Ramadan and Ahmadiyya

An Ahmadiyya defence often consists of a statement along the lines of “We fast during Ramadan, how can you not call us Muslims?” 

It’s a good question. Ahmadis do conduct most, if not all of the outward rituals conducted by Muslims. They pray like Muslims, they say the same kalima, they fast, some of them pay zakah, they even go to hajj, but none of these rituals constitute Islam in and of themselves.

For example, a hypocrite could observe these rituals, as the Meccan pagans did in order to spy on Muslims. This occurs with increasing frequency in the USA and to some extent in the UK, with some Muslims ensnared unwittingly into all kinds of absurd entrapment operations. Then there is the example of a Christian observing all of the rituals of a Jew, going so far as to call themselves the true Jews, all the while believing in Christ.

The fact that there is a normative tradition in Islam, massively outdating the arrival of the highly controversial figure of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, is actually lost on mainstream Qadiani Ahmadis, but not on the apologists, who with scant regard for the deep, studious methods adopted by Muslim scholars pick up a piece of knowledge here and there in an attempt to ensnare the unwary Muslim into another kind of entrapment altogether.

The facts are plain. The Ahmadiyya community sets itself apart from the Muslim community and is proud of that fact. Ahmadis are not allowed to pray behind Muslim imams, nor to pray for the Muslim dead, nor bury them, nor allow their women to marry Muslims. Of course, the converse is also true. Given that Ahmadiyya is outside the fold of Islam, Muslims shouldn’t be fooled by the outward appearances of the Ahmadiyya. Ahmadiyya is a non-Muslim sect.

So they can pray behind Qadiani imams, but that doesn’t make them Muslims.

They can pay zakah, even if their obligatory chanda payments are two orders of magnitude greater, but that doesn’t make them Muslims.

They can make hajj under false pretences, repeating their prayer in their hotel room after, having considered their prayer behind a Muslim imam invalid, but that doesn’t make them Muslims.

And they can fast during Ramadan, but that doesn’t make them Muslims either, because they believe Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a prophet after Muhammad (saaws)

Let’s remind ourselves about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad:

  • A man who used filthy curse words against his opponents
  • A man who asked for tonic wine to be bought for him
  • A man who used alcohol and opium in his quack medicines, medicines so patently fake and dangerously deceptive, that they were pulled off the shelves by the British Courts in India
  • A man who was banned from making death prophecies by the same court after making 121 of them, a man who chased a married woman in publications and adverts for a decade before giving up finally when his own wife became the object of a “marriage prophecy”
  • A man who claimed to the second coming of Isa (as), and many other prophets, including Muhammad (saws), who even saw himself as God in his dream
  • A man who saw a vision of God as a majestic Englishman
  • A man whose prophecies failed so often that his own actions caused Muslims deep embarrassment

It’s very important to understand that prophets are held to very high standards by Muslims, and by Allah (SWT) Himself. It was the repeated goal of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to denigrate the achievements of real prophets so that opportunistically, he could claim that he too was on a platform as high as they.

Ramadan is a beautiful time for Muslims. I never understood how beautiful until I entered into Islam and left the wannabe cult that superficially dresses itself in some of the garb of Islam, whilst oblivious to the shining beauty of the body and soul underneath. Ahmadiyya is missing something. It is missing Islam.

During this beautiful month, I urge Ahmadis of Qadiani and Lahori persuasion to deeply study their founder’s and movement’s literature, as I did during Ramadan 8 years ago and come to the same conclusion that I did, that there is something wrong with this cult, and that the truth has been hidden from you, and that it is done to serve the interests of a small number of families; that the office bearers are on a power trip and you owe them nothing.

Come to Islam, it is your birthright.

Ramadan Kareem to all readers of this site. May Allah (SWT) bless us with hikmah and accept our du`as in this beautiful month, insha’Allah.

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24 thoughts on “Ramadan and Ahmadiyya

  1. The ignorance in this forum is very sad. The things you accuse Mirza Ghulam Ahmad are all false, basically lies to make Ahmadis change their beliefs. Ahmadi’s respect every other religion and show no hate to any other religion like in their slogan “Love for all, Hatred for none”. There is just so much wrong with this forum, I realize many of you have gone so far that you forget what being a muslim is all about. Please all of you just stop all this hate and move on with your lives. This site is accomplishing nothing, the Ahmadiyya muslim community despite being continuously persecuted is growing at a large rate.

    *Ahmadis pray behind an Ahmadi imam, because they share the same beliefs. Remember an imam is a leader and someone you follow…

    • Ahamdiyya regard muslims as kafir, it is well documented in their books, its not false or ambigious, its a fact.
      But they deny it when it suits them.
      It does stand to reason, however, since of mirza qadiani wasa prophet, rejecting him would render someone kafir, according to islamic beliefs.
      but he wasnt.

  2. Get this straight please, Ahmadi’s do believe that The Holy Prophet S.A.W, was the last prophet, so being the last law bearing prophet, and anyone following is following his teachings. Also this statement that Khilafat is all a money making scheme for Mirza family is very false, because Chanda does not go into their pockets and no they don’t own mansions and horses… as many of you believe…

    • Ahmediyya do not believe that the prophet Muhammad (saw) was the last prophet – rather you say:
      “He was the last law bearing prophet” – but you also say that:
      “A non-law bearing prophet can come, and that in fact the door of prophethood is still open (in this sense), perhaps leading the way to thousands of more prophets”

      Islam for 1400 years and Allah (swt) and his prophet (saw) explained it like this:
      “We have seen 124,000 prophets from the beginning of time until now – from them were ‘Rasul’ (messengers who brought a Sharia with them) and the others were ‘Nabi’ (a non-sharia bringing prophet).
      Muhammad (saw) was the last prophet (Rasul and Nabi) – none come after him, be it ‘Nabi’ or ‘Rasul’

      Please do not come here and say that Ahmediyya believe in something – when you have in fact coined up terminology that no Muslim scholar has said for 1300 years and then try push it towards the Muslims and say this is what ‘Islam’ really is.

      Muhammad (saw) is the last prophet – none will come after him and those who say so go against the ayat of Quran and tens upon tens of hadith that clearly state that he (saw) is the last and none will come afterhim.

      This is why the scholars have united upon removing you from Islam – to go against a clear verse in Quran and so many hadith has taken you there. May Allah (swt) guide you back

  3. Salam,

    Mr shahid kamal, I have read many of your writing online but came to conclusion that you have some serious illness or you may be retarted or mentally I’ll,

    You even don’t know what you talking about. Islam Ahmadiyyat doesn’t need your advice or seggesion, we are real Muslims and we proud ourself, and we are very much happy that Allah the almighty thrown you out from this blessed jamaat.

    I urge everyone that in this Ramadan please concentrate on your ibadad rather then discussing with shahid kamal who is proven hypocrite.

    • “Serious Illness” that was a good one. I am wondering what conclusion you would draw when you will read various writings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed.

  4. Brother,
    The points you have listed about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s questionable character are enough to describe this man. It is sheer ignorance/arrogance of the Ahmadiyya to tell the World that this man is the so called ‘Promised Messiah’.

    the fact is that in Islam there is only one person who has been given the title of Messiah and that is Jesus son of Mary peace be upon them.

    Anyone else who tries to steal his personality is automatically a grand liar.

  5. Whatever has been mentioned in this article is 100% truth. This is valuable information that the ordinary Ahmadis should ponder upon and realize how the cult is fooling them in the name of Islam. Ahmadiyyat is not Islam but a sect outside the fold of Islam, and it uses the name of this religion to mislead muslims and lead them astray. This is one of the major fitnas of our times. It is growing because it is being funded to undermine Islam by their masters. Muslims have nothing to loose, but Ahmadis you are indeed following a false and misleading cult and you will be answerable to Allah s.w.t on the day of judgment. The key is you must educate yourself and do not depend on your murabbis/mullahs who lie to their teeth all the time.

  6. Assalamu Aleikum Shahid,

    Nice to see you back and very nice article. You know, I left Ahmadiyya back in 2007 after deep examination of the beliefs and the writings of Ghulam Ahmad. Once I left and began to “sit at the feet of scholars” and truly learn this beautiful deen, it became strikingly clear that Ahmadiyya has strayed from the path; however, people such as “Anonymous” [who has left a comment on this article] will not believe and so it is. Allah guides who He wills and leaves to go astray who He wills.

    There is so much evidence out there that clearly sheds light on Ghulam Ahmad NOT being the mahdi, or Isa (as) or any type of ‘burooz’ of our beautiful Rasul Muhammad (peace be always upon him), but again, many Ahmadis, it seems, just simply do not want to know or see the blindly truth before them.

    Thank you for your efforts in exposing the truth of this Jammat. May Allah forgive you any sins you may have and bless you abundantly in this dunya and in al-akhira. Your efforts do not go unnoticed by Allah.


    • As Salamu Alaikum Rahmatullahi O Barkatuhu.
      As s Sunni Muslim , Holy Prophet mohammed MSAS cleary advised us ,that once we believe in ALLAH SWT and all that ALLAH SWT delivered us through Holy Prophet Mohammed (MSAS) we must not show unkindness towards mankind.
      Holy Prophet Mohammed(MSAS) clearly stated that ALLAHSWT is Rabbul Almeen & Holy Prophet Mohammed (MSAS) is the Rahmattullil Almeen.
      In these context I will never propagate hate towards any Quadyani or even Hindus.Nor I will support attacking the group.
      Holy Prophet Mohammed(MSAS) clearly propagated that there will be 72 sects among Muslims & only one sect will be following the true path of Islam & I pray to ALLAH SWT to help me follow the true path with other Religious people.
      Do you not see that many Mullas & Ulamas brought division
      and abuse each other.
      I saw Dr.Zakr Nayak was abused by a number of Muslim Scholars, the reasons was that He did not accuse Yazid, and He stated Holy Prophet Mohammed (MSAS) was dead and cannot hep us at all.. But with out being angry I humbly sent him an E mail that I respectfully differ with him on these issues: I know some Imam ( Imam Gazzali RA advised us not to accuse Yazid. But Holy Prophet Mohammed (MSAS) clearly stated the Enemies of His family is the enmies of the Holy Prophet himself, on this point we will never say Yazid was innocent & knew nothing of the incidence.
      Secondly Holy Prophet Mohammed is not to be called dead but departed Holy Soul. Holy Prophet guided many Holy saints
      appearing on their dreams.Holy Khwaja Moinuddin Chisty (RA)
      was guided by Holy Prophet & in turn the saint converted 89 Lakh people to Islam. Holy Prophet Mohammed(MSAS) will
      cetainly pray to ALLAH for our forgiveness on the day of Judgement.
      I will invite all to read athe Gospel of St.Barnabas, which was discovered in true Armamic language in Turkey & valued at
      USD40 Million.
      Holy Jusus clearly witnessed that before the creation of the universe ALLAH SWT created the Holy Soul of Holy Prophet Mohammed and ALLAH SWT procliamed” Had I not created you,
      ya Mohammed ,I will never have created you the Universe”
      This can clearly be supported by the fact that only Ummaties
      of Holy Prophet are truely worshipping ALLAH SWT & all those
      came before lost the path.
      The beauty of Holy Prophet are as follows: Holy Prophet Mohammed (MSAS) was not connected by cord in His Mother’s womb, He had no shadow of His own body, His perspiration emitted fragnance of Mask, He was delivered from mother’s womb in Prostation. The Cloud was his shadow. He performed many miracles.
      I have to conclude now.Please do read the Gospel of St Barnabas a holy Muslim . He clearly stated How Hazrat Isa AS was taken alive to heaven & how his enemy Juda Isacret turned in to the shape of Holy Jesus & was crucified.
      Holy Jesus will come back as a disciple of Holy Prophet Mohammed(MSAS) not as a new Nabi though He will remain a Holy Prophet ,But the last holy Prophet is none but Holy Prophet Mohammed(MSAS)
      Thank You.
      Badruddin ahmed

  7. I have just read the two posts by “unnamed” Ahmadees-possibly by the same
    person. None of these persons appear to known their Prophet or his teachings.

    Their ignorance is TOTAL.

  8. as-Salamu ‘Alaykum.

    Brother Shahid, unfortunately your blog does not display proper Islamic adab in your da’wah efforts.

    You also continuously point fingers and state that all Ahmadis have no knowledge whatsoever about the Islamic tradition (of Shari’ah, Fiqh, Tasawwuf, Usul al-Fiqh, Arabic, etc.) while choosing to conveniently ignore that there are Ahmadis trained in those sciences even today, and that the first followers of Ahmad al-Qadiyani were ‘Ulamaa’ trained in those specific ‘Ulum al-Islam.

    Life is short, brother. If Ahmadiyyah is zandiqah, fitnah, and kufr, then leave it as it is. It is bound to perish. Not at your hands but Allah’s. I would suggest you spend your life instead in more noble Prophetic pursuits such as Dhikr, deeply pondering over and learning the Qur’an, and trying to learn about and exemplifying Sunnah.

    From an Ahmadi Muslim,

    ‘Abd Allah

    • QUOTE If Ahmadiyyah is zandiqah, fitnah, and kufr, then leave it as it is. UNQUOTE

      Dear Brother,

      Pagans of Makkah were in the state of Kufr. Holy Prophet sws did not leave them as is. It is our duty to bring innocent Ahamdis out of this fitna.

      Please read the writings of Mirza Sb and think about them. For example, do you know he considered women of his opponents as bitches. Just think about how filthy a person he was.

  9. @ all Ahmadis

    The rhetoric of MGAQ is unbelieveable….face it..our forefathers were tricked to believe that Ahmadiyyya was a good thing….its not!!!! They want all of your money and your free time.

    As ex-Ahmadis it is our responsibility to refute Ahmadiyyat, whether online or in person.

  10. @Abd Allah,
    Dear Brother,
    I read your recent post dated 27 July,2012. I respect your honesty in declaring
    that you are an Ahmadi. It is my personal request to you to have a close look at Ahmadiyyat. You owe it to yourself to reflect on the facts. I thank Allah that I am not
    an Ahmadi. An Ahmadi friend gave me an Urdu book about Ahmadiyyat. In that
    book I read that “British Govt.” was a blessing”. Being a person born and brought up
    during “The Raj” I witnessed how the Indians were treated and humiliated. I returned that book to my friend and immediately rejected Ahmadittat and the
    claim of prophethood. I know that if you ask questions and require any information
    you will not get answrers! Go ahead and try it yourself.

  11. Dear Shahid Kamal

    My name is Faissal and I am an Ahmadi muslim, but I have doubts about it and so I do agree with a lot of the pages that have been posted which try to highlight the problems with Jamaat Ahmadiyya’s claims. I haven’t come to a conclusion yet as I am still exploring and I like to keep myself honest. When Ahmadis are wrong I tell them and likewise when non Ahmadis are wrong, I tell them. Today I would like to raise 2 points

    1) Please stop saying Ahmadiyya is outside the fold of Islam because I assure you it is not. Just because they may have a wrong interpretation of certain doctrines does not make them Quffar, because actions speak louder than words. They are not intentionally misunderstanding the verse are they? It is not for you to decide and If you deem yourself worthy to decide who is Muslim and who is not, then you are basically trying to call yourself God.

    2) I admit non ahmadis do have a point against Ahmadi Muslims when it comes to things like finality of prophethood and the killing of the Dajjal. However, it is important to recognise that even the orthodox muslims have flaws in their arguments, so I don’t know whether or not it’s a wise decision for someone who wants to leave Ahmadiyya to go and then join Sunnism, another flawed sect! One of the major flaws is that they claim Jesus is alive. The Quran very clearly states in 30 verses that Jesus has died a natural death. And I have seen your page trying to refute these claims but they are weak, they only tackle hadith. In Quran, God says “Ya Isa ine mutawaffika”..now if we ignore what Ibn Abbas and the rest of the historians have to say about this word and instead we see what Allah the Almighty says about it, we wil conclude that tawafa only means die! Every single time the word has come in the Quran, it always refers to death. Why is it then that when the word is used in reference to Jesus, the meaning suddenly changes? I’m asking out of genuine curiosity with no arrogance, on what basis do the muslim scholars such as Ibn Abbas change the meaning of the word tawaffa?

    May Allah guide us all to the truth

    • I can feel you. I’m in the same position

      “so I don’t know whether or not it’s a wise decision for someone who wants to leave Ahmadiyya to go and then join Sunnism, another flawed sect!”

      Which flaw is more harmful: the belief that Isa as is alive or believing in a new prophet after finality of prophethood has been established?

      When Ahmadis are asked from where did the belief of Isa AS being alive come from, they say from Christians wife that muslims took during the crusade etc. The belief that Muhammad SAW is the last prophet is from authentic hadiths itself. It is included in his last sermon which we are commanded to learn and propagate. There can be no doubt on this one. There is very little chance for people to tamper with a message of such importance.

      Hope Allah guides us on his path

      • I think Islam is what you make it…for some people it works and for others it doesnt.

        Unfortunatley….Ahmadiyyat leads men and women into Atheism…Ahmadiyyat brainwahsed us to believe that all religions are stupid and dumb…once someone leaves the “A”…they are lost….

      • Dear Brother Nayar,
        You have created a problem for yourself. If you look for flaws
        in anything you will find them! Ask yourself, Is Islam,flawed?
        What is Sunnism? It certainly does not mean anything to me.
        All my life l have called myself a Muslim without any label
        whatsoever. Holy Quran was revealed in Arabic and any person who does not know Arabic has to rely on translations in their their own language. Interpretations tend to differ from
        each other. It does not make a flaw in peoples beliefs.
        It is my personal request to you not to rush into any important
        decision, be honest with yourself, reject anything which is
        not “truth”. Your own conscience will provide the correct
        answers, Insha Allah.

      • Dear Friends, As Salamu Alaikum,
        Donot misinterprete holy Quran, Holy Quran clearly stated ” They killed him not but made to appear as so”
        Hazrat Isa(AS) never was crucified. Hazrat Imam Mehdi will appear with Hazrat ISA (AS). If you have travelled on Hajj or Umra, you see that there is an empty grave near Holy Prophet that is kept for the buriel of Hazrat ISA(AS).
        Many people witnessed when Hazrat Isa (AS) was taken away to heaven by Hazrat Jibraeel(AS).
        I donot speak against your group, but many have mistaken.
        Hazrat Imam Mehdi is not from ordinary family.He is from the family of Hazrat Mohammed(MSAS).
        He will certainly come its not Christian but Muslim belief.
        Thank You..

    • Dear Brother Faissal,
      Here is my response to your post dated 3rd August.
      I am not an Ahmadi and my personal belief is that Allah alone can
      decide any issues about “eimaan-beliefs” .No human being can enter the divine domain “maliki yaumiddeen” – Master of the day of judgement. I do not believe that Ahmadees are nonmuslims. My
      definition of Muslim includes any person who believes in Allah
      and does good deeds.
      They deliberately and intentionally distort the interpretation of
      the verses of the Holy Quran and made attempts to interfere
      with the text of the Holy book.
      The second issue you have raised is the Death of Jesus. It appears
      that your Jamaat is obsessed with this issue. If I do not believe
      that Jesus is Alive,does it make me a non muslim? Similarly if
      I believe that Jesus is dead does it make me a lesser muslim? The
      entire issue is relevant to Islam.The Holy Quran tells me that
      Hazrat Issa was a prophet of Allah and as a muslim I believe
      that. I do not think that death or life of Jesus is essential for a person
      to be a Muslim. I will comment on the second part of your post in my
      next post.

    • Dear Faisal,

      You have every right if you might think that Quran does not very clearly explain that if Hazrat Isa is alive or not. However, it does not pose any problem. For a moment, let us agree that Hazrat Isa died and when Allah will send him again; he will raise him from dead. That does not make a difference, Quran gives many incidents where Allah raised people are animals from dead within this life (not in the after-life). So Allah will raise him again and send him down.

      The issue if he is alive or not – does not have any significance as such. So if people may have differing opinions about that fact – it does not have any significance either.

    • Dear Brother, How do you interprete Holy Quran.
      The glorious Quran clearly states it was made to appear that they killed Holy Jesus, but they killed Him not.
      Please read the meaning Very carefully.

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