What Happened?

There appears to be little more that can be said about the Ahmadiyya cult. We’ve shown time and time again that it is a cult. It controls its members, the Facebook ban being the most egregious example of this to the youth; it pressures its poor, sick and elderly to pay more on their earnings than its more able members (who are nevertheless taxed at an unIslamic rate); and most glaringly, their claims that the 1974 Pakistani National Assembly proceedings were some sort of conspiracy that if ever revealed would make half of Pakistan Qadiani were shown to be risible nonsense. What did you expect? That the world would end? Visions of Kool Aid spring to mind.

The only reason people stay within the cult of Ahmadiyya is social pressure and inertia. People have left in droves. Sure, most don’t leave as publicly as I do, given the abuse I’ve suffered (as have many others who left the cult), that’s not surprising, but the youth think it’s a load of nonsense, which of course it is. They’re increasingly drifting away, that’s when their cult leaders are not spying on their activities by creepily grabbing their Facebook pictures! And many are professing Islamic beliefs as they become increasingly exposed to Muslims and our ideas.

The only place left for the thinking Qadiani who doesn’t want to leave, is to do as a few have done, whom we know quite well, and that is to side with the Islamophobes in attacking Islam, in the same way that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the imposter, the dajjal did over a century ago.

There is Islam, then there is Qadianism (or any number of off-shoot sects). The information exists. Feel free to make your choice.

Shaikh Hamza Yusuf? Shaikh Abdal Hakim Murad? Or Mirza Masroor and his band of chanda-grabbing, lawsuit-flinging Islamophobes?

The choice is yours.

Pakistan 1974 National Assembly Proceedings

The Ahmadiyya’s conspiracy theories around a pivotal event in Pakistan’s constitutional history have been buried with the official release of the full transcript of the National Assembly Proceedings on the Qadiani issue. Only the extremists or the exceptionally ignorant will be able to get any mileage out of this vitally important matter.

Of particular note is that the Khatmenabuwwat Academy in London, which the Ahmadiyya’s well-oiled PR machine has been attempting to smear with the “extremist” tag for so long, has been vindicated. All this time, they invited all and sundry to view a copy of the proceedings at their centre in East London. Further, Maulana Alla Wasaya’s translation has also been available. Although this translation wasn’t pitch perfect, it certainly captured the tenor of Mirza Nasir’s risible performance closely enough to support the National Assembly’s decision. Justice Yahya Bakhtiar, a secular questioner, made mincemeat of the Qadiani position. As for the Lahori position, that was presented even more poorly. Will the Qadianis apologise? I rather doubt it. The fact remains: KNA has been vindicated.

The full title “PROCEEDINGS OF THE SPECIAL COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE HOUSE HELD IN CAMERA TO CONSIDER THE QADIANI ISSUE” reveals the “Qadiani issue” to be one of national importance to Pakistan. For decades, the Ahmadiyya and its members have held the view that the proceedings were kept secret to “protect” the public of Pakistan from the full power of Ahmadiyya dogma and argumentation, as evinced by its chief proponent at the time, Mirza Nasir Ahmad, the grandson of the founder of the Ahmadiyya cult, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

Ahmadiyya leaders also claimed that if the proceedings were to be made public, that half of Pakistan would convert to the Ahmadiyya cult. It sounds like we’ve reached a Kool-Aid moment; the emperor has been found to be naked and the leadership is almost silent. In fact, the leaders have been forced to resort to lying, asking members not to read the proceedings in case they are infected with a virus.


(Image courtesy of ahmedi.org)

This profoundly cultish misdirection can only work on the gullible membership for so long and lest we forget, the Facebook ban is still in effect.

So here we are, months after the proceedings have been downloaded and indexed by various sites, and there are no signs of mass conversions anywhere. That anybody fell for this standard Ahmadiyya “postponement” ruse originated by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself is hard enough to believe, but to think that the argumentation presented at the Proceedings has been available for decades, but has never been as effective for proselytisation purposes as Mirza Nasir was in bewitching Pakistan’s National Assembly is a little harder to swallow. 

Why have Mirza Nasir’s arguments not been used in the West? Why have there been no inroads in the West apart from with the relentless property acquisition drive that creates more and more empty worship houses and more and more monetary demands on the increasingly pressured flock? Why are numbers static? That’s simple. Ahmadiyya numbers only grow when the facts aren’t available. Islam, despite being subject to global scrutiny, continues to grow at an incredible rate, particularly in the West, where the conversion of women to Islam in particular has been met with alarm in some quarters. Ahmadiyya meanwhile, grows below the organic line and will never grow, because it relies on lies, manipulation, deceit, the power of legal threats, the support of patrons with ulterior motives and wild conspiracy theories.

The biggest conspiracy theory in Ahmadiyya history, that Mirza Nasir so impressed the National Assembly that Pakistan’s government had to make the proceedings secret, can finally be laid to rest. 

(Download the 1974 proceedings in full here.)



Shaykh Hamza Yusuf on Qadianis and Lahoris

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If any scholar can be described as “moderate”, it’s Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. He, like many enlightened scholars, is not drawn to takfir, and is as inclusive as it gets. However, when it comes to drawing a line, his opinion is to be respected and he recently clarified his position on both the Qadiani and Lahori sects.

Al-Azhar has ruled that both sects are outside of Islam, and I accept the ruling of the former rector and mufti, Shaykh Al-Azhar, Gad al-Haqq, may God have mercy on him. I am very cautious of takfir, but if a body as meticulous as Al-Azhar issues an official position about a group, we are obliged to concede to them. I have great respect for the balance and moderate tradition that Al-Azhar represents and know that they do not take takfirlightly. Hence, I defer such judgment to them, and retract my previous statement. As the saying goes, “The people of Mecca are more familiar with their mountain trails.”

Clearly, Shaykh Hamza accepts the ruling of Al-Azhar, who themselves are inclusive and not inclined to takfirism.

We urge all readers to read Shaykh Hamza Yusuf’s piece on Qadianis and Lahoris. There can be absolutely no doubt that all the schools of Islam consider Ahmadiyya not just outside the pale of Islam, but a fitna. With the recent hate-stirring, trouble-making piece in the Guardian, it’s clear that Ahmadiyya’s biggest aim is to cause trouble, to increase sectarian tension and to throw mud against the mainstream body of Islam. Shaykh Hamza lets us know in no uncertain terms that no matter what the Qadianis claim, that their religion is not Islam and never can be. 


People of the Book

Qadiani Ahmadis don’t pray behind Muslim imams, because Muslims reject their prophet Mirza. They consider us “people of the book” insofar as they would allow Muslim women to marry Qadiani men, but wouldn’t allow Qadiani women to marry Muslim men. (Lahori Ahmadis don’t have the same rules.)

Qadiani leadership allows its members to pray in Muslim mosques, so long as they don’t pray behind our imams.

The question arises, given that we are just considered people of the book by them, why don’t they pray in churches or synagogues too?

Ramadhan Du`a

Today I received a text message from my beloved brother in Islam Fuad Al Attar, one of the most decent human beings it has ever been my privilege to meet. Truly, Allah enriched my life by bringing the hearts of Muslims such as brother Fuad closer to mine. I have been blessed by the company of people whose nobility, humility, wisdom and generosity truly eclipses mine and gives me a higher bar to aim for on my journey to the akhirah. There are so many other brothers and sisters I’d like to make this du`a for, who I regularly pray for by name. I have emailed them all this evening, so they know who they are, but there are of course many more, including you if you are reading this.

I am going to thank my brother Fuad by making this du`a, based on his own for me.

Oh Allah!

Shower your blessings on my beloved brother Fuad, and on all my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam during these blessed nights of Ramadhan.

Oh Allah!

Ease their lives, keep them on your straight path, give them the strength and the patience that they need, forgive their sins and gather them with Rasulullah (saw) in Jannah.

Oh Allah!

Help us overcome our weaknesses, our egos, our base selves and help us rise towards the noor that in your Infinite Generosity, you offer us the capability to reach in this blessed month.

Oh Allah!

Guide the Qadiani Ahmadis who feel the stirring of Islam in their hearts towards the light of Islam. Give them the hikmah and hidaayah to remove the dusty cloak of Mirzaiyyah so that their fitrah returns their spiritual compasses to point once again to the true north that is Islam.

Oh Allah!

We give thanks to you for another year and we humbly beg you not to let us be fooled by the distractions of the dunya or the whisperings of the shayateen and not to take us back to You unless we are one of the mu’mineen.

Oh Allah!

Ease the suffering of the oppressed, of the sick, of the orphans, of the elderly, of the disabled – and instil justice in the hearts of those who rule over us so that your final deen prevails eternally.


The Largest Mosque in Western Europe

Regents park mosque in london england

The Ahmadiyya claims to have “the largest mosque in Western Europe”. This claim was made when I was still a member of the Ahmadiyya group and of course, I repeated it without question. We were urged to promote this “fact” to newspapers, politicians and so forth. We were made to feel proud of this achievement.

What is a mosque? Can a Baha`i for example, create a building and call it a mosque? Technically, there is nothing to stop them doing that in this country. “Mosque” is the English word for the Arabic masjid, which is derived from the Arabic root sajada, for which I’m sure no Muslim requires any translation. So “masjid” is literally a place where one bows down in prostration. Linguistically then, it is legitimate for Qadianis and Lahoris to call their places of worship “mosques”, but theologically, and particularly in the case of the Qadianis, this claim is problematic, as the Muslim reserved word “masjid” is only applied to a place of congregational worship for Muslims. So whilst we don’t make takfeer on individual Qadianis, the Ummah and its `ulama are unanimously of the view that certainly the Qadiani Ahmadiyya community is not Islamic, with the views on Lahoris being only slightly less rigid, though the consensus still appears to be that they are not within the fold of Islam. A mosque then, is a place where Muslims gather in congregation to bow down in worship to Allah.

Let’s set aside the theological issue for the purposes of investigating the claim at face value. We already know that the Qadianis are in the habit of making outrageous claims that have never been substantiated in fact and sadly, their followers tend to accept and promulgate these claims without question. Most notably, the ludicrous claims of a membership of 200 million have been parroted in the Islamophobic media. The “largest mosque” claim was also shamefully cited in The Guardian, which obviously didn’t check its facts.

Let’s also ignore mosques in mainland Europe and focus only on those in Britain. The authoritative, respected, fact-checked and peerlessly  comprehensive report on British mosques by the Muslims In Britain site has this to say on the Qadiani claims that their place of worship in Morden accommodates 10,500 worshippers:

Baitul Futuh is promoted by the Ahmadiyya movement as “the largest mosque in Western Europe” based on a claim of a capacity of 10,500 worshippers. The Ahmadiyya have their own reasons for making this claim. But they admit that dedicated prayer space (on which all the above masjids’ capacities is based) is 4,000. (http://www.baitulfutuh.org/construction/index.shtml ) In fact the prayer space is comparable only to the larger masjids of circa 3,000 capacity, hence my adjusted figure of 3,000. By comparison, most larger masjids have substantial areas that are routinely used for salaah on Friday Jumu’ah, not to mention Eid and Tarawih salaahs. E.g. Regents Park Masjid (Islamic Cultural Centre) has a substantial concourse, large basement rooms and a big plaza, all of which are filled for Jumu’ah, more than doubling the 5,400 capacity dedicated prayer space.

Having visited Bait ul-Futuh when I was a Qadiani, it was certainly large, but no larger than the Birmingham Central Mosque, and certainly not as big as the Islamic Cultural Centre, which has multiple storeys available for worshippers as well as a routinely used concourse. It’s not anywhere near as big as the East London Mosque, which I have also had the pleasure of visiting frequently, especially for `Eid, and which continues to undergo expansion.

Let’s have a closer look at the Baitul Futuh site’s claims. It claims the following for prayer capacities:

  • Total Area of Mosque 4000
  • Ancillary Areas in Mosque 2000
  • Remainder of other Areas 4500

These appear to be exaggerations, notwithstanding the fact that the capacity is rarely utilised. So what about authentic mosques?

Britain s Largest Mosques

(Source: http://www.muslimsinbritain.org/resources/masjid_report.pdf)

The Qadiani place of worship comes at the bottom of this list. So the next time someone tells you that the Qadiani place of worship is “the largest mosque in Western Europe”, don’t just tell them that it isn’t a mosque, offer them the facts, and if they’re really interested and you’re in London, take them on a tour of proper mosques and show them that Islam doesn’t require deception. Just don’t be surprised if the Qadianis revert to type and indulge in character assassination of the people behind the above report. 

May Allah guide the believers in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad back to Islam, insha’Allah, blessing them with the guidance I received eight Ramadans ago.



Who Could Be More Wicked?


Who could be more wicked than those who hide a testimony from Allah?

Whenever I read the translation of the Qur’an to English during Ramadan, I am blessed with more insight into the noble message. Here Allah tells us that those who hide the message are amongst the most wicked.

Let us consider the example of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the man that the Qadianis claim was a prophet after Rasulullah (saw). Mirza made many prophecies. Prophecies come through revelation of the unseen, from Allah, but sometimes, the unseen, al-Ghaib, is conveyed by Shaytaan (via the jinn) who misguides those who are not steadfast. (Teechee Teechee, the cheeky make-believe “angel” of Mirza, might well have been a jinn.)

Amongst Mirza’s prophecies were 121 death threats. Despite the best efforts of Ahmadiyya apologists and their contorted attempts at qualification and equivocation, these have for the most part been debunked as the failed rants of a charlatan; history is littered with such examples.

On February 24th, 1899, in the court of the Deputy Commissioner in Gurdaspur, once friends and now enemies Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and Maulvi Batalvi were ordered not to use foul or abusive language, or to make takfeer, or make death threats against one other, nor write each other’s names in a derogatory way. This judgment alone should cast doubt into the minds of any sincere believer in the Ahmadi religion. 

Mirza for the most part reduced his trash talk after this judgment, which begs a serious question in light of the cited Qur’anic judgment at the opening: If Mirza was making death prophecies before, which he claimed were from God, and Mirza was now not making these prophecies, then either his god was delivering revelations in line with the judgment of the British Raj, or Mirza was hiding his god’s revelations.

Which was it?