5 thoughts on “Muhammad (saw) vs Mirza

  1. I like how the ending part focused on the importance of Ahmadiyya status. Yes they are non-muslims and as such have their own religion, but not Islam. Often you hear Ahmadis carry the argument no one except GOD almighty has the right to make such a statement. Well, does a doctor not certify when a patient is dead, a judge decide a court case to convict a criminal, a police office impose a traffic ticket for a violation, the same is the case for imposters of prophethood and their followers who have heretic beliefs, and falsely use the name of Islam. Thus the scholars of Islam have a right to declare them as non-muslims.

  2. The internet is exposing the ahmadiyya cult with the truth!
    You can see that from the behaviour of the cult which it changes in response to the expositions on the internet!
    there is an army of ex-ahmadis on the internet exposing the kufr cult
    more should come forward and shake this prison called ahmadiyya so others can be free.

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