Aljazeera Debate – Behind the Scenes

Now that I have had a chance to catch my breath: First of all, all praise to Allah who has ordained that falsehood shall never stand a chance when the light of truth shines on it. It may take years or decades, but it is inevitable.

Many people have asked: what was it like?

First was the interview with the producer. Some people think that one just shows up. No. The producer vets you to make sure that the participants are not an embarrassment to the programme.

Second, we made sure we had backup computers and a wireless Internet connection, proper background and lighting. Then the preparation – I had my daughter and assistant, Sarah, sitting on my left tweeting — she was to signal to me if my facial expressions got too agitated (can’t stand liars) as this was a ‘social media’ young crowd who like ‘cool’. Although I am getting old, she can relate to the younger crowd. Then, AK Shaikh was sitting far away and had to do a ‘timeout’ signal whenever he thought I was going off-track. He did not have the benefit of watching the stream as we did not want to bog down the Internet connection, and there was a time delay as well.

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Questions about Pigott for Ataul Mujib Rashid

Ahmadiyya as a whole has been speechless on John Hugh Smyth-Pigott for the last 18 months or so. Whatever they have said has been from our sources, including the three-page document that the Qadianis published in Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada.

Last week on Rah-e-Huda, their senior-most Maulvi, Ataul Mujib Rashid, ducked a question from a German caller asking about Pigott, saying something about ‘historical context’ and about devoting a full programme to this issue. Is it that complicated? However, we welcome the Ahmadiyya opening up to their followers.

Since the issue is so complicated (!), can we please request our readers to to pose some questions for Ataul Mujib. After the Qadianis do a show on Pigott as they have promised, we will follow it up with a video insha Allah to see if the answers were in good faith so that Ahmadis can make up their minds.

Qadiani Ahmadiyya Chatter on Pakistan

We have been saying Qadianis pray for Pakistan’s destruction and expect it to happen every year. I myself have been a witness to Naseem Mahdi saying this every year — ‘Pakistan is gone in a year or two’. As such, every year that takes Pakistan from strength to strength must be a setback for the Qadiani Ahmadiyya. Mirza Mahmud Ahmad never wanted to leave India and it was only the violence in Punjab that made him flee a month before Partition.

Read and enjoy: this thinking does not occur in a vacuum in a peaceful community — the internal ‘chatter’ of the Ahmadiyya is very similar:

The Pakistani government and Taliban have a similar mentality, and it can prove to be very dangerous for the rest of the world, including the great nation we live in, the United States of America.

It is a well-known fact that Pakistan has nuclear weapons, and therefore I find that it is my duty as an American Muslim to warn all of my fellow Americans that we are in grave danger of another 9/11 if we don’t send our troops to Pakistan and put a just, democratic government into place. At this time, the Pakistani government is very supportive of the Taliban who are a group of violent oppressors that believe it is their duty to spread Islam by force.

God tells all Muslims in the Holy Quran that “there should be no compulsion in religion.” Chapter 2 Verse 257

Unfortunately, the Taliban and the government of Pakistan don’t understand this simple teaching of Islam, and I sincerely feel that this oppressive mindset will continue to allow the killing of thousands of innocent people of all faiths.

Before we allow the Taliban and Pakistan to gain further nuclear power, we must go into Pakistan and take away all of their weapons before we see a Hitler-like regime emerge, this time claiming that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims and wrongfully using Islam as a means of violence as done on 9/11.

To all my fellow Americans, all my Christian and Jewish friends, as well as Muslims, please write to your senator and representative, making them aware of the potential threat that the Taliban and the Pakistani government poses to the rest of us who desire to live in peaceful harmony. Please don’t take this matter lightly, as a Muslim, I clearly see the grave danger of the situation, and I ask for help from all those who are kind at heart.

God bless America and may God enable America to put an end to terrorism all around the world.

Jawwad Rushdi is a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of York.

Official Response —

. . .

The author calls for an invasion of Pakistan to prevent “another 9/11” and for a complete reconstruction of the Pakistani government under the auspices of the American government. The author also makes a soft comparison between the situation in Pakistan and the Nazi regime. These statements are not, nor have they ever been, representative of the position of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community considers these comparisons invalid and completely separates itself from such comparisons.

. . . .

Whatever . . .

Ahmadis as Silent Sufferers?

The very muted Ahmadiyya response after the terrorist atrocities in Lahore have been commented on in many fora.

While the attack on the Ahmadiyya was a terrorist atrocity, and I condemn the perpetrators, it did not exist in a vacuum, or in a state of ‘silent suffering’. Please watch what the Ahmadiyya leadership said on Fox News earlier in May. Their position was factually incorrect as well as rhetorically inflammatory to all peace-loving Muslims:

While the terrorist attacks are deplorable, I really wish that in the current atmosphere in Pakistan, where the United States Army is attacking Pakistani soil almost every day, the Ahmadiyya can do better than to take indefensible positions based on false information, and do not use that to bash the vast mainstream Muslim community on the most anti-Muslim platform in the United States.

What happened in Lahore was an atrocity, but Nasim Mahdi’s campaign in the United States earlier in May was not silent suffering — not by a long shot!

Rebranding III: Muslims who Believe in the Messiah

The Ahmadiyya are undergoing the third re-branding in their history: the first one was from 1925 to 1950, right after the Qadianis had dwindled to a few thousand in the early 1920s due to Mirza Mahmud’s insistence on taking the extreme view on his father’s utterances, and his over-reaction about reports on his lifestyle. He slowly built it back by backtracking on his rhetoric about world dominance, removing books that he and his brother, Mirza Bashir, had written, and focusing on organisation and politics.  This re-branding culminated with the migration to Pakistan and the establishment of their centre there. Blogger ‘Rationalist’ is going to write much more on this in the near future.

The second re-branding was ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’ which was done by Mirza Nasir after the 1974 events in Pakistan, that exposed the Ahmadiyya as bullies, and led to them being declared non-Muslim in Pakistan’s constitution and in many Arab/Muslim countries.  That slogan was childish and naive and would get them nowhere fast –and it did not.

Now that the Internet has laid bare the intellectual foundations of the Ahmadiyya, they are once again re-branding themselves as ‘Muslims who Believe in the Messiah.’  In doing so, they are retreating into the shell of a cult, which was one of the two outcomes that I had predicted back in 2003.  In one way, they are going back to the basics of their founder, who consistently compared his followers to early Christians.  However, in today’s perspective, they are going down the road of ‘Jews for Jesus’ (Messianic Judaism) rather than mainstream Christians.

As could be seen from the press conference today and Naseem Mahdi’s utterances on FoxNews, they are trying to stay relevant in the news cycle, but to little effect. It was pathetic to watch the poor guy speaking to go through the motions, without an ounce of conviction or sense behind what he was saying.

Why? Well, for starters, why only slogans in English? Hmm . . . that tells you the audience. Secondly, the concept of ‘Messiah’ itself in current English discourse is very cultish, and anything ‘Messianic’ is likely to be cult-oriented. Then, by partially unhooking themselves from Islam, automatically defining themselves as a qualified subset, they are accepting a cult role — anyone remember the really offensive ‘Ahmadiyyat — the Real Islam’? Last, but not the least, by evoking the ‘Jews for Jesus’ ethos, they are fitting themselves nicely into the popular concept of the the kooky, scripture-referenced social misfits that they probably are.

Well done Ahmadiyya! Now, don’t give it up, please!

Open Letter – Part 3 – Pen and Knowledge

There was a time, under leadership better suited for the times, when Ahmadiyya did something with the little money that they reeled in.  Although most of what they did was ultimately useless, at least the chanda-payers saw it being invested somewhere.  So, the agricultural research in Sind came to naught except create real-estate wealth for the Mirza Family; and the buildings and gardens of the post-graduate ‘degree college’ in Rabwah (Chenab Nagar) are in ruins (never completed); for decades, jars of preserved specimens remained locked up in a room in ‘Tibiya College’ (medical school).  In an era of unprecedented quality in private education in Pakistan, and close to 100 universities in the country, the Ahmadiyya are still complaining about the nationalisation of their T.I. school and college in 1974.

Similarly, the ‘King of the Pen’, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, failed to inspire any writers or ‘Pen jihadists’ as the Ahmadiyya like to call themselves.  Not a single writer of repute, not a single author of any renown, nor a single poet of recognition.  After all, Urdu is spoken in India, and there is cross-over between Urdu and Hindi literature.  Even if Pakistanis persecuted them, someone from their ranks could have been recognized in India.  So barren is the literary landscape of the Ahmadiyya, that it is surprising, even taking into account the absolute literary mess of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s writings.

So, while the Islamic world is busy writing and publishing, and Muslims are among the thought-leaders of today, Ahmadiyya are the ‘true Muslims’ sitting in their little town and creating endless numbers of ‘Sultan-ul-Qalam societies’.  Is this jihad with the pen?  Amazing.  Not quite, if you look at the latest numbers that I have got (top-secret document leaked from Rabwah): 88,000 Ahmadis in Pakistan, 62,000 in India and 2,000 in Bangladesh.

So, while the alma mater of Dr. Abdus Salam, Government College, Lahore, Pakistan,  has created a prestigious Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences in 2003 in his honour, those that cry ‘persecution’ have done nothing except write articles and letters condemning Pakistan for not recognizing its learned son.  GC Lahore, one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions, has also named the Salam Chair in Physics in 1999.

So, dear Ahmadi friends and family, while Chanda collection has gone up 1500 times since 1974, all you get is MTA and homeopathic ads in Alfazl (picture below, retrieved from Alfazl 13 March 2010).  Why do you want to relegate your offspring to supporting this family business?

(Ad: Guaranteed complete eradication of Asthma, guranteed treatment of Hepatitis B and C — all using homeopathy with ‘oxygen therapy’ on machines imported from Japan — using ultrasound and ECG)

Open Letter – Part 2 – Seismology and Epidemiology

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had never mentioned anything about earthquakes until the first week of April 1905.  Even the great Assam earthquake of 1897 (magnitude 8.1) , when the Mirza Sahib was at the peak of his polemic, did not garner much from his attention span as the tremors had not reached any of his followers or reached the Punjab.  The Assam earthquake was in June of that year, while the Mirza Sahib was busy demeaning Hussain Kami, ambassador of Sultan Abdul Hameed II, the Ottoman Khalifa, and busy with Queen Victoria’s jubilee celebrations later that month, and hinting that he, the Mirza Sahib, should be the successor to the Ottoman Caliphate.

Fast forward to 1905, three years before his death.  On the 4th of April, 1905, an earthquake struck Kangra and Dharamsala, and whose tremors were felt in Qadian as well.  However, the Mirza Sahib was oblivious to it, and it was not until TWO days later, when the news became public, that he started having revelations about this great missed opportunity for prophecy.  And prophecy he did, over and over, until he was blue in the face, about many more earthquakes in the days to come but Nature just smiled and nothing happened in his lifetime.

Much before that, he had claimed ownership to the plague in a very similar way, relating an old dream about dark-green plants to the plague, but after-the-fact as most self-declared prophets do.  And he foretold of many many other plagues, and much worse than the one that had just gone by, none of which came to pass.  Alas, his Yalash had not told him about the progress in science, hygiene and antiseptics and antibiotics, and the plague became a thing of the past. (Sometimes, I am amazed at how cruel Nature was to the Mirza:  even when there was a 50/50 chance for some prophecy of his, Nature betrayed the poor fellow.)

Thus, dear friends and family, your cult of misery was born: from the misery of others.  The way you gesticulate and are over-joyed by death and destruction is beyond human comprehension.  It is simply sick — and sickening to rational human beings.

Earthquakes happen in areas that lie on geological fault lines, and scientists can now measure the stress levels and predict relatively accurately about the probability of an event.  On the other hand, engineers have designed buildings in a way that damage to life and limb is minimal: two of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded —  the great Chilean earthquakes of 1960 and 2010 — were not as devastating to human life as the great Lisbon earthquake of 1755.  A comparison of Haiti and Chile in 2010 tell the story of good engineering and following of building codes.  The difference between Quetta and Kashmir also tell the same story.

So great are the developments in seismology that recently seismologists have downgraded the Mirza’s 1905 Kangra  earthquake.  The same Mirza Sahib prophesied that his followers will continue to excel in knowledge.  So, why can’t a bunch of Ahmadis get together and show unusual or inexplicable seismic activity at that time, or since?  Oh, wait a minute — that might prove that it was all hot air?  Is that the reason why you do not specialize in epidemiology or seismology, so that you can continue to shudder and smile at the ‘prophecy’?

Earthquakes and the plague are a sign of your cult and give you great satisfaction (I will not use the word ‘pleasure’ or its connotations).  Populations have increased and earthquakes will continue to happen in Indonesia, Japan, around the Himalayas and in Chile, among many other areas.  Do you not see how absurd and inhuman that is?  Do you want to relegate your offspring to this superstitious darkness whereas the world is becoming a better place day by day?  When will you awaken?

(More on the Ahmadiyya Quixotic forays into ‘knowledge’, literature and science . . . in part 3)

Open Letter to Friends and Family – Part 1

Dear Ahmadi Friends and Family Members,

It is almost 7 years now that I officially left the Ahmadiyya cult, and not a single month goes by that I do not feel myself more rational, clear and content, and sure of the step that I took. The first four years were spent in adjusting, and the last 3 years or so have been more of a plateau.

The world makes more sense now and I can contribute more to it. I do not believe that homeopathy can cure all illnesses, nor am I buying pre-fabricated homeopathy kits for shipment to Africa. With all the resources at its disposal, neither Mirza Tahir nor his ‘200 million’ followers could distribute dirt-cheap homeopathy kits to the suffering people of the world. You ignore this, and yet you continue to use homeopathy sugar balls in your house. And Mirza Mahmud used this homeopathy also, according to his son, Mirza Tahir. Your brain says something else but you continue in your superstitious ways.

You claim to be educated and the solution to the world’s social and economic ills. Yet, I do not see a single sociologist or economist of renown among your ranks? While being ‘300 times’ the population of world Jews! Why? Is it because mullahs conspire against you? or is it because a cultee’s mind is incapable of solving problems in a rational way, because the truth is already known? And then your Khalifa says in 2008 that the Nobel Prize is the minimum target for Ahmadi scientists. Who is kidding whom?

And this is the total sum (0) of Ahmadiyya scientists activites:

And you want me to wait? And my children to wait? And keep on waiting for when Ahmadiyya science and knowledge and technology will change the world? And wait? for what? and when? when Chanda collection cannot wait even one day!

OK, back to the Ahmadiyya scientists’ site – take a look around – do we see a single paper, a single original thought? Why not? Because original thinking was discouraged by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and made illegal by Mirza Mahmud. So, you are saying to me that one day this web site will grow into the biggest source of solutions for mankind, and overtake and falsify the thousands of research papers printed on social, economic, theological issues.

Why so? Isn’t knowledge everybody’s? Why are you separate from the world? Why do you have all the answers to the world’s problems but cannot explain them to anybody?

Are you sure you are not being duped by a lying cult? Absolutely sure?

Still not sure? Check out some Muslim scientists, politicians and thought leaders in the world today. Stop – at this point, be honest: are you actually ashamed or getting angry at Muslims or finding some far-fetched excuse? Hmmm . . . the little thought in your head is telling you that you are just being fooled by a lying cult. Listen to it.

A Primer on Leaving the Ahmadiyya

Quite a few emails have made it to our in-box that are basically asking ‘how do I quit the Ahmadiyya’. Shahid Kamal has put together an excellent FAQ that he will update and post soon. In the meantime, allow me to approach it from a different angle:

1. Are you ready for the independence? Control of your own destiny, control of your alms and charity, and control of your own beliefs. It sounds easy, but it can be quite confusing: there will be no one to interpret history and current events for you through a deceptive prism; though there will be many who will offer their beliefs and ideas, very few will tell you that theirs is the only path to truth and salvation. You will have to read, and think, and manage your own beliefs, and chart out your own course in life.

2. You do not need to be perfect. We are all human and follow religion to various degrees. The Ahmadiyya have a certain hypocrisy about them: a quest for perfection, while not delivering on even a fraction. This dichotomy is just an Ahmadiyya ploy to keep you continually ashamed, and thus, chained. Your good deeds and your sins will be yours only, and you will learn to live like a normal human – neither an angel, nor Satan.

3. Muslims are great people! Tolerant, helping and accommodating. I’ve observed that people begging for a dollar or a pound at a bus stop will usually approach a Muslim-looking person: less chance of refusal. There are opportunists in all groups and all areas, and you will have to guard against them with your own social skills, but the vast majority are just great people. In the Ahmadiyya, things go wrong more often than not when people make business deals or arrange marriages with just a reference from the local president of the other party. Among Muslims, you can approach the mosque that the person goes to.

4. Sects in Islam: My personal belief is that there are no sects in Islam. The minor differences that exist can be called persuasions. Orthodox Christians and Catholics have a different Christmas, different beliefs, and different prayers. On the other hand, Shia and Sunni Muslims have same kalima, 5 prayers, one month of fasting, similar rates of alms, and one hajj where they pray side by side. The differences are mostly historical and tribal. You will feel lost not having a particular ‘sect’ to belong to. You may follow a certain group, or a certain imam, or absorb the good out of many – it is up to you.

Do not fall into the trap of ‘they are all the same’. Yes, many religions and groups (sects) have strange practices, and some are even superstitious; but whenever I compare them to what the Ahmadiyya *really* were, and not what they claimed to be, even the most superstitious Muslims are way more rational than your average Ahmadi who has never read the books of MGA, follows any Mirza family member like a servant, and fight over the leftovers from the khalifa’s plate as ‘tabarruk’. So, be broad-minded and rational: not narrow and critical like the Ahmadiyya, and you will find happiness and acceptance.

5. More opportunities: Yes, being a Muslim gives you a broader view of the world, and you can be a sociologist, economist, newspaper columnist, newscaster. Your world-view does not need to be filtered through the economic lens of the Mirza Family, so a whole lot of knowledge and opportunities may open up for you.

6. Get involved, and be part of something: You will definitely miss the social gatherings of the Ahmadiyya, and it is best to be involved in something good, preferably being a volunteer with some social or religious group. You will find that you will learn new social skills that you could not have learnt while in the Ahmadiyya.

7. Your family: this is the toughest part. Remember that your success in life, and your comfort with your decision to leave the Ahmadiyya, will not be apparent for some years to come. So, it is vital that a portion of your family, especially your spouse and children, follow you out. If that is not possible, and your spouse divorces you as happens often in cults, it may be for the better, as it will give you opportunities for success. Regardless of scenario, there will be social problems, and yes you will think twice. But again, if you are the person who can chalk out his/her own destiny, and be a leader and not a follower, then you will relegate everything else than your rationality to a second tier. At the top tier are you, and your rationality and your obligations to God and the life he gave you. If you are successful in being who you are, you will be a good husband, father, son, etc. And believe me, spouses like a strong-willed confident husband or wife, and children look up to their parents and follow their values and their clarity of mind. From my experience, friends are harder to keep than family, so make as many new friends as possible – Muslims, Christians, Jews and Hindus. Did I miss atheists? Them too!

Miracles or Trickery

this is part of a continuing translation of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s most ‘celebrated’ book: Braheen e Ahmadiyya, which is unique for its lack of a coherent theme and some strange claims and thoughts. We believe that this is the reason why it has not been translated by the Ahmadiyya, and is not accessible to raders. Due to its layout and footnotes, the book is extremely difficult to read, even in the original Urdu.. We pick up from Vol.4.

Fifth Preliminary

A miracle that human intellect can identify as being from God is thousands of times superior to the one that are merely quoted from stories or fables.  There are two causes of this preference:

  1. firstly, quoted miracles that occurred hundreds of years ago do not command our senses or observation and being narrated news they cannot have the status that actual observations have.
  2. second, those who actually observed these narrated miracles, that were beyond human explanation, still did not obtain complete satisfaction from them because there are many exotic tricks that masters of trickery can demonstrate.

Although such trickery is deceitful but how can one prove to a sceptical opponent such supernatural phenomena shown by the prophets: one of them showed the making of a snake and another the raising of the dead.  Although these are distinct from the sleights of hand that tricksters employ but this problem of proof is not only an issue in our age but it is possible that it existed even in the past.

Logical Doubts about Miracles of Jesus

For example, when we read Chapter 5, verses 2 – 5 of the gospel of John, we find written:

there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda, having five porches.  In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water.  For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had. And a certain man was there, which had an infirmity thirty and eight years.  When Jesus saw him lie, and knew that he had been now a long time in that case, he saith unto him, Wilt thou be made whole?  The impotent man answered him, Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool: but while I am coming, another steppeth down before me.

It is apparent that one who denies Jesus (as) as a prophet and denies his miracles, on reading this passage from John and coming to know of such a pool that existed in Jesus’ land from ancient times and which had this characteristic that one dip in it would cure any type of disease, no matter how severe, a strong thought would arise spontaneously that if the Messiah showed some miracles then doubtlessly their cause would be that the honourable person (Messiah) would use the water of that pool to show such miracles.

There have been many other similar examples in the world of the type described in this passage, and there still are, and it is quite credible that if Jesus cured the blind, the lame, etc., then certainly the Messiah would have picked up the prescription from that pool and then fools and simpletons who cannot get to the bottom of things and cannot identify the underlying truth made famous that he does such deeds with the help of a spirit.  Especially when it is proven that the Messiah used to frequent that very pool, this idea is strengthened.

In short, in the sceptic’s eyes, such miracles that the pool has been showing since ancient times creates many doubts regarding Jesus, and difficulties are created in not accepting that the Messiah was not a deceitful trickster like the Jews claimed, and that he was a righteous person who did not take any help from this pool in showing his miracles, and that he truly showed miracles.  Although believing in the Quran frees one from these doubts but as for the person who has not yet believed in the Quran and is a Jew or a Hindu or a Christian, how can he escape these doubts and how can his heart be satisfied that: despite such a strange pool in which thousands of lame (disabled) people and the congenitally blind were cured by one dip, and which with its unusual characteristics is famous among the Jews and all the residents of that country, and many people had been cured after a dip in it and were being cured every day and there was always a crowd gathered there and the Messiah also frequented that pool and was aware of its strange and unusual characteristics?

(Let us say:) “Even then the Messiah did not take any help from this pool’s soil or water in showing his own miracles which the pool was showing since ancient times and he did not create his own prescription based on it.”  Doubtlessly, such a statement is not any proof that is useful against a sceptic.  Without doubt, reflecting on the existence of this strange pool, many objections are raised against the Messiah’s position and these objections cannot be removed.  The more one thinks, the more the doubt increases, and one sees no way out for the Christians because looking at the current situation of the world, these doubts become stronger and one can find many examples of such frauds and tricks in one’s own memory and every person carries a load of such things that he himself has seen.

Why Tricksters Succeed

Such tricks that work on simpletons and ignorant people and remain unmasked – are the reason that encourages tricksters to continue.  Common people, who are like sheep, do not even think that should do a thorough investigation and reach the underlying truth.  And the duration of display of such magic is usually very small, which does not give enough time for thought and reflection, and therefore tricksters have much room for sleights of hand and there is little chance to know their hidden secrets.

In addition, the public is unaware of physical laws and philosophy, and unaware of the supernatural characteristics that the All-Wise has placed in the Universe.  Thus, they are always ready to be tricked in every age.  And why should they not be tricked?  There are things (in nature) that exhibit astonishing  characteristics and with ignorance, the astonishment is increased.

For example, the housefly and other animals have a certain characteristic: that if they die without much damage to their organs and the organs stay in their place and have not rotten yet, but are still fresh and within two to three hours of death, like flies that die in water, then if finely ground salt is poured over such a fly, and an equal amount of ashes are put over it, the fly comes back to life and flies away, and this characteristic is well-known and many young boys know of it.  But if simple people do not know about this trick and some trickster claims to be the Magi Messiah in front of the unaware person, and brings flies back to life with this trick, while reading some abracadabra to show that it is the mantra that is being used to resurrect the flies, then does that simpleton have the intellect or the time to investigate it?

Do you not see that fraudsters are destroying the world in this age?  Someone is demonstrating alchemy and claiming to create gold, and someone buries stones and brings them out as goddesses for Hindus.  Some even put a laxative in ink to write (edible) amulets for simpletons so that the amulet shows its power when the person has bowel motion.  Similarly, there are thousands of other tricks and frauds that are taking place in this very age, and some are so deep that many intelligent people fall for them.

The deep secrets of natural sciences and physics and the strange characteristics of forces that have been increasing recently due to new experiments – are the new things which false miracle-workers can use for new types of frauds and tricks.  So, it is apparent from this research that such miracles that appear similar to these tricks, though they may be true, are nevertheless hide the truth and there are great difficulties in proving them as such.

Sixth Preliminary

Just as miracles that hide the truth cannot be equal to miracles that appeal to reason, prophecies and news-of-the-unseen from past ages which are similar to the style of astrologers and fortune-tellers and rabbis and historians, cannot be equal to such prophecies and news about the unseen that are not merely news but rather a certain Divine power accompanies them.

non-Divine Prophecies that also come True

For in this world, there are many people other than prophets who tell of such things before time such as: earthquakes will happen, plagues will come, fights will occur, drought will fall, and one nation shall wage war against another – and this will happen and that will happen – and often some of their news turns out to be correct.  Therefore, to erase such doubts, only those prophecies and knowledge of the unseen will be powerful and complete with which there are such signs of Divine power in which fortune-tellers and dream-interpreters and astrologers cannot be peers and – and it is forbidden and it is impossible for them;  i.e. they do not have the passion of God’s perfect glory and great spark of His help – such help that evidentially points towards His special attention.  Also, they are composed of such news of Divine assistance about the proponent’s victory and the opponent’s defeat; one’s respect and the opponent’s disgrace; and one’s ascendancy and the opponent’s descent; all is disclosed with complete detail.

I will write at the appropriate place (in this book), and I have already said something about it (above), that such high-level prophecies are only particular to the Quran, and reading them shows a world of Divine majesty.