Pakistan 1974 National Assembly Proceedings

The Ahmadiyya’s conspiracy theories around a pivotal event in Pakistan’s constitutional history have been buried with the official release of the full transcript of the National Assembly Proceedings on the Qadiani issue. Only the extremists or the exceptionally ignorant will be able to get any mileage out of this vitally important matter.

Of particular note is that the Khatmenabuwwat Academy in London, which the Ahmadiyya’s well-oiled PR machine has been attempting to smear with the “extremist” tag for so long, has been vindicated. All this time, they invited all and sundry to view a copy of the proceedings at their centre in East London. Further, Maulana Alla Wasaya’s translation has also been available. Although this translation wasn’t pitch perfect, it certainly captured the tenor of Mirza Nasir’s risible performance closely enough to support the National Assembly’s decision. Justice Yahya Bakhtiar, a secular questioner, made mincemeat of the Qadiani position. As for the Lahori position, that was presented even more poorly. Will the Qadianis apologise? I rather doubt it. The fact remains: KNA has been vindicated.

The full title “PROCEEDINGS OF THE SPECIAL COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE HOUSE HELD IN CAMERA TO CONSIDER THE QADIANI ISSUE” reveals the “Qadiani issue” to be one of national importance to Pakistan. For decades, the Ahmadiyya and its members have held the view that the proceedings were kept secret to “protect” the public of Pakistan from the full power of Ahmadiyya dogma and argumentation, as evinced by its chief proponent at the time, Mirza Nasir Ahmad, the grandson of the founder of the Ahmadiyya cult, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

Ahmadiyya leaders also claimed that if the proceedings were to be made public, that half of Pakistan would convert to the Ahmadiyya cult. It sounds like we’ve reached a Kool-Aid moment; the emperor has been found to be naked and the leadership is almost silent. In fact, the leaders have been forced to resort to lying, asking members not to read the proceedings in case they are infected with a virus.


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This profoundly cultish misdirection can only work on the gullible membership for so long and lest we forget, the Facebook ban is still in effect.

So here we are, months after the proceedings have been downloaded and indexed by various sites, and there are no signs of mass conversions anywhere. That anybody fell for this standard Ahmadiyya “postponement” ruse originated by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself is hard enough to believe, but to think that the argumentation presented at the Proceedings has been available for decades, but has never been as effective for proselytisation purposes as Mirza Nasir was in bewitching Pakistan’s National Assembly is a little harder to swallow. 

Why have Mirza Nasir’s arguments not been used in the West? Why have there been no inroads in the West apart from with the relentless property acquisition drive that creates more and more empty worship houses and more and more monetary demands on the increasingly pressured flock? Why are numbers static? That’s simple. Ahmadiyya numbers only grow when the facts aren’t available. Islam, despite being subject to global scrutiny, continues to grow at an incredible rate, particularly in the West, where the conversion of women to Islam in particular has been met with alarm in some quarters. Ahmadiyya meanwhile, grows below the organic line and will never grow, because it relies on lies, manipulation, deceit, the power of legal threats, the support of patrons with ulterior motives and wild conspiracy theories.

The biggest conspiracy theory in Ahmadiyya history, that Mirza Nasir so impressed the National Assembly that Pakistan’s government had to make the proceedings secret, can finally be laid to rest. 

(Download the 1974 proceedings in full here.)



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9 thoughts on “Pakistan 1974 National Assembly Proceedings

  1. I sent an email around on the 19/10/2012. I also uploaded the file on rapidshare and someone has reported it (for what I don’t know) rapidshare deleted my file.

    dirty Qadiyani tricks. They want to EDIT the original so Nasir doesn’t look as stupid as he did.

  2. Very good information. I have already commenced to download the file.

    Shukran and Allah Hafiz!

  3. Nice work Shahid.

    I would like to add one thing..its seems that the english translation by Khatme Nubuwwa had some minor errors in it. If we could get that updated it would be tremendous. I viewed that some Lahoris claimed translation errors.

    Other than that…its seems that Ahmadis have went silent on the NA.

  4. I wonder what Masroor would say to answer your difficult questions!
    Let me guess ((Good questions ….mmmmm … what is your next question?))

  5. Minor errors? The Mullah version of events has omitted passages after passages. That is called twisting the facts.

    Also, please inform us who got the government of Pakistan to release the proceedings? Was it KN academy/movement?

  6. Assalaam o alaikum
    I seriously question the right of Pakistan National Assembly to decide who is a muslim and who is not? My own observation is that Pakistan is the Most
    Un- Islamic country in the world.

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