The difference between Ahmadis and Bahais

I have noticed that many people in our Arabic media cannot differentiate between Ahmadis and Bahais. Well, I don’t really blame them as there are many similarities between Ahmadis and Bahais. The followings are just few things that both Ahmadis and Bahais do actually share:

1-     Their Mahdi was born in the 19th Century, and died on a Tuesday.

2-     Their Mahdi claimed that he is from Persian origins.

3-     Their Mahdi claimed that he is also a descendant of Fatimah (ra) and Ahlulbait.

4-     Their Mahdi wrote many Arabic books, one of these books was Tafseer of Surat-ul-Fatiha.

5-     Their Mahdi plagiarized parts of some verses and Maqamat in his Arabic writings.

6-     A double eclipse happened in Ramadhan during the lifetime of their Mahdi.

7-     Their Mahdi was brought to a local court for trial.

8-     Their Mahdi used Hisab Al-Jummal (numerical values of the words / Arabic alphanumeric coding) to prove that he is the true Mahdi.

9-     Their Promised One was a Mirza who claimed that the signs mentioned by all Hadeeths and holy books about the Promised Messiah have been fulfilled by him.

10-  Their Promised One, the Mirza, was born in the 13th Hijri century and died in the 14th Hijri century during the last week of May.

11-  Their Promised One, the Mirza, sent a letter to Queen Victoria asking her to accept him and to follow his teachings.

12-  Their Promised One claimed that he did not study Arabic language, however he could write dozens of Arabic and Persian books. His followers consider this as a great sign that proves his truthfulness.

13-  They consider the prophecies of their Promised One as another sign that proves his truthfulness.

14-  Their Promised One said that Jihad is not allowed anymore.

15-  Their Promised One praised Mohammad (SAAW) many time in his writings.

16-  Their Promised One was considered – by his own followers only – to be the greatest writer ever (“Sultan Al-Qalam” or “Faris Al-Maani”)

17-  Their Promised One used Hisab Al-Jummal (numerical values of the words) to prove that Islam had died for 1000 years until the 19th century.

18-  Their Promised One claimed that he himself is the manifestation/appearance of God. However the official position of his followers today is that manifestation of God does not mean that he himself is a God.

19-  Their Promised One challenged all scholars to write a book that is equivalent to his book.

20-  Their Promised One claimed that he is an Avatar, i.e. the “reincarnation of Krishna”.

21-  Their Promised One claimed that he was sent by Allah (SWT) to the people of the world.

22-  Their Mujaddid claimed that upon the death of a human being, his soul will immediately be given a special body that has had special nature.

23-  Their Promised One claimed that sometimes the divine revelations do not follow human idiom and sometime does not even follow the rules of grammar.

24-  Their Promised One claimed that he had been given the qualities of many prophets: e.g. Mohammad (SAAW), Isa (as), Musa (as), etc.

25-  Their Promised One claimed that Yawm Al-Qiyamah will come after around 1000 years.

26-  Their Mujaddid believed that the Heaven and the Hell are spiritual places and not physical places.

27-  Their Promised One claimed that he had been receiving secret revelations for 10 years confirming that he is the promised one, however he waited 10 years before revealing this secret.

28-  Their Promised One had invented new names of God.

29-  They consider Quran as a Holy Book, however they also consider the Arabic Wahi of their Promised One as holy, divine and sacred.

30-  Their holy Arabic revelation said that their Promised One does not speak out of his own desire, it is all Wahi vouchsafed to him

31-  Their holy Arabic revelation instructed them not to worship any god but Allah.

32-  Many of their Promised One’s Arabic revelations are just meaningless distortion of some Quranic verses.

33-  Their promised Reformer was also a Mirza like his father, the Promised One

34-  Their promised Reformer died in the month of November at an age of around 77 years.

35-  Their promised Reformer introduced some interpretations that are different from the original teachings of the Promised One.  

36-  One of their Mirzas introduced a new special solar calendar. The months of the new calendar have had new Arabic names.

37-  Their message to the world is that ‘Glory not in love for your country, but in love for all mankind’.

38-  It is obligatory for them to pay to their leadership a specific amount of money that had been decided by their Promised One.

39-  They believe that the antichrist is not a specific evil individual or entity.

40-  Their leader claimed that the most important role for his followers is to show the true good image of Islam and the true Islamic teachings to the western people and the whole world.

41-  Their Mujaddid believed that the promised one should not descend from heaven but he would appear in the body of another person.

42-  They interpret many of the words “Jinn” mentioned in Quran to mean “human beings who are fiery natured”.

43-  Their Mujaddid did not believe that the moon was split up literally into two parts during the lifetime of Mohammad (SAAW).

44-  They teach that everyone must be loyal to the government that rules his country, whatever that government is.

45-  They believe that divine revelations have not been stopped and will always continue to descend.

46-  Their main center in the Middle East is located near to the city of Haifa, Palestine.

47-  The followers of their Promised One in Palestine receive very special treatment from the Israeli government. However, they face a sort of persecution in some Muslim countries.

48-  They are not allowed by the Saudi government to enter Mecca or Madinah.

49-  They believe that Mohammad (SAAW) is “Khatam-un-Nabiyyean”, however they claim that it does not mean “the last prophet”.

50-  Their women are not allowed to marry Muslims who do not believe in their Promised One.

51-  They use the Quranic verses 69:45/46 ((And if he had fabricated against Us some of the sayings * We would certainly have seized him by the right hand)) to prove that their Promised One was truthful as he was not killed.

52-  They claim that some kings/presidents had accepted the teachings of their Promised One.

53-  They consider most of the miracles – which were shown by the prophets in Quran and the holy books – as sort of metaphor.

54-  They believe that the body of Isa (as) was put on the cross.

55-  They believe that Isa (as) had died.

56-  They believe that Miraaj did not happen to the body of Rasulullah (saaw) but to his soul only.

57-  They believe that Surat At-Takweer mentions the signs of their Promised One, and not the signs of Yawm Al-Qiyamah.

58-  They translated some of the books of their Mahdi to some languages; however they still did not translate many of his Arabic books to any other language. Apparently they could not understand many of his odd, irrelevant and meaningless Arabic sentences

59-  They claim that they have millions of followers in more than 200 countries. However, my own estimation about their total number worldwide is less than 2 millions.

60-  Their promised Reformer caused the movement to split into two sects. Each sect says that the other sect is not on the right path.


However I would summarize the main differences between Ahmadis and Bahais as follows:

1-     The Mujaddid according to Ahmadis was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. The Mujaddid according to Bahais was Shaykh Ahmad bin Zayn-ud-Deen al-Ahsaai.

2-     The Mahdi according to Ahmadis was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. The Mahdi according to Bahais was Ali Mohammad Shirazi.

3-     The Promised One according to Ahmadis was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. The Promised One according to Bahais was Mirza Hussain Ali Nuri.

4-     The Promised Reformer according to Ahmadis was Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood.  The Promised Reformer according to Bahais was Mirza Abbas Effendi “Abdul-Baha”.

5-     The Ahmadi solar calendar was invented by Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood. The Bahai solar calendar was invented by Ali Mohammad Shirazi.


Can you find any other difference?

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15 thoughts on “The difference between Ahmadis and Bahais

  1. Astonishing. Truly astonishing. I’m left reeling at this list. SubhanAllah.

    It’s as if they were going to the same school. In fact, people who go to the same school or teacher often show more differences than this. It’s almost as if they were under orders.

    This is a stupendous amount of work brother Fuad. Talk about coming back with a bang! MaSha’Allah akhi, your unparalleled research has been missed!

  2. Wow. Great parallels. Was Mirza Ghulam really that original? It would appear that the news of Bahaullah and company would be coming in to Qadian regularly.

    In the 1970s, a wave of Ahmadis became Bahais in Chenab Nagar (then Rabwah).

  3. Thank you for an this blog Brother Fuad Al-Attar, very educational.

    I came across just one Bahai person, she did not want to talk about her believes.

    I don’t hear much about them, they are not so controversial as the quadianis or am I wrong.

  4. The articles are coming thick and fast on this website.
    Thats great!
    I want to point something out which is that ahmadis always say that mirza qadiani is being rejected and mocked like all other prophets therefore he is a prophet.

    This stupidity is refuted as follows
    1. Since there are no prophets after Prophet Muhammed (saw) it is implausible that mirza was a prophet so the argument has no basis.

    2. If the criteria for truthfulness was rejection and being mocked, as ahmadis claim, then Bahais are also truthful, so are mormons and scientologists and all other cults. So ahmadis why dont you accept this man as a prophet?

    another similarity is that the bahais spilt in two after their founder died, one group claimed lineage through family line and the other group did not.
    Both groups are united under a leader, which is also a bogus claim that ahmadiyya cult makes that they are the only ones with one leader.
    Both had the name Mirza aswell and claimed to be reincarnations of everyone and everything including God.

    well done, great article

  5. There were three time periods when the Muslim world was severely knocked down.

    1) The most severe was when the Prophet Muhammad SAAWS died. This almost broke apart the young, fledgling community, but Abu Bakr (RA) was able to hold it together.

    2) The second and most psychologically devastating was when the Mongols swept through the Muslim world, even destroyed Baghdad and killed the last ‘Abbasid Khalifah. Ibn Athir said “I wish my mother never gave birth to me so that I did not have to relate this information”

    3) The third and least severe was around the 18th-19th century, when the Muslim world was colonized and Muslims first developed this inferiority complex to the west, considering everything Western superior and everything traditionally Islamic as backwards. This is what we are in right now, but are slowly getting out of.

    This third period was the time when the Baha’i, Ahmadiyya, Ansar al-Mahdi, and many other of these groups came into existence.

    Interestingly, in the first two periods there were also false prophets and pseudo-Islamic groups that emerged, such as the four I wrote about here:
    and the groups like Ikhwan al-Safa. Just like the Ahmadiyya, all of them claimed to have the “True Islam” and that everyone else is wrong. Sad…

  6. Seriously guys, do you not have anything better to do? So what if Baha’i and Ahmadiyya are similar.

    Ok great. Let’s move on now.

    • Another standard response from ahmadi who cant reply to facts.
      ‘Dont you have anything better to do’
      doesnt you khalifa and his thugs have anything better to do then demonise muslims and hijack islam?

      • well excuse me Ahmadoyyat is hijacking Islam or are the Mullahs of today society the hijackers!…. In todays world y is Islam seen as a religion of hate!… its because of the islamic umma and there unislamic way of spreading islam. How about u take a look at all the sects of islam and see who is truely spreading the image of islam!…. I tell you who it is it is the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community who is spreading islam and its true face! Ahmadi muslims are out there cleaning the mess of all the other muslims because they are the only muslims who Spread peace who dont believe in Jihad of the sword and they preach and practice LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE! And that my friend is ISLAM! The true islam!

        • Ahh, the “Jahil Mullah” stereotype yet again.

          Perhaps you should ask Mirza Masroor why he ex-communicates people facing social problems, kicks out women who do not currently cover, etc. He’s not facing the problems in his society, he’s trying to maintain this Desi outward image thing.

          And as for “cleaning up this message”, have you ever wondered why Fox News loves Ahmadiyya? Think about it…

        • @ NC

          You are already brainwashed and dont even know it!!!!

          It was the West who broke the last 2 great Muslim empires (The ottomans and Mughals) and then started to circulate the false rumors that Islam is violent.

          It was the europeans who viciously spread in the world by the gun and made trillions as the “technologically-inferior-masses” were made to suffer. And then they called us violent. The irony!!!

        • Ahmadis are not even following the right Islam, so where is the question of cleaning the mess. They went outside the fold of Islam due to their blindly following the heretic and mentally confusing teachings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmadi Qadiani to say the least. As for “love for all hate for none,” we know how Qadianis love to hate the Muslims and their countries. So you really have no leg to stand on, simply boasting is not going to help your cause. We have no problem with you if you call your religion whatever you like, just leave Islam and Muslims alone. Then it will be between you and our Creator on the day of judgement. Each soul will be answerable on the day. Fear that day for no one will be able to help the other except for Allah s.w.t’s mercy.

        • How exactly are you defending Islam or spreading it? By advertising on double decker buses in London? Appearing on Fox News in the US just whining and crying how you’re persecuted and you hate Muslims? Or having anti-terrorism conferences that only 2-5 people even attend? So what do you have to say about the 1.4 billion Muslims around the world, most of which never heard about you? And please don’t tell me that rubbish of your boring TV station MTA…who even watches that? I’ve tried and all it seemed to me was 24/7 glorifying Mas. Honestly, to Muslims Ahamdiyya is just ‘qadini cult’ and to the mainstream public ‘some Islamic sect’.
          Muslims around the world have over 1000 years of history, we have our UPS AND OUR DOWNS. The great west that you glorify so much was once the most backward continent on earth. We have our countries, history and politics!

  7. @nc

    How are ahmadis out there clearing the mess? there are only a handful of people who does not do justice with our deen of Islam, there are numerous Muslims out there who go out and defend Islam, teach others against terrorism. All ahmadis do is go behind the aprons of their British and American media and cry out for being persecuted, in fact you spread hatred by saying Muslims are bad people, so much for your slogan “Love for all and hatred for none”, have you ever spoken against the terrorism in Palestine, which to me is a greater problem than ahmadis have, have you ever spoken against countries who violate simple human rights for women who decide to wear the niqab, oh I forgot your jamaat does not support human rights as the common ahmadis suffer from this within your jamaat.
    I know that Islam is hated around the globe but then why is it that there are so many convents to Islam from other religions.

    I know there are so many Muslims in the UK and across Europe who do wonderful work and their work is received with great respect from communities.

  8. Fuad is awesome. We really get that Arab perspective towards Ahmadiyyat that sometimes evades the Punjabee sphere of things.

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