بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على رسول الله و على اله و سلم تسليم

TheCult is a blog dedicated to calling Ahmadis from the falsehood of Mirza Ghulam and Ahmadiyya to the truth from the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم and Islam. We consist of a diverse group of contributors, focusing on pure Islamic belief, history, social commentary on the Ahmadi organization and many other topics.

TheCult has its roots with four Muslims – two of them reverts from Ahmadiyya to Islam. It began with a vision and now encompasses the work of many able contributors, first on the forum, and now on this blog. The team has since expanded and is now comprised of five Muslims.

The main difference between Islam and Ahmadiyya is related to prophethood. According to Islam, we believe that Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم is the last and final prophet who was sent to humanity. This is the original belief as shared by all Muslims since the time of the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم and universally accepted from South America to Muslim China, and all in between. (‘Esa bin Maryam عليه السلام was made a prophet before Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم so his return does not create a contradiction.) As the Prophet Muhammad عليه صلاة و سلام said, “I am the Seal of the Prophets, there is no prophet after me”.

However, Ahmadiyya believes that Mirza Ghulam is a prophet after Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم and therefore reinterprets or rejects any and all statements or ayaat that say otherwise. The inclusion of new prophets, and his subsequent religious introductions, segments Islam from Ahmadiyya, as two distinct religions.

We wholeheartedly reject any forms of violence or persecution against Ahmadis based purely on the religion they espouse. Such behavior is not only against Islamic practice, it is highly counter-productive as it only sends Ahmadis into a siege-mentality, whereby they are less likely to accept the Truth. Rather, we opt for respectful dialog with the aim of inviting Ahmadis from Ahmadiyya to Islam.

Our aim is to uphold the Truth and to invite to Islam. And ultimately it is Allah who guides.

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  1. bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim
    Allahumma sali ala sayyidina Muhammad

    Assalamo alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
    I pray that you are all well by the grace of Allah.

    Alhamdullilah I left that jamat 6 years ago at age 17, and just recently after a few short conversations with my youngest brother, aged 18, he has also left.

    Just today I spoke to my aunt in Pakistan to convince her of the truth and she is ready to leave the jamat but request I send her just one statement of Ghulam Ahmad in urdu, in which he claims prophethood etc, and talks about his revelations, since she said any many who claims this is a liar.
    However, understandably, since she was blindly following Ahmadiyyat she doesn’t simply want to take my word for it.

    So i need your help – I know you’ve posted excerpts in urdu here, but I found some statements in the ‘tazkira’ more direct: e.g.”In the course of the wahyi (revelations) coming down on me, Allah has repeatedly called me an Ummati, as well as a Prophet. Hearing myself called by these two names gives me a great joy and comfort, and I render thanks for having been called by this compound name in which there appears to be this implication that it should strike the Christians like a lash to make them realise that whereas they raised Jesus Christ, son of Mary, to Godhead, our Master, the Holy Prophet Mohammad, was a Prophet of such extraordinary eminence, that even a member of his Ummat could become a Nabi, a Prophet, and come to be called Isa, even though he is an Ummati, a follower of the Holy Prophet Mohammad.” (Zamima Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya, part V, page 184)

    Could you please send me the urdu equivalent of that page in the tazkira in order that i may post it to her asap ( i downloaded it but cannot read that urdu script).

    Jazakumullahu khairan – may Allah reward you for your efforts, and allow us all to dispel the ignorance amongst the Ahmadis and guide them to the straight path.

    keep us in your duas

    sister umara

  2. مجھے خدا تعالی نے میری وحی میں بار بار امتی کر کے بھی پکارا ہے اور نبی کر کے بھی پکارا ہے۔ اور ان دونوں ناموں کے سننے سے میرے دل میں نہایت لزت پیدا ہوتی ہے اور میں شکر کرتا ہوں کہ اس مرکب نام سے مجھے عزت دی گیی۔ اور اس مرکب نام کے رکھنے میں حکمت یہ معلوم ہوتی ہے کہ تا عیساییوں پر ایک سرزنش کا تازیانہ لگے کہ تم تو عیسی بن مریم کو خدا بناتے ہو مگر ہمارا نبیﷺ اس درجہ کا نبی ہے کہ اس کی امت کا ایک فرد نبی ہوسکتا ہے اور عیسی کہلا سکتا ہے ۔ حالانکہ وہ امّتی ہے۔
    Mujhey Khuda Ta’ala ney meri wahi mein bar bar ummati kar key bhi pukara hey aur nabi kar key bhi pukara hey. Aur in daunaun naamaun ky sun’ney sey merey dil mein nahayat lazzat peda hau ti hey aur mein shukar karta hoon keh iss murakkab naam sey mujhey izzat di gai. Aur iss murakkab naam key rakhney mein hikmat yeh ma’loom hoti hey keh taa issaiyon per aik sarzanish ka taziyana lagey keh tum tau issa bin maryem ko khuda banatey ho magar hamara nabi sws iss darja ka nabi hey keh us ki ummat ka aik fard nabi hau sakta hey aur issa kehla sakta hey. Halaanka woh ummati hey.

  3. I’m an Ahmadi by birth, About one year ago I was stimulated by some circumstances to look carefully what I had been following for the last 25 years of my life. I’m trying to find out the truth for me. Doing that effort, sometimes I get really lost and double-minded, and that upsets me. I have seen a lot of youtube videos(ahmadiya as well as anti ahmadiya) but I am not able to make any conclusions yet. I have also gone to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s books(although not thoroughly) but it doesn’t ‘seem me to help a lot. I’m also afraid of making some biased decisions. I don’t know what to do, I’m feeling like ‘getting confused. Can I have some guidance here…

    • We would all be happy to help. Ask anything you like. Insha’Allah you will find the people who left the Ahmadiyya to revert to Islam helpful.

      • Inshallah
        May ALLAH guide us all
        I think brother Farhan’s and Shahid’s videos and book by Farhan are good place to start with.

    • Read, read and read…and when you get tired of reading….re-read those same books.

      Start with reading about ahmadiyyat from neutral sources like Griswold, Walter, Lavan, Fisher and Friedman.

    • @zaria

      no one can stop someone from research. but i have a hope that u shall take the view of both sides.
      it is not hard to learn that who is right and who is wrong if u follow way which quran have told us.

        • It is not a particular website that will help you find the truth necessarily, though ahmadibeliefs.com is an excellent distillation of Mirza’s amazing outbursts (translated pretty accurately into English).

          It is Allah (SWT) who will give you hidaayah. I recommend that Zaria prays for hidaayah (guidance) constantly – and with that prayer in mind and plenty of patience and steadfastness (which you should also pray for), go to the various sites listed on the home page – including the official Ahmadiyya site.

          May Allah (SWT) guide you.

          • Asalam-o-Alikum,
            I am very thankful to all of you for nice advices and information of course. I ll continue the research and ll also pray God to guide me to His favorite path.

      • Zaria,

        As a word of advice, the Ahmadiyya interpretations of the holy Quran are not authentic. They have twisted the meanings of some of the verses to suit their own fancy theories and agendas. Be very critical of what you hear from the murabbis. These men who claim to be Godly persons 24 h 7 days…….. never hesitate in spreading falsehood and hatred. This is all being done in the name of Islam. We wish nothing but the best for you. There is only one Islam brought to us by P. Muhammad p.b.u.h and inshAllah by following it you will succeed in this life as well as hereafter, which is eternal.

        • You are welcome to read our translation then prove it from arabic rule and principle that they are wrong

          • I spent a lot of time looking at their Ahmadi-specific interpretations of the Qur’an. Yes, they are inaccurate, either in the actual wording or commentary. They were translated with an Ahmadi-specific mindset.

            For example, they translate al-Akhirah in Surah al-Baqarah verse 5 to mean a second coming of the Prophet Muhammad SAAWS. That’s just a small example, but there are dozens of others.

            Its curious that no Muslim in 13 hundred years understood the verse to mean as such.

  4. Good effort Zaria! May Allah s.w.t. make it easy for you in finding the true path of Islam.

  5. Its good that atleast you are researching Zaria . Indeed Allah SWT helps those who struggle . You have come to the right place , you are welcomed to ask anything at all regarding ahmadiyya and the team would be delighted to guide you . There are many muslims over here who were once a part of the ahmadiyya community . You will get the best guidence for sure and May Allah SWT give Hidayat to you.


  6. AOA
    i am ahmadi Alhamdulilah
    Zaria you are asking for help here when you have help in your Hand
    i am really feelings bad for you .4 years before i was really confused crying praying everytime, i was talking with khatam0-e-nabowat member it was so bad

    please dunt confuse just read all books of Hazrat Messiah muad leave all these sites just read Hazrat Messiah muad books from one page to last page
    He is beautiful and definitely from ALLah who loved Allah and His beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad SAW
    please just read His books
    They will not Help but misguide u pray from Allah to not to be wasted Allah will save you
    and i believe every that man women who left DIDNT even read his single one full book.how can you ignore hate that person who teach you to how love Allah above ALl
    is my id please dun waste your EMAAN like them listen Khutabhs of Khalifa tul Messiah and read his books

    • salaamz Maria,

      As Muslims, we are the followers of our rich tradition that was not invented only 100 years ago in rural India, but has existed for literally hundreds of years.

      Rather than reading Mirza’s books, I’d recommend the following:

      * If you are looking for Seerah literature (biography of the Prophet SAAWS), I recommend “Muhammad: His Life and Time Based on the Earliest Sources”. (translation of Ibn Hisham)
      * If you are looking for Spirituality, I recommend Book 3 of Imam al-Ghazali’s Ihya’ Ulum al-Din
      * If you are looking for books in theology (ie, a deep understanding of Islamic belief), read ‘Aqidah al-Tahawiyya.

      And as Br. Shahid said, ultimately guidance is from Allah.

      • Alhamdulilah i read seerat Nabwi with love and deep understanding of islam only now you can have by him

    • The entire team here at thecult.info has read more books of MGAQ than the common ahmadi.

      I myself am a historian on the ahmadiyya jamaat. I am an ex-ahmadi. I have read more data on ahmadiyyat than you can ever imagine. I have read about ahmadiyyat almost everyday of my life for the last 5 years.

      MGAQ and his khulafa have lied about islam, they created a new version to fulfill their own financial obligations. Mahmud lied about Ibn Arabi and almost every person that he ever referenced.

      Why doesnt your Majlis Sultanal Qalam (MSQ) team come here and challenge us to a debate?

  7. how can u call him liar when u urself never read him tell me which book of him you read with open heart and brain without narrowness of ur mind
    Islam is most beautiful religion on the face of Earth and you can only see by ahmadiyyat now True face of islam
    read islami asool ki philosphy by Mirza Ghulam ahmad qadyani agian full books not one page or not full book from first page to end

    • Islam was beautiful before Mirza came to try to stain it with his disgusting distortions. It is still beautiful. Ahmadiyya is not Islam.

  8. i hear a lot of foolishness in this thread that Islam existed before Ahmadis came along and so who needs Ahmadi Muslims anyway? Ahmadi Muslim interpretation, thought, and ideas can be of no benefit for Muslims! Bah!

    I wonder, when a Muslim reformer came each century after Muhammad Mustafa, if there were those among the Muslims at that time saying that there was no need for such a person, or his ideas or his interpretations? i wonder if there were those among the Muslims claiming that Islam had existed before such a reformer and that he had nothing to contribute to the beautiful religion?

    tell me, of all the different sects of Islam, can you guys name a few more that have nothing to offer for the progress of Islam becasue Islam existed before them?

    is there something fundamnetally wrong with a person or group being inspired to help in whatever way they can to see Islam progress? Whether or not you agree with Ahmadi Muslim thought, why can they not contirubte to Islam – the religion they love, and that they live and die for?

    i know of a fool so steeped in ignorance that he cannot see the picture because his nose is pressed against it – read and study all you want – but it is Islam that attests to the case of the donkey – who, despite carrying with him tons of knowledge, does not comprehend it –

    • They only ever called it Islam. Why are you so full of hatred? Doesn’t that go against your anti-Islamic and pointless slogan?

      • there is a difference between anger and hatred – if it is hard for you to comprehend such a simple distinction, it is no wonder you cannot distinguish between more subtle points about Islam

        (i see you are starting to remove my posts – again this post is more fitting here as i meant it as a reply to this statement by Shahid – if you wish to remove it becasue it is repetative – i would request that you remove the same post that is posted further down)

    • None of them claimed prophethood. And what’s with all the animal metaphors? Next you will be calling us pigs again. You are so hateful, it bursts out of every sentence you spew.

    • @ search all ways…where should i start with this guy??

      1. What reform did each and every reformer bring??
      1.a. If allah sent these reformers at the head of every century dont you think that the false beliefs would have been eradicated by now?? If allah sent these reformers then Islam would have never had secretarianism, these reformers would have done their job, i.e. reform.

      1.b You are basically saying that allah sent 13 reformers and none of them knew that ESa (as) would NOT physically return. That is what you are saying, and that is just stupid.

      1.c. You are saying that 13 reformers came yet they all advocated that mansukh happened, prophethood ended, ESA (as) would return physically.

      1.d. So what reform did these 13 people bring?

      2. YES, i can name some other sects of ahmadiyya that have nothing to add to islam. The lahoris are 1, green ahmadiyyat is 2, the ahmadois who broke away in mauratious are 3, the ahmadis that broke away from khilafat in nigeria are 4, all the members of ahmadiyya jamaat that claimed prophethood are 5, 6, 7, thru 10

      3. The fundamental error of MGA is that he twisted the Quran to match his economic desires. He did the same with hadith. In a muslim country he would have been killed. The brits let him get away with it.

      4. MGA was the greatest traitor that the brits ever found in their global domination endeavor. No other non-white helped the cause of the whitey as much as MGAQ tried to..

      • the point of my statement was to address the sentiment expressed on this website that Ahmadi Muslims have nothing useful to contribute to Islam and it was specifically targeted at those statements that make the non-argument that Islam was around way before the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was established

        i mentioned the Muslims reformers of each century to bring to bear that though the Quran is perfect, and Islam is the complete and final religion – as mankind is imperfect and tends to drift away from the truth there is a need for the teachings of Islam to be made clear to man from time to time and for the deeper insights of the Quran to be given light – is that not a purpose of saints, waliullahs, and reformers – those who excel in knowledge, wisdom, and righteousness?

        your rules say not to use straw man arguments – my point had nothing to do with the Ahmadi Muslim position on Jesus – i did not mention Jesus nor did i say antyhting about what other reformers beleived about Jesus – stop putting words in my mouth –

        to answer my rhetorical question you state that “YES, i can name some other sects of ahmadiyya that have nothing to add to islam.” my question was not about Ahmadi sects of Islam, i was asking you about all Muslim sects – let me repeat, by the standard this website has collectively expressed in denouncing Ahmadiyyat, are there any other sects of Islam that you can see as deserving of your denunciation?

        • Let me rip through your statements once again….

          1. Ahmadiyyat has not contributed anything to the advancement of Islam or the people of the indian subcontinent.

          1.a. Ahmadiyyat genuinely supported the white man in his business endeavors. The rest of the muslim ummah paid lip-service until an oppurtunity of revolt was present.

          1.b. Your daddy (MGAQ) even wrote to the brits that he is trying to stop the muslims from the filthy ideas of jihad. MGAQ was trying to persuade the brits that he was the MOST LOYAL subject on the planet earth.

          2. First of all, the mujadid thing…its only mentioned in one book, that is Abu Daud. Its authenticity is not as high as you are making it out to be.

          2.a. What reform did Syed Ahmad Barelvi bring? Remember…he was the mujadid who was doing a jihad against the “british supported” sikhs. Thats right…the brits gave a minority group support to run the country of India…then the brits snatched that from them and confiscated all the land.

          3. My point was….if ESA (as) wasnt supposed to physically descend..then why didnt these reformers teach us an alternate idea????

          4. You made a mention of islamic secretarianism as if Muslims are soooo bad…look at how they are split up….welll…ahmadis are split up tooo

          4.a. You not only created the 73rd sent, you also created the 74th, 75th, 76th…etc etc etc

  9. there is a difference between anger and hatred – if it is hard for you to comprehend such a simple distinction, it is no wonder you cannot distinguish between more subtle points about Islam

    • So you do mockery too?

      Islam is a simple religion. Your religion, Ahmadiyyat, which is in fact a business in the garb of a cult, is so complicated that no Ahmadi even understands it. Not even Mirza Ghulam Yalash was able to maintain any consistency about it.

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