A new claimant to prophethood in the Ahmadiyya

In this video the Ahmadiyya pscyhe is on full display.  We are able to see the fruits of the labor of MGA and hsi recent successor Masroor Ahmad.

My question to Ahmadis is simple.  Will you accept this Ahmadi as a prophet?  Will you climb over glaciers of ice to meet this Zahid Khan charachter?  Will Masroor Ahmad meet with him to discuss his claims?

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18 thoughts on “A new claimant to prophethood in the Ahmadiyya

  1. What is the Ahmadiyya approach to new claimants of prophethood? Will they ask them for credentials? Will Masroor meet with all such claimants?

    FYI: Imam Abu Haneefa had written that even asking a claimant to prophethood for credentials was Kufr.

    Will Ahmadis ever respond?

  2. Alhumdu lillah, Allah protected Islam by making Saydina Muhammad SAAWS the final prophet, so we do not have to play guessing games on such characters.

    If you are an Ahmadi, since the concept of “No prophet after me” is not part of the faith, one would have to check, debate and test his claims and see ‘Is he a true prophet or not?’. Its conceivable that some would believe he is a prophet and others would reject him, thus splitting the faith even more.

    • Farhan says

      “Alhumdu lillah, Allah protected Islam by making Saydina Muhammad SAAWS the final prophet, so we do not have to play guessing games on such characters.”

      I wonder why God kept sending prophets to other nations, specially the jews.
      If not sending any prophet is the blessing for which farhan had to say ALHUMDU LIILAH , then why such blessing was not given to jews ?
      strange is not it ?

      for the second part … I am speechless.

      Just again wondering why God kept the door of prophethood opened and let the splitting of faith happened in old nations.
      I really wonder ..

  3. Wow. This clown is sad. But he is absolutely right. The teachings of Mirza Ghulam AHmed are indeed that the door to Prophethood is not closed. Its interesting the dilemma faced by Ahmadis. I have personal knowledge that they have over the years lost several converts because the convert reached a point where he wondered whether he could attain prophethood through his actions and the Ahmadi nizami sheep told him no he could not be a prophet. The Ahmadis are ripe for internal fitna. This is the weakest Huzoor they ever had. Their latter-day teachings state that prophethood can only happen if khilafat becomes corrupted and their cherished Khilafat can only become corrupted through the actions ( or inaction) of the rank and file members. Many Ahmadi were blaming other Ahmadis for the death of the IV Khalifa. Who are they blaming for their V Khalifa’s lack of communication skills? His utter lack of charisma? Does he even bother to do the questions and answer programmes that the IV Khalifa did?

    • Salaam

      I just wanted to ask – is it possible in Ahmadiyya for a woman to reach the status of prophethood?

      • If you read the books Sitara-e-Qaisaria andTauhfa-e-Qaisaria you will realized that Mirza considered Queen Victoria holier than himself – so it can be interpreted that Hazrat Victoria was also a prophet as per Mr Mizra.

        • I meant – in their theological beliefs – is prophethood open to women?
          Also – does anyone know what the criteria for the Ahmadiyya is for someone to become a prophet? i.e. is it just ‘wahy’ that is revealed to someone – or are there other conditions

          • The criteria as per Mirza Sb is that the persons should receive ilhamat in a great number.

            Plus he should make countless predictions for death of many people.

            Later if 100% of predictions are found to be false – make a twist and make them metaphorically true.

            By this criteria any man, woman, eunuch and child can become a prophet.

            But I guess as per the official position of the jamaat Mirza Sb was the last prophet and no more prophets can come.

  4. Hello rationalist,

    I principally agree with you, but as far as the case in hand in concerned, I would say that Ahmadis are right if they choose to ignore this man. The reason is simple: This new “prophet” seems to be nothing more than a clown. Just look at the way he talks and his mimicry. Absolutely embarrasing. Such people deserve our compassion, nothing less and nothing more.

    • Why do you want to ignore him? He is saying he is a prophet as prophesized by Mirza Ghulam A. Qadiani.

    • Dear Malik,

      The problem is that Mirza Sb did not have qualities lesser than this man. If you read Seerat-ul-Mahdi you will find this new claimant to be relatively decent. But since Ahmadis blindly follow Mirza Sb then why not this person.

      After all it is blind faith…

    • @ Malik

      Will you ask this person for credentials? Doesnt he already have a following of Ahmadis? How many Ahmadis will lead astray (even further than they already are)??

      What about other claimants? How do you distinguish truth from falsehood? Why doesnt Masroor have a prayer duel with him?

    • According to theory, most prophets were mocked and seen as “embarassing” by the ones who did not believe in them.

      Mirza Ghulam is viewed as embrassing to mainstrem muslims. Are muslims right in ignoring Mirza Ghulam due to this fact?

      Ahmadis use the fact that Mirza Ghulam was abused by such commentaries made him more truthful.

      • @ nayyar

        The question remains….

        Will you crawl over ice glaciers to meet this man?

        Will Masroor at least invite him to dinner?

  5. OOOOOH Ahmadis! you reject this man in the same way, all the prophets were rejected!
    OOOOOOOH ahmadis you mock this man in same way all prophets were mocked!

    You are like bani israel!!
    of course im being funny
    but the above is the response to muslims from ahmadis when we say to them mirza was a crack pot!

    • Thank you BRO…

      And this is exactly our point….Ahmadis claim that all true messengers were rejected….well, what about this guy?

      You see…these are all business ventures, any claimants to any official spot (prophethood, mahdi-hood, messiah-hood, mujadid-hood) are those who are looking to make money, or the vast majority of them are.

      Islam is such a cause that we dont need leaders or prostelizers. Islam will survive no matter what. It was destined to survive and this is what Muslims believe.

      The Ahmadiyya missionary thrust has only caused confusion and outrage. And they continue to send out missionaries in the hope that the bank accounts of certian people continue to explode at the seams.

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