Rasheed Sarpong Reverts to Islam

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

as-salaamu `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh. We’re delighted to share with you another story of reversion to Islam from the Ahmadiyya cult and it gives me great pleasure to announce that it is my friend Rasheed Sarpong who has come back to Islam. This inspiring young man is a real role model, who it has been my privilege to know. Even when he was Qadiani for many years after my reversion, I always held him and his family in respect. because of his character. I had a feeling that one day, insha’Allah, he would be guided to the right path by Allah (SWT) and alhamdulillah, it happened.


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37 thoughts on “Rasheed Sarpong Reverts to Islam

  1. Kpooooooow with that hadith
    Congratulations on this brother becoming Muslims
    may it be a source of inspiration for other Ahmadis to return to the Ummah.
    Well done Shahid on bringing this video to us and well done Rasheed.
    Just a question was Rasheed a born ahmadi or convert?

    • @ jess

      In the video, Brother Rasheed says that he was a born Ahmadi.

      Alhumdolillaah. Another person is free from the cult.

  2. Congratulations Rasheed,

    One piece of advice.. Don’t even think of leaving your current version of Islam now.. most of your brothers in faith believe that apostasy is punishable by death.

    • what does your cult do to people who want to leave?
      1) Threaten them
      2) abuse them
      3) harass them
      4) threaten their family
      5) boycott them
      6) threaten their friends
      7) keep their money and not return it
      8 ) defame them
      9) lie and say they were expelled
      10) lie and say they did something immoral
      11) ignore them
      12) prevent them attending weddings of family members
      13) prevent them meeting family
      14) write complaints about them
      15) make them divorce their wife/husband
      16) kidnap their children
      17) harass their children
      18) bribe them to not speak against the cult
      19) send thugs round to beaten them up
      20) kick them out of their homes and community

      oh I could go on, but we know what a sick and perverse cult ahmadiyya is
      it is a cult based on the old punjabi feudal system that oppress the workers to feed the fat guy in the big turban
      it never has been islam, just a cult!

      • Cult is a cult and remain always cult. No body can take a change with out changing the core believes. Thats why common Ahmadis need to think , reconsider and revised about ”true education” given from Nizam-a-Jammat. Kindly Look toward the beautiful education of Islam.

      • Did any of the above occur with Mr Rasheed since he left (you can ask him)? If not then what you say may not be true.

        • There are a few conversion videos of ahmadis, they do state they experienced harassment, intimidation, boycott, insult, abuse, threats.
          We challenge the cult leaders to allow a general amnesty for any ahmadis wishin to leave and guarantee their safe passage.
          You will see thousands leave.

    • Huma,

      It seems that you’ve been affected by the anti-Islamic propaganda which is spread by both Islamophobes AND Ahmadis.

      Interesting coincidence, don’t you think?

  3. Br Rasheed, your analysis is simple and the way Islam is intended to be. But keep in mind that many Ahmadi apologists will create very clever interpretative gymnastics to get around some of these clear statements. If you bring these arguments to those who are brainwashed in Jamia Ahmadiyya, they WILL find ways to make the Prophet’s SAAWS words come to mean what they don’t mean.

    Keep that in mind…

  4. Ahh video won’t load on my phone!! Either way the reaction seems very positive! SubhanAllah, it gives me great joy to hear this!! And above all else, you are able to step out and tell all the Qadianis you are now a Muslim! Inspirational stuff!!! 😀 mubarak to you. Jzks bro shahid for this..

  5. I like his stance on hypocritically pretending to be an Ahmadi whlist in your heart you don’t believe, hypocrites wiill be in the lowest place in hell. People shoould take note

    • In the early periods of Islam, many Muslims concealed their Islam lest they be persecuted by Quraysh.

      Its no secret that the Ahmadiyya persecute Muslims converts from Ahmadi families. They conceal their identity for for their own safety.

  6. Ahmadis pretend to be muslims when they around muslims
    if they get caught then they will even point blank deny mirza was or claimed to be a prophet
    ahmadis who reject the cult are forced to conceal their faith because the thugs and goons of the cult would torture them and their families
    how about mullahs of cult have an open amnesty and let those who want to leave, leave and promise no repercussions
    if they did that thousands would leave
    but being a cult they need to throttle people into obediance.
    and they hate ex-ahmadis going public
    because it might put ideas of freedom into the heads of those trapped
    no doubt the mullahs are wetting the bed with this video!

  7. Alhamdulillah, welcome to Islam brother Rasheed. Great job with the video brother Shahid and thank you brother Rasheed for sharing your story with us, may Allah (SWT) bless you and your family.

  8. With reference to the Hadith mentioned by Rasheed, I really do not see how could there not be a contradiction to the second coming of Jesus. Since these Hadith have been taken literally, without giving any thought to the wisdom and beauty behind these Hadith, it should come to mean that there is no need for the Second Second Coming of Jesus (as). Why?
    A ‘brick’ does not mean the birth of a Prophet, but rather the importance of the ‘brick’ comes in the form of the deliverance of a message the Prophet has brought along with them or probably more aptly described as the mission of the Prophet. The birth in itself is irrelevant here.
    So if you accept no more ‘bricks’ are needed, then you must accept there is no need of the Second Coming of Jesus (as).
    So what could the Hadith mean?
    With my rather unofficial and dim understanding, Hadrat Muhammad (sa) as being the last brick, In my opinion can only reflect the tip of spiritual evolution, the perfection of Prophethood. This I think is well supported by the description of the house/palace. The beauty having perfected with the brick of Hadhrat Muhammad (sa). Taking things without considering the deep meaning will obviously will lead to contradictory derivation.
    This understanding is also well supported with what I understand with the verse relating to ‘Khatam un Nabiyeen’ in the Holy Quran. Even in the Quranic verse taking Khatam to be last leads to meaninglessness of the clause “Muhammad in not the father of any of your men….” But then this is a different argument.
    Moreover there are several Hadith that state that Hadhrat Muhammad (sa) is the First Prophet, First Man, Last Man, as here:
    Consider it a thought. I am an Ahmadi and the more I read, the more convinced I am of Ahmadiyyat as being the true Islam. I pray for you all including brother Rasheed. Wassalam.

    • “Anonymous”,

      Thanks for your well-thought out and articulate comment. Even though we are (hopefully only currently) upon different religions, I am appreciate such comments.

      The argument of “How does Jesus return” comes up a lot. Br. Shahid addressed that in the video, but allow me to re-explain. When Muslims say “Muhammad SAAWS is the last prophet”, a verbose explanation would be “no one is made a prophet after him”. If the number of prophets is 124,000, the 2nd to last was ‘Esa bin Maryam (AS) (I really don’t like saying “Jesus”). ‘Esa was prophet #123,999 and Muhammad SAAWS was #124,000 – the last one. The return of ‘Esa does not make him prophet number #124,001. He was a prophet from before and is not re-made a prophet.

      There is a common argument that is presented where ‘Aisha (RA) says “Say Seal of the Prophets, but do not say no prophet after him”. This is an isolated statement – the full context shows that what she was was that merely saying “last prophet”, if not understood properly, might seem to say ‘not even ‘Esa (AS) will come’. But, “Seal of the Prophets” clearly shows “No one is made a prophet after him”, according to the idioms of their time.

      This should take care of the “last brick” hadith. By the way, the most common Ahmadi defense is something that, unless you were taught it, would never come to your mind. Its very counter-intuitive. Suffice to say, the “building” he was referring to in the hadith was referring to Prophethood, and him being the last brick = last prophet.

      You brought up the “wait, doesn’t the ayah completely change the topic” argument. In my opinion, this is a very strong argument for the Ahmadiyya. But as with all things, it really depends what you want to see in the ayah. The ayah was revealed because the sons of the Prophet SAAWS were dying, and the Quraysh would mock him saying that your name would be cut off (as your lineage was conveyed through your male offspring). Allah SWT is saying that his lineage would not end with him, but instead that prophethood would end with him – its a change in perspectives from Dunya to Akhirah.
      Being the “last” or “first” of something is not necessarily good or bad. What makes first/last good or bad is the context. Being the ‘last prophet’ is no small thing, it is inherently a praise as, by definition, the ummah must follow all prophets that have come – so all people MUST follow Saydina Muhammad SAAWS including Jews and Christians.

      Your last statement was that the more you read, the more you are convinced of Ahmadiyyat. Look into the “Confirmation Bias” phenomena. In short, people who believe in things tend to find evidence for it everywhere, even if the evidence directly contradicts their beliefs. People, ALL people, first start with a position based on a variety of factors, the least of which is reason/logic, and then backfill that position with reason/logic. This equally applies to the Muslims. But there is one key difference – when neutral people read the same ayaat or ahadith, they come to the traditional Islamic understanding with very few exceptions or deviations. That is why for 1400~ years people followed Islam and Ahmadiyya positions didn’t even exist. This wasn’t just 1 generation, it was replicated over hundreds of years – no one was an Ahmadi then. It was only after Mirza Ghulam that only his followers started to see Ahmadiyya as true and its conclusions being everywhere. If Ahmadiyya is true, why didn’t people believe in it before?

      My position has become that of Imam al-Ghazali who said belief is not based on arguments, but one what’s in the heart. If Ahmadiyya is true, may Allah guide me to it. But if Islam is true, may Allah guide Ahmadis to it.

      • For a Muslim – it is a pillar of their belief that Muhammad (saw) was the last prophet – i.e. no one new comes after him (saw) – and anyone who claims so is not just a liar, but an enemy of Islam as the hadith states: “there will be liars after me, claiming to be prophets…”
        Thus, it is said by the scholars – believing so, takes you out of Islam.

        For an Ahmedi – it is also a pillar of your faith that the door of risala/prophethood is still open, and not only was Mirza Gullam a new prophet, but there may still be more to come.
        I assume, by rejecting Mirza Gullam – you have left the fold of Ahmediasm

        If this issue is one whereby there is great significance – just like other pillars of faith, such as belief in angles and the books etc… then by necessity, it must be that Allah (swt) and his messenger (saw) made it crystal clear.
        Now for the vaaaast majority of Muslims – there is not even a seconds doubt that Muhammad (saw) is the last, none come after him and Isa (as) is to return and follow the sharia of Muhammad (saw) due to the absolutely clear texts that we have in front of us.

        If you (Annon) contend or have to look for interpretations for the verses in Qur’an or hadith – then can’t you see that something is amiss.
        Do you need to look into interpretations of the verses talking about the day of Judgement, or the previous books that Allah (swt) down to previous nations – no you take them as the clear text you have.
        When the prophet (saw) says he is the last (in many different hadiths at different times of his prophet hood) – and Allah (swt) says he has sealed prophet hood with Muhammad (saw) – (and also said he is the last) – then why are you looking here and there?

        And Allah (swt) knows best in all matters

    • In that hadith No where Prophet (PUBH) talks about law bearing etc
      so plz dont assume stuff.

      and if u say that its just about message then why u want to ADD another brick in form of Mirza Ghulam?

    • @ anonymous

      A concept that I am recently wrapping my brain around is that of the blood line of prophets. You have to remember that Esa (as) had NO male children and hence the X chromosome wasnt given to another male. Similarily, in 33:40, Allah says that Zaid is not the son of Muhammad (saw). The X chromosome that Muhammad (saw) carried was that of the prophets. Muhammad (saw) died and so did the X chromosone that he was carrying.

      Esa’s (as) return contradicting 33:40 was a Christian argument. I believe Zamakhshari answered this properly over 700 years ago.

    • @Anonymous
      “So if you accept no more ‘bricks’ are needed, then you must accept there is no need of the Second Coming of Jesus (as).
      So what could the Hadith mean?”

      Ahmadis try to make things more complicated than they are and in the end go astray. Then they blame others of not listening to them.

      No more bricks means Muhammad (pbuh) is the last and final Messenger with the Message.

      Second coming of Jesus (pbuh) is Allah s.w.t.’s will and he is coming inshaAllah to affirm the teachings of Islam and fulfill his mission to his people.

      These are two different things do not mix up things please and read the authentic teachings of Islam (Quran and Hadith) and not mentally confusing teachings of Mirza or the ignorant Murabbis.

  9. An excellent interview on a number of accounts, the clear references made, the structure of the interview and the humility demonstrated by Rasheed.

  10. “Have you read books of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his insults to Prophet Jesus p.b.u.h?”

    Yes, I have. And did not find any such “insults.” Completely the opposite actually. Every word in every book of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) has resonated with me on a spiritual and rational level and enabled me to appreciate the grandeur of Islam and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) to a far greater degree. And this was particularly when I myself was confused as to whether I truly believed in Ahmadiyyat and Islam, which I now 100% happily do.

    So please provide references to back up your ridiculous claims.
    Provide references.

    • @TN
      “So please provide references to back up your ridiculous claims.
      Provide references.”

      TN, here is one reference:
      “Jesus’s three paternal and maternal grandmothers were fornicators and prostitutes, from whose blood Jesus came into existence.” (Anjam-i-Atham, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 11, P. 291, addenda; Anjam-i-Atham, P. 9, appendix

      TN, the above statement by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadaini clearly shows his nature and his mindset. These are very serious accusations against a noble Prophet of Allah s.w.t. and his pious Mother p.b.u.h

      Allah s.w.t. in holy Quran informs us:

      (to Mary) Behold! the angels said: “O Mary! Allah hath chosen thee and purified thee – chosen thee above the women of all nations.”
      (The Holy Quran, Aal-e-Imran, 3:42)

      And those who launch a charge against chaste women, and produce not four witnesses (to support their allegations),- flog them with eighty stripes; and reject their evidence ever after: for such men are wicked transgressors; (The Holy Quran, Al-Noor, 24:4)

    • @ tn

      You havent read enough….you have to remember..it wasnt til 1900…thats when MGAQ started claiming equality with Muhamamd (saw) (nauzobillah)…

      In the same era, he claimed to be greater than Esa (as) (naozobilah), he was in a typical “boasting mood”. He masked his inner convictions in Sufi concepts…his son was the one who clarified his position in 1915.

  11. Excellent video mashAllah. Brother Rasheed seems very humble and sincere, may Allah make him a key to unlock the hearts of other qadianis.

    The refutation of Mirzas claims are very simple. There is an explicit ayah in the Quran ‘Khatam an Nabiyeen'(Last of the prophets), and numerous ahadith pertaining to prophet Muhammad(pbuh) being the last prophet, (law bearing or not).

    And from Mirzas claim there is nothing explicit from the Quran or hadith about another prophet. It really is as simple as that.

    To have a belief without any explicit basis from the Quran or Sunnah is clear misguidance. If there was to a prophet there would have to be an explicit statement about another prophet by Allah in the Quran or by the prophet in a hadith, but there is nothing.

    Simplzz. Truth always is.


  12. So nice to see another brother see the truth. Alhumdulilah that Allah has saved him from this sect that only leads one to the fire. As Rasheed explained himself in the video as he read the hadith I could only recall memories of myself making the same discoveries as I began to read and study the body of works left behind by eminent Islamic scholars of the past. Once one truly begins to study Islam it becomes incredibly plain and clear to see that Ahmadiyya is set up on falsehood. May Allah guide them to truth and forgive them for their errors. Ameen.

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