What Problem Did Ahmadiyya Solve?

بسم الله المحد لله و صلاة و سلام على سيدنا محمد و على آله و سلم تسيما

Each break-away group is usually based on a single perceived problem that they attempt to solve. An exampe is the now defunct group al-Batiniyya. Al-Batiniyya was a 10th century Ismaili movement, who were the dominant Shi’a group for centuries. While they had many arguments, the central problem the Batiniyya wanted to solve was that the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم was no longer with us, and as such, we cannot receive direct guidance from him. Therefore, they believed a living Imam was necessary, who would communicate with Allah and the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم and report back immediate guidance. For the Batiniyya, this was the famous “Hidden Imam”.

One of the qualities of the sectarian mind Imam al-Ghazali detested was that it never followed its arguments to their full logical conclusions. Instead it would always stop at a certain point and refused to analyze any further. Al-Ghazali argued that the very problem the Batiniyya was attempting to solve was only made worse by their solution.

He responded, if the Prophet صلى الله عليه عليه و سلم is dead and therefore not reachable, the Imam is Hidden and also not reachable. Thus, their “Hidden Imam” did not solve the problem. The Batiniyya leaders responded that the scholars know the Hidden Imam’s recorded statements and use them as guidance in their time. This was no different than citing the recorded ahadith of the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم, while the Prophet himself was absent. The solution the Batiniyya presented seemed to make sense, but upon closer inspection, it did not solve their invented problem.

Compare this to Ahmadiyya. Lets put aside specific doctrinal differences for the moment and look at the model Ahmadiyya presents: Islam became corrupt, therefore, Allah sent a new prophet to refresh the religion and guide the Muslims. At firs glance this sems to make sense.

Everyone who is alive today never met Mirza Ghulam, never saw him, never even heard his voice, etc. How then does this alleged prophet help us if he is not even around in our time? What difference is there between the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم and this man, if we never met either? It is as if they are saying the immediate guidance of the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم does not apply to us because we are divorced from him by time and place, therefore, we need someone who we are also divorced from by time and place.

His followers would likely posit that the “khalifahs” are the inheritors of Mirza Ghulam. Therefore, if we follow the their “khalifahs”, we will be guided. This is the solution for the problem in their initial solution (Confusing, eh?). But if we are to follow religious leaders who take from Mirza Ghulam, how is that model different than the Muslim spiritual guides who already inherent from the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم? One group inherits from the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم and the other inherits from someone who claims to inherit from the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم. All that does is add an extraneous layer of complexity.

Do you see the parallel between the Batiniyya and Ahmadiyya? The solution the Batiniyya and Ahmadiyya present do not solve their problem. They both merely create clever arguments for why their specific doctrines are the solutions to non-existent problems.

For our Ahmadi readers, if you are told that Mirza Ghulam came to perform a certain task, follow that statement to its fullest conclusion. Check if he really solved a problem, or just created a clever rhetorical device. This applies to his “divine jama’at” he started, the volumes of unread books he composed, him being the Imam Mahdi, etc. And ask yourself, are these “problems” Ahmadiyya tries to solve really problems that torment the average Muslim, or merely questions they themselves create, for which they conveniently provide the solution?

These are the intellectual tools you need to help deconstruct Ahmadiyya’s alleged purposes. And when you are done, you will be left with a faith that offers no solutions, no purpose and no guidance.

May Allah guide us all to believe in the only Messiah, ‘Esa bin Maryam عليه السلام

و صلى الله على سيدنا محمد و على آله و سلم

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54 thoughts on “What Problem Did Ahmadiyya Solve?

  1. That was a wonderful article!!

    Recently, I was studying the same topic. I was gauging the climate of British India in 1889. I realized that Ghandi was enroute to solving the REAL problems of the age, i..e. humad rights for Indians and all races.

    Mirza Ghulam did nothing but flare the masses of his own countrymen. Instead of working together and revolting against the Brits, he began quarrels and violent death threats were issued between Indians. The real enemy was the British, however, MGA kept all Indians busy with his rhetoric.

    Ahmadis claim that Lekh Ram died because he opposed MGA. This is the first recorded death as a result of the Ahmadiyya Movement. No Muslim or Hindu had killed any Ahmadi upto 1897, when Lekh Ram was assassinated. MGA didnt solve any problems he created more. Ahmadis subsequently, pushed for a divided India, and gave the entire world the impression that Muslims cant live with any other religion, not to mention the same race.

    • Bro, why don’t you start learning more about your own faith instead of dwelling so much on Ahmadiyya? I’m sure it would give you an amazing feeling of peace.

        • The only reason that they are organized as such is because its a business, not a religion. Masroor pulls the strings from the UK. He is under the protection of the worst empire in the history of the world. I just watched the movie Ghandi and Lagaan. Do you know how these people treated us??? They treated us just like the native americans.

          Honestly, Ghandi had a muuuuuuch more significance in the Indian subcontinent than MGAQ by faaaaar. MGA kept fellow Indians fighting each other….we should have been fighting for independence. MGA and his sons shared the same attitude…they supported the Brits…Ghandi told the Brits to get out of India, Ghandi said that he would much rather have a bad Indian govt. than a fair British govt.

          Ghandi fought against the poverty of his fellow Indian. Ghandi inspired Dr. King and President Obama. What did MGA do????

      • It’s good that you accept that Ahmadiyya is indeed a religion separate from Islam.

        Perhaps you might be able to get true peace if you saw for yourself the filthy language used by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad against his opponents (bastards and worse) and in doing so accept that he couldn’t have been a prophet.

        I note you avoided New Observer’s questioning in a separate thread. Was there a reason for that?

        • Reason was simply because I’m busy.

          Also, I consider Ahmadiyyah a madhhab within Islam, and not a separate religion. All I was suggesting is that this team here should follow in the footsteps of Brother Shahid and learn more about their own Din instead of dwelling so much on what you guys already think is a fitnah and kufr (not saying I think that, but I believe most of you people do). Focusing on one’s own Din and self-amelioration is a much better usage of time than spending all of one’s efforts in something one already considers falsehood. Sure, you’ve done the study, and yes, you’ve reached some conclusions. Now, the only sensible option would be to move on. Without moving on, it shows there is some obsession with Ahmadiyya in your hearts.

          And let’s be honest here. Maybe you may be able to sway a few weak Ahmadis here and there (please do not give me numbers of how many Ahmadis have left the Jama’ah, it is of no consequence to me), but a bunch of guys alone cannot change the views of thousands of people (if not millions as you people do not accept as a valid statistic).


          • If even one person comes in touch with these blogs and forums and is rescued from the clutches of Ahmadiyyat. Alhumdolillah!!!!!

            By the way…Lekh Ram was the first person to die as a cause of Ahmadiyyat. Or was it Athim. That makes 2. Latif died in afghanistan 6 to 10 years later.

          • I find little in your message to take issue with, but I do think it’s convenient you have time to answer some points and not others, given that you seem otherwise to be such a decent sounding person. I’m not trying to be needlessly provocative, just opening up a dialogue here.

            You mention that you believe Ahmadiyya to be a madhab within Islam, but that’s not how Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his sons saw it. If the founder equivocated sometimes and was more outspoken the next, then his sons were absolutely unequivocal. No doubt you’ve read the truth about the split, by your K2, where he states his belief that we Muslims are “pakka kaafirs” – do you disagree with that? Do you disagree with Mirza Ghulam Ahmad calling his opponents the progeny of harlots and people like Sanaullah “bastard” for example?

          • i wouldn’t assum that the reason these guys dwell on ahmadiyyah is a strange obsession. There’ two things. First, whenever somebody leaves a religion, whatever it is, they go through a phase where they have to refute their previous religion. This isn’t observed scientifically but just something i’ve noticed. Second, this is easy ajr for these guys. Allah guidin somebody to islam through you is better than red camels

            anyway, this is really the plot calling the kettle black. How many ahmadis know anything about basic islam? They just know how to argue agains muslims about eesa alaihissalam’s ascension. If you’re an ahmadi you know this. I’m talking about general ahmadis, not the exception that go study with sunni shuyukh.

          • A typical Ahmedi response, so far removed from
            reality that it does not deserve a second glance.

      • @! Abd

        I recently found an abridged version of Burney’s work on Ahmadiyyat. I found Ray Registers thesis on the Ahmadis in Kababir, Haifa, Israel. I found Dr. Ismail’s book on Ahmadiyyat in Nigeria. I found 3 thesis’ on Ahmadiyyat from writers in the USA from 1929, 1954 and 1955. My research work continues.

        I have quite possibly read every book on Ahmadiyyat in english. If you add that I was a born Ahmadi….my credentials speak for themselves. I think its safe to say that I know Ahmadiyyat very well. I also have a graduate degree in Business from an accredited university in the USA. Trust me bro…I know what I’m doing here.

      • Rationalist touches on an important point.

        MGA made 121 death threats and was gagged by the Lahore Court. Not a great character.

        In comparison, Rasulullah (saw) prayed for his opponents. He had the option of having Tai`f destroyed, but asked that it be spared because future generations would be Muslims. Prophetic character.

        Pick your prophet.

    • asalaam alaikum This is a brilliant article mashallaha!!! It really makes one think about the motivation of Mirza and his purpose. I especially like the point made regarding the purpose MGA serves in this day and age when no one alive has actually seen him!!! Indeed Ahmadis have to ask themselves what problem did MGA come to solve? May Allah reward the writer of this article abundantly and all the brothers and sisters who propogate it 🙂 tawasi bil huq wa tawaso bissubr

  2. The way to answer “What problem did it solve” is to ask, if someone converted to the Ahmadiyya faith, what would he or she do differently? What would be added or subtracted? Then ask yourself, was this alleged problem something really troubling the Muslim masses, or a problem invented and answered by the Ahmadiyya?

    The only tangible thing I can see that they have is a centralized organization. However, this is suspect, as there are numerous Ahmadi-sects and sub-sects, many of whom have their own self-declared khalifah-figure.

    • The answer is really simple.

      The Prophet (sa) said that you must accept the Imam Mahdi when he arrives even if you have to cross the glaciers on your knees, and a person who does not accept the Madhi when he arrives and dies, dies an ignorant death (meaning there is a possibility people will not accept him).

      So by following Seyyidina Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) as the Imam Mahdi, we are following Sunnah. That’s it.

      • And the people who do not accept Mirza as a Mehid are bastards – do you agree or was Mirza Sb out of his senses?

      • What glaciers are you referring to? This hadith is not even authentic. What person of importance lives on the other end of a glacier? Other than research scientist that is. What about global warming? We may not even have glaciers of the planet in 60 years.

        What glaciers were surrounding Qadian in 1891? Use some common sense here…if an Imam Mahdi does come..it will be such an extraordinary event that all will accept, the same theory is true in terms of Esa (as).

        • I’ve studied them and found them to be false. I’ve also asked Allah myself and He has given me signs.

          • Abd,

            So did a lot of people who studied Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s writings and found him to be false prophet just like Messenger of Allah s.w.t said that there will be 30 grand liars in my Ummah who will claim prophethood. Mirza is one of them.

          • @ abd

            Can you rise in spirituality and become an ummati-nabi? By the way…Ahmadis have ignored every claimant of ummati-nabi since MGA.

            Have you read about that?

      • @Abd,

        Do you know that your so called “Seyyidina Mirza Ghulam Ahmad,” in addition to claiming to be a Mahdi…………….also claimed to be the Messiah (Jesus) p.b.u.h second coming nauzobillah; better than Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. nauzobillah, and also said the he saw in a vision that he was Allah s.w.t. nauzobillah? so in essence he committed the worst shirk and kufr in his life. So please do not misguide people to follow this dajjal.

        • I know he claimed to be al-Masih al-Maw’ud and I accept him to be as such. He never claimed to be better than the Prophet Muhammad (sa) and that vision was something other Awliyah also shared which common folk cannot understand (Mansur al-Hallaj for example).

          • There are many to water down what MGA said. Ahmadis have been watering him down circa 1908. However, there are extremist Ahmadis who had even said that MGA was a law-bearing prophet. Have you heard of them?

            Its funny…MGA can cogently write that he was born in 1839 or 1840…However, when he died suddenly…Ahmadis argue that he was mistaken. Then…the same people expect us to believe their queer interpretations of MGA’s writings.

            Its an endless saga….

          • @Abd,

            Please read the following and decide for yourself whether we are right or you are right? Only if you can please read with an open mind InshaAllah you will definitely find that Ahmadiyyat is nothing more than a FRAUD in the name of Islam. It uses the name of Islam to mislead the gullible masses (who do not have real knowledge of its teachings). Brother we are just conveying the message so that on the day of judgement we should not be held accountable for not doing our job. But hidayah only comes from ALLAH s.w.t to whom HE wills.

            “[It is a fact that Muhammad(pbuh) worked only three thousand miracles…] My Miracles exceed one million in number.”
            (Tadhkirah tul Shahadatain, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 20, P. 43)

            “The spiritual achievement of our holy prophet(SAW) took place during the 5th thousand (the Mekkan mission) with its brief attributes and that period was not the end of this spiritual achievement. It was rather the first step to the highest pinnacle of its perfection. Thereafter, this spiritual achievement manifested itself in its full glamour during the 6th thousand (the time of Mirza Ghulam).”

            “The Mental development of the holy Messiah (Mirza of Qadian) was higher than that of the holy Prophet(SAW) … This is only a part of the superiority which the Promised Messiah (Mirza Ghulam) had over the holy Prophet(SAW). The mental faculties of the holy Prophet could not be manifested fully, although the capacity existed, owing to the deficient civilization of the time. They have now manifested themselves in their full form through the Promised Messiah, by force of the advancement of civilization.”
            (Review of Religions, May 1929; Qadiani Religion, P. 266/241; 9th Edition Lahore)


            O you who believe! Do not put yourself ahead of Allah and His Messenger; But fear Allah: for Allah is He Who hears and knows all things.
            O you who believe! Raise not your voices above the voice of the Prophet, nor speak aloud to him in talk, as you may speak aloud to one another, lest your deeds become vain and you perceive not.
            (Holy Quran, Al-Hujurat, 49:1-2)

      • well, i’m sure you’d agree the hadith isn’t asking us to follow every claimant to mahdi-hood just to be safe. Btw, what’s the full hadith about the glaciers?

        • ‘’When you hear the advent of the Mahdi then enter into his fold even if you have to walk on snow by crawling and creeping to reach him.’’ – Kanz al-‘Ummal and in the footnotes to Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal Vol. 6

          ’He who dies in a condition that he has not recognized the Imam of the age dies a death of ignorance.’’ – Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal Vol. 4

      • According to MGA himself there can be many Mahdis
        plus MGA himself said Ahaith about mahdi are marjooh and Makhdosh.

        So as said by brother Farhan MGA and Ahmadiyyat didnt make any difference

      • QUOTE “So by following Seyyidina Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) as the Imam Mahdi, we are following Sunnah. That’s it.” UNQUOTE

        Where as those who do not follow Mirza Ghulam are bastards. Is that correct?

  3. To respected brother Shahid,

    Honestly I don’t want to write anything about al-Azhar as I do not study there, and I simply do not have enough knowledge in the matter to make a statement (rabbi zidni ‘ilmah!). I do know of one Shaykh who resides in Canada who was an Azhari Shaykh and accepted Ahmadiyyah, and another one in Egypt named Shaykh Syed Fathy Abdel Salam who was a Shaykh of al-Azhar and accepted Ahmadiyyah. There are more of them I have heard of but I do not know their names.

    As far as Ahmadiyyah as a madhab, you state that Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) never wrote this when he in fact did:

    “…اور جائز ہے کہ اِس کو احمدی مذہب کے مسلمان کے نام سے بھی پکاریں…”
    …And it is permissible that this [community] also be referred to as ‘Muslims of the Aḥmadī madhhab…

    [Ruḥānī Khazāʾin, v.15, p.526, Tiryāqu’l-Qulūb]

    This is in line with Ibn ‘Arabi’s (rahmatAllahu ‘alayh) book Kitab al-Mahdi where he states:

    “He [the Imam Mahdi] will manifest Religion as it (really) is in itself, the Religion by which the Messenger of God [the Imam Mahdi being this Messenger of God] would judge and rule if he were there. He will eliminate the different madhahib (of religious law) so that only the Pure Religion (Qur’an 39:3) remains, and his enemies will be those who follow blindly the ‘ulamah (religious scholars), the people of ijtihad, because they will see the Mahdi judging differently from the way followed by their imams (i.e., the historical founders of the schools of Islamic law).”

    This is from his Kitab al-Mahdi which is further within his compilation of works called the Futuhat Makkiyyah: http://www.ibnarabisociety.org/articlespdf/sp_mahdi.pdf

    Regarding Imam Mahdi (‘alayhi al-salam) insulting other people with derogatory language, frankly I don’t buy it.

    Regarding Khalifah al-Thaani’s (radiAllahu ‘anhu) book “Truth About the Split” you have to read the entire book to understand the context in which he said it. He was specifically directing the book to Lahori Ahmadis. Later in subsequent books he often wrote about Sunni Muslims as Muslims, as they indeed are (“Invitation to Ahmadiyyat” for instance).

    • Correction: He never referred to Muslims as kuffar in that book. He just said they kuffar of Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as), ie. they did not believe in him (in the sense of covering up Iman of him, as the Arabic word means).

      • Correction….Mirza Mahmud began to confuse the situation in 1922. However, for the 9 years before that he was singing a different tune.

        Have you read his article on the matter from 1911? From Tashizazul Adhan??? Noorudin even approved it? Have you read that controversy??

  4. Imam Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (‘alayhi al-salam) called towards the same things you brothers are calling towards.

    He wrote:

    آمنت بالله وملائكته وكتبه ورسله والبعث بعد الموت. واشهد ان لا اله الا الله وحده لا شريك له واشهد ان محمدا عبده

    ورسوله. فاتقوا الله ولا تقولوا لست مسلما واتقو الملك الذي اليه ترجعون

    [Translation]: ”I believe in Allah, His angels, His books, His Messengers and Resurrection after death. I bear witness that there is no God except Allah, the One without associate; and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger. Fear Allah and say not: You are not a Muslim. Fear the King to Whom you will be brought back.”

    • @ abd

      Whats the reference for your quotation. Give the book and the year.

      Im my studies…MGA has been often changing his stances on almost every matter. In terms of Takfeer…he even issued a Fatwa of Kufr pointed at Batalvi. After that his “Brits” had ordered him stop with the death-threats. MGA found a nifty hadith wherein he didnt need to say anything…the hadith spoke for itself. It was another neat trick by MGA.

  5. QUOTE – “Regarding Imam Mahdi (‘alayhi al-salam) insulting other people with derogatory language, frankly I don’t buy it.” – UNQUOTE

    Dear Abd,

    This is too much of innocence. Do you think that from the progeny of prostitutes and dajjal is not derogatory?

    Did you download the book and check the reference?

    Now who will spit rubbish about this clear victory and will say again and again out of mischief that Christians won and without replying to this decision at principal of fairness, will continue to reject us and use foul language and will not be convinced of our victory, then it will be crystal clear that he wants to be a bastard and he is not born out of wedlock. (Anwar-ul-Islam 31)

    A person who does not believe in victory of Mirza Sb “wants to be a bastard”. Do you think this is not derogatory?

    • I already explained this allegation of derogatory language in another post I wrote yesterday and I hope will be published soon insha’Allah as I do not see it.

      • I cannot find it anywhere – kindly repost as to how claiming every one else to be a bastard was not derogatory.

        You may communicate with me at newobserver1@gmail.com any time if that is more convenient.

        • News Observer, in short, they say because ‘Ibn al-Sabeel’ (Son of the road) is an idiom that means traveler, and because Baghi linguistically means ‘to transgress’, they say ‘Dhuriyyat al-Baghiyya’ actually means ‘Those who have transgressed all bounds’.

          Nevermind the fact that Baghiyya means unchaste woman in the Qur’an and that no one understood this new custom meaning until they made it up because its not what the language implies, nor what anyone who speaks Urdu/Punjabi understand from this. This isn’t even what the official Ahmadiyya defense is.

          Sophistry at its height.

          • The Ahmadi psychology is on display once again for everyone to see. Since we know that this is how they think…how do we counteract this brainwashing? Its almost as if they are not allowed to think for themselves or use reason. I know…I used to be one.

          • But I had referred to 3 quotes in my link: Let me repeat those so that some Ahmadis might open their eyes that are wide shut:
            (A’ina Kamalat Islam 547-548) uses the words Zurriat-ul-Baghaya – ذریۃ البغایا۔

            (Nur-ul-Haq 163): Mirza Sb himself translated the word Zurriat-ul-Baghaya as offsprings of prostitutes: خراب عورتوں کی نسل

            In this quote he has done two things – he has translated ذریۃ البغایا۔ as well as he has claimed again that his opponents are bastards.

            (Anwar-ul-Islam 31):
            Here Mirza Sb has again explained that anyone who thinks he was defeated is a bastard. In order to emphasise he has given further explanation to word bastard.
            اس کو ولد الحرام بننے کا شوق ہے اور حلال زادہ نہیں
            He wants to be a bastard and he is not born through wedlock.

            Apart from these references I have copied and pasted the text on alislam.org that states again that non-Ahmadis are bastard in a spiritual sense.
            It should be remembered that a study of the Holy Quran reveals that by the progeny of the prophets is meant their spiritual progeny. A person who does not believe in the prophets and is un-righteous in his conduct can be told metaphorically that his conduct is not of those legitimately born, meaning, that if he had loved the prophets he would have acted like them and would have been called their spiritual descendant.

            Now the problem is that Abd has tried to give a strange answer for first reference – what about the remaining ones?

            Does خراب عورتوں کی نسل، ولد الحرام ، حلال زادہ نہیں all mean “Those who have transgressed all bounds”.

            That would mean you can use any filthy abuse against Ahmadis and that would mean transgressors.

            Yes, if someone decides to blind himself – it is only Allah who can give them light.

          • Walad al-Haram is NOT an idiom for anything but ‘Bastard’. It does NOT mean anything else.

            And if they say “Well, it means a bad person”, then there are implying that there is no way to say ‘bastard’ in Urdu, because they’ll just reinterpret it away.

          • Mirza outright used the term “haramzada” for his enemies too. If any Qadiani wants to define that as anything other than “bastard” then (s)he should keep right on drinking the Kool Aid.

  6. ‘Abd Allah, can I ask why you selectively quote ahadith and passages from scholars?

    Let’s begin with Ibn Arabi whom Ahmadis always seem to quote. Ibn Arabi says, “I saw all the prophets from Adam down to Muhammad…” (Fututhat Vol 3 Page 323). Did he forget MGA? It was just law-bearing prophets he saw right? Well he also says, “Know that when God showed to me and made me contemplate all the Messengers and prophets of the human species from Adam down to Muhammad…” (Fusus, 1, Page 110). I guess now MGA wasn’t human, after all he is an “earthworm not a human being” (Braheen Ahmadiyya, V5, P127).

    Anyway, let me get to the point of Ibn Arabi. MGA says “Shaikh Ibn al-Arabi notes a vision of his in Fusus-ul-Hukam that he will be the Seal of Sainthood and will be born as a twin: a girl will be born along with him. He will be Chinese, i.e. his ancestors would have lived in the Chinese lands. Now the will of God the Most High has fulfilled all these things. I have written that I was born as a twin, there being a girl born along with me. My ancestors lived in Samarqand which is connected with China.” (A Brief Sketch Of My Life, Kitab al-Bariyya, Page 81) In another place he says “…it was about me that the Shaykh Muhiydeen Ibn Arabi had made a prophecy which was fulfilled in me and this is the seal of saints who is also named the Promised Messiah will be of Chinese origin. That his family ties would originate in China and also that he will be born a twin and a girl will accompany him and she will be born before him at the time of labour and he will be born thereafter. So this is in exact accord with the nature of my birth and I was born a twin on a Friday morning…”

    Now from this you have to concede that your “prophet” claims that the prophecy made by Ibn Arabi is true as he claims that he fulfils it. Have you actually read the prophecy by Ibn Arabi? Here it is in full:

    “The last born of the human species will be in the line of Seth and will possess his secrets. After him no more children will be born into the human race. He will be the Seal of Infants (khatm al-awlad). He will have a sister who will be born at the same time as him but will emerge from the womb before him, him after her. The head of this Seal will be placed near the feet of his sister. His place of birth will be China and his language will be the language of the people of that land. Sterility will spread among men and women and there will be proliferation of marriages not followed by any births…” (Fusus, I, P. 67; Seal of Saints, PP. 125-126)

    Now please tell me why your “prophet” who claims that this prophecy is true, purposely left out everything from the prophecy that shows he was an imposter? This is a concious lie on his part. Ibn Arabi was wrong now wasn’t he? Well why quote him when it suits you? Regardless, your “prophet” says it is a true prophecy, funny that the true prophecy doesn’t fit Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

    Now in terms of ahadith, why is this always left out when Ahmadis quote the Mahdi and crawling on ice?

    The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Three people will fight over your treasure. All three will be sons of Khulafa (kings). This will not come into the hands of any of them. Then black flags will appear in the east. They will fight with you in a way that nobody has fought with you before.” Then the Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said something. Then he said: “When you see them then give the pledge of allegiance to them even if you have to crawl over snow to reach them. Because he will be Allah’s Khalifa Mahdi.” [Al-Mustadrak. Hakim and Imam Dhahabi graded this hadith Sahih on the conditions of Bukhari and Muslim. Imams Tirmidhi, Ahmad and Ibn Majah have also narrated it.]

    “If you see the Black Banners coming from Khurasan go to them immediately, even if you must crawl over ice, because indeed amongst them is the Caliph, Al Mahdi.” [Narrated on authority of Ibn Majah, Al-Hakim, Ahmad]

    Your “prophet” doesn’t meet the criteria for pledging allegiance to him. What about the hadith that say Mahdi will rule for seven years? Hazrat Isa (AS) will live for 40? Why selectively quote ahadith of your preference?

    And please just answer one question for me. The Mahdi literally means the guided one right? Well how is it that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was committing the highest form of shirk for 56 years of his life? 16 of those were allegedly while he was in communication with Allah (SWT)? Does this sound like he was the guided one? A mushrik and a prophet (pre and post prophethood) at the same time? That’s a first.

    Shirk: http://thecult.info/blog/2011/05/05/the-shirk-of-mirza-ghulam-ahmad/

    In addition to all this, the Holy Qu’ran is quite clear, reject one, just one prophet and you are an unbeliever but Ahmadis (outside the official stance) prefer to be politically correct and claim you can reject the Qadian prophet and still be a believer… Why reject the verse 4:150/51? Accordingly, from an Ahmadiyya stance, every single person who rejects MGA is an unbeliever (which MGA admits, which your caliphs admit) yet Ahmadis try to hide this and ironically say reject MGA all you want, you’re still believers. Your religion makes no sense, it is full of deceit and that deceit began with Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the concious liar.

    • as-Salamu ‘Alaykum wa RahmatAllahi wa Barakatuh

      I suggest you read Ibn ‘Arabi’s Kitab al-Mahdi.

      You are entitled to your own opinions brother and al-Hamdu liAllah I do not insult your faith and consider it to be a great path to Allah. Strive on the path insha’Allah and please remember me in your prayers. May Allah allow us both to see each other in Jannah insha’Allah.

      • Again, it is very disrespectful of you to tell me to read a book you clearly haven’t read yourself. You quoted from this book about how Ibn Arabi says the Madhi will eliminate the different madhahib right? Why did you omit the remainder of his view? Here it is:

        “…He will eliminate the different schools (of religious law) so that only the Pure Religion (Kor. 39:3) remains, and his enemies will be those who follow blindly the ‘ulama’, the people of ijtihad, because they will see the
        Mahdi judging differently from the way followed by their imams (i.e., the historical founders of the schools of Islamic law). So they will only accept the Mahdi’s authority grudgingly and against their will, because of their fear of his sword and his strength and because they covet (the power and wealth) that he possesses. But the common people of the Muslims and the greater part of the elite among them will rejoice in him…”

        His sword? The greater elite will rejoice in him? He then also says:

        “…Know–may God support us!–that God has a viceregent (khalifa) who will come forth when the earth has become filled with injustice and oppression, and will then fill it with justice and equity. Even if there were only one day left for this world, God would lengthen it so that he (i.e., the Mahdi) could rule. …He will wipe out injustice and its people and uphold Religion (al-Din), and he will breathe the spirit back into Islam. He will reinvigorate Islam after its degradation and bring it back to life after its death. He will levy the poll-tax and call (mankind) to God with the sword, so that whoever refuses will be killed, and whoever opposes him will be forsaken.”?

        Whoever refuses will be killed? OMG :-0 with the sword!?

        “…For he and the Qur’an are brothers, just as the Mahdi and the sword are brothers.”

        Quite clearly his description of the Mahdi is an uncanny description of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad right? Please stop your selective quoting of Ibn Arabi.

  7. As far as the allegation that Ahmadis consider other Muslims to be kuffar, Seyyidina Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (‘alayhi al-salam) himself wrote:

    “From the very beginning it has been my faith that the rejection of my claim does not render anyone a kafir or dajjal… I do not call anyone kafir who pronounces the Kalima… If I am a Muslim in the Eyes of God, then those who call me kafir only render themselves kafir in accordance with the Holy Prophet’s edict in the matter… My faith in reality is that I do not regard any Muslim as kafir.” (Tiryaqul Qulub, pg. 258-260)

    If that doesn’t explain it, I don’t know what will.

    • @ abd

      This was written before MGA considered himself a prophet. His claim to prophethood was 1901. This portion of TQ was written in 1899.

      Up to this point…MGA had never used that famous hadith wherein anyone who calls a Muslim a Kafir is himself a kafir.

    • “Surely those who disbelieve in Allah and His messengers and (those who) desire to make a distinction between Allah and His messengers and say: We believe in some and disbelieve in others, and desire to take a course between (this and) that. These it is that are truly unbelievers, and We have prepared for the unbelievers a disgraceful chastisement.” (The Holy Qu’ran, 5:150/151, Shakir Translation)

      Answer me this simple question, if you reject Hazrat Isa (AS) are you still a believer? According to the Word of Allah in the above ayah, you “are truly unbelievers” if you reject anyone of His messengers, let alone Hazrat Isa (AS).

      But let me get this straight, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who is allegedly greater than Hazrat Isa (AS) according to the Ahmadiyya, can be rejected but the rejecter is still a believer but if you reject the supposed less in status (nadhubillah) Hazrat Isa (AS) then as Allah (SWT) says you “are truly unbelievers”. You do the maths.

  8. It seems my long post explaining the Dhuriyyah al-Baghaya allegation is not published even though there was nothing offensive in it whatsoever. Well if this sort of censorship occurs then there really is no point of me being here. So ma’as-Salam.

    [Admin: It was not published because it is a reproduction of an article on a site that has made personal attacks on writers here and is backed by a cult that extorts money from its most vulnerable members under the threat of excommunication, ostracism and brutal social boycott. Further, the line of argument used by Qadianis on this topic has been adequately rebutted time and time again. However, we will write on this subject in a separate post and you will be able to post on it again. Any accusations of censorship from a member of a community that bans its members from Facebook is incredibly ironic, it has to be said.]

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