How do we treat our women?

Cult Girl Confessions released a scathing recent personal testimony of how women are really treated in the UK Ahmadiyya community. You can read it here:

You can also read Maryam Amir-Ebrahimi’s excellent article titled Wifehood and Motherhood are Not the only ways to Paradise, on Shaykh Suhaib Webb’s blog. It talks about modern cultural problems, solutions and historical models of success. Sisters, this is your legacy!

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2 thoughts on “How do we treat our women?

  1. Please also check out:

    For instance if a wife becomes unattractive because of age or some disease. Then the performing strength of man becomes useless which consequently affects the performance of woman. However, if a man is ugly it does not harm the woman because he has the key to the intercourse and man is the one who satisfies the women. However, if the man is impotent, then the women can take divorce as per Quranic injunction.(A’ina Kamalat Islam 282)

  2. I think Ahmadiyyat was on the path of progressiveness from 1925-ish to 1947. However, Since joining the Muslims in 1947 in the newly formed Pakistan, they have turned towards conservatism in their domestic views.

    You see, Mahmud Ahmad was a keen CEO, he wanted his female followers to get educations and make money and then GIVE CHANDA. It was a fool proof plan. And Mahmud cashed in. Check the 1927 (i think) lajna and Nasirat were created. Then…in the 1930’s he started making them pay chanda aam as well as chanda lajna. He even regularly enticed women to give away their jewelry so that one of Mahmud’s investments could get an office aka a mosque to build from and gain converts.

    Its funny…the LAM went super liberal on the matter. And by the the USA…90% of American-Ahmadi girls dont cover up. I think thats a very safe number. However, the female-Ahmadi-immigrants cover up regularly. And I’ll tell you that in Rabwah…all Ahmadi girls are fully covered. They have a strict dress code out there.

    In my opinion, Muhammad (saw) took orders from a woman named Khadijs (ra) for the better portion of his life. He worked directly underneath her guidance for a loooong time. There was never a problem. In fact, Muhammad (saw) impressed her with his honesty. And…Khadija (ra) never covered up per the Quran because those Ayat were revealed after Hijri and she died while Muhammad (saw) was in Mecca.

    In conclusion, A Muslims behavior towards women should be that of respect and equality in all matters of life. In Ahmadiyyat, women pay Chanda Aam, but they cant vote for general elections. Nor they can they hold offices in the executive branch of the “A”. Which is ironic because they can vote in the USA and run for senator, governer and etc.

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