Ramadhan Du`a

Today I received a text message from my beloved brother in Islam Fuad Al Attar, one of the most decent human beings it has ever been my privilege to meet. Truly, Allah enriched my life by bringing the hearts of Muslims such as brother Fuad closer to mine. I have been blessed by the company of people whose nobility, humility, wisdom and generosity truly eclipses mine and gives me a higher bar to aim for on my journey to the akhirah. There are so many other brothers and sisters I’d like to make this du`a for, who I regularly pray for by name. I have emailed them all this evening, so they know who they are, but there are of course many more, including you if you are reading this.

I am going to thank my brother Fuad by making this du`a, based on his own for me.

Oh Allah!

Shower your blessings on my beloved brother Fuad, and on all my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam during these blessed nights of Ramadhan.

Oh Allah!

Ease their lives, keep them on your straight path, give them the strength and the patience that they need, forgive their sins and gather them with Rasulullah (saw) in Jannah.

Oh Allah!

Help us overcome our weaknesses, our egos, our base selves and help us rise towards the noor that in your Infinite Generosity, you offer us the capability to reach in this blessed month.

Oh Allah!

Guide the Qadiani Ahmadis who feel the stirring of Islam in their hearts towards the light of Islam. Give them the hikmah and hidaayah to remove the dusty cloak of Mirzaiyyah so that their fitrah returns their spiritual compasses to point once again to the true north that is Islam.

Oh Allah!

We give thanks to you for another year and we humbly beg you not to let us be fooled by the distractions of the dunya or the whisperings of the shayateen and not to take us back to You unless we are one of the mu’mineen.

Oh Allah!

Ease the suffering of the oppressed, of the sick, of the orphans, of the elderly, of the disabled – and instil justice in the hearts of those who rule over us so that your final deen prevails eternally.


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7 thoughts on “Ramadhan Du`a

  1. Ameen.

    Please make special duas for the victims of genocide in Myanmar at the hands of so called peace loving Buddhists.

    These poor people are suffering so much, but never made a big stink like the Ahmadis …………persecution, etc. Not to mention that we want Ahmadis to be persecuted, but the response from the rest of the World has been very indifferent towards the people of Myanmar. Why? are they not humans???????????

  2. Ameen to your plea my dearest brother in Islam, Shahid. I am truely humbled by your too-kind and flattering words. May Allah (SWT) shower us all with His Mercy and Forgiveness. May He (SWT) gather us all in His Jannah. Ameen.
    Eid Mubarak to TheCult.info team and readers.

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