Lisan al-Arab or The Wahi Database

On 4-May-2007, I wrote about the role of the Arabic lexicon, “Lisan al-Arab”, in the Arabic Ilhams of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (MGAQ). Although five years have passed, I am still puzzled at how could MGAQ claim the following text as a Wahi:









 MGAQ wrote: ((A few weeks ago I received the following:  [Arabic Wahi]: “Ghatham Ghathama: Ghathama to him, He paid to him from his money a Dofaah [partial payment])) – Tadhkirah, page 319

 As you are now aware, you can find this complete Qadiani revelation in the Lisan al-Arab dictionary:








((Ghathama: Ghathama to him, He paid to him a Dofaah [partial payment] from his money)) – Lisan al-Arab, Ghain section, page 288

 In fact, MGAQ’s Arabic Ilhami book “Seerat-ul-Abdal” itself is an example on how MGAQ had used Lisan al-Arab in his “Ilhami” writings and revelations.

 The subject of “Seerat-ul-Abdal” book is about the signs of pious persons. MGAQ had chosen this subject to make it easier for him to pick the words from Lisaan Al-Arab. He tried to pick the most uncommon and ancient words in order to impress his Punjabi followers.

Most of his sentences in this book describe the pious persons in the following way:

(They are like X and they are not like Y), where X is any strange word from Lisaan al-Arab that means something good, and Y is any strange word from Lisaan al-Arab that means something ugly or bad. Here are some examples wherein MGAQ had used the Khaa section of Lisaan al ‘Arab:


  • They do not keep themselves far from God and they do not split up (KHARTHAL)!
  • They look like a wet plant (KHADEL) and they would not be injured!
  • They walk upon the earth modestly and they do not have slack potbellies (KHANTHAL)!
  • You don’t see them like a hyena (UMM KHANTHAL) but they would be seen like a genius fat boy!





Here is another example wherein the “Saad” section was heavily used:












 As you must have noticed, many of the sentences do not give any complete information or valid idea. However MGAQ had never cared about ideas when he wrote this book; all what he had been trying to do was to impress his Punjabi followers.

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64 thoughts on “Lisan al-Arab or The Wahi Database

  1. According to my understanding the word ‘wahi’ means revelation.

    Many many many muslims and even non-muslims (who are seeking a true religion) experience hearing arabic verses from the Quran or from the Hadith in their dreams. They are usually brought to the persons attention because the meaning of that verse is relevant to the particular situation that a person might be in. For example, if a person feels a great burden and responsibility which they feel they cannot fulfill they may hear a verse in their dream which translates as Allah does not give more burden than you can bear. Hearing this type of an arabic verse in a dream would be highly encouraging to the person facing difficulties.

    I am not sure if my interpretation of your argument is wrong but Muslims regardless of their race, cast, nationality, sect etc should all live together as one. Arguing against one another will create disharmony in this world which is already well on its way to destruction, especially because of arguments such as these.

    Allah has revealed a whole chapter in the Quran it reads; ‘Say ‘O ye disbelievers!, i worship not as you worship, nor do you worship as i worship, and i shall not worship that which you worship; nor shall you worship Him whom i worship, for you your religion and for me my religion’
    This surah should be enough for all Muslims to understand that despite all being entitled Muslims and following the religion of Islam, each sect has their own set of separate beliefs which another will not compromise to. Although this Surah is in relation to non-Muslims vs Muslims, in this era even within each religion in the world there are so many sects with such a vast amount of differences in specific beliefs that they could all potentially be considered as separate religions. In that sense this Surah would apply to everyone in the whole world.

    Instead of opposing people of other religions, you should focus on practising your own. If everyone were to try and follow in the footstep of the Holy Prophet (saw) we would realise that we don’t have even a second of time to spare on these activities as we should be spending our whole time worshipping Allah; asking for his forgiveness at all times, asking for his mercy and blessings at all times.

    Let’s try and create a harmonious world as i believe it is us who can pray and prostrate to Allah and ask for him to save this world from destruction. Inshallah. Ameen.

    • al-Hamdu liAllah and masha’Allah at your statements brother 匿名.

      I concur and say you should focus on your own faith and not the faith of what you call people hailing from Qadiyan.

      Allah (swt) will not ask any of you on Yawm al-Qiyamah if you did or didn’t oppose al-Jama’at al-Islamiyyah al-Ahmadiyyah.

      The Qur’an clearly states:
      وَقُلْ جَاءَ الْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ الْبَاطِلُ ۚ إِنَّ الْبَاطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقًا

      ‘And say: Truth has come and falsehood perished. Surely, falsehood (al-batin) is bound to perish.’

      So if we believe in a false ideology (although many shuyukh of your own ranks such as Imam Javed Ghamidi, 2 Grand Muftis of al-Azhar University, and others believe in the death of Seyyidina ‘Isa (as) and a few such as Shaykh Hamza Yusuf and Imam Imran Hossayn believe in our view of Dajjal) it is bound to perish, so there is no point in you attempting to stop us or not doing so.


      • Abd Allah

        Do you have ref’s for the two grand mufti’s of Egypt stating that Isa (as) has (already) passed away?

        Also, can you clarify what the Ahmadiyya religion say about Al Maseeh Ad-Dajal, for it is not a topic I have looked into?

      • Abd Allah, guiding people away from misguidance is a duty upon us all. It is not a case of trying to insult people but to provide evidence for the distortion Ahmadiyya quite clearly and frequently engage in. Yet again on this thread Ahmadis do not comment on the content of the article but merely comment on how one shouldnt point out the absurdities of this misguidance.

        It is precisely when I mention to my Ahmadi friends the clear misguidance of their religion from articles on this site that my friendship with them strengthens and their love of true ‘Islam’ not Ahmadiya increases.

        It always amazes me the clear hypocrisy of Ahmadis claiming certain sunni scholars having opinions regarding Isas death and yet ignore the statements of the same people with regard to future prophets. Its pure hypocrisy and shameful and Allah knows what is in their hearts

        • Do you seriously believe that Prophet Isa (as) will descend from the sky as an alive being?

          How can you believe that the Chief of Prophets, the Holy Prophet (saw) has passed away yet another prophet can be sent back down to earth and that he is alive.

          If Allah was to send any Prophet back at all, or was to keep any Prophet alive at all don’t you think it would make an infinite amount of sense for Allah to send back the Chief of all Prophets?

          • @ Chinese writing

            I cant see your name.

            Yes we do. We got this info from the Golden Era of Islam. We got this info from a time wherein Islam was at the summit of human evolution. Those Muslims relayed this info to us. They cannot be wrong!!!! They gave us the preserved Quran, Bukhari, Muslim, etc etc etc.

            Ahmadiyyat is effectively saying that all of those Muslims were stupid in believing that a man could ascend from the heavens.

            However, MGA didnt know that Arabs were looking at the stars and naming them. They named Beetleguise and many many other stars. These people were observing the heavens and yet believed that Esa (as) would come from them physically.

            Get the picture??

          • Do you seriously believe that it is beyond Allah to cause Isa(as) to descend from the sky? Are you saying this is beyond the power of Allah? Or do you believe a man in Qadian turned into a woman called maryam, self impregnated himself, became pregnant for 9 months and gave birth to himself and then named himself Isa bin Maryam???????

            What does the death of a prophet before another have to do with his rank? How does the longer life of a prophet signify greatness? Adam lived for many years longer than prophet Muhammad(pbuh) How little do you know of Allah and his religion

            Which prophet Allah decides to send back or raise up or give life or death to is His Will, who are you to challenge it? How deluded is your thinking?

          • 匿名
            You said:
            “Do you seriously believe that Prophet Isa (as) will descend from the sky as an alive being?”

            As a Muslim – why would I not believe so when the hadith all point to this? The prophet (saw) said that Isa (as) will return to you at the end of time and will descend from the sky.
            “What will be your condition when the son of Maryam (i.e. ‘Eisa) will descend amongst you from the heavens and your Imam will be from amongst you? (Al Bayhaqi)

            He didn’t say this is a new person claiming to be Isa (as) or someone who has his spirit will ‘be born in India somewhere’ etc… he said it would be him and that he will descend from the sky.

            You might not want to believe the words of the prophet (saw) as they are literally taken – but then who are you to chose when his words are literal and when they are not. He (saw) also said that at the end of time – some Arabs would fight to build high buildings – just because you could see this now – you believe it – however, before this started to happen, which is recently – would you have taken it literally, or said it means something else?

            You must remember, in your different ‘interpretation’, you are going against the Sahaba’s understanding of how it was meant to be – and also all those generations and their scholars that came after them until now. If you think that they all understood it wrong (and they were with the prophet (saw) when he was explaining these hadith) then – what is the reality is you have your own religion calling to its own understandings of things, and we Muslims have our own.

            Secondly – “How can you believe that the Chief of Prophets, the Holy Prophet (saw) has passed away yet another prophet can be sent back down to earth and that he is alive.”

            The prophet Isa (as) will pass away – but once he has descended and he has completed his mission – then his soul will be taken – this is again what the hadith refer to.

            Allah (swt) has chosen for Isa (as) to return to complete some items that He (swt) wants completing. Remember, much of what Isa (as) returns to do is to do with the people he was sent to – break the cross, kill the pig etc… Therefore, sending any other prophet is not what is required here. It does not mean he is better then Muhammad (saw) because he is coming back to do some things – nothing in this refers him to being better – it is just certain tasks that he has to come nad complete

            Thirdly – “If Allah was to send any Prophet back at all, or was to keep any Prophet alive at all don’t you think it would make an infinite amount of sense for Allah to send back the Chief of all Prophets?”

            This is Allah’s (swt) choice to do what he wants with the prophets he wants. Why did he give Soloman (as) the ability to ride the winds? Or why did he give Isa (as) the ability to raise the dead – the prophet (saw) was never given this?
            Why did Noah (as) get to call people for over 900 years, whilst Muhammad (saw) only had 23?

            The prophets have been given different preferences over others. Muhammad (saw) was the best prophet overall, but, there is a hadith in Sahih Muslim that indicate that the first person to be clothed on the day of judgement is Ibraheem (as). The first person to wake after Allah (swt) reveals himself is Musa (as) as the prophet (saw) said that I saw him climbing the thrown of Allah (swt) when I woke up. Why is Muhammad (saw) not given these if he is the best?

            Isa (as) will return to complete his mission – there is no doubt in it – and no Muslim disagrees with this. It does not make any sense that Muhammad (saw) comes back more then it makes that Isa (as) comes back. Rather, the fact that much of what will be dealth with is the ‘Ahl Al-Kitaab’ it makes more sense that Isa (as) returns then another prophet
            Wa Allahu Alam

            p.s. You made many (many) posts – and they all need to be corrected from the Islamic point of view, or at least need to have the Islamic position put forward on it. However, I am hoping that others will do this inshaAllah

    • Dear Brother/Sister,

      I would like to make a clarification, though you have also given a hint. We need to understand the meaning of word Kafir. Kafir is a person who knowingly rejects the truth. For most part of the presence of Holy Prophet ﷺ in Mecca the word Kafir was not used for Mushriks of Mecca. This Sura was revealed right before hijra when it was confirmed that the message has been conveyed to the Mushriks of Mecca and they have decided to knowingly reject it. Then Holy Prophet ﷺ was ordered to tell them that now it is the end of tabligh to you. You can continue with your religion of kufr and we will continue with ours.

      This Sura cannot be used in present day scenario for anyone. We cannot see a non-Muslim (even a Qadiani) and say that he is knowingly rejecting the truth. Only Allah knows and only those apostles of Allah knew whom were given that knowledge.

      I will also request all readers to use the word non-Muslim for Qadianis instead of Kafir.

      • Well in that case use the term non-muslim for all shia’s because it’s haram to do matam and abuse ones own body.

        They surely cannot be considered muslims if they perform such acts even though they pray the same as all other muslims, because the non-muslims you refer to also pray the same as all other muslims.

        If a sunni can be called a muslim, and a shia can be called a muslim, then an ahmadi can be called a muslim too, because they all believe in One God, they all believe that the Holy Prophet (saw) is the Last Prophet and the Chief of all Prophets, they all worship God in the same method, and all read the same Holy book.

        Also in other religions such as christianity, hinduism and probably all other religions, although specific sects have their own set of beliefs they do not go around asking a certain sect of people to be referred to as ‘non-hindu’ or ‘non-christian’ because of the differences.

        Does this mean that other religions are practising the meaning of our own religion (peace and obedience) better than us?

        • QUOTE- they all believe that the Holy Prophet (saw) is the Last Prophet and the Chief of all Prophets,-UNQUOTE

          They don’t believe that Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ was the Last Prophet. Instead of that an imposter claimed himself to be the Last Prophet and Ahmadis believe in that imposter.

          • You are clearly not an ahmadi so you know nothing of their beliefs apart from what you are told.


            If you don’t want to believe that yourself then there’s nothing I or anyone else can do to change that. You either accept the fact or live in your self-created stubborn ignorance.

          • 匿名

            You say ‘last’ – but your definition of last is not the definition that the Muslims have understood for 1400 years.

            You do not believe that he is the ‘last’ – you believe he is a ‘non-law bearing prophet’ – i.e. you believe that he is a ‘nabi’ and not a ‘rusul’ – since the Islam defines a nabi who comes with no Sharia – whereas a Rasul comes with new laws.

            That is not believing that he is the last!
            You have to understand that when you talk to a Muslim – you have to at least be on a level playing ground with your definitions – if you are talking about ‘x’ and we are talking about ‘x’ but our definitions of ‘x’ are different – it is a waste of time – especially in putting forward arguments based on that premise.

            Mirza Gullam according to the Ahmadiyya is not the last prophet – there are more to come. Muslims reject this.

            Muslims believe that Muhammad (saw) was the last prophet – as mentioned by Allah (swt) in the Qur’an and the hadith – he is the last law bringer – and the last prophet.

        • 匿名
          You wrote:
          “Well in that case use the term non-muslim for all shia’s because it’s haram to do matam and abuse ones own body.”

          Doing sins does not take you outside Islam. Otherwise, people who fall into fornication, or drinking alcohol would all be ‘kuffar’. But this is not the case – rather, they are still Muslim if they believe in Islam.

          What takes you outside Islam is to say things that go against or believe things that are opposite to ‘fundamental agreed upon points of faith’ – even if you agree with all the other fundamental points. This is where the Ahmadiyya have fallen into.

          The finality of prophethood – i.e. that Muhammad (saw) is the last the prophets is amongst one of the many pillars of faith in Islam – this is mentioned in the Qur’an and over 20 hadith – all clear crystal statements. The sahaba and the scholars of Islam have agreed to this point – therefore anyone who goes against this point in belief – has left Islam.

          So like the Ahmadiyya – anyone who follows Islam in its ritual form (exactly), or believes most of what Islam believes in – if they are missing in something that is fundamental – they are no longer in the fold of Islam.

          If someone believes everything of that of Islam – but refuses to believe that Idrees (as) was a prophet – then, he also is not classified as a Muslim.
          The same with someone who doesn’t believe in the ‘siraat’ on the day of judgement.
          We could even say – Just like a Christian who follows them exactly – but refuses to believe that Jesus died for mankind’s sins – then he has dropped a pillar of their faith – and has left their religion.

          Wa Allahu Alam

      • There are a few points that need to be clarified in this post.

        First of all – a non-Muslim is a ‘kaafir’. This is a general title – and amongst the ‘kuffar’ there are types.
        Allah (swt) uses three terms in the Qur’an for different ‘Non-Muslims’: ‘Mushriq’, ‘Murtad’ and ‘Kaafir’. (A ‘Murtad’ being someone who left Islam).

        In the Arabic language, you would not call anyone a ‘Ghair-Muslim’ for a ‘non-Muslim’.
        Yes, the word originally means farmer, (as they are the ones who cover up the seeds), and linguistically, the ‘kaafir’ means the one who covers the truth, but irrespective of this, the term is used for anyone who is not Muslim – and thus, we can call Christians/Jews/Pagans etc… kuffar.

        As for specifically calling people ‘kuffar’, especially if they claim to be Muslims (like some of the Ahmadi, the nation, the v.extreme Shia and many other groups) – then this is something that has to be left for scholars, and as Sheikh Abudullah Bin Bayyah (ha) recently said – these types of high level fatwaa’s are not for individuals, rather, for groups of scholars on boards – and gone are the days where scholars were of that level where they could give fatwas of such levels.
        So, even a Ahmadi – it is not upon us to call him a ‘kaafir’ to his face (unless he has had judgement passed on him by a judge or a lajna) – however, we must be certain that their faith is not Islam, it is upon ‘kufr’ and therefore, warning them that if they continue on their beliefs will mean that they die upon ‘kufr’. And as Allah (swt) says in the Qur’an, no religion is accepted except for Islam and that the ‘kuffar’ will have their punishment in the fire.

        Secondly – differing from Muslims/kuffar also has implications in this world. (Back in the day) it would judge who paid taxes or Zakat. It would have implications if you were to come under the Islamic protection or not.
        Also – They will not be able to inherit from Muslim family members (and vice versa). They cannot be prayed over and they cannot be buried with the Muslims.

        This idea of throwing the word ‘kaafir’ around is dangerous – and if someone is to be individually taken out of Islam (and they are claiming to be from the religion) – then this is upon scholars – and they have to walk through proofs with that person, and ascertain clearly their faith – only then, if they fail the criteria, they can be labelled ‘kaafir’.

        Wa Allahu Alam

        • You are right in normal language Kafir is used for non-Mulsim. However Ghair Muslim is totally permissible in Arabic.

          So based on my knowledge of Quran and what I learnt from some scholars I prefer to call Ahmadis or any other non-Muslim as non-Muslim only. Because, I feel Kafir can have normal language meaning as well as original meaning of the one who knowingly denies the truth.

          If the difference is clear in mind – then one can use any word that he finds suitable.

    • MGA began throwing rocks in the 1870’s. You should have given him this advice!!!!!!!!

      MGA disrespected Sikhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. How do you expect an illiterate person to respond???

      His sons then got rich!!!! They werent so nice!! They were bold and business minded!!

      • Were you there as a witness to this ‘rock throwing incident?’ and where exactly did you get this information from?

        Give a reference of every single incident in which he ever disrespected people from other religions.

        From my understanding his character was a reflection of the Holy Prophet (saw)’s character, this was revealed by the Holy Prophet (saw) that the Promised Messiah (as) will be a reflection of himself, so in that case you would be defaming the character of the Holy Prophet (saw) also.

        And why does nobody answer my questions? They are simple questions which can be answered very simply.. yet everyone ignores them.

        • @ chinese writing

          1. There is no such rock throwing incident.

          1.a. I used a euphasmism to describe the behavior of MGA.

          2. Do you know that MGA had his house searched in connection with the Lekh Ram murder???

          3. Do you know that MGA turned a gentlemens discussion (Athim) into a 15-month death challenge???

          4. Do you know that MGA wrote lanaat 1000 times???

          5. Do you know that MGA refused to bury one of his own sons when he died in 1904???

          The list is endless.

  2. Great work BRO!!!!

    When will Ahmadis stop putting (mittee) dirt on the gray area of MGA???

    I hope they realize that Islam is much more than a Punjabee religion.

    • For a so-called ‘rationalist’ you seem to be saying a lot of things that are emotionally-charged rather than by rationality.

      I for one do not hail from the noble Punjabi people (the diversity of languages and races is a sign by Allah according to the Qur’an) and am an Ahmadi Muslim.

      Insult us as much as you want but remember that the Creator of the Universe and All the Realms is watching you and me.

      • @ Abd

        I have academically studied Ahmadiyyat for almost 7 years.

        Its funny that you consider my writings as insulting. Have you read the “death-threats” of MGA??? He insulted the religions of the Punjaab almost regularly.

        And MGA was not a lion, he was a coward. He never lifted a sword for the cause of anything. He never took a beating for any cause either.

        He was supposed to be the Messiah??? He couldnt even secure independence from the British who were robbing us blind.

        Have you ever read about what MGA wrote about “Jesus Christ of the Bible”???? How was this guy ever polite???

        • What do you mean by academically studied Ahmaddiyat for 7 years?

          Do you mean you have spent 7 whole years of your life on biased websites? Because that is not academically studying anything.

          To study something you need to look at it in a completely unbiased way with a pure heart before you start studying it. Otherwise you will never understand it or see truth in it. For example if a hardcore scientist was to research any religion with the biased mindset that God does not exist then no matter how many years he spends on his research and studying, he will never find truth in religion. In this same way if you study Ahmaddiyat with the mindset that Ahmaddiyat is wrong then you will purposely only spend your time looking for flaws and when you find none you will end up misinterpreting and creating them.

          As for the death threats you mentioned… evidence please? Oh and I just realised I have replied to some of your comments from this reply in another reply. Also as for you comment about the Promised Messiah (as) not helping secure independence I think you should research this topic more thoroughly. Also the actions of the 2nd Khalifa (ra) in relations to this.

          Also, I would just like to say that sometimes people can spend a lifetime studying one particular topic and end up not understanding it right to the end. I hope that doesn’t become the case with you.

          • @ chinese writings

            When I first began studying Ahmadiyyat academically…I was a stauch Ahmadis who supported Khilafat. I married a girl from Rabwah.

            I began reading intensely..I was shocked at the results.

            Did you ask for evidence in terms of death threats?? Read the story of Lekh Ram vs. MGA.

      • @ chinese

        MGA deliberately left 100’s of gray areas in all of his books. When he prophesied the birth of Bashir I, he left many gray areas that he would eventually use in the future if the prophecy didnt pan out.

        Then..his methodology in terms of his claim to be Esa (as) had many gray areas. So did his claim to prophethood.

        And think about it….he claimed to be Krishna in 1904…why didnt he do this during his fight (lur-ai) with the Arya Samaj???

        • You have no manners. I find the way you wrote ‘chinese’ a bit racist. However, I have already mentioned this so many times in so many replies that he did not claim to be Prophet, he claimed to be the Promised Messiah, there is a great amount of difference between a Prophet and a Promised Messiah. The Prophets were all chosen by Allah to teach new teachings, and the Promised Messiah was chosen to reteach the teachings of Islam.

          And in response to your very daft comment about not lifting a sword, your just being ridiculous now. I don’t know how literate you are but your reputation just keeps falling because your arguments are simply ridiculous.

          The method of fighting has changed in every era. In the era in which the Promised Messiah was supposed to come, it was not meant to be an era where the sword shall be used to fight, instead it was the era when the pen shall be used to fight and spread the word of Islam. And I think you will find that is exactly how it was. There was no need for a sword to be lifted. He contributed largely to the fight against the Arya Samaj without having to cause bloodshed. Isn’t that a great achievement in your eyes?

          Do you really believe the only way to get a message across or that the only way to defend your people is by lifting a sword?

          • The British wanted Indians to be busy with communal affairs and religious debates. That took the heat off of the independence movements.

            The Brits were making billions. They were happy to see MGA engaging Hindus in mud-slinging.

            The pen is mightier than the sword. I agree. However, MGA’s pen has done nothing to solve the problems of the 20th century world. In fact, WW-1 happened in 1914….

          • “he did not claim to be Prophet, he claimed to be the Promised Messiah, there is a great amount of difference between a Prophet and a Promised Messiah. The Prophets were all chosen by Allah to teach new teachings, and the Promised Messiah was chosen to reteach the teachings of Islam.”

            This is something that was never said by any companion of the prophet (saw), nor any early muslim scholar – or by today’s understanding of what a prophet is by the Muslim scholarship. There is much written on this topic even before Mirza Gullam was born – and none of the scholars agree with what you have said.

            It is only the Ahmadiyya who say this statement – and to coin an ‘islamic principal’ or to ‘redefine one’ 1400 years after it was established and understood to fit your beliefs is a tool that has been used by other religions (Christians) and corrupted Muslims from before.

            It is agreed upon that a prophet can follow the law of an older prophet (nabi) – just like Soloman (as) (and all the prophets of the Beni Israail) followed Musa (as)’s Tawra.
            Or a prophet comes with a new set of rules (a new Sharia) like, Nuh (as), Ibraheem (as), Isa (as) or Muhammad (saw) – the Rasul.

            Most scholars say that a nabi is one who has no Sharia, whereas a rusul has a Sharia. If you say that a nabi/rasul are the same, then you are saying something that was not understood by all Muslims before and after Mirza Gullam – and you will have a hard time explaining the verse in the Qur’an: ‘And we did not send a nabi, and no rusul except…’

            I urge you to go back to some old Tafsir books and see what the early Muslims said about what prophets were and what messengers were – Insha’Allah, you will realise that this is an idea coined by the Ahmadiyya over a thousand years after it had been properly understood.

            Wa Allahu Alam

      • For grey area to exist in something , that something must be different from grey.

  3. Another brilliant article from this website. I cannot emphasis how important this site is, in the upholding of the truth. Last week I met a really confused Ahmadi who has been duped into accepting Ahmadiyya. He has spent 4 months trying to defend Ahmadiyya but finds it indefensible. Im praying that within time he will be willing to go against his family and accept Islam. My last sentence to him was ‘ Accepting Mirza as a prophet gains you nothing but you loose everything’, to which he couldnt reply. The misguidance of Ahmadiyya is so serious that these websites are a blessing for those that want true guidance.

    • No one says he is a Prophet, when will you guys open your eyes? I guess you guys are the ones who are blind, have closed your ears and mind to the truth. If only you would not blindly follow articles on biased websites and would do your own research by that I mean actually read the books of the time of the Holy Prophet (saw) (NOT ones written by scholars of this era or after the era when the Promised Messiah (as) made his claim). This will allow you to see all the signs the Holy Prophet (saw) had mentioned and listed regarding the timings of the coming of the Promised Messiah (as) as well as the characteristics. Once you’ve read that, you may research the events and all the signs that came true at the time when the Promised Messiah (as) came forth and made his claim. No other had made a claim (why? because the Promised Messiah (as) was the person who was to come and nobody else could make such a claim without the will of Allah). And you guys believe that the Promised Messiah is yet to come…. when all the signs have already come true… how can the person still not have come forth and made a claim… and who is to say that even if another person was to make a claim you would believe… if tomorrow a very pious being was to make a claim, would you believe? or would you reject him too? and say you are still waiting? because if you were going to believe you already would have… by not accepting the Holy Prophet (saw)’s signs in the era in which they came into existence, how can you justify what you are waiting for?….

      What exactly are you waiting for?

      • I have many Ahmadi friends and all of them believe Mirza Ghulam is a prophet. Are you a Lahori Ahmadi? How anyone can think a man who had a dream in which he thought He was God can ever be considered a Messiah is beyond me..

      • @ 匿名,

        looks like you are lost bro… are some basics for you. Ask your Mullahs (Murabbis) if this is true and see for yourself how they will dance around this subject, then come back and tell us your research if you are honest.

        1) Mirza GAQ was not a True prophet of GOD [proven beyond doubt, do not need to reinvent the wheel] Majority of his prophecies turned out to be false. Mentally confusing and bogus teachings, …………etc.

        2) Mirza GAQ was not the so called “Promised Messiah”. In Islam there is no such thing as that. The only person who has been given the title of Messiah by Allah s.w.t. is ISA (JESUS) SON OF MARIAM (MARY)

        So, my question to you is why are you making baseless arguments and why are you trying to fool everybody……..???

        Matters of religion are not a joke, so do not fool around with this. One day you will be answerable to our Creator and that day will not be an easy one.

    • @Abu Iman

      That’s so true, after intensive research myself on Ahmadiyyat my conclusion was that it is falsehood.
      I left ahmadiyyat even at the cost of my marriage because the truth in my deen is very important, I just hope and pray Allah (swt) helps me through all the unpleasant emotional turmoil I am going through.

      • How unfortunate that you had to change your religion. Although I believe that Ahmaddiyat is the truth, I do sympathise with you, and I pray that Allah helps you through your tough times.

        Thousands of women are going through the same thing as you but in the opposite direction. I truly believe that no Muslim who has firm faith in what they believe would ever convert to any other sect of Islam, because if all muslims have firm faith in their beliefs they have no need to move from one sect to another.

        But I guess this is just how the world works…

        And just as an example I would like to say that in the world everything we see for example any product, it always starts off as an idea and then continues to develop into a final product which is then given to a customer. If you think of religion in this way then you can see that it started off with one Prophet, then Allah kept sending Prophets to continue and develop the teachings, Ahmaddiyat is like the final product in the stream of religions.

        Just as when products are made when a new development is made to that product the old one becomes obsolete. The same with religions, as Allah kept appointing new Prophets the people who didn’t believe became part of an obsolete religion. This is because they didn’t accept the change and failed to move on.

        So in this sense I find it extremely impossible to go from Ahmaddiyat to a different sect of Islam, especially because this is the most advanced part of Islam. All the other sects are still waiting for the Promised Messiah (as) whereas for Ahmadi’s he has already come.

        Moving to a different sect is like taking a step backwords, and in terms of the example I gave of a product, it would be like exchanging a brand new product for an older or obsolete product.

        Especially in this era when the world is changing so rapidly I think it is very important to be able to truly understand the differences between right and wrong.

        May Allah guide you to the right path.

        • @匿名

          Thank you for your concern brother, with due respect I do believe that I have entered into the real Islam and which ever sect I am now in is no concern to no one but myself and Allah (swt).
          Islam was completed for us, there are no new prophets to come or new concepts to follow which HMGA started doing, moreover where in the Holy Quran or Hadith does it say that Ahamdiyyat is the final of religions which will prove that ahmadiyyat is not Islam but rather a new religion that should have no claims on Islam!

          I disagree that Ahamdiyyat is advancing, in what sense? there is oppression in your cult especially geared towards women, people do not have a right to voice their opinions and most important there is no equality among this community, one rule for one person and one for another, the list can go on and on!

          Islam is not a product, for me there is no concept of entering a new or old, Islam is consistent and has no bearings on what our believes are the fact remains that the one who believes in the pillars of Islam is a Muslim.
          I do not believe for a minute that I have taken a step back from because I was not in Islam from the very beginning, as I left ahmadiyyat and entered Islam I well and truely believe I have taken a big step forward.
          When it comes to our believes regarding the love of Allah (swt) and our final Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) you and no one can judge and say we are wrong regardless of what sect I choose.


      • @Samia, you have taken a very brave decision and may Allah reward you and give you peace through it. There are many people who will take the easiest option, you most certainly have not, having said that, when being sincere with oneself Islam is the only choice. May Allah help you remain steadfast through this difficult period

        • @Abu Iman

          Thank you brother, it was not easy decision to make but it had to be done, I feel it was right thing to do and I waited when I knew that it would not have a major impact on the children and now the children are old enough to make their own adult decisions and understanding, my husband and I decided it was best to part, everyday I am getting stronger and my believes are ever more stronger but still a testing time but Inshah’allah I will survive.

      • @Samia,

        Only courageous people like you can change this World. We pray to Allah s.w.t to bless you in all your efforts, Ameen.

  4. I have noticed it is kind of impossible to reply to the article with the youtube video of a man claiming to be Prophet.

    Well I would like to say that no muslim would ever accept this person.

    Why? Because all muslims (including ahmadis) believe that the Holy Prophet (saw) is the last Prophet, and the Chief of all Prophets.

    • Ahmadis do not believe Muhammad(pbuh) is the last prophet, they believe mirza was a prophet. This clearly negates the belief in the explicit ayah of the quran (Khatam an Nabiyeen) which in turn leads to disbelief in Islam. Simplz

    • “Because all muslims (including ahmadis) believe that the Holy Prophet (saw) is the last Prophet, and the Chief of all Prophets.”

      Thats not actually true. The Ahmadiyya do not claim that Muhammad (saw) was the last prophet – rather they say that many more prophets can come after him!

      • @ both of you

        You are claiming to know facts about other peoples religion better than they would know it.

        Ahmadis do believe that the Holy Prophet (SAW) is the last prophet and chief of all prophets, they do not believe that there are many more prophets to come because obviously as I just mentioned they believe that the Holy Prophet is the last prophet and chief of all prophets. They do not believe that the Promised Messiah (as) was a prophet because as the name mentions in itself and is the proof in its entirety the Promised Messiah (as) was a Promised Messiah. If he were a prophet then the word Prophet would be mentioned.

        You have no willingness to accept the fact.

        No matter how many trillions of times you make this false claim, it will not change the fact that ahmadis believe that the Holy Prophet is the last prophet and chief of all the prophets.

        • Read some of the above posts as to what a prophet means in Islam.
          According to the Islamic definition of what a prophet is – the Ahmadiyya do not truly believe that Muhammad (saw) was the final prophet.

          Like I mentioned above – you have a different definition of prophet to that of the Muslims – so you cannot keep repeating that you believe something, when you define it differently to how it is meant to be. According to the correct definition of ‘nabi’ – you dont believe that Muhammad (saw) was the last!

  5. You website is doing a great job of education.

    Ahmadis are non-muslims. Whether they are kafir or not that is a different subject. MGA himself was liar, cheat and a fraud. He committed blasphemy, shirk, adultry & kufr. If one continues to believe in MGA teachings as messiah or prophet, they have effectively taken themselves out of fold of Islam and committing kufr either knowingly or unknowingly.

    Ahmadis need to ask themselves, are ascension of Isa a.s and his so called death etc. pivotal issues of faith? the answer is NO, so stop procrastinating please and come to the point. The major issues are, can MGA be a prophet or a messiah? and again the answer is NO. So all what he said is irrelevant.

    In Islam and Christianity there is only one person who has been given the title of Messiah and that is Jesus (Isa) Son of Mary (Mariam) a.s.

    MGA the son of chirag bibi a punjabi woman is not Mariam and hence why waste time on this subject. Ahmadis if you are serious about you life and you should be serious if you care for your hereafter come back to Islam while you still can.

    • You make no sense whatsoever!

      First clearly think about what you want to say, then write it down on paper and read it several times and fix it so that it makes a legible statement.

      ‘You website is doing a great job of education.’
      No. It is not. Why? Because this website is purely biased. You will find that on the Ahmadi websites not only do they teach about Ahmaddiyat they also teach about early Islam. This website only provides information against Ahmaddiyat and teaches nothing about the true Islam. A lot of profanity is used which makes it hard to read, because I for one highly dislike profanity as I believe it is completely unnecessary.
      And by the way it’s supposed to be Your* not You.

      ‘Ahmadis are non-muslims. Whether they are kafir or not that is a different subject. MGA himself was liar, cheat and a fraud. He committed blasphemy, shirk, adultry & kufr. If one continues to believe in MGA teachings as messiah or prophet, they have effectively taken themselves out of fold of Islam and committing kufr either knowingly or unknowingly.’

      Ahmadi’s are muslims. The accusations you make are all the teachings of Anti-Ahmadi Maulvis who dedicate their lives to teaching people to be against Promised Messiah (as) and you seem to have done zero amount of research yourself from solid sources otherwise you would find all those accusations completely groundless. I do not blame the Anti-Ahmadi Maulvi’s because they were born and raised into this environment and were forced to believe these statements which they keep passing on.

      As for everything else you said, you need to read all the teachings of the Holy Prophet (saw) thoroughly first and then the teachings of the Promised Messiah (as) and then decide what you want to believe. This isn’t something you can search on google in a few seconds, it will take a good few years of solid studying to get through the Holy Prophet (saw)’s teachings alone. Make sure you study hard with a commitment to understanding the teaching of Holy Prophet (saw).
      You will realise that even hating someone whether that person is good or bad will feel like a sin.

      • There is nothing in the World that will make sense to you …………it seems that it is either your way or highway. This seems to be the common trend with brainwashed Ahmadis.

        Prove to me logically dude why your cult is Islam. Have you no common sense that in Islam there are no new prophets after Muhammad p.b.u.h. Messiah Isa a.s is not Mirza GAQ the son of chirag bibi and he is not buried in Kashmir. Mirza GAQ the proven liar cannot be a prophet of GOD.

        You say that others should not hate you and conveniently forget that the hate your cult has towards Muslims and their Countries has no limits. Now do not try to argue with me o.k. and give some lame excuses, we are not naive, we know exactly what we are saying.

        Ahmadiyyat is not Islam. It has its own prophet Mirza GAQ who was a proven liar, fraud and a foul mouthed person. If you do not know this it is not our problem you need to educate yourself. The onus is on you and not us for you believe in Mirza GAQ we do not and never will inshaAllah. For us nothing has changed we follow what has been revealed to us without corrupting it with the teachings of Ahmadiyyat.

        Lastly, stop correcting the typing error of others this shows your low level mentality. This is not an English test.

      • We have gone through teachings of Mr Mirza in detail. You may also give it a try.

  6. Dear brother Fuad, this is another example of your work in exposing the false claims of that fraudulent thief of `eeman Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. Note how the Qadiani apologists simply do not have a case and so resort to the most absurd contortions to defend their attempted theft of the noble deen of Islam.

    Mirza is a proven liar, a plagiarist, a foul-mouth and much more – not the end of the world if you’re an ordinary person, but certainly the end of the road for anyone claiming to be a prophet, never mind the fact that Muhammad (saw) sealed prophethood for all time.

    Ahmadiyya is a new religion. They insist on stealing Islam for themselves and taking it away from the Muslims, whilst acting as if it’s the other way around. They can’t have their cake and eat it!

    • Your last sentence doesn’t make sense.

      Anyway, if you insist on claiming that Ahmadi’s have stolen Islam then so be it. Ahmadi’s are treasuring this stolen good with all their might. And letting Islam shine in the good light.

      And why do you claim him to be foul-mouthed? Could you give evidence of the foul words he has used, when, why, and in what context?

      • All I can say is I am amazed at the level of your ignorance/arrogance. If you do not know that Mirza GAQ was a foul mouthed liar then you are out to lunch that’s all I can say.

      • اب جو شخص اس صاف فیصلہ کے برخلاف شرارت اور عناد کی راہ سے بکواس کرے گا اور اپنی شرارت سے بار بار کہے گا کہ عیسائیوں کی فتح ہوئی اور کچھ شرم اور حیا کو کام نہیں لائے گا اور بغیر اس کے جو ہمارے اس فیصلہ کا انصاف کی رو سے جواب دے سکے انکار اور زبان درازی سے باز نہیں آئے گا اور ہماری فتح کا قائل نہیں ہوگا تو صاف سمجھا جاوے گا کہ اس کو ولد الحرام بننے کا شوق ہے اور حلال زادہ نہیں۔

      • Mirza Gullam said:
        “The family of Jesus was perfectly holy and immaculate. Jesus’ three paternal and maternal grandmothers were fornicators and prostitutes, from whose blood the body of Jesus came into existence. May be it was a condition for divinity. His inclination for prostitutes and interaction with them might also be due to this ancestral relationship.” (Anjam-e-Atham 291)

        Now, even if you claim that removing the modern day scholars (after Mirza Gullam appeared) – and we go back to the text of the prophet (saw) – we will have no choice but to be convinced that this man (Mirza) was the promised Messiah due to the signs that he holds, or the timing of his birth, or his death etc…

        Even if this is so (although no major Muslim scholar before Mirza Gullam said anything about India, or the 14th century – rather the hadith point to his arrival in Syria, and a decent from the heavens, and a joining up with the Mehdi and fighting wars) – but anyway, if we go by what you say – I can not accept that Mirza was that man. Look at his above statement! Is that the words of a guided man?
        Perhaps someone else at that time was the promised Messiah – and we all missed him – but there was more change that another random on the street was closer to being a guided individual, picked by Allah (swt) then Mirza. I mean, how does an Ahmadiyya explain this statement?

      • LOOOOL, you mean the money, they are treasuring the money with all their might

  7. There has never been a prophet on the face of the earth that only tolerated living under an oppressive regime but also supported it.

    Can you imagine that? A prophet of Allah living under a vehemently anti Islamic racist euro gov’t? Not only that but supporting their rule?

    The Sahabah (ra) were able to swiftly crush the 2 super powers of the world at the time and establish the Shari’ah of Allah to over 1/5 of the worlds population

    What about mirza and his companions? They ran to live under their masters and are living under their protection to this day. Hilarious.

    The seat of khilafat is in London under the thumb of the british

  8. Let me get this straight, this dude plagerised stuff from the dictionary and claimed it was revelation from God?
    ahmadis you really are lost if you accept this.

  9. I feel like its a waste of my time to reply to people on this website because everyone here thinks of themselves as a know it all and doesn’t even bother to listen to the facts or accept them.

    I stumbled upon this website by mistake and I feel like I would be better off ignoring its existence as well as leaving you all to live in your own stubborn ignorance.

    No matter how much anyone tells you differently you won’t accept it. So i’m not going to waste my time. I have much better stuff to do than trying to change the views of a few stubborn people.

    • We are not fooled by your words, we know you have left as you cannot reply to any of our comments.

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