The Largest Mosque in Western Europe

Regents park mosque in london england

The Ahmadiyya claims to have “the largest mosque in Western Europe”. This claim was made when I was still a member of the Ahmadiyya group and of course, I repeated it without question. We were urged to promote this “fact” to newspapers, politicians and so forth. We were made to feel proud of this achievement.

What is a mosque? Can a Baha`i for example, create a building and call it a mosque? Technically, there is nothing to stop them doing that in this country. “Mosque” is the English word for the Arabic masjid, which is derived from the Arabic root sajada, for which I’m sure no Muslim requires any translation. So “masjid” is literally a place where one bows down in prostration. Linguistically then, it is legitimate for Qadianis and Lahoris to call their places of worship “mosques”, but theologically, and particularly in the case of the Qadianis, this claim is problematic, as the Muslim reserved word “masjid” is only applied to a place of congregational worship for Muslims. So whilst we don’t make takfeer on individual Qadianis, the Ummah and its `ulama are unanimously of the view that certainly the Qadiani Ahmadiyya community is not Islamic, with the views on Lahoris being only slightly less rigid, though the consensus still appears to be that they are not within the fold of Islam. A mosque then, is a place where Muslims gather in congregation to bow down in worship to Allah.

Let’s set aside the theological issue for the purposes of investigating the claim at face value. We already know that the Qadianis are in the habit of making outrageous claims that have never been substantiated in fact and sadly, their followers tend to accept and promulgate these claims without question. Most notably, the ludicrous claims of a membership of 200 million have been parroted in the Islamophobic media. The “largest mosque” claim was also shamefully cited in The Guardian, which obviously didn’t check its facts.

Let’s also ignore mosques in mainland Europe and focus only on those in Britain. The authoritative, respected, fact-checked and peerlessly  comprehensive report on British mosques by the Muslims In Britain site has this to say on the Qadiani claims that their place of worship in Morden accommodates 10,500 worshippers:

Baitul Futuh is promoted by the Ahmadiyya movement as “the largest mosque in Western Europe” based on a claim of a capacity of 10,500 worshippers. The Ahmadiyya have their own reasons for making this claim. But they admit that dedicated prayer space (on which all the above masjids’ capacities is based) is 4,000. ( ) In fact the prayer space is comparable only to the larger masjids of circa 3,000 capacity, hence my adjusted figure of 3,000. By comparison, most larger masjids have substantial areas that are routinely used for salaah on Friday Jumu’ah, not to mention Eid and Tarawih salaahs. E.g. Regents Park Masjid (Islamic Cultural Centre) has a substantial concourse, large basement rooms and a big plaza, all of which are filled for Jumu’ah, more than doubling the 5,400 capacity dedicated prayer space.

Having visited Bait ul-Futuh when I was a Qadiani, it was certainly large, but no larger than the Birmingham Central Mosque, and certainly not as big as the Islamic Cultural Centre, which has multiple storeys available for worshippers as well as a routinely used concourse. It’s not anywhere near as big as the East London Mosque, which I have also had the pleasure of visiting frequently, especially for `Eid, and which continues to undergo expansion.

Let’s have a closer look at the Baitul Futuh site’s claims. It claims the following for prayer capacities:

  • Total Area of Mosque 4000
  • Ancillary Areas in Mosque 2000
  • Remainder of other Areas 4500

These appear to be exaggerations, notwithstanding the fact that the capacity is rarely utilised. So what about authentic mosques?

Britain s Largest Mosques


The Qadiani place of worship comes at the bottom of this list. So the next time someone tells you that the Qadiani place of worship is “the largest mosque in Western Europe”, don’t just tell them that it isn’t a mosque, offer them the facts, and if they’re really interested and you’re in London, take them on a tour of proper mosques and show them that Islam doesn’t require deception. Just don’t be surprised if the Qadianis revert to type and indulge in character assassination of the people behind the above report. 

May Allah guide the believers in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad back to Islam, insha’Allah, blessing them with the guidance I received eight Ramadans ago.



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37 thoughts on “The Largest Mosque in Western Europe

  1. Good work Brother Shahid, and as usual the quadiyanis exaggerates about every single thing about them, their arrogance is the most visible by them!

    • Wow guys, all you do is hate, the message is to love, if you believe in the true islam and if you believe ahmadis are wrong prove it with justice not hate. Prophet Muhammad said cover others faults. You call us non-beleivers look at yourself in the mirror. Love for All hatred for none.

      • Please explain this line by your ‘prophet’:

        “Every Muslim values and appreciates my books, gets knowledge from them & confirms & accepts my message (‘dawat’). But only the sons of the Prostitutes didn’t confirm & accept me.” (Roohani Khazain: V: 5, P: 547-548)

        I will repeat that last line of his (just in case you missed it: “But only the sons of the Prostitutes didn’t confirm & accept me.”

        Love for all hey?

  2. Assalaamu Alaikum,

    Jazakha’Allahu khair brother Shahid, very well written and informative article. The facts are clear, shame how members of the cult are repeatedly lied to, giving them a false sense of confidence and belief that they are making progress. Sad how they open heartedly accept all the jackanories told to them by cult seniors.

    I wonder how many of them will go back to Mirza Masroor and ask him why they have been lied to?


    • If you really want to know our true veiw on the Finality of Prophethood please watch: Khatam-e-Nabuwwat – Seal of the Prophets- Finality of Prophethood- Faith Matters #37

      *If you want to increase your knowledge just please watch this video on Youtube
      May Allah Lead you all the the right path.

  3. These people have many marketing techniques…..They may fool a few people….however, for the most part…most people have smartened up and realized that Ahmadiyyat is a sham.

    Ahmadiyyat has been in England for almost 100 years….initially, Qadianis and Lahoris had a monopoly on Islamic practices in England…..however, the Lahoris lost Woking and the Muslim world educated everyone on what Ahmadiyya really is, i.e. a ponzi scheme wherein a chosen few get rich, i.e. Muhammad Ali and the Mirza family.

  4. Ahmadiyya are a very very devious organisation despite their deep hatred for muslims and their desire to be distinct and seperate from muslims they will use the cloak of the real muslim community when it suits them.
    I saw one of their exhibitions once and they had a poster displaying the muslim populace around the world, it was a poster produced by muslims about muslim demographics and these ahmadiyya cultists were unashamedly displaying it and discussing it with non-muslims. I pulled them up on this and said why dont you use your own poster showing your own demographics instead of deceiving people?? To which the cultist started babbling about everyone being muslim.
    To which I replied, if mirza is a prophet and I (along with all muslims) reject him, how can we remain muslims? or believers?
    We dont say christians are believers because they reject a prophet.
    Now this claim of being the largest mosque, is not only a lie but a stupidity, if muslims are not muslims but kafir then why compare with them? Its like muslims saying our place of worship is the biggest church, well we are comapring pears with apples!
    Ahmadiyya do not want to be a part of the Ummah and we dont accept the cult, so lets be civil and not muddy the water. Ahmadiyya need to compare their buildings with their own buildings.

    • How can you call armadas devious, where in all of the Holy Qur’an has it given you the right to judge a man by his religion, my friend fear Allah the master, and judge of the universe, and every single creation that resides within it.

      • there are 73 sects of islam, why are why traders, we are ahmadi’s the only sect named after the Prophet Muhammad, yet we dont respect him. My friends the Holy Qur’an is in arabic not urdu, in arabic Khatam means supreme not last. how disrespectful is it to say that Prophet Muhammad is over. We believe he is supreme, you believe he is the last. hmmm.. Prophet Muhammmad will last, islam will last we will spread the message even after our knees will be blistered from crawling over the highest mountains, we spread the message.

        • We respect Prophet Muhammad the supreme messenger of Allah, not the last prophet of allah.

        • Can you please show us in a dictionary (Arabic) where Khatam means best.
          This dictionary has to be older then the claim of Mirza Gullam.

          When you dont find it – I suggest you look up old classical tafsir by the major Islamic scholrs to find that the verse you mention is agreed that Muhammad (saw) is the last of the prophets – and nothing is ever mentioned in this verse pointing to him being the best

    • We say love for all hatred for none, we build schools, hospitals, and homes for the less fortunate, we have an organization known as humanity first. Because we are not allowed in your mosques, because we are considered “pleat” we join together as a congregation, prophet Muhammad said for us to come together, why are strong against all hate because we are united. Whoever wants to join us come, we don’t judge. If you say we dont believe in the Finality of prophethood, you would be telling a blazing lie.

    • You guys are mocking our dear Prophet Muhammad, how can you mock him by saying the is the last, this is how his enemy’s used to mock him beacause he didnt have a son to carry his name. But Allah said NO, HE IS KHATAM-E-NABEWWE, HE IS THE SUPREME PROPHET !

      • So when the prophet (saw) says in over 20 hadith that he is the last – he is insulting himself?

        – You (Ali (ra)) are to me as Aaron was to Moses (pbuh). But no Apostle will come after me. (Bukhari, Muslim)

        -I am the last in line of the prophets of God. (Muslim)

        -And the line of prophets has come to its final end in me. (Ibn Majah)

        There is no need to go on. You can reject all these hadith, recorded in most of the major books – or you can accept that Mirza lied to you.

        • Sorry – I forgot this hadith:

          “In my Ummah, 30 liars will be born. Each will claim Prophethood and claim to be a Prophet, even though I am the last Prophet and there shall be no Prophet after me. (Abu Dawood)

  5. I got in touch with Ahmadis from the place in Ireland where I live and I must say that at the very beginning they were very welcoming. I met them by accident on the street while they were giving out flyers. I did not know the word “Ahmadi” before that and had no idea on who they are, but after that meeting I started digging up. One of the Ahmadi guys I met on that street invited me to his house so that I could meet his wife and their imam himself. I went there 5-6 times altogether and had a very detailed chat about Ahmadiyya. I let them know from the very beginning that I totally ignore Mirza Ahmad and to me he was no more than just a normal human being in need for money and celebrity. They were trying to persuade me that in Pakistan thousands of Ahmadis are being killed etc. I have never said they are not, but orthodox Muslims are also being killed and none of them ever mentioned that fact. I became interested in Jamat Ahmadiyya and carry on searching for more, but this time on my own. I want to discover the truth. I stopped visiting them in that house for a while. They are nice people and I cannot say any bad word about them, but the thing I surely CANNOT accept is their “prophet” Mirza Ahmad Ghulam. My dream is to have a interview with an orthodox/traditional imam and once again with their leader. Then, I would love to write an article. I have always been interested in comparative religion and I hope that one day I will get the knowledge I want to get.

    • Welcome Ewelina

      I am an ex ahmadi myself. I know one particular Irish person who became an ahmadi and later left after he started his own research. Like you he too said they were very friendly and was drawn into the friendly and peaceful people that they were but after he got married to an ahmadi everything changed. I feel he really bad that he was so gullible to fall for a cult like this and soon left and got divorced.

      Normally if you mention about the problems the orthodox Muslims and others have the answer is usually is that they have not accepted Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and that is why they are suffering.
      There were several reasons why I left but please do your independent research and you will surely find the truth.

      Good luck with your journey.

      • Thank you;-)
        Yes, I will do my personal research, especially now, when I discovered this website and many others.
        The people I me,t knew from the very beginning that I am not so easy to manipulate, as for example: I refused to participate in Jalsa, I refused to be in their house every single week and I questioned Mirza Ahmad. Later on I got in touch with a friend of mine who is Pakistani and traditional Muslim. He sent an e-mail to that Ahmadi imam and expressed his opinion on Jamat. My friend is an educated person and what he wrote shocked me to a great extent. I did not know that Ahmadiyya is sponsored by the UK government. Why? What’s the purpose? Why doesn’t the UK government sponsor the Church of England for instance? Besides, what shocked me was the fact that my Ahmadi friend ( a Pakistani woman) has never gone shopping on her own, but always with her Irish husband. Why?

  6. Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 29 Surah Ankabut verse 68:

    And who is more unjust than he who invents a lie against Allah or rejects the Truth when it reaches Him? Is there not a home in Hell for those who reject faith?

    Mirza Ghulam Ahmad & Ahmadiyya jamat invented lies against Allah s.w.t. and his Prophet Muhammad. Examples:

    1) Mirza claimed that he is a prophet. In Islam Muhammad s.a.w.s. is the last and final Prophet/Messenger.
    2) Mirza also claimed he is the promised Messiah. In Islam Promised Messiah is Isa Ibn-e-Maryam (Jesus Son of Mary) only, peace be upon them.
    3) Mirza further claimed he is Al-Mahdi. In Islam Messiah and Mahdi are two different persons.

    • Can any of you explain the quality of a prophet? a just human being who brings the word of Allah.

      Holy Prophet Muhammad was the seal of the prophets, meaning highest level. The relationship between Prophet Muhammad and Hadrat Mirza Gulam Ahmad is the relationship between Moses and Jesus (peace be on all of them). Like Jews are still waiting for Elijah, mainstream islam is waiting for the return of prophet Jesus.

      • You will find that the hadith points to the prophet Muhammad (saw) as the last of the prophets as well as the best.

        You will also see that he (saw) said that many liars would come after him claiming to be prophets – Mirza claimed to be a prophet – therefore he falls into this category.

        There is no relationship between Muhammad (saw) and Mirza – please do not insult Islam by saying so

    • Dear brother/sister Peace,
      I have very highly appreciated the contents of your post.
      All three points have been clearly and neatly presented.May
      Allah be pleased with you and your effort.
      I hope that Ahmadi members on this blog have the moral courage to
      support the Truth of this post.

  7. AOA Brother Shahid,
    An excellent and fully researched article. May Allah give you the opportunity to
    expose every aspect of the fraud that is “Ahmadiyyat.” I also invite,Abd Allah
    and the other Ahmadis on the forum to comment.

  8. Salaams Brother Shahid. JazakAllah khair for exposing this myth for those who want to see the truth. Once again a nicely researched article. AlHamdolillah. Keep it up ya akhi.

  9. Guys atleast it’s a mosque not a shrine. Do any of you remember the attack on your shrines in pakistan, is a shrine what mainstream islam considers a mosque? You tell me

  10. Did any of you know Ahmadi’s are the only ones that allow non-muslims to there masjids, its intresting how to mainstream islam considers there mosque “pleet” if a non muslim enters, how can you deny others rights to be close to allah the merciful?

  11. Shahid it seems you failed with cult girl, as far as our Mosque is concerned id is the largest in Westeran Europe it is just fact that you cant accpet! lastly.and for the poor Polish girl whose pakistani friend who is indeed not educated at all rather he lacks any Islamic knowledge, I have seen his email all abuse noting else the sponsered by UK LOL Polish girl present your evidence, eventhough I know you won’t post this

  12. Bradistan is on the map people!
    Brothers need to recognnnnnnnnnnnnnnise !
    No.1 position
    Two entries in top five
    Five entries on the list!
    and George Galloway is MP
    Qadianis better go back to the drawing board.

  13. lol I have shown my non-Ahmadi friends how you dont allow Ahmadi Muslims to respond on your site. come on Kamal your fooling no one but your self, in all these years you have not proven a single thing. lol

    • Facts and figures never register to this bunch. Pathetic members of a hopeless cult.. May Allah bring you back to the Ummah of our Master Muhammad(PBUH).

    • loool
      cult members of a cult complaining about free speech
      what a joke?????????????????

    • The usual Ahmadi standard refutation. Cant reply to the contents of the article but all they can say is you havent proved it, you havent proved it. Deaf dumb and blind.

  14. The London central mosque is a miniature mosque compared to baitul futuh. I don’t trust stats by a Muslim group that labels Ahmadis as non-Muslim.

    [admin: Ahmadiyya is a non-Muslim entity. That is a fact. The statistics are accurate. If you have proof, please bring it, if not, please don’t spread lies and propaganda. Thank you.]

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