the Messiah appeared in my mirror till I believed that my heart, my liver, my blood vessels and my cords are full of his soul, and that my being and his became a piece of the same core. This was what the Exalted God did.

In the beginning, his soul [Jesus] was close to me like the closeness between the sea and the boat. Then he drew near, then he bowed so his soul in my body became like the water inside the bottle. His soul was waving inside my body till I became like an unseen thing; and I became like the sugar inside the water so no one can distinguish between them. Then I felt with my senses that he encompassed me and has taken possession of my body; and we became the same thing with the same name. My clay was disappeared in his high clay. This was what I have been informed by my Lord.)) – Rouhani Khazain, Vol 5, Aina Kamalat Islam, Pages 438/439

Self-contradiction / There is No Messiah after MGAQ

MGAQ had received his revelation about the so-called third Messiah in year 1893; however it seems that his God, Yalash, had changed his mind in year 1901 when he revealed to MGAQ that there will be no Messiah after him!

((Once I leave this life, no Messiah will appear after me till the Day of Judgment)) – Rouhani Khazain, vol 18, Ejaz-ul-Masih, page 73



He confirme the same infomation in year 1902

((Other than me, there will be no other Messiah after my age)) – Rouhani Khazain, vol 16, Khutbah Ilhamiyya, page 243



Now, tell me my dear Ahmadis, which version of these Yalashi revelations you tend to believe more: a third Messiah, or no other Messiah?

Happy Birthday to You Mirza Ghulam

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (died on May 26, 1908 CE) wrote in one of his Arabic writings which were received by revelation:

((My opponents wished my death; they spread the news everywhere about it, but my Lord gave the good news that I will live for eighty years or more. He also gave me an organization, sons and a shelter)) – RK, vol 19, Mawahib-ur-Rahman, page 21

Now let us try to find out the exact date of birth of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (MGAQ) based on his own writings.

Year 1839 or 1840

MGAQ wrote: ((My birth took place in 1839 or 1840, during the last part of the Sikh period, and in 1857 I was 16 years of age or in my 17th year; my beard and mustache had not yet started)) – Rouhani Khaza’in, vol 13, Kitab ul Bariyyah, page 177


Friday, 14th of the Lunar Month

MGAQ wrote: ((This humble one was born on Friday, on the day 14 of the lunar month)) – Rouhani Khaza’in, vol 17, Tuhfa Golravea, page 281



During Phalguna Hindu Month

A follower of MGAQ, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, wrote ((The Promised Messiah peace be upon him said “my month of birth was Phaagun/Phalguna (a month of the Hindu calendar); it was the day 14 of the lunar month; the day was Friday, and the time was the last part of night”)) – Zikr Habeeb, pages 238 & 239.

The date which satisfies all the above mentioned conditions is:

  • Gregorian Calendar : Friday 1-March-1839 A.D.
  • Islamic Calendar: 14 Dhu’l Hijjah 1254 A.H.
  • Hindu Calendar: Phalguna 16, 1895 V.E.

Online Gregorian-to-Islamic dates conversion OR

Online Gregorian-to-Hindu dates conversion

Personally, I don’t really trust MGAQ’s claim that he was born on Friday or 14th of the lunar month or during Phalguna. Apparently, MGAQ wanted to claim that his date of birth was somehow special, for Friday is a special day for Muslims, day 14 of the lunar month has a full moon night and Phalguna is a special month in Hindu religion. However, I have done this small research just to expose the lies of the Ahmadiyya leaders who finally claimed that MGAQ’s actual date of birth is 13-Feb-1835 based on his writings.

It is crystal clear that the Ahmadiyya leaders just wanted to push MGAQ’s date of birth far away from 1839/1840 to give him closer age to 75. However, the date 13-Feb-1835 which they suggested didn’t fall in the Hindu month of Phalguna.

Ahmadis claim that 13-Feb-1835 is 1-Phalguna-1891 V.E., while the correct calculation shows that 13-Feb-1835 falls in the previous Hindu month, exactly on 15-Magha-1891 V.E.

Here is the result as per

However, just for the sake of argument, if we’ll accept the Ahmadiyya’s false claim that 15-Magha in the calculations of is equivalent to 1-Phalguna, this will still expose their shameful lies. Based on the same Ahmadi’s false assumption, the nearest Friday 15-Megha to the years 1839/1840, 14th of the lunar month is 9-Feb-1838.

Here is the result as per

Moreover, based on the Ahmadi’s false calculations, the date 1-March-1839 can be considered 30-Phalguna-1895 V.E. since they should accept +/- 1 day accuracy for the Hindu lunar date calculations.

I wonder when the Ahmadiyya Cult’s leaders would stop their dirty tactics and their continuous attempts to hide the truth.

The Confused Yalaash


ALL Arabic Writings Are from God (Yalaash)

Urdu  ((Hazrat Messiah Mauod said “all my Arabic writings are type of Ilham since all have been written with special support from God. Sometimes I write many words and sentences without knowing their meanings, then I check in the dictionary after writing them to know their meanings)) – Seerat-ul-Mahdi , part 1, page 91 (Click Here)

Not a Nabi

Arabic  ((I am NOT a Nabi)) – Rouhani Khazain, vol 5, Aina Kamalat al-Islam, page 383 February 1893 (Click Here)

A Nabi

Arabic Qadiani Wahi  ((Oh Ya Nabi / Prophet)) – English Tadhkirah, p 884 (Click Here)

A Messenger

Arabic Qadiani Wahi  ((You have been made a MURSAL / Messenger)) – English Tadhkirah, p 591 (Click Here)

The First Nabi

Arabic Qadiani Wahi  (([We sent you] so that you may warn a people whose fathers were not warned)) – Tadhkirah, page 230 (Click Here)

The Last Nabi

Arabic  ((Allah wanted to end the matter and to complete the building (of Islam) through the LAST BRICK. Oh you who are witnessing, I am that LAST BRICK)) – RK, vol 16, Khutba-Ilhamiyya, page 178 (Click Here)