Who Could Be More Wicked?


Who could be more wicked than those who hide a testimony from Allah?

Whenever I read the translation of the Qur’an to English during Ramadan, I am blessed with more insight into the noble message. Here Allah tells us that those who hide the message are amongst the most wicked.

Let us consider the example of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the man that the Qadianis claim was a prophet after Rasulullah (saw). Mirza made many prophecies. Prophecies come through revelation of the unseen, from Allah, but sometimes, the unseen, al-Ghaib, is conveyed by Shaytaan (via the jinn) who misguides those who are not steadfast. (Teechee Teechee, the cheeky make-believe “angel” of Mirza, might well have been a jinn.)

Amongst Mirza’s prophecies were 121 death threats. Despite the best efforts of Ahmadiyya apologists and their contorted attempts at qualification and equivocation, these have for the most part been debunked as the failed rants of a charlatan; history is littered with such examples.

On February 24th, 1899, in the court of the Deputy Commissioner in Gurdaspur, once friends and now enemies Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and Maulvi Batalvi were ordered not to use foul or abusive language, or to make takfeer, or make death threats against one other, nor write each other’s names in a derogatory way. This judgment alone should cast doubt into the minds of any sincere believer in the Ahmadi religion. 

Mirza for the most part reduced his trash talk after this judgment, which begs a serious question in light of the cited Qur’anic judgment at the opening: If Mirza was making death prophecies before, which he claimed were from God, and Mirza was now not making these prophecies, then either his god was delivering revelations in line with the judgment of the British Raj, or Mirza was hiding his god’s revelations.

Which was it?

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8 thoughts on “Who Could Be More Wicked?

  1. deputy commissioner has to tell prophet mirza to stop using dirty foul language!
    you cant make this stuff up!

  2. Lets add that MGA had so many connections with the oppressor, i.e. the Brits, that they even gave him a chair to sit down while he was in court.

    How can these Ahmadis ever hold a “Inter-religous-conference”??? All Mirza did was tell people that they would die for opposing him. He should have given people life, like Muhammad (saw) gave Umar (ra) life….instead..he insulted everyone…he left no stone un-turned as he disrespected all and sundry.

    The only people that he didnt curse were the oppressors.

  3. The prophecies mentioned here by Hazrat Mirza were made about persons who had used extremely abusive language about the Holy Prophet Muhammad in their writings and pronouncements. They had been repeatedly warned by Hazrat Mirza to abstain from this vituperation and abuse, but instead of heeding the warnings they mocked the idea of a sign coming from God as a punishment for their outrages. Indeed, they taunted Hazrat Mirza to bring a sign showing God’s displeasure towards them. Hazrat Mirza prayed to God, and as a result he received prophecies in each case about the impending doom of the party concerned to befall within a certain specified time limit, as he has noted here.

    [admin: Please answer the questions raised in the post]

    • @ gold price

      1. How did Muhammad (saw) respond to the lady that threw trash on him daily???

      Answer: He showed her love and prayed for her.

      2. How did Muhammad (saw) get Umar (ra) to join Islam..

      Answer: He prayed to Allah and Allah gave Umar (ra) life, i.e. by joining Islam.

      People have been ridiculing Islam for 1400 years…it is not our job to make death threats towards them. We should respond with love. MGA concocted all of those death threats and called them the will of Allah.

      Furthermore, MGA made a mockery of mubahila….Muhammad (saw) never had 1 ion his whole life…look it up. MGA was crazy and deranged…he wanted money to curse at other religions….he never spent a dime on his books or organization…he spent other peoples money since the time he splurged with his dads pension money…

  4. Q) Who can be more wicked than those who hide the testimony from Allah s.w.t, invent lies, curse, hurl false accusations (using foul and abusive language) against the noble Messengers of Allah s.w.t ?

    A) It is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian

  5. Salam

    I agree with you that if someone wrongly believes that Jesus is alive, it should not make them a lesser muslim. Why should it? I totally agree. Jamaat Ahmadiyya does seem as if they are obssessed with this issue. However, surely I can argue that the anti Ahmadiyya party is obsessed with the Khatmenabuwwat issue. So what if someone believes that there are more prophets after the Prophet Muhammad (saw)? Erroneous it may be, but at the end of the day It’s just a BELIEF, like the belief of Jesus being alive. It does not have any consequences such as not praying 5 times a day or being allowed to drink alcohol.

    And to those who are still not convinced that Jesus is dead and are relying on 4:157 “they did not kill him nor crucify him”,please read the whole verse with reference to the verses I have quoted. Ahmadis are often mentioned as people who like far fetched interpretations but over here it is the orthodox party that is doing this. Sunni Muslims interpret this verse to say that another man was made to look like Jesus and then put onto the cross. How absurd. In the verse there is no mention whatsoever of another person.

    Those brothers who say ‘maybe Jesus is dead, so what he can still come back”..that’s a fair response but the whole belief of Jesus coming back is founded upon him being alive in the heavens so therefore he must DESCEND. He can’t really descend if he’s buried in India.



    • @ Faissal

      1. The only reason that Ahmadis believe that Esa (as) is dead is because they need to make MGA a prophet. That is why their heresy is so far-fetched and over-the-top inflammatory to all religions and creeds.

      2. The finality of prophethood is a certain ideology that connects all Muslims. It was the greatness of Muhammad (saw), it is the embodiment of Islam, it is who we are as an Ummah. It is the guidance for all those who seek knowledge. It is the idea that keeps Muslims away from Fitnah.

      3. Further, 99.9% of Muslims have always believed that Esa (as) would physically return to Earth. We cant just discard this belief as erroneous. The reason his name is Esa bin Maryam (as) keeps him as a singularity. No else could come with that name.

      4. Hadith is a valuable supplement to the Quran…in hadith we find these prophecies in terms of the return of Esa (as). These prove that he never went to India.

    • Dear Faisal,

      Every belief is not just a belief. Like Christians believe the God is three in one. It is not just a belief, it is against the belief of Unity of God. Similarly, believing that more prophets can come is not just a belief, it is against the clear directions of Quran and Hadith. Mirza Sb himself (till he did not claim so) accepted that it is so clear that only a stupid can go against this belief. http://www.ahmadibeliefs.com/khatm-e-nubuwwat gives a long list of his writings where he confirms the fact.

      So yes, you may say Muslims are obsessed with Khatm-e-Nubuwwat, just like they are obsessed with Unity of God.

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