Jinn, Al-Dajjal and the Messiah

 بسم الله الحمد لله و صلاة و سلام على سيدنا محمد و على آله و بسم

Have you ever been to a gathering and as the night progresses, the conversations depart from the substantive to eery Jinn stories? They’re spooky and fun. And there are always these vague second-hand stories told by someone’s uncle’s-brother’s-friend’s-nephew in Pakistan. Why are they always from Pakistan? Does the Pakistani government make citizenship easy for them? Must not be a condition on their passports…

But in all seriousness, we know that there is another species of sentient beings on this Earth who are generally outside of our domain of perception called Jinn. Some of the are evil, and some of them are Muslims. From their evil ones are those who use their ability of suggestion (waswasa) to cause people to go astray. The father of this species is Iblis. Generally speaking, this is where our level of concern with them should end.

For centuries, Muslims knew that the Jinn existed, but did not concern themselves with them much beyond that point. If they were interested in the presence of any being, it was the Angels, for their righteous company. Discussions were about stories with Angels, and the righteous actions associated with them. In other words, they were most interested in goodness. A proof of this is the statement of the Sahabi Hudhayfah bin al Yaman رحمه الله, who said The people used to ask about the good, and I would ask about the evil fearing that it will overtake me.” He was the exception.

But as time passed, conversations strayed from Allah, the Prophet and his Angels to Jinn. In the Subcontinent, there’s an obsession with Jinn, Al-Dajjal, who are his followers, when is the Hour and such. This is the very culture that Ahmadiyya was born into and it is reflected in its beliefs.

Islam certainly has an eschatological tradition, which speaks about the End of Times, the Major Trials and Tribulations, the anti-Christ (Al-Maseeh Al-Dajjal), the wars, and so on. But in general, Muslims did not and should not concern themselves with these things on a day to day basis. We do not dwell on things we cannot control or affect other than to make the necessary du’as. Instead, Muslims concerned themselves with what Shaykh Hamza Yusuf termed as “Sacred Monotony” – the daily acts of worship that truly define the faith and the simple peace it derives.

Regarding the end of times, the signs are interesting to hear and mubashiraat (glad news) to those who live to experience them, as it strengthens one’s faith and serves as a “roadmap” during difficult times. But just like anything that we cannot change, there is no point in dwelling on them other than as points of reflection. When they come, they will come. It is not for us to force them to come about. This is why there are but a handful of ahadith about these events, compared to literally thousands of ahadith about accepting Allah’s decree (al-Qadr).

But when you compare this to Ahmadiyya, we see a different picture. We see a faith that is obsessed with the end of times, obsessed with who is Dajjal, who is Imam Mahdi, who is the Messiah, etc. The faith is defined by “Who is the Messiah”, even before Tawheed. They make say otherwise, but consider the following picture:

The above picture is emblematic of this absurdity. The Ahmadiyya faith is calling to a Mahdi-figure before calling to the Oneness of God, before ‘La ilaha il Allah’, before saying ‘God has a plan for you’, or ‘God wants good for you’, etc. Straight to the Messiah. “Well gee, I know that you’re dealing with a messy divorce, a gang-infested neighborhood and doubting God’s wisdom in your life, but the Messiah came 100 years ago.”

Islam is based on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم, not merely in lip-service or some poem, but in what is actually discussed and taught. Islam is not a post-Messiah phenomena, nor will it be even when the one and only Messiah, ‘Esa bin Maryam عليه السلام (Jesus) does appear. But in the Ahmadiyya, it is exclusively based around the Messiah, the Messiah, the Messiah. Not Allah, Allah, Allah.

One closing point…some might try to defend their position by arguing that we are in the “latter days”. Many Muslims, including yours truly, believe that we approaching the end of time, when there will be great periods of deception, confusion, extreme human suffering, famine, so much so that a person will wake up a firm believer and go to sleep a disbeliever. But the way to defend oneself in these times is not through arguing and debate, but through cultivating a connection to Allah that comes about through worships and knowledge of the faith. This lesson is not something unique to today time, even if we lived 1000 years ago, the same lesson would apply. Because our deaths are closer to us than the coming of the Messiah and his enemy.

May Allah guide us to the right path: Islam, not Ahmadiyya

و صلى الله على سيدنا محمد و على آله و سلم

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15 thoughts on “Jinn, Al-Dajjal and the Messiah

  1. The quality of your writing and the lucidity of your perception improves all the time.

    Great work brother, and excellent point. This is something that our brother Akber has always made a point of, and you go on to make some cogent points in this piece that Qadianis would do well to reflect upon.

    The interesting thing for me is that Qadianis are very quick to accuse Muslims of the very things that they themselves obsess about, i.e. “you guys are waiting for Jesus to descend from the sky” when your article makes very clear that we have real problems to deal with and our weapon against the problems of our times is tawheed. In other words, we have our guidance, we are not waiting for any more. The Qadiani religion is not complete without the misguidance of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, which in itself is an aberration from the straight path and on several levels, the bid`ah that leads to hell fire.

  2. Brother Farhan and team,

    You are doing such a great job of educating both Muslims and Non-muslims about the fitna of Ahmadiyyat and trying to remove the misconceptions about Islam. May Allah s.w.t. reward you and bless you.

  3. Alhumdo-lillah

    There is more to life and religion than obsessing about the Messiah (as). Furthermore, it is hard to believe that the messiah showed up 100 years ago wilst India and Islam were being systematically uprooted and destroyed, and yet he never fought for our independence from the British.

    Mirza Ghulam Ahmad should have pushed back European colonialism and promoted economic and social and equality. Instead, he supported oppression and tyranny and simply didnt care about the laymen.

      • Historically, they did support oppressive regimes, yes.

        But, they play it off as ‘supporting your homeland is part of faith’.

        • Ahmadiyyat never once complained that the Brits were violating human rights from 1889 to 1947. The Brits wouldnt allow Indians to ride in the same class level as whites for years and years. Whites in America were terrified if they had to share a water fountain with anyone was who “colored”.

          Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and Ahmadiyyat in the USA never once complained about any unfair treatment whatsoever. Ahmadiyyyat never participated in the civil rights movement either. With this type of track record…it is ironic that they complain about human rights violations by their own people, when they never complained about the same thing from the Brits.

          And..I’ll tell you what…Muslims arent making Ahmadis sit in the back of bus or sleep in seperate hotels or eat in different restaurants. It was Mahmud Ahmad himself who wanted isolation.

  4. you mentioned pakistan I have just returned from the sub continent. The Qadianis and Aga Khanis are very prominent out there. Having been there and seen the deep rooted cultural practices, I can see how people get stuck in Qadianism. The Qadianis are an embodiment of all the worst traits of the punjabis arrogance, pride, the slave master relationship, the divide between the leaders and the common people. The shaytaan was able play on the arrogance and pride of the people and make them the worst of the disbelievers. May Allah guide them.

    • as an ex-ahmad i also disagree. ahmadis have a very good saiq system where the office bearers are assigned a few regular ahmadis each and they’re told to call them every week or so just to build a friendship between the office bearers and regular folk. it’s pretty noble if you ask me.

      there is arrogance and pride against religious sunnis though.

      • It’s far from noble. It’s done to ensure the revenue stream doesn’t dry up, though admittedly, office bearers are often genuinely misguided and unwitting accomplices in this aim.

        • Out of 100 Ahmadis, 99 are victims. I must add, in hindisght, these murrabbis know all about the fraud, however, they keep their mouths shut because their children are getting a free quality education and furthermore all the bills of Ahmadi murrabis are paid in full+medical+retirement. There were some Muslim Imams who quit their jobs as mullahs and were subsequently hired by the MGA. Amrohi, Abdul Kareem, Muhammad Ali and Shaikh Irfani are a few on the list. MGA was offering high pay and great benefits for all those who were willing to peddle his marketing scheme.

          Furthermore, It is these Ahmadi mullahs/murabbis who go on tour asking for funds and what not. I remember these people coming to my house and begging for money. At the time I was hoodwinked, as i got older I noticed that these Murrabbis always got their money. It is these murrabbis/mullahs who act as agents and insiders for their Khalifa. They are all in competition trying to appease their Khalifa hoping that they get an easy life in return. Some get promotions like Naseem Mahdi.

          Furthermore, Ahmadiyyat was progressive 70 years ago. Ever since 1947, they have turned to conservatism. Masroor’s speeches are a clear example of that. With that being said….what is Ahmadiyyat doing for the social evils of life in tghe 21 century???

          In the end..the “A” is nothing more than a high-society club like what the Brits were creating in British India. Its basically a group of Uncle Tom’s who are competing in pleasuring a certain Mirza. And that’s sooo laaaame.

    • I would say that class-warfare has been an issue in India since the time of antiquity. I would also add that most Ahmadis were rich and well educated people, who were groomed to succeed in the industrial world that the British created.

      MGA was upset when his community was mixed up with the “sweeper-class” of people in 1900 or so, he quickly remarked that most of his followers were from the “well-off” portion of Indian society.

      I think Ahmadiyyat is actually marketed for the Indian, African or Indonesian person who somewhat worships the British way of life. Ahmadiyyat is actively looking for rich Indians to join their ranks and subsequently give lots of money in chanda.

  5. Great Article!

    Though my humble suggestion would also be to include a cautionary note that while the concepts of Masih and Dajjal are not related to the day-to-day lives of Muslims, they are still a very important part of Aqeedah.

    Becoming a so-called modernist or munkar-e-hadith and rejecting these concepts is kufr.

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